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Wow so rk gonna know the truth, eagerly waiting. When wil u update?

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Chapter - 24



Madhu (angrily) : " How dare you RK? How could you talk to mom about our marriage without informing me?"

RK (reflecting the same anger) : "HOW DARE I HAAN MADHU? HOW DARE YOU? You are going to pune tomorrow? When were you planning to tell me that?"

Madhu (sheepishly) : " yes ... I mean I am going to pune tomorrow..."

RK (angrily) : " why?????????? And why didn't you tell me earlier???????are you running away from me?????"

Madhu : ",for god's sake PLZ  tomorrow, I have to attend an important meeting in pune."

RK : " what meeting?"

Madhu(a little irritated) : " it's related to my work. Anyways it should not concern you."

RK : " the subject falls under my concern, madhu... I also want to come to pune. I can't take risks with you. What if you never want to return from there???? Or worse go with someone else!!!!!!!!!!!(with a small doubt on his face)"

Madhu (mirroring his expressions) : " not a bad idea !!!!RK. But tell me one thing, If I am going to think for one moment about what just now you suggested, then will you back off from me?????"

RK (with a determined face) : " It's a big, blatant NO'."

Madhu : "then why say it RK. Seriously, I want you to come with me to pune but I am afraid that people will start talking about you and me. Don't forget RK that you are a star. Everything about you attracts media and forms news. Also I am not going for a picnic. So I would appreciate if you will give me some privacy. I will come back. I am not in the habit of running away from issues.Otherwise also I want to talk to you. It's very serious and it's about..."

RK : ""our marriage" madhu. You can tell me now itself."

Madhu : " oh no, not marriage, RK. But its related to our marriage."

RK : " I am looking forward to it."

Madhu : " OK ,then I am going to pune tomorrow. I will come back within a couple of days.(to herself) before talking to you, I need to sort the things with rohit and his family. I hope everything goes well."

RK (a bit irritated) : "what did you say????"

Madhu(shaken) : " what?????"

RK : " what did you say about rohit??"

Madhu (breathing vigorously) : " I think you heard me wrong."

RK (sternly) : " I HOPE SO, MADHU. Listen, It's hard for me to let go whereever you are concerned. I don't want you to travel alone but since it is related to your work I am letting you. plz call me atleast once in 3-4 hours. One more thing, stay away from rohit. (madhu gulps) you got me. He obviously has feelings for you. Had it not been your insistence to stay away from media, I wouldn't have even allowed you to go anywhere near that rohit alone. I don't like anyone other than me ogling on you. The way he looks at you, it makes me feel sick..(pointing a finger at her) So BEHAVE.."

Madhu (smiling sheepishly) : " I will RK."

Madhu to herself : " I know what you want, RK. I thought that I will stay away from you and will go according to my father's wish. But I find it difficult to ignore you now. Manno was right I have fallen for you. I have confessed to you that I love you on a weak moment, but before I step more into this relation, I need to talk to rohit. You also need to know more about me. I owe the truth to you also, I can't insult your love. But before I talk to you I need to talk to Rohit. I owe him at least that much. Just wait till then. Trust me I will give you what you deserve and what you want."


During the journey towards home madhu plans everything about her trip to pune . At night when madhu was packing things, she hears a crashing sound coming from the window side. Her windows are open but she very well remembers that she closed it earlier. Gripped with fear, she glances at the clock and finds it to be 1:30 am. She moves towards the window clutching hard into her dress. Suddenly her hand is grabbed and yanked with force that she lands on a hard rock chest and she closes her eyes and screams.


RK (tries hard to control his laughter) : "hey don't scream it's me."

Madhu (recovers from the shock and hits hard on RK's chest) : " you dirty rogue, you scared the daylights out of me. Why do you do it?? What fun do you find in scaring me??????(tears prick her eyes)"

RK : " SORRY, I wanted to scare you but certainly not to this level . (cupping her face) why is the need for you to get scared when I am always there behind you."

Madhu (still shaken by the incident she hugs RK) : " don't play such stupid pranks on me anymore. OK. Now why you came here at this time?"

RK : " for what else other than to spend some naughty time with you. (madhu gasps and RK smirks) relax I was just joking. I came here just to have a glimpse of you before you leave and also to dictate your dos and don'ts. 

1.     Don't forget me after going there.

2.     Come back soon.

3.     Don't go anywhere near rohit.

4.     Take care of yourself.

5.     Call me once in 3-4 hours. Okay."

Madhu (mockingly at RK) : "since all these points directly or indirectly are involved with the functioning of RK's heart, all points are noted with gravest importance and registered in my brain."

