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FF: forced love #4 (Page 9)

tintin0602 IF-Sizzlerz

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PART 29:


Khushi(to herself): Jalebies here? I should eat it. This will reduce my tension and I could think straight. (as soon as she took a bite) this is the same taste from my favourite shop in Delhi... but how it is here??

" so you liked it..." a very familiar husky voice came from the back. She turned back to look. Her eyes popped out to see the person in fron t of her after so many days. He was Arnav. She instantly dropped jalebi from her hands and looked at him with missed expression, scared, shocked, relaxed seeing one she know, pain. But before she could react unfortunately the power goes off Or can be said that power was turned off as asked by Arnav. 

She chanted Devi Maiyya, but after few seconds when she didn't get any help from her god also, she unintentionally hugged Arnav tightly as he is the only one in that weird surroundings whom she knew. She was very scared... her heart was beating very fast as if she has being running for marathon. And in this she was continuously saying one thing..

" I am very scared Arnavji, I am very scared of this dark... Please take me out of this place, this is a very dangerous place... I am very scared"...

Saying this, she tightened her grip on Arnav waist more and she digged her face on his chest as if she is hiding from someone. She was clutching his waist coat. Her soft breast were pressed against his hard chest. She was heavily breathing which resulted in creating havoc in Arnav. He was looking at her trembling lips which were automatically got parted and heaving breast.

Lust instead of love overpowered Arnav after getting Khushi so close after his cravings for her from last few day and that too in this state where she was all hugging him and pleading him and she was not even leaving him which was all making him turn on. He wants to capture those lips and cup those softness of hers with his rough hands. It was the moment he was waiting for but he never wanted to scare her like she is now.

She is not in his arms willingly but unknowingly and her trembling form was not because of any nervousness or shyness but due to fear. The fear of getting kidnapped, the fear of not knowing who did it, fear of not getting what they will do it with her, the fear of how she will go out to see the world. Actually she was a messed state.

After feeling some familiar touch and scent around her, she instantly looked up and found her state with the person infront of her. She then realised that Arnav walked in this penthouse where she was locked and where no one was not allowed. And she hugged him in fear. But the question that were running in her mind were " how could he be here in front of her in the first place and how they allowed him to enter the place where she was kept as an hostess? How on which world she hugged him, the man who betrayed her, lied her and on verge of destroying her career which was the most important thing after her family and before meeting him?"

But in no time she got her some answers when Arnav told her not to worry.

Arnav: don't worry Khushi, no one will dare to harm you here. You are safe here as you are with your dad. You are safe here. Trust me... Khushi...

These words from Arnav, make her clear that all this set up was of him only because he only could speak those words after what all happened. Especially the word : TRUST ME was sounds so real from his mouth but still she cant take it from him. once she tried trusting him and he broke according to her and so now she could let anyone play with her trust or with her.

She pushed Arnav with all her energy. Arnav was amazed to see her like this. He knew that very well that she is a fighter who can even fight with her own destiny and fate, but he couldn't take this rejection in her eyes. He knew that whatever he has done was wrong and so he is here to rectify all his mistakes and if she will be like this then it will be very difficult for him. but he is Arnav Singh Raizada, whatever he wants he make sure that he gets that and so in this case. He wants her apology and her too and he has made his mind to get it no matter what it takes. He was looking in her eyes which has some mixed emotion of fear, anger.

Khushi: what did you just said? Trust you? ...did you even know what does it mean?

Arnav(moving forward to her): Khushi listen to me first... I will explain you everything.

She before he could even speak some more, she backed off and started..

Khushi: what will you explain? Another set of lie to me but one thing I should make it very clear that I don't trust you and you don't even exist for me and whatever you do or say, I don't give damm to it. DID YOU GET THAT Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?

Now this was it. Arnav lost all the patience in the world that he was holding his anger but after listening such words from Khushi he could stop his anger to burst out. He was about to shout on her when he saw her feeling dizzy and was about to fall. But he held her hand and made it around his neck and left her in his strong arms carefully. 


It was 3 a.m.

Arnav: why you always go back?

Khushi(looking down and moving back): because you come forward.

Arnav(smirking): but you should be comfortable with me till now...

Khushi: no.. why?

Arnav: ohh khushi, don't tell me we are alone for the first time? We have been intimate before too...

Khushi blushed with the word intimate.. but she pretended not knowing anything

Khushi: what are you saying, I cant get you?

Arnav(snaking his hands in his waist): did you forget that rain? Did you forget my touch on your lips? Did you forget our first kiss?

With that he pulled Khushi more towards himself. Due to his closeness she can feel his breath on lips. She automatically closed her eyes giving him signal to go ahead.

Khushi: how can I forget that arnaji, that was the most beautiful moment of my life given by you.

