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MadOwhat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 December 2012
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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ScorpionGunner

Salman Unveils the Audi RS7

Salman Khan Unveils the Audi RS7

That's a killer machine...wonder many he will kill with this now

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-Believe- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Am copying that Doom 3 's best review...


Hey guys, forgive me for starting off a negative note but f**k Dhoom 3.

I have wanted to say that for a bit. Now that I have that off my chest, let me me save you some money by playing Dhoom 3 for you in this blog in pictures and words. Trust me, you'd rather read this than waste your money watching Dhoom 3, which in my humble opinion, should have been named more suitably, like:2

- Bikes And Shit
- Don't Watch This
- f**k Logic
- Worst-Year-Ender-Movie
- Stupid Cops

Or simply,

- WARNING: Contains Traces of Bandanna-Sporting Uday Chopra

[SPOILER ALERT! Although if you do decide to watch the movie, you have already chosen a spoiler.]

Let's go!

So Dhoom 3 opens with a hazel-eyed little boy pawning his possessions for $25 in Chicago (1990).

Little Sahir (baby Aamir Khan) is doing this to save his father's circus which will be auctioned off by the bank if they don't have money in time.

Dad (Jackie Shroff) has other plans. He tells Sahir that he will be performing "the greatest trick ever" later that day to impress the bank guys, which will surely woo them so much, they will be forced to let The Great Indian Circus go on.

And so the father and son duo perform the coolest tricks, like, their dictionary because these were pretty basic tricks.

Seriously, a shitty magician at a kid's birthday party can do that.

So anyway, the bank guys give their verdict.

"Tumhari aisi ki taisi" (f**k you) says Mr Iqbal, and shoots himself like the true piece of shit for a father he was, leaving brown little Sahir to fend for himself alone in hostile America.

Years later, Sahir is a well-built young man who has not changed at heart and height.

By now, Sahir has turned from a magician's tricky son into a tricky abnormally skilled thief, who can single-f**king-handedly defy nearly all laws of physics and rob a bank in such style that dollar bills begin to rain on poor people out of all the bank's windows. All without a ski-mask. (#LifeHack?)

This is followed by a police chase, obviously because 1) it is the second robbery at this bank, and more importantly 2) it is a great chance to stuff in bike stunts. Bikes f**kin' rule.

Annnd to no one's surprise, Sahir gets away with it because American cops are just so incompetent. They do, however, notice something strange about the robberies. Both the times, the perpetrator writes something in Hindi on a wall and leaves a circus-y mask.

Meanwhile in India, some goons are harassing what looks like a hanging turd.

We find out that this hanging piece of poop is actually Ali (Uday Chopra), an undercover cop. His friend Jai (Abhishek Bachchan), another equally shit undercover cop, soon comes to his rescue in the most reliable of all vehicles - a rickshaw.

Obviously these guys suck at everything, so after enough stunts have been shot with the rickshaw, Ali goes phata-poster-nikla-hero on us all with a bike.

Wait, what the f**k happened there? Ali literally had Jai's back two seconds ago, like he was practically BEHIND Jai, but he managed to get a bike from somewhere and break through a billboard to rescue his buddy? Almost like a magic trick. He could very well be Mr Iqbal's bas***d child. Anyway...

So next we see a hot young woman called Victoria receiving Ali and Jai at an airport in Chicago. Obviously, she came on a bike because that is literally the main character of the entire film - a vehicle. Mind you, Ali can't speak English for shit. He immediately has a crush on Victoria.

W*F are these guys doing in Chicago, you ask? Well, American cops apparently do not know jack shit about a possibly Indian robber. That is why they've called these two guys, who have on their professional cop records the use of a f**king rickshaw to save the day.

Ali and Jai will be investigating the bank robberies, you guys!

Meanwhile, Sahir is looking for a female dancer/singer/circus performer who has a nice butt and perky breasts a lot of passion for being in the circus. Enter Aaliya (Katrina Kaif). Sahir tells her that she will be hired if her audition is so impressive that he cannot take his eyes of her.

Obviously Aaliya chooses a very high skill-level act that truly shows her passion for song/dance and the circus. She strips.

The bank robbery investigation team has begun their investigation. For now, they know three things:
1. The robber is an Asian (Indian)
2. "He's an amateur" (Right, Jai, he only got away with like TWO BANK ROBBERIES)
3. He's a master of escaping.

Jai tells the bank owner that he hopes the robber strikes again as this will be the perfect chance to catch him. Then, of course, like a responsible cop, Jai goes on to saying on national f**king television that if the robber tries to rob the bank again, it would be a suicide mission.

Oh, and guess who the bank owner is...

So anyway, Sahir sees this on the telly, and in an attempt to draw absolutely no suspicious attention to himself, he goes to Jai and says "Main chor hoon" (I am the robber), followed by "LOL JUST KIDDING. I meant I KNOW the guy who committed this crime."
Jai is a little suspicious now, but Sahir confirms him that he can be trusted.

