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Manojie Goldie

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Originally posted by Ddiala

Manoj.. Thanks for the nice questions.. you are kind Smile

1) What city did you study in? Chennai

2) Which place do you prefer Bangalore or Chennai? Chennai to join my family but extremely comfortable in Bangalore as well..

3) You like roadside shops, what is your favorite roadside food to get? Koththu (Scrambled) Parotta

4) What is it that you prefer about Tamil movies over Bollywood? Nothing other than language

5) If you could invite three characters from Mahabharat to dinner whom would you invite? Karna, Draupadi and Arjuna

6) Same question as above (but this time you have to take in consideration, whether they like each other, or would they get on, etc.) Karna with his mom and dad (wife and kid will a tough task for him to choose Tongue)

7) What is your opinion on some people who analyse Mahabharat and believe Draupadi and Karna loved each other? I admire their Karna passion

8) Do you like Star Plus Mahabharat? (and B.R. Chopra's?) Big No for Star Plus Mahabharat.. BRC version is ok..

9) Who is your ishtadev? I like Lord Muruga. But all are same for worship.

10) You said you don't really like to travel. What places have you visited? and why do you dislike traveling so much.. I have been to tourist spots in south like Munnar, Allapey, Ooty, Kodai etc as part of school college tours.. I dont dislike, neither I am fond of.. Travel is a tiresome activity for me..

I used to criticise BR Chopra's version a lot, but having seen Starbharat, I like the older version.

I went to Chennai very breifly when I visited India last time. It was just the city I went to when I caught a bus to Mammalapuram and then to Mysore. Beautiful city. I wish I'd explored more.

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SayaneeH.Lecter IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by panchaali

Originally posted by SayaneeH.Lecter

Originally posted by panchaali

Mimi, Diala Girls tum log Aham ko leke lottery khelo main to chali dwapar mein Karna ko shadi karne Embarrassed

My Arya is waiting for me for looong time Day Dreaming

Chi Paanchali doosre ke Husband pe dore nahi daalte .. you already have 5 .. be happy with them .. Do not even look/think about Karna .. HE IS MINE 

Ek bar ek Panchaali ki 5 hubby thi to kya sab Panchaali ki 5 hubby hote hain!!! Shocked
mere arya toh 5 in one hainDay DreamingHeart toh main 5 aur ko kyon dekhu!!!Sleepy

Aur aise vhi Sayanee tumhara already hain Mr. Lector !!!! mere Arya ko chodo..haan nahin toh Angry

Mr. Lector hubby?? are you sure?? are you talking in sense?? then what can be a better way to get my karna .. just clear all the competition and reach karna .. Mr. lector is not possy hubby but an amazing crime partner I guess you knowLOL

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SayaneeH.Lecter IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Ddiala

Originally posted by panchaali

Sasu maa trust me main ne sirf apke bete ko hi chaha hai..sirf aur sirf KARNA, yeh Sayanee k baton pe mat aiyee, wo toh kuch vhi nahin name is very similar to Panchaali, par main us Panchaali nahin hoon.main iss Panchaali hoon, jise aap jante hain aur jis ke liye apka beta Karn sadiyon se intezar kar rahe hain,,hain mere Arya ap wrong number wali Panchaali ke Swyamvar me plzzz mat jana..look here Arya this is the right wali Panchaali Big smileDay Dreaming    

But Sayanee is your good friend.. I can not ignore her words.. I need some time to think dearie Wink

Exactly .. and sasuma check one thing she thinks Karna is waiting for her for 5000years [though there is no evidence] where I think I can wait for karna for more than 5000 years .. vary our thought and then think who is perfect for Karna 

