Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

La da di da di, daddy likes to party!! 6th january

Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Ama-zing episode!! i really had fun watching itWink
Daddy's party is completly ruined, he is sittingon the couch all upset, with an angry expression on, fisting his hand to control that volcano inside him.
Shlokie notices this and walks around him like a bodyguard but not daring to aproach him as he is at fault that ashta didnt come, it seems also that he doesnt do his job of bodyguard well eighter as a nosy guest keeps asking abt ashta like she is the birthday girl and not daddy, birthday boyLOL
The guset bad mouth ashta and finally decide to leave, making neeranjan go red in anger.. he is loooking like the schools bully with no friends at his party.. long gone is his pure image, his admireres go away seeing he made a mistake choosing such girl to marry into his more perfection, no more compliments to his outstanding outlook and behaviour.. poor daddy..Ouch 

now seriously i really enjoyed how he was humilliated, but i hope that  he wont pour all this anger on anjaliAngry

Along with the guests, his dearest son in law is mocking him too, he 'defends' ahsta saying she is the best as she is chosen by shlok and neeranjan both,,  Now to translate his line he kinda said: "In your faces dudes, you brought it on yourself"!! He is right isnt it? Daddy wanted her for shlokie and for his plot, and shlokie wanted her for revenge cum for himWink They truly deserve humiliation and much more for playing with peoples lives..they both" threw" ashta around like a boomerang, not remembering that it comes back and if They dnt  pay attention, being too sure of themselves,  it  can strike back pretty badlyWink
Daddy ofcourse doesnt say anything to abhay and says he wants to wait for ashta to cut the cake so the 'party" continues..

Anywho, anjali and ashta  come to the picture, Ashta is dressed in that gorgeous saari, in green degrade.. it matche her situation, it has back just like the people surrounding and papa bear and  the fading green it simbolysis all the stages she has to go through to reach that light "shade"
 She wishes daddy and thanks him for helping her father..and neeranjan kinda rushes her to go on and cut the cake. eager much? ! Or he is waiting for the bday song, few people singing him will boost his ego a bit.
He gets the knife, baby bear puts his paw too, do notice how big his hand is compared to neeranjsLOL, and when ashta puts her hand too she touches shloks hand and he retreats itLOLLOL Who is immature now??

The party goes on and ashta decides to gif NA..with her leave from the house, to her parents home..her home..she spills all the beans , everyone is shocked, varad dissapointed for loosing a sane person in the house, sojal is happy to b the only bahu so she wont compete or being compared to anyone.. and surprise surprise, anjali is happy too? i noticed a serene smile on her face.. cant put my finger on it for sure but i think shes happy atleast one bird is free..and that is ashta..
 So ashta says good bye to everyone in her style.. shlokie errupts as she s blaming him only and roars, snaps and points fingers at her..what a charactser.. simply loved his expressions..his knittet eyebrows, that mocking smileEmbarrassed Mr shlokie admited he took revenge coz she has hurt and humilliated him and babba.. and babba is all proud inside but surprised on the outside.. he must b thinking:Darn. i am such a great manipulatorLOLLOL

Ashta finnaly goes to anjali..they have a mommentConfused anjali again seems to agree with her decision but still she has to say the words she was thaught.. Next ashta brings water in her hands, by magic..first i wondered if a rabbit will also apearLOL where did she get that water from??Confused Oh yeah i know, if anjali poured a river she has a waterfountain insideLOL..

And yes ashta doesnt dissapoint..she choes  her paremts...but if shloked would have said stay..would she sit and wiggle her tail??