He tells officer Jai that the robber is his friend and works as a circus performer. This robber stays very quiet and has been nicknamed "Chup Chaap Charlie". Charlie masters the art of disappearing in one corner and appearing in another and this has got to be him. But no one's seen his face (right).

Jai welcomes him to the investigation. f**king idiot.

Sahir is no fool. He has a f**king camera installed in the button of his waistcoat. He's taking a look at the entire bank from the inside and recording everything. They have laid out blueprints of the bank for him to conveniently memorise.

So on April 1st, Sahir tells the investigation team that he will be busy because come on, guys, it's April Fool's Day and he's a circus guy. He has a show to do. But he warns that Chup Chaap Charlie will commit the bank robbery today, because that would just be so cool for a clown to pull an April 1st prank like that.

And so everyone is on high alert on April Fool's day when...

The bank is robbed. Cops find a masked Sahir on the roof but he obviously escapes with the click of a button and some cord-work.

There is no real security down there. This guy manages to get off the cord, get on a f**king vehicle (ought to take a couple of minutes) and make a run for it. He is soon chased by tamed chimpanzee Ali, and we see lots of bike action again.

Seriously, guys, Optimus Prime could masturbate to this shit. Too many bikes.

So now, the bike chase comes to a halt on a bridge which is over a lake or something. The bridge opens up, causing Sahir's bike to gravitate towards the police cars behind him. But you know what he does? He pedals that accelerator and VROOM VROOM VROOM jumps off the bridge into the water.

AND HIS BIKE TRANSFORMS INTO A f**kING JETBOAT. Is this guy prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse too?

So after what seemed like an eternity of boat chasing, helicopters and cars and stuff, Sahir gets away. But the team predicts that he will be present at The Great Indian Circus today.

Sahir has renovated the shabby circus hall and a grand event is being held.

And guess who else is alive?

Afterparty: The investigation team is sure that Sahir is the robber, but to prove it, they take his shirt off and check for bullet bruises (okay?). They find nothing.

Later, Sahir is seen talking to himself in the mirror, but the mirror's moving differently.
HE HAS A TWIN! Who also looks slightly mentally challenged and is stammering.

All that magic Dad did? Boy disappears here, reappears there? I'm glad the bank guys called BS on that.

And hello, Sahir, way to taking advantage of your mentally handicapped twin Samar, man! He got shot in the shoulder!
Also, Samar has developed a crush on Aaliya - the female flamingo at the circus.

So anyway, f**king finally, the bank owners tell it to Jai and Ali like it is.

As we all know, for every dismissed/suspended Bollywood cop who does not get back to solving the case unofficially, a kitten is killed. Of course, the guys have not given up and decide to solve the case anyway. Obviously Victoria - their fellow investigator - has decided to join them because she is just that simple-minded.

All I will tell you about this part is that Uday Chopra has been a serious f**king threat to my sanity throughout.

Jai and Ali sneak into the Great Indian Circus building dressed as (I think?) janitors. They find out that Sahir has a double who is only allowed to get out on Sundays; he stays in a "box" for the rest of the week. What kind of a selfish bas***d treats his brother like a Pokemon, you ask? Sahir kind of a selfish bas***d.

Anyway, on a fine Sunday morning, Jai dresses up as a hungry hobo and befriends Samar, the mentally challenged twin, at a park. And everything about this escalated rather quickly (thank God).

Meanwhile, Sahir is planning another robbery at the last branch of the Western Bank of Chicago. Okayyy, so this huge ass Western Bank of Chicago has four branches in total... Wow, why the f**k would you even want to ruin these guys? Clearly they are not doing well at all.These bank guys must be piss-poor if they only have four branches in like three decades.

Samar is turned against his brother after his hobo friend finally shaves and pulls this shit:

I still don't know how the words "Aaliya likes Sahir" did not give birth to one f**king grain of suspicion in Samar's mind. He never asked how this dude found out about his bro.

And so Samar goes home and insists on performing with Aaliya on stage, because a stripper's heart is made of gold and he wants to win it.

Unexpectedly, Samar's performance goes very well.

And by the end of the act, Aaliya (who thinks she's dancing with Sahir) lovingly says, "Tum toh pooray paagal ho, boss."

AWWWKKWWWAAARRRDDD (since dude is legit mentally challenged).

She admits there is a spark like never before and asks Samar out. Also, she gives him some awful advice, staying true to her stripper origins.

Aaannnd the long awaited signature Bollywood brother-rivalry-over-girl begins.

Wow, way to being a bitch, Sahir. He even slapped him a minute later!
Despite the fight, the date plan with Aaliya remains undisturbed.