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...Diala... IF-Sizzlerz

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Mimi... Am done Big smile

What color is your hair?  It was Black. Now Brown
What color are your eyes? Dark Brown
What type of shoe are you wearing? Sandals
What type of clothing did you where today? Salwar 
What is your favorite holiday? Anything on Friday or Monday
What is your favorite season? Winter (Bangalore), nothing as such in Chennai
What is your favorite kind of pizza?  Paneer added ones
What is your favorite summer or winter activity? evenings in the beach.
What is your favorite sport? Ball Badminton
What is your favorite fruit? Watermelon
What is your favorite vegetable? Yam and Mango
What is your favorite meal? South Indian
What is your favorite dessert? Pastries
What is your favorite movie? Azhagiya Theeye (Tamil)
What is your favorite cookie? Chocolate Chip
What is your favorite pie? None
What's your favorite juice? Mango
What is your favorite cereal? Chocos
What is your favorite fast-food restaurant? Road side ones
What is your favorite book title? Ponniyin Selvan
What is your favorite literature genre? Fantasy
What is your favorite tv show? Dance Realities
What day is your favorite TV show on? Weekends
What is your favorite cartoon? Dora
Who is your favorite super hero? Shaktiman
What is your favorite time of day? Morning 
What is your favorite coin? The last existed 10 Paisa
What is your favorite dinosaur? Spiked one. Forgot the name
What is your favorite game? Pallankuli (Check Wiki)
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Butterscotch
Who is your favorite story character? Kundhavai of Ponniyin Selvan
What is/was your favorite subject in school? Chemistry
What do you hope to do (or did) on your summer/winter holidays: I prefer theme parks and family outing
Where wouldn't you like to go on vacation? Hill Stations (they are boring now)
What mode of transportation did your family use when they went on their last holiday: Car
How do you like your apples? I bite them 
How do you fasten your shoes? I don't wear shoes 
Would you rather have a pet with ... Fins 
What kind of pizza do you Like?  Pepperoni
Which soup do you like best? Sweet Corn Chicken always
What kind of toothpaste do you like best? I use Dabur Red.. What is there to like Tongue
What you like best to write with? Chalk 
What month were you born in? April
How do you feel today? Bored
Is your shirt Striped print plaid or solid? Printed Salwar
What time did you go to sleep last night? 12:30
How many people are in your family? 4
How many brothers do you have? One
How many sisters do you have? None
How many grandmothers/fathers do you have? All have 2 each Confused
How many teeth have you lost? 2 already
How many pets do you have at home? None
How many windows are in your house? 4
How many telephones are in your house? 3
How many televisions are in your house? 2
How many rooms are in your house? 2
How many pairs of shoes do you have? 0
How many pockets do you have on your clothing today? 0
How many syllables are in your first name? 3
How many syllables are in your last name? 3
How many letters are in your first name? 5
How many letters in your last name? 6
How many vowels are in your name? 3
How many pencils are in your desk? 0
How many books are in your desk? 0
How many things did you have for breakfast? 2
How many doors are in your house? 3
Are you left or right handed? Right
Are your hands clean or dirty? Clean
Are you wearing white today? No 
Did you wear a coat, a sweater, or neither to school today? School? Neither
Did you wear mittens, gloves, or neither to school today? School? Neither
Do you brush, brush and floss, or neither? Brush and Floss
Do you have a four-legged or two-legged pet? None
Do you like baths or showers? Showers
Do you like to play inside or outside on a rainy day? Inside
Do you have a hot or cold lunch today? Hot
Do you like chocolate, plain, or neither milk? Both
How did you feel about coming to Office? Am ok 
How did you get to Office? Auto
How do you feel on the first day of Office? Normal
How do you get to Office? Bus or Auto
How old are you? 28 yrs 8 months 15 days
Are you wearing long sleeves or short sleeves? Short
Where do you like to swim the most? Pool 
r u more spiritual or religious or both A little Spiritual
if god ask u 2 grant 5 wishes what'll b they? Intelligence for me, Nil Global Warming, Eradication of sedentary life style, Pesticide free Farming, Environment back to day 1 that God created
wat do u like in a human beauty or brains or behaviour or gud attributes or human values or all - Behavior
u like 2 support honesty, humanity & values whether u r in minority or not or support the reverse may b in majority - Minority
humanity or patriotism? Humanity
wat type of Indian dress u like on Indian gals salwar suit or saree or ghaghara choli etc Saree worn the way it has to be worn. I dislike the modern way of tying.
Do u believe in ghosts. I don't but am afraid of them
hav u seen Harry Potter or Twilight series movies or books No
b) if no1 then why - I don't prefer English movies
c) if havn't seen do u want 2 see any of them & why!! I would not
Ur opinion abt life - Better if Simple
whats more important in life , fame or money? Fame is better
who is your inspiration in life? Cant say
are you interested in politics ?? Yes
if you get 1 million , how willl u spend it ? A free school may be
ever did bungee jumping ? Nope
your fav quote? Love all. Love is God
what do you do to get out of sad or depressed moment - Eat/sleep/cry
A boy should be? Responsible
how does it feel to be MOTW - Good
how do you react when you are angry with someone - Cry
do you like flirting - Yeah
sunrise or sunset - Phobic to both
you active in morning/ day time or at night - Night
when was the last time you went for a party - Have not been
do you do house hold chores - Almost all
last action movie you went to - No Action movies
do you like to spend money on books or on cds - Books
do you save money - Yes
GIRLS / BOYS - Girls
Colgate/Pepsodent Colgate
French Kiss/Butterfly Kiss Butterfly
UR Good Luck Charm: Nothing
Person u hate most: One of my Aunts
Who makes u laugh the most: My Brother
What is most courageous thing u have ever done in ur life? Let go the engineering seat
 If  u cculd change 1 thing  about  urself, wat should it be? Loose talks
 If  u could be an animal, which animal do  u think u would be? Tiger dearest
Wat S That Thing, Which U R Most Proud Of  N UR Life? Tamil
Wat  s usually ur 1 thought when u wake up? Coffee
Wat do u usually think about right b4 falling asleep? The current Crush
Share a secret: I forgot Tongue

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...Diala... IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks Nandini.. Here are my answers...

What  brought you to IF I was looking for a forum to discuss Mahabharat

What brought you to this Forum Star Plus Mahabharat

Who is your Fav character in Mahabharat Karna

Who is the most satyanash character I used to think it was Shakuni.. But now looks like all are equally good and bad Big smile

Whats your take on the distortion the CVs are doing of the show I could not accept it for whatever reason they do this. Am loosing interest in the show.

Whats your fave Mythological Epic? Only Mahabharat

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Abhisheking IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2014 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Aiyyyo Diala Didi!Ek qu hmara man m aata ki kya tmko hindi aata ya nhi aata????To jaldi s tm hmko btata...Big smile
P.S.- Himil[Hindi+Tamil] aise hi bolta,na???ROFL

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...Diala... IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Abhishek_King

Aiyyyo Diala Didi!Ek qu hmara man m aata ki kya tmko hindi aata ya nhi aata????To jaldi s tm hmko btata...Big smile
P.S.- Himil[Hindi+Tamil] aise hi bolta,na???ROFL


Oh no no no... I don't speak Hindi.. I always shy to speak for whatever reason.. Embarrassed

I have terrible time reading Hindi written in English.. Devanagari is far more easy for me LOL

And adding aiyyo in the beginning will make it Himil is it? LOL 
Abhisheking IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2014 at 6:11am | IP Logged
and no,all the words r written in Himil...I have shown in various shows...Tamil actors speak like this...
Good that u made me know before...LOLLOL

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