Arakshi- love impossible!!! (Page 18)

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Oh no yaar it's really small update
After a long wait
That a not fair ( pouting)
Please do continue soon
I am curious to know how he see sakshi
Do continue soon

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heyyy... read and enjoy...

Part 17. 

"You were somewhere else..." he said and smirked at her slowly. She blushed. She had been thinking. She saw the way he spoke of her and it made her insanely jealous. She saw adoration in his eyes for her and her stomach had twisted.

"Let's go back!" Arjun whispered kissing her forehead tenderly. She sighed and nodded. 

They were back in her balcony within seconds. He turned her to face him and whispered silently.

"I love you Sakshi..."


She knew she should reply to him but she couldn't even when she tried so hard. Knowing that he used to love someone else so deeply just made her feel on edge, like she was not what she wanted. Like she was a replacement for a certain Riane...

Arjun saw the battle in her eyes and got confused. Didn't she love him? He sighed and wished she could read her mind. He touched her forehead with his index finger and tried to smoothen the worry lines on it. She smiled shakily.

"Continue your story arjun..." 

He looked at her intently for a while and nodded. He bent a little and lifted her up before carrying her to bed and settling down on it with her on his lap. He kissed her head tenderly before starting again.



Riane was pacing in her room, her hands folded before her chest like she was praying even in her pacing. It would be an understatement to say that she was scared. She was not just scared she was downright frightened of what was going to happen now. For the hundredth time she wished Azafiael was here. Even if he didn't love her he would have protected her wouldn't he?

It was four months since he was gone. Agreed that four months was not much in their world, but try explaining that to her heart. She had missed him. Terribly. She had felt that each second without him was torture beyond words. She had felt empty and bereft of her happiness. Each day she had spent with her eyes on the main gate of the castle, hoping that he would return. and she would run to him and ask for his forgiveness and ask him to take her back and explain to him why she did what she did. But each night her hope shattered along with her heart. She cried herself to sleep. 

Somehow he had become her everything and nothing else mattered except him...

Or so she thought...

Her father was banished from the kingdom. Her family broken apart because the queen didn't allow them to follow him. Her mother confined herself to her room in the grief and refused to see Riane. It was torture...

And then Azafiael had left lending the final blow...

Or so she thought...

She laughed a humorless laugh that echoed in her room making it eery and frightening just like her mood. 

The queen could never let go grudges. How could she have forgotten that? How could the queen forget what had almost happened? Riane felt that she was foolish to think she will let it go. Obviously not...

The queen of Zeraph was a ruling figure. The king was long gone. Nobody knew where. They just knew he disappeared. There were hushed whispers about the queen killing him but they were just that... whispers... nobody dared voiced it out loud. 

The queen was an emotionless woman. Cold, calculating and cruel. Riane didn't know if she was this way since before or it was just due to the backbiting politics of the castle. Whatever the reason the queen was feared. And rightly so... getting on her bad side was like signing death warrant.

Nobody knew the queen's name. They say that names held power over people, but what if the name was forgotten? Such person became uncontrollable. And the queen had become as such. 

The queen was cold about everything. Cold and beautiful. The only thing she cared even a little about was her youngest born... Azafiael... his two elder brothers Rafael and Arachniel had tried everything to get in their mother's graces but they had not succeeded so much. She loved them in her calculating way. But not like their youngest brother. She adored him. She hid it well though. She didn't want it to become her weakness. And she was quite proud of her youngest born. Of his cold behaviour and steely shield that he erected around him. She was the only person who saw the tenderness in his eyes and she loved to keep it that way. She was a possessive mother. And a possessive mother was a very dangerous enemy to have. 

That night when she witnessed the episode in the garden the queen knew she had rival for her son's tenderness. And she would not have it. She would not share her prince with anyone. He was her kid her youngest born and she couldn't let him go.

She knew Arachniel wanted to get Azafiael out of her graces. She was his mother for God sake. She knew he thought that she will get angry on her son for falling for a lower born. Yes... she was angry.. very much so... but not with her son. she was angry with the girl Riane. How dare she waltz in their life and spoil her cold and best son? How!? She would pay for the insolence. 

The queen had decided and bode her time. Punishing the girl for breaking her family. It had helped that Azafiael had gone away. His presence might have been a slight nuisance in her plans. And now after staying out of her life and watching her wither for quite a time. Her final blow had arrived. A blow to make the girl remember who she was and what she could do. 

