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#1.TaaRey SS - "Voyage of Passion" [Epilogue- Pg50] (Page 38)

Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .CuteKittyCat.

lovely update asha...

so rey know everything now...hume kab pata chalega ??

rohan ko bhi shayad pata chal gaya...

loved the emotional tr scene...

waiting for next...i think rey taani ki sagai hogi...m super excited for next update asha...

sorry for late comment..


TY Dipu. Ab todi aur wait kar bi lo. Truth is on d way.
Will update soon.

Don't be sorry dr, it's k.

Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shreya_VD_AJS

The truth comi  out amazin ... hope rey completely undrstnd taani ...
Loved da update ...

TY Shreya.

Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by visk

amazing update...
its really very interesting...
update soon...

TY dr.
Will update soon.

Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ...pooja...

Amazing update
The way u describe taarey pain was superb loved it
Flashbacks was awesome
Rey finally to know the truth nice
Taarey emotional convo n what rohan found out
Rohan called off engagement but why wanted to know
Update next part soon

TY Pooja.
Will update soon.
Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by raddhi

Omg this stry is amazing
Luv taarey luv for each other
Rohan hav some problem??
Taarey hug n kiss was awsm
Rohan com to know abt taarey
Thanks for PM

TY Raddhi.
U welcome.

Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2014 at 12:36am | IP Logged

Chapter5: Reveal of Facts!

A pin-drop silence slithered freezing everyone idle. Gang hushed in instant. Taani peered Rohan fervently. Rey watched in horror. "Rohan, stop joking. Tumhara engagement ho raha hai, koi kel nahi" Sharon was d first one to recover. "I'm serious, bhabi" He didn't break d eye-lock with Taani. Swayam stood as someone walloped him. "Rohan, tum hosh mein ho ki tum kya kar rahe ho" Rajveer squirmed. "Haan dad, mujhe acchi tarah se pata hai ki mein kya kar raha hun" He retaliated. Swayam lurched n held his collar buzzing off d drama. "Bhai...Bhai...Use chodo plz" Taani pleaded in obviously aware of her brother's possessiveness. Rey couldn't do anything rather than standing as ice. "Ye kaisi bakwaas baate kar rahe ho, Rohan" Swayam gnarled indignantly ignoring Taani's pleadings. "Kya aap nahi chahte ho Taani kush rahe?" Rohan was calmly speaking. "Wo kabhi mere saath kush nahi reh payegi" He added some justification with droplets trickling out. He could feel d grip of Swayam loosening on his shirt. Taani gaped Rohan unable to solve d riddle of his statement.

            Rohan turned to Taani. "Tumhe kya lagta hai, Taani. Tum mere liye kuch bi karoge? Mera kushi ke liye tum apna asli pyaar ko sacrifice kar rahe ho?" He questioned tentatively. Everyone over there scandalized. SwaRon's breathe sucked back, gang blanched in shock. An inkling hubbub spread over d mob. Rajveer, Rey and Taani's eyes filled with tears. "Asli pyaar... Sacrifice... Ye tum kya keh rahe ho, Rohan" Swaym freaked in bewilderment. "Taani aur Rey ek dusre se bahut pyaar karte hai, jiju" He smiled at TaaRey as if it was d best thing he was saying. Everyone over there gasped in shock except Nil. "Agar Nil mujhe ye sach nahi bata hota toh, mujhe kabhi nahi pata chalta" Rohan smiled through tears.

Rohan sneaked into Taani's room in search of her. While he found no one in d room, he sheepishly adored d luck charm of her mother and kept it back safely in a drawer. Meanwhile, he found something unusual addressed by his name in d drawer. So he took it out. Suddenly, someone barged in making him to hide behind d curtains along with d thing.

D person was Nil. Hearing d splutter of tap in washroom which was actually accidentally on, Nil thought Taani was alone locked in. He waggled standing out of d washroom door. Rohan was about to step out but stopped reluctantly eavesdropping.

"Taani, mujhe pata nahi ki tum Rohan ke saath ye sagaai kyun kar rahe ho. Per mein tumhe aur Rey ko aise tadapte hue nahi dek sakta yaar." He spat without realizing his mistake. "Jab tum dono ek doosre se itna pyaar karte ho, toh ye sab kyun kar rahe ho, Taani. Tumhe andaza bi hai ki waha Rey ka kya halat ho raha hai. At least mujhe toh batao ki reason kya hai" Nil forcibly thrashed d door resulting it to open easily. He looked around d room, Taani wasn't there. He scratched in irritation and cursed for wasting d time speaking to empty walls which bombarded d room with null noises. He got out. Rohan rooted to his place. Shock was an understatement to present his situation. He cornered Nil blabbering out d actual truth of TaaRey love story which was known to only Nil and Rajveer apart from TaaRey themselves. .

