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AnSh OS: The Perfect Anniversay Present(s).

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The Perfect Anniversary Present(s).

There was a moment of anxiousness with the realization of the wedding anniversary quickly approaching. The family wanted to make a huge affair out of it whereas the two in love Anandi and Shiv wanted to get away from everyone and spend the day which celebrated their union, just the two of them. They physically sat there amidst the hustling bustling family but mentally and emotionally were miles away in Jaitsar. Anandi remembered the nervous emotional Shiv who confessed his love to her on a secluded hillock. Shiv remembered the passionate love confession Anandi made in the lake. They were all alone on both those days and wanted a day like that once again. What better day to be all alone just in each other's company than their wedding anniversary. Having blessed with each other's presence and the honor of love was more than they had dreamed of. The Lord had truly blessed them with the love of a beautiful, loving and caring soul mate. Anandi and Shiv were partners, lovers and parents to the children they would have but above all they were friends, best friends.

It was two days before their wedding anniversary. Anandi and Shiv were sitting in their respective offices thinking about the perfect anniversary present. Shiv called in his employees one by one and asked them as an assignment what they would give as anniversary gifts. No one gave him the best answer. Anandi too asked her Bhaili employees. The women all shied away from the question. Anandi and Shiv are one soul split into two. They both depended on their laptops and Google to search for anniversary ideas. They both smiled at the screens of their laptops. Their first anniversary was about to get a whole lot of exciting and surprising.

The morning came for Anandi and Shiv to celebrate their first anniversary as a married couple. God had blessed so much them just by bringing them together. It seemed like the year had only begun and at the same time it seemed like they had been married for years! They woke up extra early and kissed. The feelings they had early in the marriage had changed, deepened and grown. Theirs was a wonderful relationship. Although they wanted to make love, time was not on their side but that did not stop them from enjoying each other's body for some cherished moments.

Anandi too wanted to be alone with Shiv for the entire day just the two of them but considering the sentiments of both their families she decided otherwise. Shiv well he had some other intentions all together. Anandi went for a bath and in her absence Shiv placed on the dresser her first gift for the day. The best and perfect gift he had saved for the last. He remembered the special call he received the previous day while he was in the office. "You're certain?" were the only two words which came out of his mouth on receiving the call which changed Anandi and Shiv's life forever. He came out of his thoughts when he smelled Anandi's sweet floral fragrance. She had come out after her bath looking ever so pure and innocent. Her black tresses were dripping and her face glowing. She flashed a wide smile to her husband who was drooling over her. On the dresser she saw the little craft work Shiv had done in the form of a beautiful card. Her smile reached her eyes while reading the card. Shiv hugged her from the back.

"Happy Anniversary wifey. I love you." whispered Shiv a husky voice in her ears. "Happy Anniversary husband. I love the card." She squealed like a little girl. She was very happy as the card would be one more addition to her treasure box in which she saved all of Shiv's love notes and craft attempts. "Loved the card? Card bananewale se aapko pyar nahi hai?" Shiv asked, with a pout. Shiv tried to come closer to her and kiss her but she stopped him. "Shiv, humein pooja ke liye jaana hai. Pooja se phele no kissi vissi." She giggled as he frowned. "Bahut na insaafi hai. Pyar karne bhi nahi de rahi, pyar karti hain ye keh bhi nahi rahi." Shiv stood there with his hands crossed at his chest and his cutest pout ever. Anandi smiled at him and then she stood high on her toes and kissed the mirror. The mark of her colored lips was exactly on the image of Shiv's lips. "Card pyara hai par card ko bananewale iss duniya mein sabse zyaada pyaare hain. I love you Shiv. Mere pyar ki meethi nishaani aapke hoton par hai through the mirror or mere pyar ka meetha izhaar aapke kaan mein. Baki sab kuch baad mein. Trust me apke intezaar ka phal bahut hi meetha bana doongi."

