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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
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rishbala ts..unexpected love

rishbalaa Senior Member

Joined: 27 November 2013
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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 6:39am | IP Logged
hello buddies this my first ts based on rishbala...this is story is based on real life incident...if am wrong somewhere pls excuse me...leave your comments so that i can 

improve my writing .
                                                    "unexpected love"

The college bell rang while madhu hurriedly rushes to her class room .she prayed to god also am late "bagavan pls safe me from that irritating idiot"Shocked she prayed to god 

silently outside her class room fa two seconds ...and she was about to ask "excuse me sir" before that her irritating idiot (professor rithwik) spoke with a stern voice that "i wont 

excuse yo ...stay outside or go away"...Angry.his voice was so loud and filled with full of anger...for a second madhu saw him as devil with red horns... he was spraying at his full Evil Smile

speed...again he shouted "don't waste my time ,did u understand"Ouch...his angry voice brought madhu into her senses, she was about to leave but unable to since she need her 

attendence . as soon as he turned to the board...she sighed her class representative dipali(her close frd) to put attendence for her and  started walking towards the canteen 

...suddenly she saw a guy running very fast while he was about to cross her she slipped aside and bid way to him...he ran swiftly without noticing her  while she was about 

continue her walk ...her books on her hand faced a heavy dash by a guy who was chasing the before one...madhu lost her balance and her  books feel down...the guy stopped 

at few steps away from her while madhu shouted "where are your eyes gone?? are yo blind??"AngryShocked ...she saw him cuming towards her ...she made herself ready for a fight...she started 

scolding him continously for 5 minutes while he kept on looking into her eyes deeply .Angry...when madhu stopped for a breath ...there was a silence between them for a sec then 

he humbly mumbled as "wow wat a pretty ...figure no 12" madhu was unable to get him she started shouting again ..."its your mistake y did yo mumble now??"...Shockedshe showed 

her entire frustation and anger over her proffesor towards him...he finally manged to speak" you are extremely beautiful" as soon as he uttred those words madhu was about to 

crush him for his words on seeing madhu's temper he started to blabber" saree...i am so so sorry... i mean sorry ...sorry while he kept on 

blabbering by closing his eyes tightly ...ConfusedDeadmadhu leaves on realizing his fear.Star

day 2:
asusual she missed her first class and started walking towards her canteen...she felt bored and messaged dipali to come out of the class ...diplai asked her to wait as there were 

only few minutes left for the bell to ring...she started applying the sauce over the pizza she made a  happy smiley out of sauce over the pizza and started to smile Big smileBig smileSmilemeanwhile the 

guy at the opposite table saw her kiddishness and started to smile...Wink.suddenly she heared a soft voice "hello"madhu turned to find a guy standing behind her who is none other 

than the guy who got heavy doze from her yesterday...she started to have her pizza while sat next to her and keeping on watching her...she gets irritated and was about to 

speak but before interrupted by his talk"hello ...hi...whatever it is need of formalities ...let me introduce myself ...its me "sikander" from the same cse department ,but 

a small change am ur senior  ...he started to speak non stop ...while madhu saw him as dog which was barking towards her and for a sudden her imagination got one doze 

over... she saw him as her irritating idiot for a second and took the knife which was resting near her pizza and was about to tare his mouth AngryShockedShockedand later managed to get her 

senses...when sikki shouted"no entry"...she throwed  the knife on the table...while sikki glued his mouth in shock...LOLLOL. she took her bag and stood up... she glared at him 

angrily and was about to leave ...she turned back fa second and hurriedly rushed to the table back and started to pack her pizza LOLLOLBig smile.while he saw her started to move again sikki was 

about to follow her but she looked at her sandals then his face which made him understand clearly that ...wat it meant..OuchShockedLOL..on moving she saw the guy who was smiling over her 

reactions at the opposite table of her's...she left angrily...

day 3:
It was her lunch...her stomach was burning due to hunger...she rushed to have her lunch in canteen where dipali was waiting for her...without even leaving a single word she 

started to open her lunch box ...dipali who was looking at her wierd  behaviour  stared at her and finally asked "what did our principal say??"...y are yo so angry? ConfusedConfusedand late for 

lunch???...while depali stared at madhu's face for 15 minutes ...madhu replied after finishing her lunch ...her face turned red due to anger and replied to depali... since i 

missed all the classes of irritating idiot ...i have been asked to stay for a special class after coll over from tomoro that too for two hours continiously he s gona take class for me CryCry

and soon am going to face the hell...pls depali do something dear...pls pls pls ...while depali bursted into laugh ...madhu remains silent in anger ...finally deepali managed 

her laugh and said sorry my dear "angry bird"..."its all ur fate"...and started to laugh again on seeing her caged bird condition...LOLLOLLOL...

