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AsYa story-UNRECOGNIZED EMOTIONS-Thread-2- Parts 4-8 (Page 61)

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Originally posted by aman93

good luck for exams... will wait till then

thank you...will update as soon as i get timeSmile

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Originally posted by divya_asya

Read all chapters in one go and I must say it was fantastic
Do pm me for next updates

thank you

i am glad that you liked all the chapters

will PM you when i update next Smile
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Originally posted by Cindrella3

Wow! A second thread just after 3 chapters!!!!!Shocked Congrats dear... PartyAll the parts were awesome.Clap Do continue soon and thanks for the pm.Big smile

the second thread is dedicated to my dear spammers...LOL
thank you...i am glad that you liked it...
will try to update soon Smile
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Originally posted by kals82

hai sweety,
 update soon.. waiting to know more about the farmhouse

hi di...how are you???

i am a bit busy because of my exams...but i will try to update ASAPSmile
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Hello Everyone. I know that I am late. Extremely sorry for that. I am busy with my exams. but still I took out some time to give you all an update. Enjoy reading.



Asad and Zoya entered the farmhouse whereas, Aafreen, Farhaan and Najma were already inside, drooling over its exquisite architecture. It looked more beautiful from inside than it seemed to be from outside. It had a beautiful hall which was big enough. Asad showed everyone the farmhouse and the backyard. The framework of the house completely manifested the good taste of its designer.

"It's beautiful Asad!! I didn't know that it would be so big and so beautiful!! Why didn't you bring us here before?", exclaimed Aafreen who was more than happy to be there. Najma on the other hand was still exploring each and every corner of the house. Zoya was a girl of lesser words but her eyes always reflected her thoughts. They were sparkling with joy. She looked at Asad a few times and he looked back at her. This had become their most recurrent way of expressing their views, which was oblivious to others most of the time.

The backyard was covered with green grass and was lined with beautiful flowers. They spent almost an hour in only touring around the house and admiring its beauty. Finally they sat on the sofas and started planning for the day.

"Listen everyone, the kitchen is stuffed with everything that we will need. Please make yourselves comfortable and consider this to be your own place..", said Asad.

"Stop behaving like a formal host. We are going to make ourselves comfortable even if you don't say so.", said Farhaan, laughing.



Finally things were decided. Asad and Farhaan would help in cutting and slicing the vegetables whereas, the girls would do the cooking, as they did not trust the boys in that department.

"Don't underestimate us!! We can definitely cook delicious food only if you all let us do it", said Farhaan, nearly boasting his hidden talent.

"I am sure you can bhaijaan, but why don't we keep the experiments for some other day. I am sure that none of us are ready to starve to death today", said Zoya, which came to as a surprise for others. They have never heard Zoya answering back at someone else other than Asad.

"Not bad Zoya!!", said Aafreen, very amused. Farhaan could not help but smile at Zoya's innocence. He too had started to consider Zoya as his own sister. Grabbing on to their coffee cups, they all sat and decided the menu.

Working with Aafreen, Zoya understood that she was indeed a very good cook. She had already guessed it before when she saw him bringing homemade food for Asad on the day of the event. But Najma was less into cooking and more into creating a mess in the kitchen. So she was better off as a helper.

Farhaan on the other hand had cut the vegetables extremely big in size whereas, Asad showed perfection in his work. But one thing was common in both- they were extremely Slow. Most of the time Zoya had to help them out in order to complete their work as Aafreen was already being grumpy at them. Asad and Farhaan silently thanked her for saving them from Aafreen's ever increasing temperament which was capable of slaughtering them any time. Zoya on the other hand was much more patient with everyone and was the only person who could calm down Aafreen at that time. Najma proved herself to be a very good help by staying away from this whole task. She decided not to poke her nose into something which was not her cup of tea. She had a better idea to make herself useful in some other way. With assistance from Asad, Najma arranged for a few things which would make the day more thrilling.