With that she felt his lips on hers. He first placed a feathery kiss and looked at her. She was still closing her eyes but now with parted lips wanting more of him. he again kissed her and started nibbling her lips. He wanted her more. He entered her mouth and started exploring every corner and tasting her sweetness. He has already kissed her but this was different. It was a hungry kiss.

Khushi placed snaked her hands around his neck and pulled in. she was getting week on her knees because of the pleasure Arnav was giving her. They never parted until they lack oxygen. But soon Arnav started sucking her lips forgetting the world and he was getting equal response. They were kissing each other as if they are getting energy through it.

After having kissing for some good time, Arnav picked Khushi in his strong arms and moved to his king size bed. He placed her gently in between. She was looking at him with all shyness as if she knew what was coming.

(Because of IF rules, i am shifting the small part of the FF to my blog as it has some mature content. So please kids suuu, dont open this link... please...Embarrassed... Others here is the link...   )


"NO NO NO you cant do this Arnavji... NO YOU CANT DO THIS".

Khushi sat on the bed with a jerk. She has sweating drops on her forehead. She looked around to see Milli looking at her with an unbelievable expression.

Khushi again looked here and there and found herself in her room. She wiped off her sweat and looked at the time it was morning 7. But what she didn't get that was, how she is here when she was kidnapped and Arnav was there in that place and how Arnav came to know that she is in Sydney and how on the earth see reached here? And if Arnav brought her here then how cant see get to know it? Did he drugged her? Or did something unethical with her? But she was feeling on change in her body not even a headache. She was thinking all this then Milli jerked her which made her broke her chain of thoughts.

 Mili: where were you whole this time khsuhi??

khushi: wo i was...

she tried to hide that she was almost kidnapped by her past or pesent and would be future.. (lol)

mili: what wo .. hmm.. well let me tell you that you were lucky enough because faculty didnt came because they were having some meetings of top management of the university with trusty... what Mac said.. hmm.. ya..(she said remembering a name and Mac was a random classmate of Khushi and Mili) ya... Arnav Singh Raizada... was the name ... He order to have meeting as he is the trustee.. but you know Mac told me... yaar KhUSHI, HE IS SUCH A HOT MAN.. uff.. 

khushi: so what if he is hot or whatever... (to herself) waise he is not only hot but sexy too.. and today when...

Mili: but he himself didnt showed up... but you were lucky enough...

thats when Khushi got that he was with with her and so he didnt showed up in the meeting and as a result her presentation was saved...

then only her phone rang and she made a confused face seeing whats flashing on her screen. It was a private no.

milli: now stop making such faces, get ready for today else no one can save your presentation, not even that Arnav Singh Raizada the hot trustee..

milli went to the washroom and Khushi picked up the phone. But what she heard from other side make her eyes popped out.

Khushi: how dare you?

Arnav: watch your tone Khushi and don't you dare to ask me how dare me?

Khushi: you almost kidnapped me and then that...

She paused thinking that all intimate moments was a dream but she has a pink blush on her face now.

Arnav: what? And ya, you don't have any proof that I kidnapped you. well leaving me all alone in India, you atleast deserve to pay that a little. Right?

Khushi: no, I came here because... because... well I don't want to talk to you, and you are a stranger for me and so..

Arnav: ohh that's why you were dreaming about me? and that too an erotic one? Hmm

Khushi: wo.. wo.. no.. I mean.. aapko kaise... (she thought that how come he knew all this.. she looked around thinking if there is a camera?)

Arnav: don't think so much Khushi? Its just a guess, afterall we met after so long and you know no one can resist my charm...

Khushi: its is a mistake that you think this? Anyways why I am wasting my calories in talking to you? I should better..

Arnav: right you should not burn your calories in talking but doing something else with me...

He disconnected the call and Khushi jaw dropped thinking that how can he be so shameless.




Ok now i know you all will be mad at me for updating so late... But what to do i was having writer's block and above that some of personal stuff has made me busy... 

Anyways regarding the update of this FF, you can now throw me shoes or whatver you like but please do tell me your views and support me as this is my second story. and trust me, i am not going to make it an easy going story, Trust me. when i started this story i thought i will take it in easy going story but now i have changed my mind but you will going to enjoy it. 

And regarding One Day Marriage, i will try to update it soon.Embarrassed. plz dont kill me for this..

And ya if anyone is unable to open the blog, do tell me.

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EchTee IF-Rockerz

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welcome back ..
awesome update ji..

yay i m first

continue soon

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nice update  Smile

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nice update
but the letters are too small

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Hey thnx for pm, plz do send me blog links alongwith pm...would love to read further.

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Superb update...loved it. Thanx for d PM.

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loved it dear  :)

superb :)

awesome :)

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Welcome back dear Awesome update loved it 

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