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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

La da di da di, daddy likes to party!! 6th january (Page 3)

jia.astk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Myra great analysis. I love the character detailed description and episode analysis done by @prads and @Misti too.
loved your title and the last sentence was funny!
where did she get that water from??Confused Oh yeah i know, if Anjali poured a river she has a water fountain inside. 
Same thoughts here: where did Astha get that water from ..she was folding hands to bid goodbye  to everyone isn't it! All in all Shlok's ego still stops him to accept the fact that he has feelings for her. And when he said he hates and shooed her away..hated that scene, bit too dramatic! Does Astha still love him? She never mentioned she also hates him. NA's expressions were pricessless today Smile

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namrutha Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Loved your post!

babba is all proud inside but surprised on the outside.. he must b thinking:Darn. i am such a great manipulatorLOLLOL
I also felt it, Na must be so proud of himselfAngry

first i wondered if a rabbit will also apearLOL where did she get that water from??Confused Oh yeah i know, if anjali poured a river she has a waterfountain insideLOL..

that was hilarious

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by misti73

Liar liar pants on fire..Tongue.I am not talking about Neeranjan but his bacha, I mean baby bear Stern Smile. This guy  says that he never lies but his entire relationship is based on a lieStern Smile. I am not talking about him hoodwinking Astha and marrying her because of his revenge regarding his baba's reputation getting spoiled by his honeypot. I am talking about the lie that he married Astha because she insulted his baba and that's why he wanted to teach her a lesson of her lieStern Smile. Baba had nothing to do with this marriage; it is all because of his hurt ego and a link that was formed in him regarding someone whom Astha reminded him off and the issues that were generated in him because of that link. Today his story was that he decided to marry Astha and spoil her life right after their office was attackedD'oh. Other than the fact that his story regarding this earth shattering decision keeps on changing, has the gobbledegook ever thought what will happen after Astha's life has been ruinedStern Smile. I mean yes he would have won and his ego would have been doing a high five and he would have boasted to his best friend, I mean the Sun God...but then what? Won't his life also be spoiled?Stern Smile Before I used to think that since Shloke is shrewd, he might have some grand plan regarding breaking Astha. But the jungle track brought out his childish and juvenile side which kind of give credence to the view that he might not have any grand plan. You are right misti, he is lying to others but himself too..this thing abt his hurt ego turned into a disease..the way he roared at her today once again proved he has issues..that need professional atendance.

Anyway coming back to his story that he told today that baba's insult was his main reason behind his revenge marriage to Astha. It has been shown that he decided to control Astha's life after Astha told him the reasons behind her rejection. That had hurt his ego and he decided to retaliate. His baba was nowhere in that decision and that decision took place quite a few days after the office destruction scene. He told Astha that he had started making plans regarding her destruction since the time they first met each other.Good point misti, the moment that lead to his reveange keeps changing as the situation requires so its obvious that a lie is there somewhere, his baba is nowhere.Now his baba was nowhere present when Shloke was manhandling her and Astha refered to him as a demon. Nor did he remember his baba when he was referred to as a demon. All these lies and not acknowledging what is really bothering him in one way shows his insecurity. He is afraid to face some truths and until he acknowledges them he will keep on going in circles. He was feeling frustrated that Astha was not listening to him and he also was feeling guilty that because of him his baba got hurt in the party...i.e. that he couldn't bring Astha to the party. Despite all the shouting and tantrums regarding Anjali interfering in his life, he did not say anything when Anjali went to get AsthaStern Smile. He was standing with a very sheepish and guilty expression when Anjali marched out. That shows that he did want his mommy to bring back Astha and to save his face and that of his daddy's face. Interestingly when Astha returned with his mommy he threw her furious look showing that he is most probably angry that she listened to his mommy but not to himStern Smile. Poor baby bear, I think he needs a group hug but the people have to be very careful when approaching himWinkTongue.I am here to volunteer LOLand thanks for the advice. now seriously, shlok and neeranjan are shown as very dependent on anjali..this shows that even though they claim to b alpha males infact its a female that leads this pack.

