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thought for the day- pg 66- ASHTALAKSHMI STOTRAM (Page 39)

umakittu Newbie

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Posted: 04 March 2014 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Very nice story.  I will try to emulate these lessons.

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thala IF-Stunnerz

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Ganesha Pancharatnam - in sanskrit with meaning - Stotra on Sri Ganesha

- composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam
Sri Ganesha 
Sri Ganesha 

Mudaa-Karaatta-Modakam Sadaa Vimukti-Saadhakam
Kalaa-Dhara-Avatamsakam Vilaasi-Loka-Rakssakam |
Anaayakai[a-E]ka-Naayakam Vinaashitebha-Daityakam
Nata-Ashubha-Ashu-Naashakam Namaami Vinaayakam ||1||

1.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Who Holds the Divine Joy in His Hand as Modaka (a sweetmeat) and Who Alwaysstrives to Accomplish the Liberation of His Devotees towards that Divine Joy,
1.2: Who Holds the Digit of the Moon as His Ornament and with a Joyful Spirit Protects the World,
1.3: Who is without any Master but is Himself the only Master for His Devotees, and Protects them by Destroyingthe (inner) Demons,
1.4: To those who Surrender to Him, He Destroys the Inauspicious tendencies Quickly; I Salute Sri Vinayaka and surrender to Him.


Sri Ganesha
Nate[a-I]tara-Ati-Bhiikaram Navo[a-U]dita-Arka-Bhaasvaram
Namat-Sura-Ari-Nir-Jaram Nata-Adhika-Apad-Uddharam |
Sure[a-Ii]shvaram Nidhi-[I]ishvaram Gaje[a-Ii]shvaram Ganne[a-Ii]shvaram
Mahe[a-Ii]shvaram Tama-Ashraye Paraatparam Nir-Antaram ||2||

2.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) To those who do not Bow down to God out of arrogance, He takes a Frighteningform; His benign form is however like a Newly-Risen Sun,
2.2: Who is always Fresh without any Decay, and is Saluted Reverentially by the Devas and the Devoted Persons; Who Extricates those who Surrender to Him from Difficult Calamities,
2.3: Who is the God of the Devas, Who is the God of Prosperity, Who is the God with an Elephant Face and Who is the God of the Ganas (celestial attendants),
2.4: Who is the Great God; To His Refuge, Who is Superior than the Best, I Continually place myself in devotional surrender.


Sri Ganesha
Samasta-Loka-Shamkaram Nirasta-Daitya-Kun.jaram
Dare[a-I]taro[a-U]daram Varam Varebha-Vaktram-Akssaram |
Krpaa-Karam Kssamaa-Karam Mudaa-Karam Yashas-Karam
Manas-Karam Namas-Krtaam Namas-Karomi Bhaasvaram ||3||

3.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Who is the Auspicious Power behind All the Worlds and Who Removes the Mighty(inner) Demons,
3.2: Whose Huge Body signifies Prosperity and Boon-Giving and Whose Most Excellent Face reflects His ImperishableNature.
3.3: Who Showers Grace, Who Showers Forgiveness, Who Showers Joy and who Showers Glory to His Devotees,
3.4: Who Bestows Intelligence and Wisdom to those Who Salute Him with Reverence; I Salute His Shining Form.


Sri Ganesha
Akincana-[A]arti-Maarjanam Cirantano[a-U]kti-Bhaajanam
Pura-Ari-Puurva-Nandanam Sura-Ari-Garva-Carvannam | Dhananjaya-[A]adi-Bhuussannam
Kapola-Daana-Vaarannam Bhaje Puraanna-Vaarannam ||4||

4.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Who Wipes out the Sufferings of the Destitutes who take His Refuge; Who is theReceptacle of the Words of Praises of the Ancients,
4.2: Who is the Former Son (the latter being Kartikeya) of the Enemy of Tripurasuras (i.e. Lord Shiva), and WhoChews down the Pride and Arrogance of the Enemies of the Devas,
4.3: Who wields Terrible Power to Destroy the delusion of the Five Elements constituting the World (from the mind of His Devotees); Who Himself is Adorned with the Powers (behind the Five Elements) like Fire etc,
4.4: From Whose Cheeks flow down the Juice of Grace; Salutations to Him Whose Praise similarly flows down likeJuice from the Puranas.


Sri Ganesha

Acintya-Ruupam-Anta-Hiinam-Antaraaya-Krntanam |
Hrd-Antare Nirantaram Vasantam-Eva Yoginaam
Tam-Eka-Dantam-Eva Tam Vicintayaami Santatam ||5||

5.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Whose Beautiful Form of Ekadanta is very much Dear to His Devotees, and Who is the Son of the One (referring to Lord Shiva) Who Put an End to (i.e. restrained) Antaka (i.e. Yama).
5.2: Whose essential Form is Inconceivable and without any Limit, and which Cuts through the Obstacles of His Devotees,
5.3: Who Continually Abides in the Cave of the Heart of the Yogis.
5.4: I Continually Reflect upon Him, the Ekadanta (another name of Sri Vinayaka).


