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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


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Superbb Teaser Smile

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Superbbb teaser...waitinggg 4 update sufi...plzzz continue soon...
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Friends i am dedicating this to the people who like and comment my work...


I am dedicating specially to

Aaru4DVD, Aastha02, aDarkAngel, ankitashaw1996, anna_77, apolloartemis, arorasurbhi, arunsunita_gm, ashabanerjee, ashlovesvishti, bald, beautiful_heart, bhumi1492, book.worm, bria, christobelle, Clara20, Crazy_Arshi, flowing_river, GOODLUCKANGEL, Janani24, jankipatel22, JINS_ROSE, karamjeet, littlerenu16, lwrimaforever, Mahi78, meenji22, meiejrishbala, memad, mishty1996, miss-u-rk, momi78, nahtani88, neha_maaneet, Nidhivd, Nithunavi, noiseygirl, payalparnitkaur, Prettyliars, punam2712, RAONE8, rekha.366, revti21, rinku06, rishabalalove, rk.madhu, sanafatima35, sanghita0000, Sanju..., SHINYSHREYA, shriyakadge, SimranDsena01, swpna, uma88, valli28, vivian.myjaan, Whypadhu, yeskay, zaroge, -ForbiddenLove-, --VanityFair--, ARMB, cuterockstar, ff_pm, siddiqah, Cucking_Frazy, An3ya, adyluvskat, pari_goyal, rishbala4ever, my drashti,--Janvie--,-RKV-,-Vinu-,..Pooja..,..Tahniat.., aan-rish, aanchal_c, chinnamsahithi, Chitrarocking,ferii,Jyoraj,lovermg,madhurish, Miss_uliuli,poojabhatt934, Prarthna.B, PRATHA1, Sharoan, shasha1989, SreeRK, sweettaz16pm, v.p.joshi, vishti05, sree02, PLKG90, natkhat..anki.

Chapter - 22



  After sometime RK also wakes up and seeing a gazing Madhu he just gets surprised.


RK: "What? Why are you glaring at me? By the way how are you feeling?"

Madhu(shakes her head to say a no and amused): "RK I am fine. See (RK lean forward to touch her but hesitates. Madhu unknowingly takes his hand in hers and makes him touch her forehead) see I am alright. Fever is gone and that too with just with 2 doses of medicine. Isn't that great?(in her amazement Madhu fails to notice the intense and passionate gaze in RK's eyes. When she notices it she feels numb and suddenly releases his hand from hers. She blushes infront of him and raises her eyes to meet his and they both share an intense eye lock for quite a long time. Their eyelock is interrupted by a buzz on RK's phone.)"

RK: "WHAT BITTUJI?... Oh crap!... Ok I will be there Bittuji... Sure and now pls don't disturb me."


RK turns towards Madhu and tells her that he has to leave for the shoot now. He enquires about Manno's arrival and is pleased by the fact that Manno will arrive shortly. He leaves the out-house leaving a surprised Madhu behind. After RK leaves the out-house.


Madhu to herself: "Is this the same man whom I met in the farm house on his birthday? When did this arrogant man change into a caring person? The super star RK who cares nothing in his life other than himself and sometimes not even his family is taking care of me? OMG how am I to believe that? Is this for real or a dream?"


Madhu's thoughts were interrupted by Manno's sweet "Hai Thai"


Manno(reaches out to her): "Thai, How are you feeling now?(places her hand on Madhu's forehead)Looks like your body is returning to body temperature. Thank you so much for taking care of yourself thai. I was so worried for you."

Madhu(hesitantly): "Manno, I didn't do anything. RK took care of me"

Manno(spat the water on the ground which she was drinking): "WHAT? RK you mean Chikku thai's brother. I don't believe this thai. He is so arrogant and egoistic. How do you expect me to believe this? DID HE? REALLY OMG"

Madhu: "Ya even I was also shocked by his behavior. But somewhere deep down my heart I was feeling good. The way he was worried for me, the way he took care of me, the way he slept in that arm chair(points to the arm chair infront of her). It was very intriguing"

Manno: "OH HO don't tell me thai that you have fallen for his charm."

Madhu: "It will take him more time to grab my attention. You know me well rite. I see one's heart rather than their face"

Manno: "I know that thai but by the way the exam was so good and I did so well. Thai you take rest I will prepare something for dinner and go for my studies later"


Next morning RK Mansion 9:00 am


Madhu was entering the Mansion in search of rishika. But she found RK instead.


RK : " How are you feeling now madhu? What is this? have you decided to go to work?"

Madhu : " Mr.Kundra, if you will just breathe for yourself for a second then I will take that time to explain myself."

RK : " what?????"

Madhu(giggling) : "nothing. I am feeling very well right now and yes I have decided to resume my work from today. Plz don't say anything against it. Have got loads of work. Gottaa complete it. Plzzz."

RK : " when are you coming to the set today?"

Madhu : " I will be there by 11 today. Ok now I have to go. Have a nice day Mr. Kundra."