The difference in Astha and Shloke was shown quite nicely in the cake cutting scene. Both are angry at each other and both were cutting the cake due to Neeranjan. Astha has no problem regarding granting someone whom she respects their wish and she can leave her personal issues to the side for it (her hand was on top of Shloke's hand). She has shown this when she apologised when Avdhut had asked her to do so. In comparison, Shloke does not forget his personal issues even if he has to make a third party happy (he removed his hand when Astha kept hers on top of his and held Neeranjan's hnad just above Astha's hands). Neeranjan who is usually very observant did not pay any attention and he happily went on cutting the cake (he does not think regarding paying attention when he thinks everything is going according to plan). There was also a difference in the way Astha and Shloke fed the cake to Neeranjan. Astha fed him using one hand while Shloke fed him with one hand, with the fingers of his other hand touching the palm of the hand that was holding the piece of cake. It was very similar to how one makes offering to God.Again great observation and nice interpretation, ashta is giving neeranjan respect shlok instead isworshipping him. Anyway when Astha tells them that she is going homea dn that she came to express gratitude, Shloke's reaction is not of anger but that of frustration (he closes his eyes) which turns to anger when Astha tells everyone that excepting for expressing gratitude she has no other reason to stay (meaning he has no importance for her).He is feeling left out poor thing His ego raises its head and he his anger increase when he is blamed by Astha and all his actions come out in the open. He likes to keep personal things involving him as personal and demands the same from Astha. This need for ultimate and absolute loyalty can also be due to deep seeded insecurity issues and also because he has seen the same between his parents. Anjali does not entertain anyone who comments on anything regarding her private life with Neeranjan. Shloke probably also wants the same and here Astha was doing exactly the opposite.Now thats interesting pov, and very true, everyth between agni couples happens behaind closed doors. just like in the SR  This breach of trust was an insult to Shloke's ego and he starts getting angry which further increases when Astha not only tells everyone regarding the revenge marriage but also that she was blackmailed into going for the honeymoon and that it was Shloke who has set up the case against Avdhut and have also got him arrested. When he becomes furious and starts lashing out at Astha, it soon gets turned into what Astha has done to him who is nothing compared to what he has done to Astha. So baba is out of the windowStern Smile. Will this guy decide for once?D'oh It was the blame regarding sending Avdhut to prison that makes the Shloke hit the roof because he is being blamed for something that he did not do. He is furious that Astha does not believe him and is making others believe in something that he did not do but in order to protect himself he tells Astha that he does not care what she thinks, when earlier he was shaking Suresh as if he is some rag doll.He cant decide as he is in a continous fight with his ego and that makes him confused: should i grow a heart or fatten my ego!!?

Astha went on to tell Anjali that the answer regarding the question that Anjali asked Astha in her parents' house rests with Shloke. But if she wants to know the answer from Astha then her answer is her parents' house (actually there is no choice here because her relationships with her in laws depend on her relationship with her husband, when the spousal relationship is a lie then how can there be a choice?).  Shloke has in one way saved Astha here and spoilt his baba's plans. If Shloke had continued on his drama then Astha would not have realised the truth and since she has chosen Shloke quite a few times over her parents she might have done the same again. It was Shloke's need to have fun at Astha's expense and him being open with her that pulled the rug from Astha's feet and made her take this stand. Astha is more angry and frustrated at herself than at Shloke. She was ready to give Shloke another chance even after knowing that Shloke had set up the case against his father. Her hurt ego and frustrations and resulting anger made her take this decision.Thats very true, thats our very own unique heroine, with a big ego..

The rest regarding Neeranjan and Anjali coming up. 

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dsr11

nice analysis myra. loved shlokie bear in his agony glory todayTongue. titan niranjan stumped by tiny aastha. explosive episode on the whole.
Thank u dsr11. it was indeed a very entertaining epi..Ashta, Neeranjan, Shlokie and anjali were the stars that shined again.
misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
Completed the thesis.Embarrassed