Anandi and Shiv had to apply breaks on their Love Express as there was a knock on the door. Shiv tried to stop her but Anandi opened the door. "Anandi Shiv tum dono ab tak tayayr nahi hue?" "Wo CM main kya karoon dekhiye Anandi ko mujhe tayyar hone ke liye jaane hi nahi de rahi." Anandi looked Shiv at with a shocked look on her face. CM lovingly caressed her son's face. "Anandi mere bacche ko tang kar rahi hai? Tujhe tayyar nahi hone de rahi na? Abhi iss problem ka ilaaj karti hoon." Shiv mischievously smiled at Anandi. He signed to her that he could stop CM from scolding her if she would kiss him. "Anandi tum mere bacche ko tang kar rahi ho? Shiv main ise apne saath le jaati hoon phir koi nahi tang karega mere bacche ko. Tu acche se tayyar ho ja. Ok. Anandi suna nahi maine kya kaha chalo." Shiv made a bechara face trying to stop CM but she would not listen. He signed to Anandi to stop CM from taking her away. She gave him I am a bechari bahu listening to my CM- I- L's order look and batted her lashes at him.

A saddened Shiv plopped on the sofa chair and palm smacked himself for his idiocy. He looked for his clothes but as his wifey was not there he could not find them. He found the perfect reason to call her back to the room. Just then there was a soft knock on the door. He smiled as only Anandi's soft hands would make such a soft sound. He opened the door and saw Mahi with a huge grin on his face. Shiv's angry stare wiped it off in a second. Mahi and Daddu came with a gift for Shiv. Anandi and Shiv got dressed for the pooja in different rooms. They were taken to the temple in different cars. They had not seen each other from the time CM had taken Anandi away.

Shiv and the Shekhar family reached the temple. He was eagerly waiting to see his lady love. He heard the honk of Bhairon's jeep but at that very moment was called by the pundit for the first ahuti. He was taken and seated on the seat in front of the havan kund just like on the day of their wedding. He heard the chun chun of her payal and opened his eyes. The mesmerizing view of his stunning and elegant looking wife clad in a dazzling off white lehenga choli with silver embellishments all over it, her long tresses tied in a bun and minimal make up took his breath away. The silver and pearl jewelry, the teeny tiny choli visible though the net dupatta, the classy back knot on the choli which he saw when she turned to hug her parents all added grace to her attire and look.

Anandi was moving quickly towards her handsome husband when she stopped in her tracks to ogle at him. Shiv looked eternally stylish dressed in an off white brocade angrakha patterned sherwani with the same colored Patiala bottoms. The high class diamantes buttons and brooch with chain added a princely charm to his look. Shiv had stood up in his place on seeing Anandi. They were gazing at each other romantically and everything and everyone hazed out. Shiv put his hand out in which she shyly placed hers. Slowly he pulled her towards him. Emotions stirred within them. Shiv bent his face and was inches away from capturing her painted luscious lips when they were abruptly brought out of their dreamland by Mahi's coughing. A blanket of shy engulfed Anandi and Shiv. They performed the pooja and also put a white jasmine flower garland with pink orchids around each other's neck.

After pooja the Bhairon and Sumitra took leave as they had to go for another wedding. The Shekhar family had planned to go for lunch. Shiv's phone buzzed. "Oh accha ok. Fine aap meeting ki tayyari kijiye Mr. Joshi main 20 minute mein aata hoon." he said in a serious CS tone. "Shiv aaj nahi aaj tum nahi jaaoge." There was a tensed look on Anup's face and a tremble in his voice as he too had gone for his duty on his wedding anniversary and it had taken 25 years for him to return. Meenu calmed him down. History does not repeat every time. At that moment Anandi's phone too rang. "Haan Chanda bolo. Kya main abhi Bhaili ki office aaoon? Oh accha theek hai." Anandi too got in her serious work mode. "Shiv aap mujhe office jaate hue Bhaili ki office chod sakte hain?" Before Shiv could say anything Ira interrupted. She had planned a grand lunch for Anandi and Shiv's anniversary and both of them would not be there which she did not like. "Anandi beta tum bhi? Tum dono ko aaj hi ke din kaam soojha hai? Aur inn kapdo mein kaise kaam karoge?" "Ma wo Chanda ka phone tha un logon ne itwaari bazaar ke liye kuch naye ideas soche hain aur Sunday ko teen hi din bache hain. Main unke products dekhti hoon phir uske accordingly hum advertise karte hain toh mujhe aaj hi dekhna hoga." "Ma kaam important hai. hum kin kapdo mein kaam karte hain ye nahi. Hum manage kar lenge."