Behind closed doors, an unwanted investigator, Inspector Jai Shitworth, holds a meeting with bank owner Mr Anderson and tells him about how the robbery is linked to The Great Indian Circus suicide 25 years ago.

Yeah, I don't think Mr Anderson gives a shit.

On their date, Samar and Aaliya have had a great time. She tells him he has two personalities (one being her boss, and the other this sweet guy). When asked which side of him she likes best, she says something rather prophetic and with dual connotations.

(She doesn't say this exactly but it's so fitting. I love Pokemon and puns)

On his way back home, Samar bumps into his hobo friend who reveals that he is actually a cop but willing to help.

But there is a surprise... Samar is actually... SAHIR!

Sahir reveals he had been doing some detective work and found out that Samar was friends with Jai.
No one knows who to trust, everything is questionable. Questions questions questions...

Like how f**king long is this film?
Why did I ever decide to write this piece?
Why did Aamir commit this amazing careericide?
What is in the fridge?
Am I out of flaming hot Cheetos?
Is there a life after death?

While I was caught up with these mysteries, this jaadugar ki nasal Sahir somehow tied up officer Jai to a roller coaster track (W*F) and told him he was off to commit his robbery.

Jai struggles to escape as a roller coaster advances towards him, but just in time, his faithful human-friendly chimpanzee Ali shows up and unties him.

The Jadugar Bros are on their way.

As usual the SWAT team and Jai and Ali are late to the building. Sahir has already made it to the top and has released an extremely toxic gas that is making SWAT guys drop like flies! They have to be carried outside the building immediately.

That's when Jai sees something...

Wise enough to take their SWAT masks off just a few feet away from the building are Samar and Sahir. They push a button and blow up the building.

Can I just stop and say that mankind has never seen cops as incompetent as Jai and Ali, now known to me as Sack-o-shit 1 and Sack-o-shit 2. Seriously, who hired these guys? I thought cops did well after being dismissed.

This film is not about the sheer genius of magical circus twins... Not at all. It is about the sheer incompetence of two magically shit cops, one of whom is definitely a tropical monkey.

Can you guess what happens next?


The twins are literally flying.

Of course, they escape after coming face to face with Jai and Ali, who wasted about 50 seconds making small talk with the twins.

The next morning a SWAT helicopter spots the twins in a mountainous area on top of a bridge. As soon as they speed up their bikes, someone steps out of the helicopter to shake up Samar.

The fear of having finally been caught has, for some strange reason, made Sahir look even more like a leprechaun. (Those ears, that nose?!)

Sahir decides resistance is futile and has a man-to-man conversation with ACP Jai.

He says he will surrender and give Jai evidence against himself stored in a USB too if he lets Samar go.

Needless to say, Jai, the insufferable oaf, makes the deal without checking the contents on the USB. But, anyway...
Samar and Sahir have a last conversation before Sahir surrenders... By which I mean jump off a f**king mountain bridge to kill himself.

Obviously, it cannot end like this.


So, guys, like I said earlier.. f**k Dhoom 3.

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Doodh_Ki_Dhuli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
whoa i never noticed aamir khan's elvish ears

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-SunnyLeone- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
Madowat are you mad or what you never even said hi to me once do I not exist ? -__-
ScorpionGunner IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vinzy

Originally posted by ScorpionGunner

Originally posted by Vinzy

All matters are sub-judice and  till then you can't vindicate him as criminal, we have a judicial system and let the court decides whether he was wrong or innocent. I believe all are baseless allegation ...

Okie...I dont think the Drink and drive case was baseless ...poor foot path main sone wale ek margya and 5+ injured hogya...wo baseless tho nahe heySmile...but one thing is there...if you have money ,power and political can do anything...Ouch

Baseless allegation isiliye bol raha hoon kyon ki nobody witnessed that Salman was driving, he was in front seat but not in driving seat. Jo bhi mar gaye unko compensation de di gayee hai bahut saare ... there are accidents everywhere in India, even today morning Dehradun Express catches fire in Thane, nine dead ... it's accident, to whom you will say criminal now ... Salman is a big celebrity and he's paying the price for that ... I rest my case !

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MadOwhat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ScorpionGunner

Originally posted by Vinzy

All matters are sub-judice and  till then you can't vindicate him as criminal, we have a judicial system and let the court decides whether he was wrong or innocent. I believe all are baseless allegation ...

BASELESS.??????...Shocked... Now tell me you are joking.

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-SunnyLeone- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Omg that dhoom 3 review was sooo entertaining to read thanks for posting it Vinzy and thank god my money got saved from getting wasted on this movie XXP

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ScorpionGunner IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MadOwhat

Originally posted by ScorpionGunner

Salman Unveils the Audi RS7

Salman Khan Unveils the Audi RS7

That's a killer machine...wonder many he will kill with this now

I hope Sapna Bhavnani will come in front of him and mar jaaye Audi ki takkar se LOL

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