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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Ipk is Fading? Kaise kaise kaise..? :P Edited Pg1 wit proof/opinion

..Sugar_ArHi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 8:45am | IP Logged

I know the tittle is a bit filmyApprove

NOTE****** Once you open this thread make sure u read till end..! Kasam hai hamari or tumari ipk ki ROFL

I will try to put in less words. Stern Smile

Before starting i need to clear few things so u wont get confused.

I'm from Malaysia.. An Asian country. Proud to be Malaysian mera bharat Mahan Cool Here Indian Channel is Banned > I watched ipk in YT Ermm 

Here we have 38+ ethnics. The main one is Muslims Chinese and Hindus 

Dont worry its not a religion class or Geography or History. Tongue

In Malaysia the population of Sikhism and Hindus are only different in few numbers. Here Only SIKH understand HINDI. In 1000 only 1 Hindu able to talk HINDI so does Sikh not able to talk or understand Tamil. 

There is huge different btwn Hindu and Sikh in Malaysia. We are not like people in India. There, all are ONE but here we are different. Totally different in lifestyle. 

If u have gone to Malaysia or Singapore or Indonesia you will learn the difference. 

puhh.. I need to clear this before i start.. It was needed Pinch

The real journey of IPK in Malaysia NOW..! 6th January 2014

Right now the scene wic is on air in Vijay TV is the Teej scene Khushi faints and Arnav carried her. 


When i get to know ipk budded in Tamil and will be telecast in My country Malaysia the first expectation of mine was "Why are they wasting their money..??"Dead Because i very well know people here dont watch Hindi serial much even its budded in their language. There is few budded in hindi serial and getting very less viewer.. 

I never watch in Vijay TV as i already have full episode with me. I understand Tamil too. I learntCool

When ipk started in Malaysia it get less viewers 

But But But.. !! 

After couple of days The Viewer in Malaysia was going Crazy. They watched in TV but at the same time they start searching in Youtube. In TV it was only for 30 minutes and they was curious to know what will happen next..?? 

Here Hindi and Tamil is like French and Hindi. LOL Both party dont understand each other. There is a huge barriers in Language and in YT there is only Hindi Version up to date Censored

The craziness of Ipk wasnt for youngest only but eldest and those with age (Oldie) was going crazy of Arnav Khushi.. 

Few of my colleagues wic used to tease me drama queen a year before, now came and said "Can you gv me full episode of Ipk..?" LOLThey knew i have only Hindi version but still they watched it by reading the written updates of each episode and then they watched the video in Hindi version so they can get the story.. So much of work.. But still been done by new fandom wic is growing in Malaysia NOW. 

Most of them watching in Youtube now.. Impatient Approve

My friend Shalini - My bestie.. Her elder sister make her baby sleep early before 9pm LOL and start watching the videos i gv. while Having breakfast also she watched it. Not even a single free time she left without watching ipk. 

The funny thing was early morning she wake up and she was feeding her baby and at the same time she was singing "Rabba Ve.. Rabba Ve.."  

I laughed a lot.. ROFLSome people might think whats the big deal? It is a big deal LANGUAGE.. The UNDERSTANDING of hindi words. 

Now come to my neighbour story..  (Mom's friend)

She is 60+ Grandma indeed.. Sharp at 11.30am she seat in front of the TV and when Mom said lets chit chat and the aunty replies.. 

"No No.. Arnav Khushi going to start.. I dont know what Arnav going to do with Khushi today..??" ROFL

Here there are not known as Ashwin or Shruthi but still as Arnav and Khushi. Whenever she meet my mom she will start asking abt the story and mom was the one informed her its Arnav Khushi and she found the name unique and start declaring them with Arnav Khushi..

It not only happen in my state but also all over Malaysia. Girls having ASR pic as their mobile DP.. In laptop too LOL 

My uni professor is the funny one.. The asked "Do u watch Arnav Khushi..??" ROFL  They should be teaching LOL

Professor also start to watch and my uni students was going gaga over ASR mostly. Khushi ke pom pom is very famous. People mock her rainbow colour dress but that dress been the identity of Khushi Kumari Gupta. 

My 8 years old cousin was madly in love with Khushi. Whenever Arnav scold her. He shouts at me saying he is so bad..  Dead

Mamiji Shyam NK Anjali Laxmi Naniji all are been loved here. 


It might over in some country but here its just started.. The new Fandom of Ipk is creating in Malaysia and other Asian Country. 

It can nvr fade. There is no word of fades in Ipk. 
I'm not telling to make u feel good. Like i said i nvr expected such reaction by my country people but when i saw the craziness of a kid to the grandma i was in LOL. I told them its over one year ago. But their replies was 

"It might over for u but not for us.. For us its just the beginning.." *Proud*

Never think the show is over so everything fades. A good memory can never fade just like that. Check the members activity in ipk forum. We are reaching 10k soon breaking all the IF record. Still u think its fading somewhere..?? 

-scroll down ipk forum page u will see it-

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon TV Show forum is a very active community of Indian television viewers worldwide discussing Star Plus's Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? TV Show. Our forum currently has over 176699 active discussion topics about the show. And you will also find all the latest Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? videos, news, cast, synopsis, photo gallery, and much more only on

@red - Go n check other forum u will never see such activities. 

Ipk forum is the biggest off-air show forum which is still active and the writer here mostly writes on Arshi. What to fear when many are here..?? Putting a lot of effort and readers who craves for Arshi stories and Graphicers who makes numerous of creativity on Arshi.. Video maker on Arshi with new songs.. Everything is just the same.. Nothing change.. In fact it is increasing not decreasing.. 

New shows comes and go.. Chemistry created by some pair.. Show get hits and its a part of Indian Cinema. They spend huge sum of money. Of course they want profits. 

