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#1.TaaRey SS - "Voyage of Passion" [Epilogue- Pg50] (Page 42)

princess_tara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2014 at 11:37am | IP Logged
very emotional update
finally everything gets clear
but why taarey didnt agree to get engaged
wanted to know
update it soon

sumana.shesha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2014 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Awesome update :)
Loved it to the core :)
Ab kya hua jo Taarey engagement nahi karna chahte ???
Update sooon :)
Thanx for the PM :)
sanjana.sanju Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2014 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Wow it was a superb emotional update. Finally every mess is cleared out. Bt wht is it at d end! Taareys missunderstandings r nt clear! Des guys,! Nw wht? Update soon
_PanCake_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2014 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
Awsum update...
Finally truth is out...
Loved rohan n rey's reunioun...
Nw every thing is normal...
Then why taarey dnt wanna get engaged???

Update soon...
anaghchavan Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2014 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
update next part soon

waiting waiting for ur update
dh19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2014 at 10:32am | IP Logged
nice cute love this emotional family drama
finally truth got revealed
but fir bhi no kyu
ab kya problem hai
try to cont soon
StarBull IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 March 2014 at 11:10am | IP Logged
hey dear,plzzz updt next part...
eagerly waitng...plzzzCry
Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2014 at 12:56am | IP Logged

Read all d comments, guys. Thank u so much. Couldn't reply individually, sorry. Enjoy d update.

Chapter 6: Unexpected Visitor

"What?" Rohan startled waspishly. Others stared inquiringly unable to process their response. "Ab kya problem hai?" Rohan limped towards TaaRey. TaaRey exchanged a glance of understanding. "Agar hume ye sagaai karni hai, toh tum hume ek promise dena hoga" Taani ordered. Rey nodded in support of Taani. Rohan did understood what they were up to, but he wasn't sure to accept it. "Mein janta hun ki tum dono kya promise chahte ho, but please don't make it difficult to me. I'll never be able to promise that" Rohan gabbled. "U have to, Rohan" Taani stepped closer to him. "Please... Taani. U can't do that to me" Rohan pleaded in forlorn voice glancing at Rey often. "But..." Taani's further sentence was axed when Rey held her wrist. He twiddled his head defiantly stopping her perseverance. He looked at his brother arching a slight empathetic smile. Rohan blinked brandishing a Thank-U' smile. "I think we shouldn't do this" Rey implored to Taani. She frowned at his sudden transformation. "Wooo... Would u care to tell us what's happening here?" Swayam interrupted making all jump. "It's nothing. They r just crazy" Rohan sneered. "Let's get on to work" He presumed his announcement leaving d shell-shocked audience guests and family members including TaaRey.

            The engagement ceremony had started. Swayam handed a beautiful gold ring to Taani while Rajveer gave scintillating diamond ring to Rey. At an auspicious omen, d mellifluous melody ringed around d halls as Rey slipped d ring to Taani's middle finger indicating his love connecting to her heart directly through d leading mid-finger nerves. Next, Taani did d same. A big round of tumultuous applause thundered sprinkling d blesses of d summoned well-wishers. TaaRey smiled earnestly at each other savoring d ecstasy of the new bound relationship. Everyone wished them. Rohan pulled both into a friendly hug congratulating them. Rajveer's eyes glistened in combustion of happy and sadness. He gaped at Rohan feeling proud of him. "Congratulations Mrs. Rey Singhania" Rey squeezed Taani's hand whispering huskily in her ear. She turned scarlet flushing in d tease of him.


            Taani bathed in a pleasant tranquil night-shower. She changed into a blue satin night gown which barely covered her thighs, also exposed maximum of d smooth flesh skin on her back. She dried her dampened hairs with a dryer. Now, she stood in front of d mirror combing d curls. She smiled seeing d reflection of d engagement ring clasped safely in her finger. Miraculously, everything had fallen into right places.


