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AsYa story-UNRECOGNIZED EMOTIONS-Thread-2- Parts 4-8 (Page 38)

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Originally posted by shreya11mehra

I nt hv any prob..
Upto ur convience anki

i wasn't able to decide, that's why i asked you all

BeYourself IF-Sizzlerz

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i guess i will update it coz i dont know how much time it will take for a long update

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its ok take your time
plz pm me whenever you update

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give me some time...i wil update now  Wink

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I am here with the fifth part of this story. It's kind of short but I still hope that you all will like it. It is dedicated to all my readers.

Dear Diary,

Someone said it right, Time Flies, it really does... It seems like just a few days ago I have passed out high school and stepped into college. But in reality it has already been more than a semester. The results of my first semester have come. I have scored a good GPA and Asad as usual is the topper this time too. I feel so proud of him. It is good to see that his hard work is getting acknowledged by all. His down-to-earth nature is something that I have lately discovered about him. I revere him for his modesty.


It was just another day in college when Asad entered the college premises with Aafreen and Farhaan only to be greeted by Zoya. She had come with Najma to praise him for his success. Asad could see her face adorned with a proud smile. Zoya wanted to congratulate him alone but this was not possible as they had never met outside the college premises.

Zoya was visibly excited and Asad was yearning to talk to her. This did not go unobserved by Aafreen. Just then she came up with a plan to celebrate this delightful moment but Asad refused to it, as expected.

He shrugged off the plan as he never believed in boastfully displaying his accomplishments. But Aafreen tried to convince him.

"Come on Asad, let's celebrate...We won't ever get back this time."

"You know that I don't like to show off, then why are you still forcing me?", said Asad, displeased by Aafreen's proposal.

"I am not asking you to show off or something. I just want us to celebrate it. This is something good and we have never really done this before. It will be just a few of us and not the whole college!!", said Aafreen who was now impervious to Asad's reasoning. Asad who was still unsure of this idea, looked at Zoya's pleading eyes. He could see a clear blueprint of all the exhilaration in them.

After a minute more of persuasion, Asad finally gave in to their persistence. All four of them squealed in joy and thanked him for agreeing to it.

'As if I was given any other option', mumbled Asad, loud enough for someone to hear.

"Did you say something?",asked Zoya giving him  a questioning look.

"No, nothing at all", said Asad innocently, to which Zoya gave him a sweet smile which removed all his uncertainties for the plan.

After a lot of discussion and cancellation of various propositions, they finally decided to go out for a small picnic as celebrating in college will not be a good idea and Asad too will be uncomfortable with it. It will be only five of them and the weather was also pleasant and ideal for a picnic. But all the while, Asad was not allowed to talk.

The day was decided- next weekend, but the place was not. Asad could again see them debating on it and he understood that it would take them another one hour to conclude a picnic spot. Asad was already prohibited from interrupting them but spending another hour in their mindless discussion was something not acceptable for him. He tried to put in his suggestion several times, but every time they had shut him up not letting him speak anything. After a few minutes, Farhaan too was exhausted and now it was only the three girls deciding, correction, trying to decide a place.

Asad knew that the three of them would never agree to one thing so he decided to put his foot forward, not thinking about the consequences.

"How about my farmhouse?", said Asad in a tone higher than his usual so that it does not go unheard by the girls.

Zoya, Aafreen and Najma just stared at him wide eyed, without uttering a word. Seeing their reaction Asad was getting unsure about his suggestion.

"I mean, my farmhouse is located by a riverside and trust me, it's good enough. Moreover, it's safe and clean. None of you will have any problem over there and I can assure you about that. We can hire cooks or we can cook ourselves. That's up to you. But only if you want to...", Asad continued to justify his suggestion but his tone became less confident with his every word as he did not get any reaction yet.

Aafreen who was just staring, jumped high in joy and hugged Asad tightly.

"ASAD!!!!! That's a great idea!!! We have never been there and have only heard about it. It will be great fun visiting there!!!"

Her words came to Asad as a relief and he hugged her back. While hugging, he could see Zoya's ever so smiling face and he understood that she was happy with it too. But suddenly he saw her face changing expressions.

"Why didn't you tell this before when we were literally going insane searching for a good location?? You were sitting here all the while without even uttering a word?", Zoya questioned him with an angry look.

"I wanted to, but you people did not allow me to do so, remember?", answered Asad sarcastically.

"Is it so? Then how did you speak now?", snapped back Zoya.

"I did not speak, I almost yelled at the top of my voice to compel you all to listen to me. You were busy blabbering nonstop."

"What? You mean to say that we were talking nonsense all this time?"

Aafreen could see where this was leading to. She tried to stop Zoya and signaled Farhaan with her eyes to stop Asad. But their attempt to terminate the fight went in vain.

"Yes, I exactly meant to say that. You have been discussing about it since a long time but could not come up with anything!! So I decided to interfere or else we would have to dismiss this whole plan"

"Look  As... Mr. Khan, we were doing this for you and you are blaming us?", Zoya said, only to not earn any reply from Asad this time.

Zoya realized what she had said. She corrected herself from saying Asad but in return did another blunder. But what was done, was done. Even Mr. Khan' caught everyone's ears. She saw four pair of eyes staring at her, three shocked and one amused.