"Par Shiv tera aur Anandi lunch?" Meenu expressed her worry for her workaholic beta bahu. Saachi nudged Ira and gave her a cunning smile telling her that CM is worried about her SON and D-I-L. Ira did not pay attention to her. "CM umm mujhe toh pata nahi kitna time lagega. Aap sab please lunch kar lijiyega. Umm Anandi aapka kaam hote hi aap mere office aa jaaiyega hum saath mein wahi par canteen se kuch manga lenge. Itwaari bazaar ki planning bhi kar lenge saath mein." Mahi understood everything. "Haan haan Shiv bhaiyya great idea. Waise bhi aap aur bhabhiji jab kaam ki sochte hain toh kuch aur yaad hi nahi rehta. Saachi hum sab traditional Rajasthani khana khane jaa rahe hain. Tum humaare saath bore ho jaaogi. Ek kaam karo tum apne naye circle of friends ke saath enjoy karo. Waise bhi hummare guest of honor Mr. and Mrs. Shiv Raj Shekhar toh honge nahi so it is ok tum mat aao hummare saath. Arre aap sab kya khade hain yahaan chalo chalo lunch karenge. Full family hum saath chhe hain family. Wo Saachi, bhaiyya aur bhabhi nahi honge so."

Everyone was shocked the way Mahi spoke with Saachi. Saachi got angry as Mahi was telling her not to join them. "How dare he tell her not to join them?" she thought and got into the car first. Mahi winked at Anandi who smiled at Shiv. Anandi had heard about reverse psychology and she decided to use it on Saachi in order to get her close to the family. Anandi and Shiv had been filled in by Mahi about the bad company she had been keeping. Mahi had promised them that she would be with them on every family occasion and what better than their anniversary to begin the shubh karya. The Shekhar's got into the family car and drove away. Anandi wanted to be alone with Shiv. Her wish had been granted but in what a way. They would be alone only while he dropped her at Bhaili. Then their entire day would go by immersed not in each other's love but in their respective work.

Anandi and Shiv were in his open to air jeep. The wind blowing made his hair ruffle giving him a boyish look. Anandi wanted to give him a quick peck on his lips. He looked at her and grinned lopsidedly. "Kya soch rahi hain aap? Chehre se iraada nek nahi lag raha." He cheeks flamed as a girly blush came over her. To avoid his eyes, she looked down and stopped at his lips. "Kuch nahi. Kuch bhi nahi." She said with a feigned indifference. "Kuch bhi nahi?" He smiled teasing her. She placed her palm on his cheek and made him face the road ahead. On reaching Bhaili Anandi got off and Shiv too. He pulled her in a hug and kissed her on the forehead. "I'll see you when I see you." He quoted Danny Ocean from his favorite Ocean's series. Shiv drove off and Anandi went inside the office building. She could not see anyone as she went from room to room. She came to her office. Just as she opened the door, she was showered with flower petals. There hung a board in front of her. "Happy Anniversary Sweetheart". There was a smile on her face and tears of joy in her eyes.

She felt two familiar hands hug her. "So kaisa laga mera surprise?" Shiv kissed her on the column of her neck and buried his face in her neck. "Aap bhi an aise peeche se aaye. Aapko pata hai na maine self defense ki training li hai. Agar main aapki aahat ko nahi pehchanti toh aapko self defense ki training ka namoona milta iss surprise ke badle mein." she teased him. "Anandi aap bhi na aapko hua kya hai aaj? Main itna romanctic ban raha hoon aur aap kabhi card ko I love bolti hain aura bhi self defense ka nammona." Shiv kissed her and hugged her tightly. She turned to face him "So aapka office ki meeting aur mujhe Chanda ka phone ye sab aapki planning hai? Aapne Chanda se jhoot bulawaya?" "Anandi maine koi zor nahi diya usne apni marzi se apni bahuji aur bhaiji ki khushi liye ye kiya." "Toh ab aur kyaplan kiya hai aapne?" "Romantic escapade just you and me. Chalen?" Shiv hooked her hand in his. In the jeep he blindfolded her so she would not know where they were going. He did this as if Ira or Meenu called her she would not be able to tell them where they were.