            Rohan in his room was packing d luggage. He thrust his wardrobe tidily into a suitcase. All d men-cosmetics were placed orderly in adjacent pouches. He gathered some of his favorite collections of novels to put it in d bag. Suddenly a book fell on d ground. It was titled as "THE NOTEBOOK - NICHOLAS SPARKS'. He stooped n collected it steeping back into one of d wonderful memory lane.

"Kya pad rahi hai, Taani" Rohan sat beside her on a deserted bench at college campus, trying to get her attention. But she didn't reply. Her face was completely buried in d book. She loved reading Love Stories, may it be happy-endings bringing a smile on her face or d beauteous emotional tragedies affecting her to shed d sump of water. She did everything with a passion in her heart. Among everything, it was d one most quality he loved about her. "Taani. Taaaniii..." He drawled. But she didn't utter a single word in response. At d end of d book, when she landed it down, d tears flowed cautiously. Rohan wasn't stunned because he was aware of d fact of d book belonging to second category of his description. He was smiling instead of consoling her. "What?" She furrowed her brow at his mocking mischief. "Don't u dare to smile on me" She wiped d tears on her sleeve like a young child. "U r incredible, Taani" He pulled a tissue from d bag n kept on her lap. She beamed slightly unfolding d tissue to wipe her sullen face. "U know what? U should read this book. Probably, u'll get to know y I cried" She thumped d book on his lap n waggled away. He kept staring at d book. Never in his life, he had read any Love Stories. He was only a crazy bugger of Thriller and Suspense adventures. But just to keep her sentence he read it.

            Like Noah and Allie, Rey and Taani's love succeeded irrespective of so many hurdles today. But he was solemnly marooned like Lon who loved Allie 2 as he loved Taani. Though Taani didn't choose him out of her insecurities, he understood her to d deepest. May be, his Love Story didn't complete d phase of a circle of his life but yet it hold d precious pinnacle place. He loved her from d day he was enlightened about d word LOVE and he always will love her. His love for her is eternal. A knock on d door knocked him off d thoughts. He hastily put d book in d bag safely and zipped it.


            A second passed, Taani trembling held her breathe as if she was drowned in a cold water when something feathery smooth brushed on her bare back. She closed her eyes involuntarily fisting d palm around a comb. Her hairs were flocked to a side and something very warmth crooked in her nape. The collywobbles rumbled in her stomach delicately frisking high. The proximity mounted on avalanche as d same intensity she shared with one and only one person resumed his work. "Rey..." She moaned struggling to hold back her giving up to him. "Hmmm..." He murmered placing a wet kiss on her shoulder and his hands intertwined with her causing d comb to floor. "Rey...Aap..." She tilted her head unable to continue her warning to him while he trailed up brushing his lips across her nape and bit her earlobe slightly. Her hairs scattered on his face bubbling up d aroma of jasmine oils. It made him intoxicated. He shuffled his face smelling d fragrance of hallucination. He brought their entwined hands in synch bringing up to her waist and locking her flexibly in his hold. His lips resumed plastering her neck possessively. She cocooned in his hands dwindling in his embrace in delighted pleasure. After some instance of time being in that position, Taani withdrew from her drowning world n tried to jerk him. But her efforts went futile when he pulled her more close gluing their bodies, now facing face to face. The large window adored beside d bed flailed by d compelling of slight sea storm, it blew d cool breeze seeping through their hot fire catching bodies. As their faces closed inches apart, d cloudy sky transformed into black murky blanket disguising the dwellers. Rey moved his hands on Taani's back tickling her selflessly. She gripped his fist on his white transparent shirt which brazenly highlighted his muscular structure. In no time, both their eyes were at rest in d moment, his glassy grape wine lips attacked her serene strawberry lips in a gentle warm kiss. There was no urgency in deepening d kiss. They just stayed tasting d flavor of each other lips. They had shared so many kisses but definitely this one is d best they had got out till date.