RK (hugging her again more closely and rubbing her back) : " would you mind if I kiss you now.PLZ."

Madhu (not knowing what to say) : " RK, you know me. That's not my thing RK.(to herself) plz wait RK I need to get green signal from rohit and his family for our relation, after that you can do the boyfriend thing with me. But till then I have to do this Don't touch me' scene..."

RK : " I know madhu. I thought I should ask rather than keep it buried in my heart. If you agreed it would have kept me good till you came back. You know spending 3 days without you it ...just is... impossible for me."

Madhu : " don't say stuff like that. You are goading me. Plzzz."

RK : "OKAY. Guess I need to wait till marriage and I am ready to but I don't know if I mean that by heart or not. I am saying it for you. But I really hope that you agree before marriage."


Madhu smiles and nuzzles his chest with her cheeks and that alone turned on RK. Madhu could clearly see him getting turned on as she could feel his long , hard member near her stomach.  But he didn't make any further move to calm his ragging desires and his not so sure pledge to wait for her till marriage only impressed madhu to a greater extent. The next day she leaves for pune as decided and only after bidding farewell to RK in his manner(which included his innumerable hugs and his repeat of do's and don'ts and a moist kiss on her forehead) and to his family. She decides to meet rohit and his family and confront them with the truth then and there itself. After madhu blurts out the news to them that she is not willing to marry Rohit and she wants to call off the engagement with him, everyone was shattered and the argument went on for hours. Rohit's mother Meera kumar and father Devendra kumar were also shocked to hear such a thing from madhu suddenly.


Meera (shocked) : " what are you saying beta? Are you sure about this?"

Madhu (slowly) : " I am sorry auntie. But I can't marry Rohit. I am 100% sure about my decision.(reaches rohit and takes his hands in hers and pleads) Sorry Rohit, I thought I would fulfill my papa's last wish. But now I realize that my happiness is more important than my papa's wish. Had he been alive he would also have been wished for the same. SORRY once again but I realized that my happiness is with RK."

Rohit (shocked) : "what are you saying madhu????? You are in love. I won't believe and that to with that RK. I thought we will get married this year. I love you, madhu. I know I cared for business more but that doesn't..."

Madhu (cutting in the middle) : " rohit, I have always longed for your companionship. Having lost my family during my tender age was something I never dreamed of. I tried to search comfort in your care but you never were there. Then RK came into my life. He doesn't have the qualities I desired in my life partner but he made me feel special. You know very well how much I hated to fall in love before marriage. I know he is nowhere near perfect But he made me fall in love with him. Now it has become hard for me to deny this fact. He is poles apart from me in everything but he is the man I have been thinking for the past few days. He is everywhere. (searching for words and some divine intervention to prove her point) Oh god,...what I feel for him is something I never felt for anyone... it's indescribable."

Rohit (calmly after listening to her) : "madhu , I love you and that's why I crave for your happiness. If you are sure about your decision then go ahead with it. I am happy for you."

Madhu(giving an all tooth smile and hugging him) : " thank you so much, Rohit. I was afraid to talk to you about this. I am so glad that you did understand my feelings."


Meera accepted the truth more easily than the rest of the clan since she never saw love for rohit in madhu's eyes.  It was difficult to manage Rohit's father as he had his own calculations in this marriage. But madhu was also strong about her decisions. Though at first she felt bad for Rohit for sometime, she thought that it is better to spit the truth rather than stick with it and destroy 3 lives. Later in the evening when she was about to leave, Rohit comes to her for a chit chat conversation.


Rohit : " madhu , can I talk to you for a while?"

Madhu : " plz Rohit you know you don't have to ask my permission for that. We were friends and that will be as it is till the end."

Rohit : " does RK know about our engagement?"

Madhu : " no, but I am going to tell everything to him probably tomorrow along with my YES'."

Rohit : " what? Your YES'?"

Madhu : " the thing is he is not sure that I have fallen for him. He always distrusts me. He thinks that having sexual relationship before marriage is the only way to confirm love. His ways and his ideologies are pretty different.(with a heavy sigh and a small fear on her face) Today I will be accepting his proposal and will tell him about my engagement then itself. But rohit I am a bit nervous."

Rohit : " nervous, why?"

Madhu : " becoz of his behavior sometimes. He is unpredictable."


Then madhu briefly explains him about everything that took place during their course of work, how he behaved when she said a no' to him, how he made her fall for him. When she was narrating everything to him, a small smile curled on her lips which didn't go unnoticed by Rohit.


Rohit : " madhu If he really is that possessive, then don't tell him about our relation."