When all four of them were in the kitchen they heard Najma screaming out each of their names. They went out and saw Najma giving a victory smile to them. She was standing with two badminton rackets in her hands!! Farhaan was the first one to jump over and excuse himself from the kitchen. Before Aafreen could again run out of her patience, Zoya took control over the situation.

"Baji, why don't you go and play with Najma and bhaijaan?? Only little bit of work is left which I can do it myself. You go, I will join you in a while.", said Zoya, with much composure. Aafreen finally gave in to her pestering and moved towards the backyard.


"Why are you still here? Go and play with them. I'll be coming soon." Zoya said to Asad when she saw him still standing near the kitchen door.

"If  it's a matter of just a few more minutes, then I don't mind staying here and helping you out. But only if you want me to stay...", said Asad with a smirk which could not hide his own desire to stay with Zoya for sometime, alone.

"As you wish, it's your house after all", said Zoya without falling in his trap of words.

Zoya started finishing the left over work and Asad tried to find out some work for himself which would justify his stay.

"Cut the dry fruits into pieces for the dessert", said Zoya who could clearly see him struggling to find some work. Asad gave her a smile and did what she said.

"I did not know that you could slice vegetables so well. This is something new.", Zoya said who saw him doing his work with immense dedication. He smiled after hearing what she said and got back to his work. "But you need to increase your speed too." 

By now, Asad understood Zoya upto some extent. She could never leave a chance to pull his leg. So it was better to keep quiet for the time being.

"The house is beautiful. I am having a very good time here. Thanks." Zoya said concentrating more on the food. Asad looked at her face which was adorned by the most elegant smile.

"My pleasure", said Asad in the same way as hers.

"The person who has designed this house surely has a good taste of architecture. May I know whose idea is it?"

Hearing this question from Zoya, Asad stopped with what he was doing and softly answered, "Abbu"

"Is it?? Please tell him that we really liked the house. Is he an architect?"

"Yes. He owns a construction company, Dilshaad Constructions", he said, his face proclaiming no emotions. Zoya noticed it and did not drag the conversation further. "Let's go. I am done with my work. What about you?"  Zoya's words brought him out of his thoughts and he finished his work fast with her help. They finally moved towards the backyard to join the rest of the group.


Farhaan and Aafreen were having a badminton match and Najma was cheering for them and counting their scores. Farhaan was indeed a very good player and he won the round with two extra points. Asad was too elated with Farhaan's victory and hugged him tight.

"Just look at them, behaving as if they have won the world cup!! Huh!!" Aafreen said, annoyed by their reaction.

"Listen, accept the fact that you can't play. You look better when you stay away from sports. Just look at Najma, even she lost the game with me", said Farhaan giving a high five to Asad. Zoya looked at  Aafreen whose anger was ready to erupt like a volcano any moment. Before she could roar at them, Zoya said, "Have a match with me and let's see who wins."

The boys were at first shocked to hear this but later laughed out loud. "Look who is speaking. Do you even know how to hold this racket?", said Asad who could not miss this opportunity to tease Zoya.

"That's why I am saying, let's have a match. Then everything will be crystal clear." The girls were amazed by Zoya's confidence and started cheering for her already. Asad decided to play against her and Farhaan gladly agreed. Najma handed the shuttlecock to them and they began with the match.

Only in the first round, Asad understood that Zoya was not a frail player, and by the end of the first few rounds he was aware of the fact that Zoya was well accustomed to this game.

Zoya won the match without much of an effort as she was better than everyone present there. Najma and Aafreen's happiness knew no bounds. They hugged her and congratulated her, making weird faces to the boys. Zoya's performance astounded Asad and he too praised her.

"I didn't know that you are so much into sports.", said Asad when he saw everyone moving inside the house for lunch.

"Just like I didn't know about your vegetable cutting skill."

"I guess, we are still unaware of many things about each other.", said Asad getting more thoughtful.

"We will know, with Time", said Zoya with a smile, stressing more on the word Time"


As it was a picnic, Najma suggested having lunch on the terrace. Everyone agreed to her suggestion and climbed up the stairs carrying the food. Everyone was dumbstruck at what they saw. Najma had already made the necessary arrangements. She laid a carpet which she managed to get from the store room and kept five cushions on it. She chose a corner where the Sun's rays could easily fall on them and save them from freezing in the the cold winter breeze.