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 9:44am | IP Logged

Liar liar pants on fire..Tongue.I am not talking about Neeranjan but his bacha, I mean baby bear Stern Smile. This guy  says that he never lies but his entire relationship is based on a lieStern Smile. I am not talking about him hoodwinking Astha and marrying her because of his revenge regarding his baba's reputation getting spoiled by his honeypot. I am talking about the lie that he married Astha because she insulted his baba and that's why he wanted to teach her a lesson of her lieStern Smile. Baba had nothing to do with this marriage; it is all because of his hurt ego and a link that was formed in him regarding someone whom Astha reminded him off and the issues that were generated in him because of that link. Today his story was that he decided to marry Astha and spoil her life right after their office was attackedD'oh. Other than the fact that his story regarding this earth shattering decision keeps on changing, has the gobbledegook ever thought what will happen after Astha's life has been ruinedStern Smile. I mean yes he would have won and his ego would have been doing a high five and he would have boasted to his best friend, I mean the Sun God...but then what? Won't his life also be spoiled?Stern Smile Before I used to think that since Shloke is shrewd, he might have some grand plan regarding breaking Astha. But the jungle track brought out his childish and juvenile side which kind of give credence to the view that he might not have any grand plan. 

Anyway coming back to his story that he told today that baba's insult was his main reason behind his revenge marriage to Astha. It has been shown that he decided to control Astha's life after Astha told him the reasons behind her rejection. That had hurt his ego and he decided to retaliate. His baba was nowhere in that decision and that decision took place quite a few days after the office destruction scene. He told Astha that he had started making plans regarding her destruction since the time they first met each other. Now his baba was nowhere present when Shloke was manhandling her and Astha refered to him as a demon. Nor did he remember his baba when he was referred to as a demon. All these lies and not acknowledging what is really bothering him in one way shows his insecurity. He is afraid to face some truths and until he acknowledges them he will keep on going in circles. He was feeling frustrated that Astha was not listening to him and he also was feeling guilty that because of him his baba got hurt in the party...i.e. that he couldn't bring Astha to the party. Despite all the shouting and tantrums regarding Anjali interfering in his life, he did not say anything when Anjali went to get AsthaStern Smile. He was standing with a very sheepish and guilty expression when Anjali marched out. That shows that he did want his mommy to bring back Astha and to save his face and that of his daddy's face. Interestingly when Astha returned with his mommy he threw her furious look showing that he is most probably angry that she listened to his mommy but not to himStern Smile. Poor baby bear, I think he needs a group hug but the people have to be very careful when approaching himWinkTongue.

The difference in Astha and Shloke was shown quite nicely in the cake cutting scene. Both are angry at each other and both were cutting the cake due to Neeranjan. Astha has no problem regarding granting someone whom she respects their wish and she can leave her personal issues to the side for it (her hand was on top of Shloke's hand). She has shown this when she apologised when Avdhut had asked her to do so. In comparison, Shloke does not forget his personal issues even if he has to make a third party happy (he removed his hand when Astha kept hers on top of his and held Neeranjan's hnad just above Astha's hands). Neeranjan who is usually very observant did not pay any attention and he happily went on cutting the cake (he does not think regarding paying attention when he thinks everything is going according to plan). There was also a difference in the way Astha and Shloke fed the cake to Neeranjan. Astha fed him using one hand while Shloke fed him with one hand, with the fingers of his other hand touching the palm of the hand that was holding the piece of cake. It was very similar to how one makes offering to God. Anyway when Astha tells them that she is going homea dn that she came to express gratitude, Shloke's reaction is not of anger but that of frustration (he closes his eyes) which turns to anger when Astha tells everyone that excepting for expressing gratitude she has no other reason to stay (meaning he has no importance for her). His ego raises its head and he his anger increase when he is blamed by Astha and all his actions come out in the open. He likes to keep personal things involving him as personal and demands the same from Astha. This need for ultimate and absolute loyalty can also be due to deep seeded insecurity issues and also because he has seen the same between his parents. Anjali does not entertain anyone who comments on anything regarding her private life with Neeranjan. Shloke probably also wants the same and here Astha was doing exactly the opposite. This breach of trust was an insult to Shloke's ego and he starts getting angry which further increases when Astha not only tells everyone regarding the revenge marriage but also that she was blackmailed into going for the honeymoon and that it was Shloke who has set up the case against Avdhut and have also got him arrested. When he becomes furious and starts lashing out at Astha, it soon gets turned into what Astha has done to him who is nothing compared to what he has done to Astha. So baba is out of the windowStern Smile. Will this guy decide for once?D'oh It was the blame regarding sending Avdhut to prison that makes the Shloke hit the roof because he is being blamed for something that he did not do. He is furious that Astha does not believe him and is making others believe in something that he did not do but in order to protect himself he tells Astha that he does not care what she thinks, when earlier he was shaking Suresh as if he is some rag doll.