Shiv brought Anandi to The Ramada Udaipur Resort and Spa. He asked her to go ahead and he would join her in a few moments. He had to make some special arrangements for her anniversary gift which would change their lives forever. Anandi came to the room. He had booked for them the Premium room. The room was designed and conceptualized on the Sunrise and Sunset theme. Shiv came and Anandi ran into his arms. "Shiv ye room kitna sundar hai." said Anandi looking around. "Aapko pata hai maine ye room kyun book kiya?" "Kyun?" "Iski sunset aur sunrise theme ke liye. Anandi main apne jeevan ki har subah aapke saath shuru karna chahta hoon aur har shaam aapke saath anth karna chahta hoon." They went out to the balcony and enjoyed the panoramic view of the Aravalli Hills. Shiv brought her back to the room. He gifted her, a huge teddy bear. When Anandi hugged it, it caressed her and hugged her back. From the look on Shiv's face Anandi knew that he did not know that the teddy did so. There was pure jealous feeling in his eyes.

"Thank you Shiv mujhe teddy dene ke liye." "Agar mujhe pata hota ye aisa chaloo hai toh nahi deta." "Shiv aap bhi na, ise hug karke aapko mujhe aisa laga jaise aap hain. Aapko pata hai aapke hug mein bhi itna hi pyar hota hai. Jab aap mujhse door hote hain main aapko, aapke sparsh ko, aapke pyar ko bahut miss karti hoon. Par ab ye hai na, ab itna miss nahi karoongi. Thank you Shiv mujhe aap dene ke liye." Shiv came to hug her. just then she saw a box of chocolates and gobbled them. God she was so hungry. Her fingers and mouth was messy and stained with chocolate. Shiv wiped it with tissue and not his usual way of liking it off of her. Anandi was confused but also happy. Shiv was getting practice. "Practice makes man perfect." He said under his breath smiling. He also gifted a huge bouquet of roses and a mother of pearl ring. "Maine aapko itne gift diye par aapne mujhe kuch bhi nahi diya." "Accha toh ye sab gift ki lalach mein ho raha hai?" "Lalach nahi hai mujhe gift ki. Agar aap kuch layi nahi mere liye toh bhi aap mujhe gift toh de hi sakti hain."

His mouth came down hard and demanding on hers, but she was waiting for it. Her lips opened and invited him inside. His tongue burrowed into the hot sweetness of her mouth. He kissed her long and deeply, his head tilted to one side then another to taste all of her. His hands closed about her ace as his mouth fused intimately with hers. Then he broke if off with a suddenness that made her dizzy. Her head was spinning because of the kiss? She pushed Shiv on the couch and asked him to wait for his anniversary gift. She went to the washroom. Shiv made a call to prepare for Anandi's final gift for the day and the best and perfect one. Anandi came out just as he disconnected the call. She was dressed in a sexy charming mid thigh length black satin robe. Shiv wondered how she arranged for it because she had taken only her little potli hand bag inside the washroom. His eyes roved on her long sexy legs. She came and sat next to him. "Wow happy anniversary to me." "Abhi nahi itni bhi kya jaldi hai Shiv"

Anandi shifted on his lap and was making the anniversary a happy one. She peppered his face with kisses. Shiv loved it but he stopped her from going further. "Anandi I think aapko change kar lena chahiye." "Kyun? Aapko accha nahi laga? Main acchi nahi lag rahi hoon? Main moti lag rahi hoon? I knew it aisa hi hoga. Ye toh shuruaat hai aur aapko pata bhi nahi aur aap abhi se..." Shiv could not understand her behavior. She was all hormonal. She had never bothered about her size before. She got off him and was crying. She was inconsolable. Shiv gave her tissues but they were not enough. He went to the washroom to get more. The door bell rang and Anandi opened the door because she knew Shiv would take time as she had left a gift for him in the washroom. She opened the door just a little and popped her head out of the small gap because of the way she was dressed. "Yes?" "Madam aapke liye ye envelope aaya hai." She took it and it was addressed to her. She smiled. "Shiv bhi na ek aur gift. I am sure plane tickets hongi ya gift card."