Madhu : " NO...NO... I can't do that. How can I keep him in the dark about my past."

Rohit : " look madhu it doesn't hold any importance since you are not in it and from what you are saying I can see that he will be disheartened on hearing this. So why you want to hurt someone who is closest to you at heart. I can very well see that you have fallen for him. I am very happy for you. I love you so much madhu. Just forget everything madhu . I will also forget it. but plz remember me at least as a friend."

Madhu (lost for answers) : " you were and always be my friend. But I think I need to... the thing is rohit what if he comes to know from someone else. Would he be able to bear it?"

Rohit : " who all knows about it madhu. Except for you and me only mom, dad and manno knows it. LEAVE IT AND FORGET IT MADHU."

Madhu : " hmmm...urrrgh... I can't rohit. I never hold my relations with the help of lies. I have to tell this to RK . It will pain him but will be less compared to the pain if he comes to know about it later."

Rohit : " you are a sweetheart madhu . no wonder everyone falls in love with you. RK is lucky. Give my greetings to everyone... everything done, come I will drop you at the airport."


She bids a goodbye to everyone and gets inside the car. Their conversations inside the car was also normal.


Madhu to herself : " I didn't know that this will end up like this. I expected a fight from him. But he is so calm and quiet. ...he is a gem of a person... I just thought it to be...anyways everything is over and today itself I will tell RK how much I have fallen for him.(glances at her mobile) OMG I had switched off my mobile before talking to rohit's family and I forgot to switch it ON. I hope he hasn't called me.(switching it ON) oh ho 58 missed calls and 10 text messages of which 35 calls and 4 messages are from RK. Madhu, you are dead today. Should I call him...NO...not with Rohit around with me... may be after he leaves me at the airport."


They reach the airport soon and due to madhu's insistence rohit leaves immediately after dropping her. Madhu gathers all her courage to call RK.


RK (snapping) : " WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? no note, mobile switched off? What do you think you are doing madhu?for the past 24 hours I am in hell, madhu and it's all coz of you. It's been more than 5 hours since you last called me. This is not happening madhu. Now why are you mum, answer me DAMN IT."

Madhu (silently) : " sorry, RK.(with a pout) but what is the need for you to call me continously. I was busy and I would have called you once I became free."

RK : " sorry. I know it's f**ked up to a greater extent. But I just don't trust that rohit. He ogles on you all the time and I have told you how I feel about that."

Madhu : " Ok I am coming to you. I want to talk to you. At what time you will be free?"

RK(excited) : " evening 5o' clock. You be there at my mansion. I will pick you up. We will go somewhere and talk."

Madhu (shyly) : " I would like to go to your farm house and talk if that is OK with you?"

RK : " hey no probs, madhu.if that's what you want then be it. Anyways I will get you all to myself this evening in that way."

Madhu (blushing profusely on the phone) : " can't you think of anything else other than this. But I will come there on my own. You reach there by 5:30 evening sharp. I will tell you everything there."

RK (seductively) : " I am dying to see you. Take care. But I am still mad at you for not calling me for the past few hours. I will make it up when I see you this evening."

Madhu (smiling by his sensual threat) : " let's see. Byeee."


As decided madhu reaches RK's farm house by 5:30 in the evening. As soon as she goes inside, a hand grabs her wrist and pulls her towards it and she dashes herself against a hard rock chest. But this time she doesn't panic as she knew it could be none other than her RK.


RK (hugging her hardly towards him) : " why didn't you call me???? You could have at least sent me a message??? You know how worried I was?? I am glad that you are back."

Madhu (playfully hitting on his chest) : " RK, gentler PLZ, I can't breathe.(after RK leaves her with a sorry) (questioningly) why are you saying it like that? You thought I will never return.(RK just gives a sheepish smile) are you ever going to trust me, at least for once in your life?"

RK : " come on madhu. You know that I trust you implicitly. It's that rohit I don't trust."

Madhu(with hands on her hips) : " and why is it like that?"

RK(looking into her eyes) : " coz he knows that you are a marriage material. You are a girl of values, virtues, innocence, talents and to top it all beauty."

Madhu (surprised) : " look who is talking?? Mr.Rishab Kundra, are you accepting the fact that I am a girl with talents."

RK : " yeah, I am accepting the fact that you are talented though I won't generalise it. I have seen only those type of girls all through my carrier. But yes I do accept the fact that there are some girls like you also. But why so surprised Mrs. To be Kundra??"

Madhu : " mamma and chiky would be very glad to hear that."

RK : " all thanks to you ."

Madhu (keeping a serious expression) : " RK I want to talk to you."