Astha went on to tell Anjali that the answer regarding the question that Anjali asked Astha in her parents' house rests with Shloke. But if she wants to know the answer from Astha then her answer is her parents' house (actually there is no choice here because her relationships with her in laws depend on her relationship with her husband, when the spousal relationship is a lie then how can there be a choice?).  Shloke has in one way saved Astha here and spoilt his baba's plans. If Shloke had continued on his drama then Astha would not have realised the truth and since she has chosen Shloke quite a few times over her parents she might have done the same again. It was Shloke's need to have fun at Astha's expense and him being open with her that pulled the rug from Astha's feet and made her take this stand. Astha is more angry and frustrated at herself than at Shloke. She was ready to give Shloke another chance even after knowing that Shloke had set up the case against his father. Her hurt ego and frustrations and resulting anger made her take this decision. 

Ones who dig holes for others should remember that they are also digging holes for themselves.Wink Neeranajn Agnihotri is sitting in one of these holes and it his favourite son whose actions have resulted in him nicely sitting in this hole. Day DreamingBut this son has also given him a life line.Ouch He was sitting clenching and unclenching his fist showing that he is furious and wants to let it out in some way but for the time being is maintaining his calm because others are present. Neeranjan was also not that happy when Abhay pointedly told everyone that since Astha is Neeranjan and Shloke's choice, it cannot be possible that she is wrong. That was dig at Neeranjan for ultimately it shows his failure. The way Neeranjan told Shloke regarding waiting for Astha's arrival shows that he does have complete faith that Astha will return. That might be because he has complete faith on Anjali's abilities or that she will come because he has saved her father. It can be either one of the mentioned points or a combination of them. When Astha thanks him for rescuing her father and expresses her gratitude, with a smile he tells her that her and her family have no need to bear the burden of this gratitude and that he did this for his family..cough cough..meaning himselfWink.   Of course they don't have to bear the gratitude because he will make sure that they pay back to him in some other way. Who wants gratitude when one can get payment?Stern Smile Astha's mention about people falling low and Neeranjan being great makes Neeranjan comment on forgetting all these talks, while Sojal is looking at Abhay and silently telling him that yes that is himStern Smile. While Neranjan is cutting the cake with Astha and Shloke, Anjali watches the scene with a very soft look on her face maybe because she thinks that she has been able to fulfil her saheb's wish (she does have an emotional link with Neeranjan).

It was Anjali who first realised that things might not go to plans when Astha asked permission to leave. Neeranjan was completely taken by surprise and he did look lost. Astha's need to worship Neeranjan as bestest best FIL that has ever existed on this earth made Anjali look down and a bit uncomfortableOuch. When Astha told that Shloke has snatched everything from her...Neeranjan was looking at Shloke as if saying to himself  "Not again! Now what has Shloke done".LOL Neeranjan had found Astha crying and he was exasperated when he realised that Shloke is probably the reason behind Astha's tears and it again happens...but now mmm..the stakes are a bit high. That time he had managed to calm the situation by sending her home to his parents, so how is he going to manage the situation now? Make Shloke get Astha back? WinkAnyway, the news that Shloke and Astha does not have any real relationship was news to both Anjali and Neeranjan but Astha's sermon regarding her parents teachings that a girl does not only have relationship with her husband but with the other family members too...might have been news to Neeranjan because it is all about him regarding his relationship with Anjali.Stern Smile Anjali was feeling sad for Astha when Astha said that Shloke has snatched all her relationships while Neeranjan looks was "What! He did that too!Tongue" Finally Neeranjan ended up asking the question that he wanted to for a long time that what exactly is happening between Shloke and Astha. Anjali gives Astha the final push regarding telling the truth and they all come to know regarding the hate that Shloke has for Astha and the penny might have also dropped for Neeranjan. He was looking perplexed by Shloke's explanation and his expression to me showed that he never expected that Shloke can go to this level . This was something that was beyond Neeranjan's estimation regarding Sloke. Was that being in awe of Shloke's devotion or awe regarding the fact that whether his son is this stupid? Now will he figure out the real reason behind Shloke's actions? Anyway Neeranjan who does not like any public drama tries to calm down Shloke when his  baccha's anger hits the roof but then he gets a life line regarding how to counter the situation  when Shloke tells Astha that if she again tries to insult his father then this time he will not spare her (brilliant scene...Shloke hand pointed at Astha and Neeranjan slowly raising her his head with his background music). Like a good manipulator he decides to beat a retreat and not to force the issue but indirectly tells Astha that she will have to come back. His anger at Astha was evident when she was talking to Anjali. Anjali tells Astha that to think very careful while making any decisions because marriage is not a child's play. Angie I think that you might be right...Anjali's silence might be her atoning for the mistake that she made by marrying Neeranjan. Anyway Neeranjan was furious to know that Astha has finally chosen her parent's house. From his expression today it looks like that he was not aware of Shloke's plans with Avdhut but he used it to his advantage.