" ' Mr. Khan' ? Did you call Asad bhaijan Mr. Khan?", asked Najma who was confused and shocked.

"Ya...yeah... I did. I call someone by their last name when I am angry with them", said Zoya, stumbling at her words.

"You get angry with me every now and then, but you never call me Ms. Siddiqui instead of Najma.", said Najma who was still confused.

"That's because Najma suits you more... Leave all that, can you believe it, he called us nonsense?"

Zoya tried to change the topic and divert Najma's attention to something else. Asad was chuckling at Zoya's condition, which also made things more confusing to Najma's little brain. After all the bickering, they finally settled on a few things - next weekend, Asad's farmhouse, no cook as they will do it themselves.


Zoya's room


Dear Diary,

I am going for a picnic at Asad's farmhouse. It will be my first time when I will spend the whole day with him. I hope it will turn up to be all good. We have decided to cook ourselves. I really need to ask Ammi the recipes of some good dishes. Will fill in you with all the details later. Bye. I am sleepy. Good night.



The Day


The day of the picnic had finally arrived. Asad, Aafreen and Farhaan followed the same routine as they did everyday while going to college whereas, they picked up Zoya from her house and Najma joined in later on the way. They finally headed towards the farmhouse. When they reached there, Asad could see all their eyes stuck towards the farmhouse, admiring its beauty. Najma, Farhaan and Afreen entered the house to explore it whereas, Zoya waited for Asad to finish parking the car.

"Did you like it?", Asad asked looking at her beautiful face.

"Ofcourse.. it's absolutely  wonderful! I always wanted a house like this...", Zoya realized what she has said and bit her tongue after saying this. "I meant, I always wanted to come for a picnic in a farmhouse like this", she corrected herself. Asad laughed at her innocence and her effort to rectify her words.

"It's all yours.. enjoy as much as you want!"  Saying so, Asad earned a deep shade of red cheeks, which he realized to be a blush.

"Shall we go in?", asked Asad coming out of his trance.

"Yeah, sure,  everyone must be waiting for us..."


Leaving aside all the awkwardness of the situation, they moved towards the door.


A/N: First of all I would like to thank all of you for supporting me. It truly means a lot. Thank You  Hug

And now coming to the update, I wanted to give the celebration part in this chapter only but due to lack of time I could not. I could have skipped the spot deciding part too, but I think when you are in college, you spend more time in deciding and cancelling many picnic locations before getting fixed on one. Ones who are in college or ones who have already passed out will understand it better. Moreover, I wonder whether there will be any such light moments in the upcoming updates or not. So enjoy  Wink

Likes and Comments are awaited  as I really love reading them  Tongue







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WinkWink yipee i m first
i loved it
awesome update
i loved asad and zoya's bickering part...so sweet
and when she says him mr Khan..omg that was hilarious when najma was debating with her about that
waiting eagerly for the farmhouse picnic
please update soon

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-Anitha- IF-Stunnerz

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Waah waah anki waah waahClap
This part was not tat much short.Wink
lovely & funny updateClap
oyye hoyeeEmbarrassed Im secondDancing Dancing
My asad as usual topperEmbarrassed im really proud of himEmbarrassed
s hardwork always give us fruitfull result..Clap
The way zoya wanted to congrats him was cute.. Adorable asya in that momentEmbarrassed
Aafreen is such a sweet heart k observed my asya excitements & yearning.Tongue
plan to celebrate it was cute..
I found it as cute - zoya with her pleading eyesEmbarrassed
Asad blueprint her eyesEmbarrassed finally agreed for that party..Party
Riverside farmhouse is the good suggestionEmbarrassed
super adorable asya fightEmbarrassed even farhaan attempt to terminate itDay Dreaming Day Dreaming but no usse.
Finally Mr.khan caught everyone's eyeLOL
Najma confused state was treat to watch sceneLOL
The way zoya divert their attention was niceLOL
But i must say - tat i liked asya cute bickeringEmbarrassed
Finally asya & others in farm houseEmbarrassed
Even zoya learned to cook some dishes for this celebration..Big smile
Im looking forward to riverside farmhouse asya scenesDay Dreaming Day Dreaming
But y u stopped it here- they moved towards the doorAngry
See now im badly wanted next updateCry Cry

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Res fr comment

part was short bt full of asad zoya..so no complaints

asad is topper as usual...Clap

allah miyaan hz so perfect in his wrk...Star

aww she wanted to congratulate him alone...

asad is not allowed to say a wrd in gals talk..nw he understand its impossible n totally waste of tym fr boys to plan nythng wid gals..

finally asad cum wid plan...thnkfully gals let him utter a wrd..

farmhouse..aha nice place fr picnic..

MR KHAN...atlast kitten comes out of bagLOLLOL..

jhut ke paer nh hoteWink...(asad zoya convo..remember..on fake marriage)

"Ofcourse.. it's absolutely  wonderful! I always wanted a house like this...", Zoya realized what she has said and bit her tongue after saying this. "I meant, I always wanted to come for a picnic in a farmhouse like this", she corrected herself. Asad laughed at her innocence and her effort to rectify her words.

"It's all yours.. enjoy as much as you want!"  Saying so, Asad earned a deep shade of red cheeks, which he realized to be a blush.

asad knw zoya vl like the place...

aww..he cn read his eyes...

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