            "Papa" Rohan offered his father to enter d room. "I hope I'm not disturbing u" Rajveer sneered in hope. "Of course not, papa" He guided him to perch on d balcony tea-table, making himself comfortable beside him. Rajveer smiled and sedated. His eyes roamed around each corner of d room noting d tidiness he maintained in every aspect. He suddenly noticed a travelling bag on d bed and some partial packed stuff piled up next to it. "Y r u packing everything?" Rajveer lifted his eyebrow. "Parso, I'm going back to India, papa" He told hesitatingly. "What?" Rajveer was stunned not knowing what more to react. "I can't disobey court orders. Also, I have only 4-5 days left to stay here. So I have already talked to Mr.Castellan, he'll be at California to receive me. So that I can complete all d remaining formalities of d court and fly back to India" He finished not meeting his father's eyes. For some minutes, both of them didn't speak. Silence filled d nervous air. "Is there anything I can do?" Rajveer began guiltily. Rohan sighed and held his hand smiling. "U already tried everything, papa. Mein bi aap logon ke saath rehna chahta hun, but u know it isn't possible. I can't leave Uncle Boman on his own after all he bought me up all these years." He concluded. "But..." Rajveer tried to seek any possible way to stop his son yet again departing from him. "I understand, papa. But I have to go. Please...Also I can't stay here anymore" Rohan's face sulked. His heart wrenched knowing y he didn't want to stay any longer. He couldn't. Even though he sacrificed his love to his love and his brother, d pain speck was for life long. He will never be able to control his emotions if he traipsed under their shadow. He wanted to run away from d torture his heart was conjuring every second. "I'm so sorry, Rohan." Rajveer could empathize d brewing glumness of his son but he's helpless to help him in way to contend. "Please, don't be, papa. Waise bi, year mein ek baar toh aata rahunga na. So chill" He cheered wondrously. "Taani aur Rey nahi manenge, beta" Rajveer speculated. "Don't worry. Un dono ko mein mana lunga. Ab, please packing mein meri help karona." He hopped up, blinking at his father innocently. "Sure" His father beamed n followed him.


            "Rey..." Taani leafed through a book, her stomach falling flat on d bed. "Hmmm..." Rey barely paying attention to her scoff since his fingers were tracing rough sketches on her slender legs where he lay opposite in her direction with similar state. "Aap sun rahe ho na..." She growled impatiently. "Hmmm..." His mind n heart was entirely fixed on her delicate beautiful skin. His hands trailed up tinkling her belly to groan in stiff. Taani sat up straight making him jump. "U filthy hypocrite... Tum meri baat nahi sun rahe ho na" She prodded maliciously hitting him on his chest. "Auch...Aah...Are...Taani...Stop it na..." Rey cried struggling to stop d tigress waking in her. "Auooo..." He pulled her resulting to fall on his chest. Both were locked in an intense eye lock. He grinned leaning closer but to his unfortunate luck she placed her palm in between blocking further more accidental kisses. She shoved him poking d book on his chest and slipped out of d bed. She walked up to d window and stood silently. Rey sensed her disturbed mind and walked up to him putting his arms across her waist and placed a quick peck on her cheek. "Kya hua?" He was concerned at her sudden sulkiness.


            Gang and SwaRon were having an ice-cream treat in d pool beside deck. Rohan and Rajveer joined them sharing d treat. None were actually concerned about asking TaaRey to accompany them since they were very well aware both wanted some alone time to spend. During d cackles n giggles to d fits, a voice jerked everyone getting their attention. "Rohan..." was d only word repeated from d person standing nearby d table they were sitting in, staring straightly at Rohan with a blinking ferocity of something inexpressible emotion.  

P.S: Hola guys! How is d update? I started this as a SS and u people loved it. Thank u for that. Y I'm getting emotional?, because d story is on d way of ending. Only a chapter and epilogue is left.

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