Riane took a shuddering breathe and wiped away the tears. She had to see her mother. Maybe it would be for the very last time...



Sakshi stayed still and listened to Arjun. His words bringing the scenes of his life magically in her mind as if she was present there watching his life unfold. She knew something terrible had happened. But what? His voice was growing more sombre. More aching. She thumped the jealous wave in her heart. Now was not the time. She stroked his hands gently. She knew it pained him and as much as she was jealous of this Riane she loved this man and she couldn't help but feel sad for him.

Arjun was brought back by her gentle touch. He smiled at her lightly and kissed her cheeks moving slowly down to her jaw. He heard her breath hitch and smirked. Then looked at her face. She was perfect...

He snapped his fingers and a song started in the background... she looked at him with wide eyes and he chuckled...

If our love was a fairy tale
I would charge in and rescue you
On a yacht baby we would sail
To an island where we'd say I do

And if we had babies they would look like you
It'd be so beautiful if that came true
You don't even know how very special you are

You leave me breathless
You're everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can't believe that you're mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you're leaving me

And if our love was a story book
We would meet on the very first page
The last chapter would be about
How I'm thankful for the life we've made

And if we had babies they would have your eyes
I would fall deeper watching you give life
You don't even know how very special you are

You must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me
You're like an angel
The thing that I feel is stronger than love believe me
You're something special
I only hope that I'll one day deserve what you've given me
But all I can do is try
Every day of my life

She smiled at him with tears in her eyes. She knew he had just conveyed her feelings for her through a song. She still had that sixth sense jealousy but she knew he loved her. A love that rivaled his love for Riane... and right now she would just hold on...

Okayyy... how was it guyz??? pls pls pls do tell...

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Continue soon.  Want to know what happened to Rianne.

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Awesome update.
Plz con soon..

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Again stopped in middle Angry 
What queen did to raina 
How did Arjun find sakshi and how he fell in love with sakshi 
Continue soon 
Thanks for pm 

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Really nice dear but small update
I want to know what happen with that girl
And how he saw sakshi
Please do continue soon

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Hey guyz an early chap for you... hope u like t.  

Part 18

She smiled at him with tears in her eyes. She knew he had just conveyed her feelings for her through a song. She still had that sixth sense jealousy but she knew he loved her. A love that rivaled his love for Riane... and right now she would just hold on...



Riane took a deep breathe just outside her mother's room and raised her hand to knock the door, then lowered it. How could she face her mother?

She cursed herself and angrily wiped her tears away. She had forgotten that people like her didn't dream of flying. Flying was for higher born. People like them were made to serve. Her bliss was responsible for their loss. 

She hesitantly knocked on the door. 

The door opened slowly and a small head peeked out. Eyes so much like her own widened in recognition before saddening. She pleaded with her eyes to let her in. Her youngest sister hesitated and then let her pass. She hugged her sister quietly then proceeded to meet her mother. 

Her mother sat on a chair in the small balcony. She seemed to have aged. Worry lines prominent on her face. She shook her head.

"Mother?" Riane whispered. Her mother stiffened before turning slowly.

Their eyes connected. Her blank eyes filled with anger as she saw Riane. 

"What are you doing here? Who let you in?" her mother asked angrily, getting up from her chair. 

"Mother! Hear me out!" Riane whispered pleadingly.

"Am not your mother!"

"Please don't say that!"

"You lost your right to call me mother when your father was banished because of your mistake!" her mother said slowly. Riane felt tears run down her face."I didn't bring you up like this! And now... yo uncontrolled behaviour have broken my family... no one will accept my daughters... and because of you I will never be able to look anybody in the eye. You! Have shamed me!" 

Riane felt her heart shattering with each word her mother said.

