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AsYa story-UNRECOGNIZED EMOTIONS-Thread-2- Parts 4-8 (Page 106)

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Yupanki wen u r going to update

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Originally posted by akaswan

Udapte soon please Big smile

updating in 15 minutes Wink

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Originally posted by treasure11

Originally posted by BeYourself

Originally posted by treasure11


what happened ash????ROFL

give me 15 mins ash Big smile
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Originally posted by shreya11mehra

Yupanki wen u r going to update

give me 15 mins shreya...now editing it  Embarrassed
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Originally posted by akaswan

Udapte soon please Big smile

will update nowBig smile
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Originally posted by arorasurbhi

Update soon plz

updating now Big smile
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Originally posted by BeYourself

Originally posted by akaswan

Udapte soon please Big smile

updating in 15 minutes Wink

Okay Hug

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Enjoy the next part of the story..Happy Reading  Wink



The next day after the picnic was Sunday. The weariness of the previous day's events kept Zoya on bed for a longer time than usual. Her father had an emergency surgery to perform and her mother left for Mumbai as she had a seminar to attend. Humeira was also busy since Atif was back home for spending the weekend with his sister.

She began with making herself a nice cup of coffee and a light breakfast. Lunch was already cooked by her maid and watching TV was one of the things that she was not much into. So altogether, Zoya had a boring day ahead.

In her solitude, Zoya always preferred to write in her diary, but this time, she had a little change in her mind. She took the cup of coffee and sat on the couch with her diary in her hand. She turned back the pages and read some of them. She read and re-read everything that she wrote about Asad in her diary. Her mind went back to think about Asad once again. She took her phone and texted a 'Good Morning' to him. Within a few seconds she got his reply, reading which she had a smile on her face.

From the morning, Asad was in a dilemma. He wanted to talk to Zoya, but could not gather enough courage to do so. But Zoya's message brought him out of his trance. He quickly replied her back --'Good Morning...May I call now?'

Asad waited for  her reply and immediately dialed her number when he got a  'Yes' from her.


"Hello Zoya...Ummm..I hope I didn't disturb you."

"Yes you did!!! Oh come on Asad, I myself told you to call then how would you disturb me huh?"

Asad smiled at her antics. This girl had her own way of handling everything.

"What happened? Did you want to say something?", asked Zoya when she didn't get any answer from him.

"No, nothing, just like that...What are you doing today? I  am sure you must be having a great time with your parents and Humeira?", asked Asad, as he did not want to end the conversation so soon.

Zoya told him about her boring Sunday with no one around her. She was kept on talking while he kept on listening. Zoya always turned to a chatterbox whenever she was with Asad.

"What happened? Why aren't you saying anything? I am going on talking from so long?, asked Zoya , a little irritation noticeable in her voice when she did not get any reply from Asad this time too.

"You are not letting me speak Zoya. You are busy talking alone. You are not giving me any scope to answer you", said Asad, not missing the chance to pull her leg.

"Allah Miya, What's wrong with you Mr. Khan? What do you mean to say huh?"

"Nothing, I meant nothing", said Asad, trying to suppress his laughter.

"It's okay then, you can talk to yourself. I am disconnecting the call", said Zoya, getting angrier now.

"And how am I supposed to talk to myself?", asked Asad, trying to irritate her more.

"Just stand infront of the mirror and keep talking! Or do anything that you want to. I am not talking to you anymore" Saying so, she was going to disconnect the call when she heard his voice from the other side.

"Wait wait Zoya...I am sorry...Now please don't get angry... I was just kidding"

Zoya could not help but laugh at his words. He was such a kid sometimes. All her anger drained away the moment she heard his voice again, but she decided to fake her anger a little longer.

"Hmmm... but how will I know that you were just joking?"

"Umm...Because I won't ever lie to you. I may not be telling you everything right now, but I will also never ever lie to you.. .And that's a promise."

Asad's words melted down Zoya completely. "I trust you on that Asad". This was all she could say. There was a moment of silence, in which both of them understood what the other wanted to say.

"What are your plans for today?", asked Zoya, finally breaking their silence.

"Zoya, do you realize that we have our next semester exams on the way? Only two months are left. I need to study for it"

Suddenly Zoya realized that it was the reality. They really had their exams in two months and she was far away from completing even half of her syllabus.