I too started to watch a new show but i never feels the magic of Arshi is fading because it cant. Believe it or not some anti ipk is still roaming in ipk and mocking here and there. Why..?? 

Because ipk is that special that they too can't let go.. Cool

For me even if i watch 100 shows but Ipk will be always un-touched memories. Those who said ipk is not reality but memory now Silly. Its true now it gone in a memory sideLOL but when u keep a memory without refreshing it, it will turn into dust and we dont like to collect dust. Memories is to cherish till lifetime. Just like u are cherishing ur childhood memories and friendship so on. And thats the way we are cheering ours. Heart

Enough of my bak bak now.. I just wanted to say the situation of Malaysian wen they watched ipk now in Tamil and some in YT (Hindi Version)


Mission 10000k page

Credit - Wikipedia 

It's English dubbed versions are telecast on Life OK.[citation needed]

Dubbed versions of the serial are telecast in Telugu language as Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela, Tamil language was as Idhu Kadhala?

It was remade in Kannada language as Aragini which aired on Suvarna TV, and in Bengali language as Bojhena Se bojhena which airs on Star Jalsa.

Still u think its fading..?? 

Mod if it turn into battle field then close the thread. I wont mind Cool

Anyone from Malaysia here..?? I only knew few..!



Originally posted by meena_raveena

Hi Pavin, its a fabulous post I must say...n I wished to share my part too...

Since i'm frm Malaysia too as u kno, n i'm a hindu...for yur information I don talk a single word of hindi till I watch IPK 2 yrs ago...I speak tamil... was my first hindi serial I watched till end wth English subtitles to help me understand it...but as time goes on I realised that I can understand hindi wthout English subtitles...not tat I can talk fluent hindi now...but I can understand better than before...n its all started wth the passion of IPK... I watched completely in hindi version till the drama ends...n than I start to watch again frm episode one after the serial ended, frm Written Updates -IPKKND on FB page. Now its on episode 292.
And not to forget i'm also watching it in Vijay Tv now in Malaysia as Idhu Kadhala...not only me...all my aunt, our neighbours, my cousins n fren all are watching it...those who are working at the time the show being telecast vil watch it in YT...more than me, my aunts are more obsessed to Ashwin n Shruthi.
They always vil ask me wat vil happen the next day...I don hav VJ tv channel at my home...I vil go n watch at my aunt home...everyday she vil come n pick me to n we vil watch it together at her house...whch is just behind row of my house...n wen I tell them abt the coming episode ...I will mention as Arnav Singh Raizada n Khushi Kumari Gupta...n my aunts vil say...shld hav given the same name thn changing to Ashwin n Shruthi...ROFL
As u say...IPK memories may turn dust if its not refreshed...true...its still fresh in my mind now, n I always refreshed it...The fandom of IPKKND hav just started in Malaysia...lets wait n see hw it creates magic here...

some series are really epic...they can't be changed or fade wth the years...just as Romeo-Juliet, Devdass-Paro, Heer-Ranjha...n in tis list...I vil add Arnav-Khushi...the lovers of the millennium...
once again...tis is a very interesting post Pavin...Thumbs Up

Originally posted by ctnabilah

Hi Pavin... i read ur post and i think i should share my opinion too...

I am Nabilah from Malaysia...

IPK IS FADING?? bilkul nahin...

i watched the entire episodes of IPK from Youtube since here we dont have Star Plus...

i would to thank my dear Nirmal sis...also from Malaysia... she is the one who introduced me to she said the story line of this serial is quite different from other serials...of coz we are like fed up with keep watching all the same kind of concept of Saas Bahu serials..

for a start i dont have any interest to watch it...but She forward to me few video links of ArShi Scenes from Youtube...AND once i watch those few scenes...i fallen in love with it.. i guess she did introduced to me about last FEB 2013...when the serial already gone off air..

AND till day wont be completed without watching a scene of ArShi atleast...every single day...

for me ArShi is a magic couple...a couple that have a different spark from others serials jodi's...

IPK has brings us an unforgettable magic of RABBA VE... hai na? am i right?

and plus The way the other co stars in it that made this serial with Anjali..NK...our Hello Hi Bye2 Maami...hehe

for me.. IPK's magic is still the same and it increasing now...atleast in Malaysia is still is even though we can only watch it through Youtube...

i have my own IPK gang in Malaysia..all 4 girls of us...we are crazy of IPK and will always be...even till today we still keep discussing/share our thought about IPK...

for me ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON is a masterpiece drama...

no other serial can overcome the magic of IT and never!!

i think kuch zyada bol diya na? hehe.. Embarrassed 

I found this post from other thread. Just wanted to share 

Originally posted by sps0114

IPKKND is a classic show can never fade...New shows will come along new pairs be created but none can compare to arnav khushi barun sanaya...can you forget ddlj pride n prejudice and many more shows movies which you can see over and over again and never be tired of them they bring nice feeling memories and a smile always and no comparison ever SmileWink 

As actors both Sanaya and Barun will give many roles performances outside of IPKKND individually too which I am sure we will be proud happy about but IPKKND will always be a favorite close to heart

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IPKKND fandom everywhere LOL

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Jab meine 1st yeh post dekha to socha wht is this
but wow yaar what a post dear
really ipkknd rocks

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Ipkknd craze will never end Hug
what an awesome post di.

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 9:08am | IP Logged

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When i read the title i was like 'what the hell '
but after reading full post i am jumping around and grinning like an
i was feeling so low from morning as i was feeling everybody is forgetting arshi.but now i am charged up after reading THIS .thank u for making this post .Love you ...


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No yaar... iPK never fades

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who says ending it still growing awesome post sugar 

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