            Swayam directly turned to Taani. "Tannu... Ye sab kya hai? Agar tum Rey se pyaar karte ho, toh Rohan se shadi karne ke liye kyun tayyar ho gayi?" He tried to be polite. Taani couldn't answer his question. She just lowered her head in sorrow. "Mere liye" Rohan answered. "Tumhareliye?" Sharon squealed in utter confusion. "Haan!" Rohan agreed. He gestured Nil to get something. Nil brought it and handed over to Swayam. It was a black file along with a letter. Taani stood dazed including Rajveer. Both exchanged looks.

It was d same black file, Taani had hid securely. But by God's grace, it got caught to d hands of its owner, Rohan. After getting a shock of his life, he maintained to skim d content in it. Either to his good luck or bad luck, another blow stripped him.

            Swayam opened d file. It contained a decree. Swayam flipped d papers rummaging d whole matter. He understood completely. He shut his eyes with a grief. He peered at Taani putting on a brave face. Sharon took d file and scanned. Her face went pale white.

            It was a warning by d American Govt to Rohan, to move back to India within d lasting one week. He was escorted to USA to leave with his family only for 3 years as per d agreement of his Uncle Mr. Boman, d guardian as well as d parent adopted Rohan in childhood.

In d past, Mrs. Ishita Singhania was on d verge of death bed. During d time, Mr. Boman, d brother of Mrs. Singhania, adopted Rohan with an emotional black mail. It was his cunning plan to dread Rajveer whom he treated as threatening enemy. Rajveer reluctantly promised to fulfill her dying wife's last wish. Rohan being very close to her mom without denying accepted her proposal with a condition of a summer vacation visit once in a year and completing his final graduation along with Rey wherever he studied. Rajveer left with Rey to USA with a heavy heart of leaving his son under Mr. Boman. But he brilliantly had made sure to incline one more powerful condition. If Rohan married an American citizen, he would be freed to leave with his father for d rest of d year at USA which was oblivious to Rohan.

"Taani nahi chahti ti ki mein wapas India cahli jao. She wanted me to spend my rest of d life with dad and Rey happily." Rohan explained. "Magar..." Sharon interrupted learning everyone's confused mind over there except of Rohan, TaaRey n Rajveer.

"Ye idiot jab mujhe propose kiya ta, he swore to either marry only me if I accept or live solitary life forever." Taani was distraught. "Aur isko yahi pe rokne ke liye, mere paas koi option nahi ta except proposing him to marry me immediately so that he can stay here forever with Singhanias" She completed with brimming tears at her flopped plan. "But, how come..." Sharon was cut by Rajveer "Since she's an American Green card holder".

"Mein kabhi nahi chahta ta ki mein tumhe aisi situation mein aakar dalu, Taani." Rohan held her shoulders with grief filled face. "Ismein teri galati kuch nahi ta, Rohan. I was bit selfish 2. Shayad mein tumse aise pyaar nahi karti jaise tum karti ho. But I Love U very much yaar, akir tum meri BFF ho n I don't want u to go away from me" She left her heart out.

            "Tum pagal ho, Taani" He smiled happily. "Tum mujhe yahi pe rokne ke liye, itna bada step liya? I'm seriously right. Tum sach mein pagal ho. Ye sach hain ki tumse alava zindagi mein kisi aur ko kabhi pyaar nahi kar paunga but that doesn't mean ki mein tumhe aise karne dunga. Got it? Waise bi, Rey already mujhe itna hate karta hai, agar mein tumhe usse cheen leta, wo zindagi bar mujhe maaf nahi karta n I don't want that" He peered at Rey through d shoulders of many faces. But Rey turned his face sideways.

            "Rey wanted u to be happy 2, Rohan. He wants u 2 stay here" Taani hinted Rey's love for him. "He knew it?" Rohan was dazed. He looked at Rey but he shoved his looks away.