In the washroom, Shiv saw a small rectangular gift box. He smiled as this was his gift too. He picked it up and shook it to guess what it might be. "Ismein kya ho sakta hai? Oh I know, Anandi ne mere liye wahi cuff links laaye honge jo maine uss din mall mein dekhe the." Anandi in the room opened her envelope and Shiv in the washroom opened his gift. They were both smiling and had happy tears in their eyes. Shiv came out of the washroom and hugged Anandi. They both could not stop smiling and crying. They both placed their gifts on the table and Shiv lifted her in his arms. He gently placed her on the bed and lied next to her. With his palm, he gently massaged her stomach. He hugged her boisterously. He kissed her again, a hearty kiss that mellowed to one of a desire. His hand slipped up to her breast. She was now only in her lace lingerie. It was warm with her body heat. He kissed her through the lace, taking teasing love bites of her firm flesh. She sighed. His mouth closed hotly around her nipple and sucked. "Shiv aap khush hain?" He raised himself over her, capturing her face between his hands. "Main iss duniya ka sabse khush naseeb insaan hoon."

As Anandi and Shiv lay in bed counting their blessings, their anniversary gifts lay on the table. The envelope Shiv gifted Anandi contained the adoption papers of their son and along with it lay the little stick with two dark pink lines she had gifted him. They could no longer wait to meet their son. They got dressed and went to the temporary home their son was at.

When they reached their destination they saw a young boy 3 years of age playing with his race car set. He looked at them dressed majestically. "Aap King and Queen ho?" "Nahi par aap humaare prince ho." Anandi and Shiv said simultaneously sitting next to him. "Lekin aunty ne toh bola ki main apne mummy papa ka prinsh hoon." "Aunty ne sach bola tha." Said Anandi making the little boy sit on her lap. The boy looked at them. Then with a smile asked, "Aaj shey aapko mummy papa boloon?" Anandi and Shiv nodded their head fervently. They were smiling and tears rolled down their cheeks. "Aapka naam kya hai?" Anandi asked her son. "Mujhe shab Vedaant bolte hain. Aapko mela name nysh laga?". "Very nysh laga." Anandi spoke in a babyish voice. "Aapko hummare name pata hain?" Asked Shiv. "Hmm." "Kya?" "Mummy papa." They smiled at their son's innocence. He too laughed when they tickled him. They played with their son. They also told him about the most precious gift he was going to receive, a little sister or a brother of his own. "Vedaant ghar chalen?" He nodded and then asked if he could go and tell everyone that he was going home. He was given permission. He then ran away to tell about his parents taking him home and also about his little brother or sister. Anandi and Shiv saw Vedaant hop skip and jump as he stopped and told each and every person that was going home with his mummy papa.

"Happy Anniversary, mummy."  "Happy Anniversary, papa." Shiv took Anandi in a side hug.

They smiled thinking God truly loved them. They were so blessed, what Perfect Anniversary Present(s)'.


 A/N: Sorry for all the mistakes not proof read. Please hit like and do comment.


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wow amazing os dear detailed comment i wl give later

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So adorable Star Embarrassed...who needs CVs when we have writers like you to bring the best of AnSh for us Heart

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Lovely OS Chahat. Enjoyed it thoroughly .

It was beautiful full of romance and emotion.

In BV we will get to see only the last part , rest we have enjoyed in your OS...Wink

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Chahat, awesome!!Hugenjoyed it !!
wish we could see such detailed AnSh scenesBlushing. but these kanjoos Cvs bhi na...

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Too gud..You are on eof the best writer... and as we can see many if ur tracks are noiw being shown in BV,... Kudos... 1) Ansh planning to adopt 2)Disabled child 3) In one of  ur FF though though Anadi teased Shiv saying that she has reached Kashmir safely   .. and in BV they were  sent to Ksshmir for their HM ... ...   ...keep wrting

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Originally posted by sushma89

wow amazing os dear detailed comment i wl give later

Thank you

love your detailed comment

Big smileBig smileBig smile

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Lovely long os, as usual.. Smile

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