As for Varad he has been leading his life vicariously through Shloke and Astha and he was desperate to save this relationship today. He was the only one who said let's talk and tried to involve both Shloke and Astha...Neeranjan did not say anything and kept his feelings to himself while Anjali asked her to think carefully.

Very good acting by everyone and a special mention to both Avinash and Shrenu. Manish's expressions are enough to command audience's attentions and it does seem that emotional scenes are Shrenu's forte.

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Prads IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Myra..superb analysis...aptly described everything. 
Astha's sari was really pretty today..Shrenu was looking absolutely stunning in tht..Day Dreaming
well well..coming back to the episode..b day boy's b day party s spoiled..Poor thing..OuchLOLLOL

Since little tornado called Astha has entered their house, not a single function goes w/o any also indirectly all blame came on herOuch..jst like all the earlier times..poor Astha..evn though she dsnt want to insult NA bt she ends up doing exactly d same..destiny ..wat else it canbe? bt isnt Shlok responsible for wat happened today..he had been careless abt the dangerous game which he himself he cant escape the responsibility of ruining this game..

Astha came jst to cut d cake n started with her lectures..she placed NA next to God..(hmm NA mst hv been very satisfied listening to ths..after all v all know how hard he works to maintain his this image..poor thing has to clench his fists so many times..WinkLOL) she cuts d cake n then asks permission to go back to her place..(Shlok too calls her parent's home as her home Astha too mentioned the same..) NA as expected objected to it...Astha going on abt how she was happy in this house n blah blah do u really mean tht..did u really njoy eating frm ur husband's plate (ewww..disgusting to even thinkDead)??..did u also njoy Pati poojan n charnamrit etc etc..also did u njoy.Nirjala vrat?? not visiting ur parents more often etc etc...i mean really?? Ermm ConfusedConfused or  ur father's arrest has really shocked u so much tht u hv lost some sense..LOL

on more serious note..Shrenu did brilliant job in portraying all the emotions..Astha really caught Shlok off guard..he was bit surprised to see her back in d first place..n in entire sequence his expressions were really worth watching..d anger, frustration, helplessness, evilness, hurt ego was so beautifully portrayed by Avinash..hats off...he made me hate him today..anyways..Astha accused Shlok of being dishonest again..n told everything..Shlok had to blast n admit tht he hates her..evn though he has some sort of feelings towards her, his ego will not let him accept tht in frnt of her..forget abt admitting in frnt of family tht he dsnt hate her anymore..tht will be big blow for The Shlok he had to admit..n d moment she mentioned abt the secret abt their marriage, he burst..wat followed later on was pure rage bt he did wat he was not supposed to do..u dnt tlk to a lady like tht Shlokie matter how much u hate her..u were really looking like a mawali today..