Rey's conversation with Mr. Castellan, d family lawyer of Singhanias had accidentally slipped d matter to Rey thinking it was Rajveer while informing about d court orders to Rohan. Then, Rey successfully accomplished to spill d beans out of MR. Castellan.

Rohan lumbered up to Rey stopping him to escape. "Agar mujhse itna pyaar karte ho, then y do u pretend to hate me and provoke me to hate u? Rey" He questioned adamantly to get all d answers. He was quiet. "Answer me Rey?" He poked him vocally. "Kyunki, I was angry on u" Rey gnarled wiping his tears on his sleeve like a child sobbing. Ever body had forgotten about d serious issue and stared adoring RoRey. "Tum humare saath nahi ayi. U left us alone. Tum janti ho, aisa ek din nahi hai ki dad aur mein tumhe yaad nahi kiya hoga. Though I wouldn't say aloud, yet I wished I had your accompany. I missed all our childhood, Rohan. I thought u never wanted to stay with us until I got to know d reason of ur staying at Uncle's by Mr. Castellan." Rey's eyes moistened in shame.

"Isliye u joined Taani's plan?" Rohan was shell-shocked. Rey didn't meet his eyes. "U were ready to sacrifice me ur love just for me" He was zealous to the zenith learning Rey doesn't hate him.

"U idiot" Rohan slapped Rey jokingly on d cheek. He smiled. In instant, both bumped in an earth-stirring hug. Both were sobbing with happy tears. Rohan ruffled his hairs. How much Rey had missed his brotherly warmth. Everyone over d place applauded in fascination admiring such emotional family. Taani strode beside Rajveer and hugged him in sideways. Rajveer kissed her forehead thanking for her support. Rajveer managed to walk up to Swayam and try to clear out d mess he had created unknowingly telling all d truth about Rohan to Taani but he simply shrugged and bosomed him respectfully.

Rohan broke d hug. "What r we waiting for? Chalo Rey, Taani intezar kar rahi hai." Rohan exclaimed. Everyone again turned on their previous expressions of confusion. Rohan gazed along. He understood. "Oh hello, stop staring at me everyone" Saying so he pulled Rey and Taani together to a spot as centre of attraction. TaaRey glanced at each other awkwardly. They both were fidgeting in tension struck simultaneously in their mind. Rohan turned to Swayam and Rajveer for any objections but they smiled hole heartedly.

Gang joined Rohan on d stage shouting out for TaaRey along with Rajveer and SwaRon. Swayam stood beside Taani muttering in her ear "I knew it ki tum mujhse kuch chupa rahi ti". She pouted wearing on d icing face to melt his brother. Rohan took d mike to announce d start of engagement of TaaRey as d guests comforted in their seats after all d ironic events they witnessed. Meanwhile TaaRey exchanged looks. "No" TaaRey together cried. Everyone's hooting calmed unbelievably expecting any more left out issues. Rohan's brow furrowed. "Ab kya?" He frowned at TaaRey followed by all, suspecting something fishy. "Hum ye sagaai nahi karenge" TaaRey spoke in unison.

P.S: Huh, I let d truth out, finally. So tell me how is it? No romance in this chapter, spare me since winding up d secret mess was necessary. Here, now get ready for d upcoming deadly treat of TR romance. Till then, TC, enjoy. Shukriya!

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Anysia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2014 at 12:41am | IP Logged

Yipeee am first like always Cool

Wow awesome update Heart

Moi too had happy tears like Reyaansh and Rohan ...

Thanks a ton for coming up with a Good Twist Hug

Moi was expecting Rohan have some major disease Stern Smile

Beautifully penned Star
Love you Heart for updating it soon

Now am not tensed anymore
Rey and Taani must have stopped engagement for finding a solution for Rohan's problem, i guess Ermm

Try to update soon :)

Thanks for PM Hug

Edited by Anysia - 13 March 2014 at 1:07am
taarey-forever Goldie

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awesum update ...! Clap

at last d truth is out ..! Big smile

to ye tha reason .. rajveer n taani didn't wanted rohan to go back to india ..! Approve

aww .. rohan n rey .. luvd dem ..! Thumbs Up

at last rohan is set to get taarey engaged ..! Big smile

taayam .. luvd dem ..! Thumbs Up

WTH .. ab inhe kya problem ho gyi h jo ye engagement nahi krna chahte ..! Angry

luvly update .. Clap

update soon ..
thank u 4 d pm .. Smile

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