Edited by misti73 - 06 January 2014 at 2:29pm

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by misti73

Completed the thesis.Embarrassed
Misti,  I am in awe.  You who used to write short summaries on Shakespeare for Nuns writing all this for a 20 minute episode. 
Nevertheless, awesome analysis.  I will probably end up just commenting on your thesis, rather than writing any detailed comments.
For me, the favorite scene was Shlok pointing his fingers at Astha and telling her that he would go to any lengths once more if she dared to harm his baba and Niranjan in the same frame slowly lifting his head up.  Before all this, he was flabbergasted that Shlok's motives for marrying Astha were whatever as it seemed that he too had thought that Shlok was obsessed about Astha (that he is another matter).  He was also shocked that his favored son was ruining everything just when he had almost got hold of everything -
1.  Anjali fulfilling his egoistic wishes and breaking off the final ties with her parents.  I wonder if that was her punishment for keeping that one photo of her parents and visiting them after Shlok's marriage to give them sweets.  Niranjan was aware of her visit but had kept quiet at that time.  So he took this vicious revenge.
2.  Hold on Avdhoot who had dared to stand up to him. Not only has he got the land that he desired so much,  Avdhoot and his family are totally in his trap.
3.  Almost getting Astha to break off her ties with Kirloskers and pledge her allegience to him.
4.  Devoted faithful Shlok in his control and living with him - hence fulfilling his wishes of making Shlok his true heir - in value system and business.
So Niranjan seemed shocked that his impulsive, unpredictable favorite son could have ruined his plans.  But then his head come up and a manipulative pleased look comes on his face at the realization that Shlok will go to such extremes for him.  Also he is more than likely gratified that the hold he imagined Astha had on Shlok, turned out to be myth.  Of course he does not know about Shlok's climb to the temple to save Astha that included washing her feet,  his detour to the office to scare poor Suresh and Shlokie's promise to Astha that he would not let anybody (even themselves) break off their relationship. 
But the poetic justice is that despite all he has seen of Astha and upheavels in his household since Astha's entry,  he is still adamant to bring back Astha to satisfy his own ego.  As Abhay pointed out,  Astha was his choice and how can Niranjan the egoist be ever wrong.  So he wants Astha back.  But it would have been in his interest to let Astha go.  After all, he got what he wanted.  The guests were badmouthing Astha rather than Agnihotris.  Astha has publicly proclaimed that she was at fault and Avdhoot's reputation is in dumps.  So if he lets Astha leave Shlok, it will not be Shlok who would be blamed.  Also he gets rid of a girl who would not conform to his ways.  But Niranjan in his ego is making decisions that is going to bring his downfall.
Finally, at the risk of people getting angry at me,  I am probably the only one who was actually feeling a little sympathy for Shlokie.  He was as usual obnoxious the way he snapped his fingers and then flicked his hand to dismiss Astha.  But his tantrums were so kiddish that he was coming across as amusing to me. 
Varad was another one whom I felt a tiny miny pity as his illusions were shattered rather brutely.  He was trying really hard to convince himself that Shlok and Astha have this fairy tale relationship - the one he envisioned once for himself.  Wonder how will Shlok and Varad's relationship be after this? 
Anjali had interesting expressions on her face.  She was shocked that Shlok's reasons for marrying Astha were that extreme.  She had expected Shlok to marry Astha because he loved her.  She had soft expressions for Astha for once because she did not expect that there would be shades of Niranjan (in this manner) in Shlok.  She did not look shocked at the end when Astha chose her parents and there was no anger in her either at this choice though she knew that Niranjan would most probably blame her for all the fiasco. 
Astha was the one for whom I had mixed emotions.  On one hand, she is a very generous person who does not hold grudges.  She also came back to Agnihotri household to celebrate Niranjan's birthday as she respects him.  She let Niranjan cut the cake that included her holding hands with Shlok.  But I was also feeling exasperated at her.  In the end, she was claiming that she chose her parents over inlaws.  It did not seem to me like that from any angle.  She praised the "good" ones in the household - Niranjan, Vinayak and Varad (understandable as they seem normal, good hearted humanbeings to her).  But then she also apologized to Anjali - her tormentor (ok fine as a sign of respect).  But her words and body language indicated that she would have stayed back if Shlok had not gone back to his "hate Astha with passion" tirade.  She even justified to Shlok that he was punishing her for no fault of hers.  Why justify to a person who has done the unforgiveable task of destroying her father?  So where did her parents really fit into all this choices? 
Finally, acting wise as usual everyone was good.  But it was Avinash and Shrenu for me too for this episode.     I loved Manish's expression as Niranjan when he slowly lifted his head.  Manish, Avinash and Geetanjali are best in using eyes to give expressions especially when there are no dialogues. 