"When did you do all this Najma?", asked Zoya pleasantly surprised.

"When all of you were busy cooking, I thought of making myself useful in something.. So this is it!!"

They all were exceedingly touched by her gesture and all of them took her in a group hug.


Lunch was as exciting as the rest of the events of the day. Zoya's mother's recipe was a big hit. Everyone accepted that Zoya and Aafreen were good cooks and even they thanked others for helping them as it was a group effort. Many good for nothing talks, much more bickering and sharing of thoughts took place during the lunch. Zoya and Najma never felt out of place even for a moment. The people they were sitting with were like their family now.


After lunch, they decided to sit for some more time on the terrace as they really enjoyed the view from there. The river bank could be clearly seen from one side of the terrace, which was surrounded by greenery.

"Let's play something now". They heard Najma's voice when they were busy admiring the nature around them.

"What do you want to play?", asked Zoya who could read mischief in her eyes.

"Passing The Pillow!!! Please guys...It will be fun!!!" Najma made a puppy face to which none of them could say no. They decided to play the music from any of their phones and Najma was the one to operate it.

"Okay, let me tell you the rule. When the music starts, you will have to start passing the pillow and the person on which the music stops, will have to do what others say."

Everyone was well acquainted with the game so it was not difficult for them to understand the rules, except for Farhaan. This game was new to him and co-incidentally, the music stopped when he was just about to pass the pillow to Zoya.

"Yeay!!! Baji, make him do whatever you feel like...Come on baji",Zoya said to Aafreen.

Aafreen thought a lot, but could not say anything as her heart melted down looking at Farhaan's pleading eyes. Asad saw this and said, "Leave it Aafreen... you wont be able to give him any task.. let me do the honors."  Aafreen blushed at Asad's comments  and shared an eye lock  with Farhaan.


"Farhaan, be a man and propose to your lady love once again". Asad's voice brought Farhaan out of his trance and he registered what his friend said. The last time he proposed, it was only him and Aafreen, but now there were many more people.

He was finally convinced by Zoya, but the situation was still awkward for him.

"Aafreen... I... I... ", Farhaan stammered with his words.

"Just say, what you had said to me before", said Aafreen giving him an assuring smile, which in return gave a big boost to his confidence. He took her hand in his, looked into her eyes and said, "We have been friends since such a long time, but what I feel for you is something more than friendship. I liked you before, I like you more now. But there is an addition to my feelings, the feelings that I have never felt before for anyone. I Love You... Will you be with me forever?  Will you always walk with me every step that I take?? Will you love me the way I love you??"


Farhaan's sincerity brought unshed tears to everyone's eyes. Aafreen tightened her hold on his hands and whispered Yes, I will love you, forever'. Saying anything more after what Farhaan said was just too difficult for her. Asad and Zoya also looked at each other with new hopes budding in their hearts.

Najma's claps brought everyone out of their dreamland.  She hugged the lovely couple who were so much in love with each other.


They continued with the game and this time the music stopped at Zoya.

"Come on , make her do whatever you want. She never comes into my grip, don't leave her this time.", Najma said excitedly, addressing her words to the other two players who were still in the game.

"Let me think. I will surely not give her an easy task", Asad smirked at her. Aafreen was constantly grinning at them seeing their antics.

 They fight so much!!, thought Aafreen.


"Come on Asad, you don't have to be so harsh with her. Give her an easy task". Aafreen took Zoya's side.

"Why do you always take her side? Can't you ever take my side once?...Okay fine...I will give her a simple thing to do.. Happy??" Asad was going to throw charges at her for being partial towards Zoya, but his best friend's innocent face made him change his plans.

"If you were asked to perform in the college cultural event, then what would you do?", said a liberal Asad.

"If asked to perform, then I would definitely go for singing"

"Then do it now"

Zoya was already expecting this so she did not need any pestering. She readily agreed, as things were different now. She was not infront of a bunch of senior students, but her own friends.