"Why didn't you tell me before?? I completely forgot. Even I need to study!"

"Okay then, keep studying. Tell me if you need any help. Don't hesitate."

"No, I wont hesitate."

"Bye Zoya.."

"Bye...Mr. Khan..."

She kept her phone back and looked at her diary. She took a pen and started writing in it.


Dear Diary,

Had a talk with Asad just now. He sounded better now. He said that he will never lie to me. I really liked it you know. This also means that he will also start trusting me very soon. I will be waiting for that day.

He also made me realize that once again exams are on its way. Gotta go and study. Bye..


With that, again the same vigorous routine started for Zoya, Asad and their friends. Most of the time was spent in the library making notes. Zoya and Najma also followed their seniors and started doing group study and exchanged notes. They both often visited each other's house. They had several other internal exams too, which made their days even more hectic. College cultural events made their situation even worse at times.


In college canteen


"What will happen Zoya? I still have so much to study. Moreover, We have this Inter-College Dance Drama and Music Festival next week. We have less than one month left for our exams", said Najma, who was equally frustrated like Zoya.

Due to the sudden announcement of the college festival, Zoya hardly had any time for herself. There was no way by which she could avoid participating in the music section. By now, almost everyone knew about her singing talent, thanks to Najma.

Asad was also supposed to perform with Najma this time. His hard work and dedication in every work made everything quite difficult for Najma. She had to undergo hours of practice after college, everyday. Asad could never compromise when it came to achieving perfection in his work. Practicing with Asad, Najma had the toughest time of all.

"I know Najma! I am equally tired. The whole day I am singing and making others sing as well. But we can't do anything right?", said Zoya, trying to console her.

Najma was almost on the verge of crying when they saw Aafreen and Farhaan coming.

"What happened to both of you? Why do you look so upset?", asked Aafreen, confused to see their not-so-happy faces.

"Ask your best friend about it Baji.. He is driving me crazy!! How did you even manage to practice  with him?", said Najma, complaining about Asad.

"Ask me!! Only I know that...", replied Aafreen, imitating Najma's tone.

"But he does it for the good right.", interrupted Zoya.

"Dance with him and then you will understand!! I am sure, he would have asked me to practice 24*7 if there were no exams.", said Najma, a bit irritated on Asad.

Zoya understood Najma's problem. She needed time to study as she was already running much behind. But there was no way she could allow her to speak against him.

"Okay fine. I will do something. Let me see", said Zoya, trying to calm down Najma.


Zoya  was in her room thinking of ways to help Najma. Asad was a hard nut to crack when it came to perfection. She finally came up with an idea which she thought was the only way out. She took her phone and sent him a text as calling him would make things more difficult for her.

'Hi Asad'---send

'Hi Zoya... Didn't see you in college today. Where were you?'---send

'I was busy too, with practice and all... Actually I needed a help from you'---send

'Yes. Tell me.'---send

'You know that exams are approaching, and we are really getting less time to study. I was also having some problem in a subject so thought if you could help'---send

'Ofcourse . it will be my pleasure to help. but when and where? We hardly get any time these days in college.'---send

'After college?  The rehearsals are almost done.'---send

'Yes, but practice makes a man perfect you know'---send

'I know.  But I wish you could help me'---send

'I will. Tell me when'---send

'Okay. Done! Tomorrow, after college'---send


Zoya did a happy dance when she finally managed to get a yes from Asad.

The next day was a very busy day for Zoya. She had several things to take care of.  She found out a few things in which she would need Asad's help. She quickly called up Asad to inform him to meet her near the college gate after their classes. She had to attend all the classes and also manage her own rehearsals. She did not want Asad and Najma's performance to suffer in any way, so this arrangement was only for a day. She had made it very clear to Najma already.


"Hi..So where are we going then?", asked Asad after meeting Zoya near the college gate.

"You will know that, soon", said Zoya, grinning.

They sat in the car and Zoya gave him directions. The car finally halted near a children's park.

"You brought me to this children's park? Are you serious Zoya?", asked Asad, not quite believing Zoya's choice of place to study.

"Yes! What's wrong with this place? It's beautiful. Humeira and I often come here when we feel low. It's a nice place to study too.", said Zoya, justifying her selection.