RK (proceeds towards her and leans over her and madhu could hear his heartbeats.he reaches near her ears and) : " it's RK, madhu. Or you can call me rishu. I don't mind either ways.( winks at her and leaves the place passionately throughout gazing at her. Madhu was in a trance hearing him. It took madhu sometime to come back to the real world. She shrugged off the thoughts and continued with her work.)"


Kamal Studio

RK's Vanity(11:30 am)


RK: "Bittuji, Madhu told me that she will come by 11:00 am. Now its 11:30 but still she hasn't reached. She is always punctual so I am a little afraid.(RK bites his nails due to tension)"

Bittuji: "If you insist then I will call and check on Madhu ma'm"

RK: "I have called her more than 10 times Bittuji but she is not responding. I would like to go and check on her before she gets into any more trouble."


Saying this RK comes out his vanity and reaches his car. He gets into it and drives furiously outside the studio. After 5 mints of driving he saw a huge crowd on the highway. He was trying to get past them but the road was completely covered by the crowd. Irritated, he gets out of the car and spears himself through the crowd to get a shock of his life. He saw Madhu talking to the driver of the car. He was clueless what was going around and why Madhu was talking to the driver? Then he saw a car nearby which was crashed on its front and a two-wheeler near to the car. RK for a minute thought that Madhu actually had the accident and soon he rushed to her and he pushed her towards him shocking her and examined her by keeping her at an arm's distance, least bothered about the crowd.


RK: "Madhu, are you alright?"

Madhu: "Mr.Kund..."

RK(cutting in the middle and turning to the driver): "How dare you? Are you blind? Cant you see the two-wheeler in front of you? Is this the way to drive? Who gave you the license?"


Madhu tried to explain the situation to RK but he was in no mood to listen to her. He was making the situation worse by shouting at the driver loudly. By now the whole crowd diverted their attention from the situation to the superstar RK. But RK was not at all seeing this since he was too engrossed in scolding the driver. Madhu not wanting to include him in this situation dragged him hard to his car before the crowd fall on him due to his stardom. She convinced RK to go back to the vanity and she followed him.


Kamal Studio

RK's Vanity


RK: "Have you gone mad Madhu? How can you be less concerned about your health? Yesterday you were down with fever and today you met with an accident? This wont do? Promise me Madhu that you will be careful while riding the two-wheeler otherwise you can accompany me to work, no need to use your scooter."

Madhu(sighs heavily and gives a glass of water to RK): "Have it Mr.Kundra so that you will breath for once and in the meanwhile I can explain myself"

RK(angrily): "So you have got an explanation for yourself? what is it?"

Madhu(her voice calm as if explaining to a small child): "Mr.Kundra, you misunderstood the situation. I didn't meet with any accident. The car driver was about to run over a small boy. Seeing that I stopped my vehicle, dropped it there and ran to the boy's rescue. He saw me and changed the direction of his vehicle and dashed it hard on the foot path near the lamp post and his vehicle got dented. It was not his mistake also. It is solely the mistake of boy's parents who allowed him to wander alone in the streets.(patting his back)

What happened RK? Why are you behaving so weird?"

RK: "Weird? Anything related to you is my concern for you and don't you dare name it weird."


Madhu was taken aback. She steps backward.


Madhu to herself: "He is not behaving weird but he is concerned for me. I thought he was joking but he is so sincere with his feelings for me. Wait a minute why am I feeling a chillness inside me? Am I happy with his concern? How can that be? I am already engaged. RK is exhibiting the concern and care that I expected from Rohit. My god what am I thinking? I will go mad. I need to go out. I cant stay with him anymore. He is driving me insane."

Madhu: "RK, I have work to do. Have you seen Bittuji?"

RK: "Ya he is outside."

Madhu: "I have some work with him. Bye"

RK: "Bye"




Out-house (2:30 am)


RK: "Madhu, just one kiss. Plz"

Madhu: "No no RK. Cant you wait till my decision."

RK: "Madhu I thought exactly the same but couldn't control my hormones. Pls plz just a kiss and nothing more."

Madhu: "RK, I don't know what to say...mmm...mmm"

(RK strolls forward to her and cups her face.)

RK: "Don't overthink this Madhu. Its not a big deal. Lets do it"


Saying this RK slams his lips on hers and she is in heaven. Desire sweeps through both of them. It didn't even take a minute for Madhu to respond his kiss with equal passion and they kissed desperately like there was no tomorrow.

Please do Comment and like my Update.Wink

PMs will be sent tomorrowLOL

Love you guys and have a nice sleepless night after reading my updateHugLOL

Please let me know if i have missed out any of your names. Sorrry in advance


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Very nice update. RK is very protective about Madhu.
RK is dreaming to kiss herROFL

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PMs will be sent later
TEASER posts also will be replied later
Big smile

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sorry for the font yaar
i think there is a problem
i will try to edit it laterBig smileBig smileBig smile

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nice update...Thumbs Up

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