She sang her favourite song, Lag ja gale se fir ye haseen raat ho na ho...'

The melody of her voice engulfed everyone in the song. The beauty of the words, the heart touching notes, the voice of the person singing, the weather, everything was just Perfect!! Till the time she finished her song, everyone was mesmerized. No one spoke anything for a few seconds. Aafreen went to her side and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "You are blessed Zoya. You have an exceptionally beautiful voice. Why didn't you tell us before the event?"

"I was just not very sure about it. Everything was new for me then."

Aafreen understood that she was nervous at that time, and left the topic behind. Asad, who had a fine sense of music, understood that Zoya indeed had a god gifted voice which has been efficiently polished, refined and enhanced over the years.


The game was about to continue when Asad's phone rang and he went downstairs to attend the call. Everyone was still busy praising Zoya for her talent. None of them noticed the time until their eyes fell on the setting sun. it was winter and sunset was early. They decided to go to the riverside before it gets too dark.

"Zoya. Can you please go and ask Asad if he can take us to the riverside now?", Aafreen  told Zoya who looked at the things that were still on the terrace. Aafreen seemed to read her mind. She said, "We will bring them down. You go...". Zoya gave them a smile and went down the stairs.

She saw Asad still busy in his call. Zoya did not want to disturb him, but seeing the frown on his face, Zoya was concerned for him. She waited till he finished with the call. Asad disconnected the call and turned around only to see Zoya standing behind him.

Overhearing someone's conversation was not a part of Zoya's character. But the words that she heard, did not take much time for her to understand that he was not having any pleasant talk with the caller.

Asad was not too happy to see her. He ignored her and was about to leave from there when Zoya caught him by his hand.

"Is there something that is bothering you? If you want you can share it with me"

Asad was not quite pleased with Zoya's proposition. He jerked out his hand from her hold and tried to move away from there, only to be called by Zoya once again.

"If you share your problem, then things may get easier for you.", she said trying to put her hand on his shoulder. But this time Asad snapped back at her.

"Listen, whatever happens to me is none of your concern. I can deal well with my problems. You don't need to interfere in anything"

"I thought we are friends"

"We are, but that doesn't mean you will start poking your nose into everything. Just stay out of my matters. Don't increase my problems by getting into it!!" Asad said and started to leave the hall when he saw everyone standing near the stairs. He ignored their presence and entered a room and banged the door shut.

Zoya was left behind with fresh tears falling from her eyes. She was upset and hurt. She too left the room and went outside. Aafreen tried to stop her but she understood that Zoya needed some lone time and she needed to talk to Asad.



A/N: I am finally done with it. Please drop your valuable comments and likes as I love reading them. It motivates me a lot...  Smile




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awesome !!!!!! awesome !!!!!
loved it
farmhouse scenes were really cuteDay Dreaming
Zoya pulling his leg was awesome...she should do more often LOL
 i loved the Kitchen scene  asad is so caringEmbarrassed
zoya won the badminton scene yay...yipee Dancing
Pillow passing game was awesome...even i love it Wink
asad Angry bechari meri zoyaCry he should really apologize to herAngry
please continue soon Wink

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Yo  AnkiiiCool
i just love ur storyEmbarrassedHeart
zoya n gang at asad's farmhouseEmbarrassed
everyone's chopping vegetables n cookingLOL
asad stays back with zoya while rest r playing badminton outside..
seems like our asad wants only her attentionEmbarrassed
zoya admiring the house architectureApprove
zoya challenges asad to a match in badmintonBig smile
n yippie our zoya winsThumbs Up
farhan proposes to afreen during passing the pillowBlushing
zoya sings lag jaa galeBlushing my ksg i miss him more nowBroken Heart
asad mesmerizedDay Dreaming
he leaves to attend a call n gets angry when zoya questions himAngry
he hurts zoya with his wordsAngry
i want zoya to ignore him nowApprove plzz a jealousy track on asads endEmbarrassed
awesome update as usualClap
love yah too muchHeartHug

Mahuuu BearCool

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