RK was not even listening to her and his eyes travelled leisurely and greedily down her body. As usual madhu was well dressed ie from head to toe without any inch of her body revealed for public display. With her hair well plaited to a braid, her face shimmering in the light of sunset flooding through the curtains, her duo bambi eyes  fixed on him, her perfect nose hitched up a little, her soft, pulpy, pinky lips curved into a what-are-you-looking-at smile, her hands on her hips and her legs placed one behind the other posing like a model. RK was drinking in the beauty of madhu even though she was dressed and his intensity made madhu feel like she was naked before him.


Madhu( turning away from him) : "  STOP... Can you plz stop that????do you have special eyes by which you can see my body through my clothes????"

RK (excited and giving her an all tooth smile) : "I wish it was like that..."

Madhu(blushing to the roots) : " shut up.. Mr.Kundra, you have no shame."


RK makes her turn towards him and moves closer to her and to his surprise, she neither pushed him away nor stepped back and instead she was blushing by his actions. RK was surprised by madhu's sudden change in behavior and he tried his next step. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead. Then also she didn't object. As much as it was surprising for him, he was enjoying it as madhu was finally allowing him to touch and feel her. Though he wanted to solve the mystery as to why he was allowed to touch her now and not before when every situation before them stands as it was two days before, on the other hand his hormones were growing wild. He decided to calm down his growing, uncontrollable and potent desires before madhu changes her mind and then later solve the mystery before him. He began to shower on her with his kisses and a helpless madhu could only moan in response. Though madhu was enjoying it thoroughly, she was also shivering since she was experiencing all this in her life for the first time. She was never been kissed and today it was happening and that too with the most romantic hero of bollywood plus the love of her life. After her parent's death, she was loved this intimately for the first time. She lived the moments to the fullest. He gave moist kisses on her face, neck, shoulders and went back to her face once again. He badly wanted to touch her soft pink lips with his. But he knew that, with that he will slowly reach the point of no return so he stops in the middle of his deeds.


RK (got turned on like never before but he still didn't want to hurt her feelings) : "madhu, are you sure about this???I mean before marriage. If you want... I will stop... but later I... doubt that ...I won't be able to"

Madhu (caresses his face and looks at him with passion filled eyes) : " don't make me think about it more, I may change my mind."


The moment those words came from her mouth, RK attacked her lips with his own. RK kissed madhu with all the obsession, passion and love he had for her and madhu was also responding to the kiss with equal vigor.  RK tried to part her lips and push his tongue into her mouth and madhu was too happy to accept the invitation and thus parted her lips. The passion in their kiss increased with each passing moment. After much relishing moments, they parted due to lack of breath.


RK (panting for breath and in between) : " that was wwwooowww. You beguile me, madhu. Few days before you told me to stay away till marriage and today you just..."

Madhu (keeps her fingers on his lips) : " ssshhh...I know you have many doubts in your mind. Don't worry I will clear all of them but not now. Now no more questions. Do you want me to change my mind?????"

RK(in a low, authorative and sexy sound) : " NO...NO definitely not. I like this bold madhu. Anyways I have always longed for this moment with you."


 He carried her in his arms and madhu surrounded her arms on his neck. He dropped her on the bed and she laid there flat on it. Before she could get up, he came on top of her and grabbed both her wrists and got them on top of her head. By now madhu was completely dissolved in the world of passion he was taking her. With one of his hand he grabbed her chin to keep her in place and the next moment his mouth were on hers. Both were kissing each other like crazy and were rolling on the bed for dominance.  They fell apart due to lack of breath after sometime.


RK (panting ) : " tell me, madhu"

Madhu : " I don't know where to start and one more thing I want you to listen with complete patience."

RK(cupping her face and leaning on her) : " not that. THE THREE MAGICAL WORDS THAT I HAVE ALWAYS LONGED TO HEAR FROM YOU."

Madhu  (smiles at him and hugs him) : " I will never leave you RK. You are my love and my life. I LOVE YOU"

RK (smilingly squeezes her hand and feels her ring and takes her hand to his lips and kisses it) : " madhu, this ring compliments you. They look beautiful on you. Your parent's gift????"

Madhu (licking her lips and gulping yet determined as though it was a now or never situation for her) : " that's ...that's my eng...age...ment ring."

RK (eyes pops out and in shock) : " WHAT??"


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Awesome update

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thanks for the pm dear

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Omg omg what will happen next ?awsome update

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U stopped it,,,
fab update   Smile

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Fantastic update Embarrassed
But RK Shocked now how he is going to react
Waiting for next update

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Awesome update... Loved rishbala moments

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