NA's expressions were tht of shock n disappointment..Shlok has again made him disappointed and caused awkwardness by his actions...he was looking down..wat actually caught my attention were Anjali's expressions..she was shocked to see Shlok like this..mst be wondering wat she has brgt into this world..initial disbelief turned into bit of sympathy towards Astha when the later opened her pain in frnt of all..she mst be reminded of smthing frm her past..Also wen Shlok was snapping his fingers..NA was not able to bear that..i mean wat was tht...i felt as if he was trying hard to bear Shlok's tht action..dnt know Ermm

Vinayak chachu was shocked Varad was desperately trying to keep Astha in house..he wanted Shlok to admit tht he loves Astha n thts y he married her..i guess he dsnt want to lose hope tht he had tht Astha will bring the change in this house..or he dsnt want to lose one more sane person..or ther s smthing more..(hmmm) bt poor Varad..Astha brgt his hopes dwn by calling him big bro..( thnk God..i was relieved..ther s no competition frm d same houseWinkWink)LOLLOL

all n all a good episode..wanted to punch Jaya, Sojal n Abhay so hard on their faces..AngryAngryAngry..dnt want to waste my energy in tlkin abt Abhay has rubbed NA in a wrong way today by defending Astha in frnt of all..NA n Shlok r shrewd enough to understand tht u were mocking them actually..

Start counting ur numbers..

Small request to CVs..pls reveal Astha's innocence in frnt of Shlok now..he needs to know all his revenge was based on hollow foundation..i feel tht now s d rgt time to reveal tht..

Also pls dnt show unnecessary comic scenes to dilute the seriousness of this track..v want substance now also which u hv always given us..

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 9:53am | IP Logged

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Neelum.drashti IF-Addictz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:17am | IP Logged
@Myra beautiful analysis. i liked the topic nameLOL, hot daddy in trouble is nirvana moments for meDancing but somehow i think this time aastha is going to payUnhappy. Pappa bear was very proud like u mentioned, when baby bear roared, he nearly started doing break dance but then thought better.

p.s. yeah his hands are really big, i find it really cute when he holds aastha's handsLOL  

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dsr11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:28am | IP Logged
nice analysis myra. loved shlokie bear in his agony glory todayTongue. titan niranjan stumped by tiny aastha. explosive episode on the whole.

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bingyy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:29am | IP Logged
myra  ,  i  always  read  ur  analysis   silently  &  enjoy  it a  lot ,today  i  wanted  to  comment  ,
ur  post  (infact  all  ur  posts  are  lovely  &  misti &  angies  post  are  great too,  they  have  so  much  depth  in  understanding  every  character  of  this  show )is  awesome ,these  posts  made  me  understand  the  character  otherwise  i  wouldnt  understand  a  tiny  bit  .

anyway  in  regards  to  ur  last  line  my  pov  is  ,if  shlokie  has  asked  her  to  stay  ,she  would  definitely  wiggle  her  tail  &  would  have  stayed  ,for  me  it  looks  like  cvs  r  portraying  her  as  weak  character   as  i  felt  that  she  will  not  hold  any  grudges  if  shlok  asks  her  to  stay  ,she  didnt  look  strong  to  me  today  after  everything  her  family  went  through  for  her  attachement  with  shlok  &  i  have  this feeling  that  shlok  wont  have  to  persue  much  to  make  her  come  back 

&  i  m  disappointed  with  cvs  for  making  shlok  over  the  top  harsh  ,the  way  he  talked  to  astha  infront  of  everyone  &  did  the  finger  thing  &  told  her  to  get  lost  were  disgraceful  ,u  cannot   talk  to  ur  wife   like  that  no  matter  how  much  u hate  her  &  i  think  astha  &  her  family  suffered  a  lot  bcoz  of  her  misdoings  ,so  todays  harsh  behaviour  of  shlok  was  unnecessarily  harsh 

&  i  really  dont  hope  cvs  make  astha  come  back  easily  &  let  them  stay  in  the  same  house  otherwise  i  feel  that  shlok  will  not  come  to  the  realization &  he  will  take  her  for  granted  ,  i  really  wish  astha  has  some  sort  of  self  respect  which  i  seriously  start  to  think  the  she  unfortunately  does  not  have  ,i  think  if  shlok  touches  her  &  says  sorry  she  will  melt  too  quickly

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samyuktha0411 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Nicely written!!! I dont want to see Shlok threatening Astha to cum back nor I wish to see one more nice boy act by Shlok to bring Astha back...

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