Sri Ganesha
Prajalpati Prabhaatake Hrdi Smaran Ganne[a-Ii]shvaram |
Arogataam-Adossataam Su-Saahitiim Su-Putrataam
Samaahita-Ayur-Asstta-Bhuutim-Abhy-Upai[a-E]ti So[ah-A]ciraat ||6||

6.1: (Salutations to Sri Vinayaka) Those who Read the Great Ganesha Pancharatnam (five Jewels in praise of Sri Ganesha) with Devotion ...
6.2: ... and Utter this in the Early Morning Contemplating on Sri Ganeshvara in their Hearts ...
6.3: ... will get Free from Diseases and Vices, will get Good Spouses and Good Sons, ...
6.4: ... and with it He will get Long Life and the Eight Powers soon.

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jhema IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks thala.
The ryming in the words and the stress in the pronouncing always gives a unique feel for this stotram like ayigiri nandhini.

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thala IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 March 2014 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
yes J
as both are  written by adi shankara
the verses are so easy to memorise

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me_innocent IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2014 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
I like tis sloka very much akka...
The 1st sloka they taught me in my sloka class...
MS would hav sang it beautifully as usual... 

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Vmaa IF-Stunnerz

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thanks Rama

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thala IF-Stunnerz

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Linga Showing Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha and Surya

List of the Brahmalingeshwara Shrines


In Ninjur, most of the temples are either Nagadevatha or Brahmalingeshwara, with Ganadevathas of Maheswar.

At Kokkarne there is a highly revered Shri Bramalingeshwara Temple, with Bramadev linga as the presiding Deity, and subsidiary shrines for Nandikeshwara and Ammanavaru.

At Brahmavar is a Brahmalingeshwara temple that was built by the Alupas. This temple was constructed in the Alupas' unique architectural style, examples of which are found in numerous places around India, including the temples at Barkur, Kotinatha, and Suratkal.

The Kedinje Brahmalingeshwara Temple in Udupi is a compound marked by a stone of Brahma that is placed on a cliff in front of the temple. There is said to be a well hidden beneath the shrine floor.

The nearby Maladi Shree Adi Brahmalingeshwara Temple features a Naga stone, and there is a mandala of the Ashlesha Bali festival sketched near the naagabana (shrine). A ganahoma, or fire yajna is performed regularly in honor of Lord Ganapathi.

In addition to the deity of Lord Brahmalingeshwara, there are various stones depicting a naaga deity, and other bhuta stones throughout the neighborhood. There are stones representing a Rakteshwari Siri shrine and Kumara shrine on the rocky hill, named Deevarakatte and Siripaade. The temple's sacred spring also sits above, on a rocky elevation.

During worship of Brahmalingeshwara in the temple, prayers are made and flowers given to Kumara, giving him darshan before Brahmalingeshwara. Prasadam is distributed, and there are processions and perambulations around Brahmalingeshwara, Kumara and the various temple complex idols.

Tamil Nadu

Further south, in Tamil Nadu there is the Sri Kalyanasundareswarar Temple in Nallur, at which Brahmalingeshwara is not the presiding deity, but is offered regular worship. Located 5 kms. east of Papanasam, this ancient Shiva shrine is home to a lingam made of a shining metal that actually changes colour five times a day. Because of the linga's changing colors, which can be easily observed if you spend several hours at the temple, the deity is known as Panchavarneswarar.

Shiva and Parvati on Rishaba with Vishnu and Brahma are worshipped in the sanctum. The presiding deity here is Kalyana Sundarar, representative of Shiva's having granted the Sage Agasthya a vision of his marriage here. Behind the lingam are images of Shiva and Parvati getting married, with Lord Brahma performing the marriage rites. On the left, Vishnu is depicted giving away Parvati in marriage.


In the town of Trimbak, in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, is an ancient site known as the Trimbakeshwar (Tryambakeshwar, Trambakeshwar) Shiva Temple. One of the twelve Jyotirlingas resides here, and its three faces embody the Trimurti: Lord Visnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Rudra.

Andhra Pradesh

Finally, in Andhra Pradesh we find our last two Brahmalingeshwara temples. The first is nearNarsipatnam (Narasapatam), Vizagapatam, in the small village of Balighattam, situated two miles southwest of Narsipatnam on the banks of the Varahanadi River.

Narsipatnam is known throughout the region for its Brahmalingeshwara Temple, which stands at the foot of a small hill on the other side of the river. A large festival is held there during Sivaratri.

The shrine, like that of Visvesvara at Benares, faces west instead of east. This, and the fact that for a short distance, the river flows north and south mark this as a particularly sacred site. The local pandits quote a sloka which says, "Where a lingam faces west and a river runs north, that place is equal to Kasi (Benares), and there one will surely obtain celestial bliss.

The Brahmalingeshwara temple structure itself is not very ornamented. It is said to have been built by Brahmadev, and the river put down by Lord Visnu, during His incarnation as Varaha, thus the name, Varahanadi River. Certain deposits of white clay in the river bank are said to be the ashes of a sacrificial fire held in this place by Bali, the demon king for whom the village is named.

Chaturmukha Brahmalingeshwara

Lastly, we find the Sri Chaturmukha Brahmalingeshwara Swamy temple in Chebrolu. The Chebrolu temple is located 10 kms. from Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. This very beautiful shrine is situated in the middle of a tank. The linga has catur-mukha - Lord Brahma's four faces - carved on the lingam

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-Liebe- IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks  thala.

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