"I know I have broken this family... and I know because of me father has gone... mother I loved him truthfully and I loved you all... I didn't think of the results and that's my mistake... but I don't regret loving him... just the repercussions... I wish you didn't have to suffer... you have been the best mother of this world and I miss father... I wish I could undo this... I know my mistake is big... but I hope somewhere in your heart you will find a little mercy to forgive me..." Riane said. Her mother turned away."the queen have summoned me... " Her mother stiffened again. "I don't know what she wants but I think it's gonna be a punishment! I don't know if I will see you again! So I wanted to tell you am sorry and I love you... before I leave..." Her mother's eyes misted but she didn't turn towards Riane. Riane walked towards her mother and stood in front of her, facing her. She took a small parchment roll from inside her cloak and handed it to her mother, who looked down at it surprise. Then looked at Riane. " this is a letter to the youngest prince mother... do me a last favour! give it to him!" she whispered and walked out of her mother's room with heavy steps. She didn't look back. She was ready for her punishment.


Her name was Diane. She had Riane when she was sixteen. She loved her daughter with all her heart but whole her life she had been strict with her to make her an apt example for her younger siblings. But today when she watched her daughter walk away from her, she wished she could let go all her strictness, anger and resentment and hug her once and tell her how much she loved her back. 

Her destiny was so cruel. She had five daughters and no son, even though she had wanted one. Her husband had told her that daughters were god's mercy and he was thankful so she had thanked god and moved on too. She had brought them up strong and honest and now she realised she was about to lose her first born. The very one who taught her the lesson on motherhood. How could she face this? How will she cope? She didn't know. 

She wished that just once... only once... she could have kept a loving hand on her child's head and tell her that her prayers were with her, but she couldn't. The moment was passed. And now only pain remained.

She hugged the parchment rolls to her chest, as she sank down sobbing.


Riane walked inside the hall and bent down till her waist as a mark of respect for the queen. 

"Rise!" her cold and imposing voice called out. Her voice itself sent chills down Riane's spine, frosting her very heart.
"Riane... " the queen murmered, " I hope you know why I called you here... no? let me tell you... for years child I prepared my son... my Azafiael... and taught him to be just like me... my shadow... I taught him to rule to stomp out kindness in his heart, to snatch... I taught him to cast fear... the one thing I kept him away from was... love... the thing meant for weak ones... my Azafiael is not weak... and so I kept this disgusting feeling away from him... his tenderness his love was for me and me alone... then... then you came and cracked his shield and poured love in his heart... you snatched him away from me and erased my ideals from his heart... you tried... to replace me! ME! how dare you?" the queen growled. Riane felt her heart stutter and she bowed her head in fear of her wrath. "You messed with what's mine... so I messed with what's yours... your family... but I am not satisfied... so I will punish you... punish you in a way that you will tremble each time you remember me... and remember me you will... for ages and ages to come!" 

Riane didn't dare to look up.

"You will go to the stretch of ice..." Riane felt her heart faltering as she looked up towards the queen in fear. The queen smiled cruelly. "You will enter the dragons cave and bring me it's egg... within a month..." the queen continued and with each word Riane felt herself drowning in hopelessness. "And if you fail... then you will be banished from here!" Riane felt like laughing mirthlessly. Banished? She wouldn't even be alive after it. "And after banishment your powers will be snatched and you will be thrown in the world of humans... you will be still you living like a human... yet not quite... you understand?" 

"Have mercy O queen!" Riane whispered painfully.

"On a person who sought to replace me?" the queen asked, her eyes flashing.

"I didn't... you are his mother! how can I replace you?" Riane cried out indignantly.

"Enough! I have decided!" the queen shouted. "Leave..."

Riane felt her heart sinking as she slowly exited the hall. How could she bring the egg in a month? Anybody who had gone to the Stretch had never returned to tell it's tale. The Stretch of ice was as the name indicated made of ice. Their powers failed them once they were inside the stretch. The theorists said it was because of a simple fact that they were made of fire. And fire couldn't survive ice. Whatever the reason once inside the stretch she would be just like a human albeit a little fast and stronger. But her speed and strenght wouldn't be enough. If by some miracle she survived the ice and entered the cave. How could she battle a dragon and bring it's egg? It was not possible. And if she stretched her imagination and imagined that she battled the dragon and got the egg how will she do it in a months? Will her strenght be enough? The crossing of stretch to the cave would itself take weeks. And then the battle might just kill her. 

There was no hope if she wouldn't die in battle she would just be banished.

She cried as she prepared herself for the journey.

So this was how she was about to die... she thought and smiled sadly...

"I love you Azafiael... I wish I could tell you one last time..." she muttered.

How was it??? Tell sooon... tc

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yyy me first
loved it

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