They sat on Zoya's favorite bench and Asad started teaching her. Zoya told him about the things in which she really had problems and Asad gladly explained her everything. They did not realize when it was already time for sunset and there was hardly any light. All the children who came to play were heading out of the park. Asad and Zoya, sat together and enjoyed the sunset. In the last few days,  Zoya had grown a special attachment towards nature. She never failed to admire even the slightest beauty of nature. Asad turned his face towards her and looked at her glowing face.

"Zoya". He called her when she was busy assimilating nature's glory.

"Hmm...", Zoya answered, without looking at him.

"That day, in the farm house, when I came to apologize to you, I saw you writing in something which seemed to be like a diary. Am I right?" This time Zoya looked at him. She showed him her beautiful dimpled smile and nodded a yes.

"Do you always write in it? I mean, do you write everything in it?"

"Yes, I do. I write each and everything in it. It becomes a lot more easier for me to share everything with my diary first."

"You mean, your diary is the key to your secrets then?", said Asad, with a naughty smile on his lips.

"I don't have any secrets as such. What my diary knows, Humeira knows that too. May be it knows a little more", she said showing little with her thumb and index finger which were almost touching. "It's just that, my diary stays with me always, no matter what, I have it with me all the time."

Asad had an amused smile on his face. He got to know another thing about this 'Different Girl' today.

"Atleast you have someone or should I say something with which you can share everything. You are lucky Zoya." Asad chuckled at the word something but his face fell when he said the rest. Zoya did not fail to notice it.

"You too have that someone or something Asad, you just need to look for it. Or maybe you already have that person but you are not realizing it". Zoya was about to continue when she realized what she said. "I meant, you have Aafreen baji. She is the best friend you could have ever go.t"

Asad kept quiet for a while. Zoya was mentally scolding herself for saying what she said. She did not want to upset him. She was engulfed in her own thoughts until she heard Asad's voice.

"Aafreen has so much to look after in her life. I don't want to bother her more. She understands me so well even without saying anything, but I don't want to see her worried for me."  Zoya understood from his words that even Aafreen did not know much about anything.

"That day, I was talking to my father", Asad said and looked up at Zoya. Zoya did not say anything and let him continue.

"I don't know how to say this, but, I don't have a relation with my father like the way you have. I hardly talk to him"

"But why?" This time Zoya spoke, still unsure of her words.

"My father is an Architect and he also wanted me to become one. He wanted me to take over his business as I am his only son. But I don't want that. I want to do something on my own. He has always forced me to do things according to his way. But this time, I know what I want to do. I don't want to be a part of his business."

Zoya did not interrupt him in between. She wanted him to finish first.

"I tried to explain this to him in every possible way, but he is not ready to listen. I hate him..."

"Asad!!!!" Zoya stopped him from saying more. She did not want a son to speak ill of his own father.

"I can understand your problem. But you can't talk about him like this. At least not in front of me. This is not right. I am ready to listen to everything, but not like this Asad!"

Asad knew that she was correct. A Daddy's Girl would always say this. Any person would say the same.

"Keep trying Asad. I am sure that your father will understand, if not now, then later. And as a father, he is not wrong too. You are his only son. He would not want his well established business to end just like that. Talk to him. Keep trying. He is your father, he will understand you." Zoya tried to explain him everything from her point of view, a neutral point of view. Asad understood what she said, and just nodded his head. He did not want to talk more about it.

"Let's go back home now. It's getting late", said Asad, looking at the time by his watch.

Zoya did not even realize that all this while, she was holding his hand during their whole conversation. She removed her hand from his and got up to leave the place. Asad dropped her back home and they exchanged goodbyes before leaving.


At night, Zoya's room


Dear Diary

Asad told me about his father today. I think both of them are correct in their own places. I told him what I felt. I don't know what he thought of it, but I could not let him talk about his own father like that. But why do I feel that this was not the main reason? Why do I feel that Asad did not tell me the whole thing?

Never mind, I am ready to wait. I want to give him all the time he wants.
Good Night. Bye...

A/N: I did not want to reveal the whole thing about Asad's father now. you all will get to know about it as the story moves forward.

Likes and comments are awaited. Buddy me for PMs. Smile



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