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Myra.nelly

Ama-zing episode!! i really had fun watching itWink Now Now Myra no mking fun of Shlokie baby.Stern Smile Poor baby bear is a bit confused and his favourite toy does not like him.Embarrassed
Daddy's party is completly ruined, he is sittingon the couch all upset, with an angry expression on, fisting his hand to control that volcano inside him.
Shlokie notices this and walks around him like a bodyguard but not daring to aproach him as he is at fault that ashta didnt come, it seems also that he doesnt do his job of bodyguard well eighter as a nosy guest keeps asking abt ashta like she is the birthday girl and not daddy, birthday boyLOL Myra...leave baby bear alone.Stern Smile but I will have to admit that scene was very amusing.
The guset bad mouth ashta and finally decide to leave, making neeranjan go red in anger.. he is loooking like the schools bully with no friends at his party.. long gone is his pure image, his admireres go away seeing he made a mistake choosing such girl to marry into his more perfection, no more compliments to his outstanding outlook and behaviour.. poor daddy..Ouch yeh ouch indeed

now seriously i really enjoyed how he was humilliated, but i hope that  he wont pour all this anger on anjaliAngry

Along with the guests, his dearest son in law is mocking him too, he 'defends' ahsta saying she is the best as she is chosen by shlok and neeranjan both,,  Now to translate his line he kinda said: "In your faces dudes, you brought it on yourself"!! He is right isnt it? Daddy wanted her for shlokie and for his plot, and shlokie wanted her for revenge cum for himWink They truly deserve humiliation and much more for playing with peoples lives..they both" threw" ashta around like a boomerang, not remembering that it comes back and if They dnt  pay attention, being too sure of themselves,  it  can strike back pretty badlyWink  Poor baby bear got hurt ...why is everyone after this bacha? Embarrassed
Daddy ofcourse doesnt say anything to abhay and says he wants to wait for ashta to cut the cake so the 'party" continues..

Anywho, anjali and ashta  come to the picture, Ashta is dressed in that gorgeous saari, in green degrade.. it matche her situation, it has back just like the people surrounding and papa bear and  the fading green it simbolysis all the stages she has to go through to reach that light "shade"
 She wishes daddy and thanks him for helping her father..and neeranjan kinda rushes her to go on and cut the cake. eager much? ! Or he is waiting for the bday song, few people singing him will boost his ego a bit. was he expecting the decaration of his present after the cake cutting.
He gets the knife, baby bear puts his paw too, do notice how big his hand is compared to neeranjsLOL, and when ashta puts her hand too she touches shloks hand and he retreats itLOLLOL Who is immature now?? Oh we know the answer Myra... the one who is throwing the biggest tantrum of all.Wink

The party goes on and ashta decides to gif NA..with her leave from the house, to her parents home..her home..she spills all the beans , everyone is shocked, varad dissapointed for loosing a sane person in the house I think that he is more dissapointd that his dream bubble got burst today...., sojal is happy to b the only bahu so she wont compete or being compared to anyone.. and surprise surprise, anjali is happy too? i noticed a serene smile on her face.. cant put my finger on it for sure but i think shes happy atleast one bird is free..and that is ashta..
 So ashta says good bye to everyone in her style.. shlokie errupts as she s blaming him only and roars, snaps and points fingers at her..what a charactser.. simply loved his expressions..his knittet eyebrows, that mocking smileEmbarrassed Mr shlokie admited he took revenge coz she has hurt and humilliated him and babba.. and babba is all proud inside but surprised on the outside.. he must b thinking:Darn. i am such a great manipulatorLOLLOL...I don't think that his baba was that happy...

Ashta finnaly goes to anjali..they have a mommentConfused anjali again seems to agree with her decision but still she has to say the words she was thaught..I thought she was telling her to be careful regarding her decisions Next ashta brings water in her hands, by magic..first i wondered if a rabbit will also apearLOL where did she get that water from??Confused Oh yeah i know, if anjali poured a river she has a waterfountain insideLOL..I thought that her hands were also rtearing up.Wink

And yes ashta doesnt dissapoint..she choes  her paremts...but if shloked would have said stay..would she sit and wiggle her tail?? Good point Myra.Wink

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Prads

Originally posted by Neelum.drashti

@Myra beautiful analysis. i liked the topic nameLOL, hot daddy in trouble is nirvana moments for meDancing but somehow i think this time aastha is going to payUnhappy. Pappa bear was very proud like u mentioned, when baby bear roared, he nearly started doing break dance but then thought better.

p.s. yeah his hands are really big, i find it really cute when he holds aastha's handsLOL  

u guys really felt tht NA was proud of Shlokie today??Confused..i felt he was kinda disappointed..Ermm

Prads initially he was dissapointed but then when Shloke pointed his finger at Astha and told her that if in future she tries to harm his father then he will not spare her...Neeranjan slowly raised his showed that he has got a life line  or a realisation that to Shloke he is more important than Astha. If he really think clearly he should realise what is happening but since he is himself is an egoist he might choose to believe his importance over that of Astha's for Shloke.

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