day 4:
madhu after finishing her college bid bye to her friends with a sad face and stayed in the class where her professor started to teach his ...Ouchhe was continously making her to study 

and made her copy the notes from the board her hand suffered from extreme amount of pain...and finally after her hell hours ...OuchDeadshe saw her  coll guys playing in a ground 

around 5.30 and saw sikander practicing to propose a girl...his actions was clearly visible ...he was kneeling down on the ground in front of the his friend asuming him as a girl and 

making practice to propose...sikander gave him a rose and the guy was crying due to his tortureLOLLOL and hit his forehead harsh with his hands on seeing sikander' stupid 

act...LOLLOLLOLmadhu bursted into laugh saying "bagavan save the guy please"

day 5:
since deepali was absent ...she had her lunch alone ...feeling too lonely and sad...a second later she noticed sikander and his friend cuming towards him...on reaching her 

sikander glared at madhu while she understood wat he s gona do.
sikander: with a shaky voice..." madhu"...
madhu:madhu's face grew darker on knowing he is going to propose her...she glared angrily at him with her temper which reached to the core
sikander:on seeing madhu's reaction he bent his head down...on seeing her sandals his hands started to shiver and his face started to sweat...he hid himself behind his friend 

...insisting him ..."buddy pls da u say ...pls...say da...ConfusedConfusedSmile.and pushed him forward 
madhu: madhu on seeing sikkis's reaction her temper low...and was about laugh but maintained it and silently prayed to god"bagavan pls save me from this mental"...
after two minutes the sikkis's friend came forward with a lots of tension in  his face...his face was so cute and she reminded his kiddish smile on first day and his childish cry at the 

ground...she  tried to catch his eyes for a second and rolled her eyes over him...he was quite smart with a pen in his pocket and a single note in his hands with shoe lays which are 

not properly tied ...there were some strains of chalk piece on his black shirt which was tucked partially ...his half hair floating in air and remaining falls on his forehead...apart 

from his kinder garden appearance ...he looked smart ...madhu finds her temper reduced on seeing his appearance and his behaviour... his hands started where 

shivering...while sikki kept on itching him from his back asking him to reveal his love towards to her ...
he took few steps forward ...but still his eyes never met hers...while madhu forgot her temper and was trying to catch his eyes...he kept on looking at her feet ...and his 

spoke "mad...madhu...madhubala..."his voice was shivering showing that he has never spoken to any girl before...madhu finds his voice very manly but still his looks and 

behaviour added a kiddish look to him ...madhu who was still looking at him trying to catch his eyes...he managed to turn back and saw sikki who was beging him with his  

pleased reaction on his face ...he managed to regain his courage and spoke... rishab looking at her feet
madhu:madhu who was still trying to catch his eyes ...was happy to hear his name ...without her knowledge her lips made a cute curve ...leaving a dimple on her face...she 

cleared her throat and said"okay  ...wat do yo want ??...
rishab:rishab on hearing her words managed to see her eyes for a sec...where they had a eyelock for 5 seconds...then rishab started to blabber about himself
rishab: am also cse departement year...i am ...i am here to...i am...his words got struck...he again turned to sikki  who was begging him like a kid to reveal his love
madhu mean while giggled quietly inside her heart  ...she kept her face as possible as angry she could ...and glared at him ...finally she interrupted...LOL
madhu:yo are here to?
rishab: on hearing her stiff voice ...he caught her eyes which was already registered on him...which gave him some fear...his stomach made some sounds ...which was only 

audible to him...out of his fear he saw sikki who urges him to reveal...
on seeing madhu's glare his temper rose ...madhu who was unable to maintain her laugh stood up and was about to leave 
rishab:madhu...madhu...madhu...wait ...pls...madhu glared at him ...rishab who was confused that where to start, how to say... rishab in hurry losses his tongue and  said
 "I LOVE YOU madhu" 
instead of sayins "sikander loves you"
madhu:madhu who was unable to control her laugh due to confusion that happened ran away smiling at rishab...Big smileLOLLOL
rishab on realising that his toungue got slipped ...ConfusedConfusedSmile was about to cal madhu ...but before he remembered sikki
rishab managed to look into sikkis face...while sikki stood numb like a statue with mouth opened widely in 'o' shape...LOL

friends ill continue the next part only based on your comments...dont  worry... i wont bore yo if yo guys are not interested...pls forgive fa my grammatical mistake and if am  

wrong somewhere means...

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tigress.meenu Senior Member

Joined: 06 November 2013
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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 7:07am | IP Logged
good update dear...
i feel good for rk...
super shock to sikkySmileROFL

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rishabalalove Senior Member

Joined: 31 March 2013
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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 7:16am | IP Logged
nice story...
bechara sikky
continue soon

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Clara20 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 November 2012
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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 7:21am | IP Logged
its too funny yaar insted of sikki rishab praposed her...waiting for next part

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mydrashti Senior Member

Joined: 30 November 2012
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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 7:38am | IP Logged
awwwsummm continueee soonnn

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.Shree. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 June 2012
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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Awesome Start
Poor Sikky ROFL
Continue Soon Tongue

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meiejrishbala Goldie

Joined: 12 May 2013
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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 9:27am | IP Logged
nice start dear
ha ha rishabh telled he loves madhu...LOL
in ur story rk is little shy but madhu strong,right?,,,,,,,,,,i liked itSmile

Edited by meiejrishbala - 08 January 2014 at 6:29am

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uma88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Hey dear,
Nice start, about the story, as i read the name madhu,i understood she is the heroine, and i was wondering who would be rishab, and first i guessed the guy who dashed her, but then you told it was sikkander, then i thought the arrogant proffesor would be rishab, but finally you brought out the hero in a very different way and the way he told " I love you madhu instead of sikkander loves you was very nice, waiting eagerly for the next part

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