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Roli asks Simar did he agree easily that i left home without telling anyone. Simar says he was so confused. Simar says but we have to be careful. Roli says don't worry we will make it through. Simar says just stay here until he is home.

Scene 2
Simar sees Jhanvi asking shaureya for more poori. He says no I am done i have to go to my friend. He is helping me in the business. Shaureya leaves. Sudeenle Simar asks Jhanvi to give her thread. She goes to her room and there she finds a letter on which its written that I will be waiting for my love n the hotel come there in my favorite saari. Jhanvi thinks shaureya has left that letter there. She is so happy. Simar calls roli and tells her jhanvi has read the letter. Jhanvi is looking for the favorite saari. Simar asks Jhanvi where is the thread. Jhanvi shows her the letter. Jhanvi says i don't have the blue saari. Simar says Roli has a blue saari go to my room I am taking the saari out.
Jhanvi wears the saari. Simar says it suits you a lot let me do you hair. Simar tells her the short cut. Jhanvi leaves and Simar tells Roli that its the final stage of our plan.

Scene 3
Jhanvi goes to the hotel she goes to the room. Shaureya comes there later. He says I wanna meet Roli bharadwaj. He bribes the receptionist. He says that she is in room no 502.
Jhanvi is in the room. She finds another letter its written turn of the light and sit down and do not turn until I don't ask you to.
Shaureya is in front of the room and says your game is over now Roli and Simar. Here youare and what a plan you made but you challenged wrong man.
Shaueeya enters the room and says I am gonna give you the surprise I couldn't give you in the jungle. How will you be safe from me roli bhabhi. He holds Jahnvi's face. He says you tried a lot to save jhanvi and your family from me but you couldn't. I can do anything for vengeance. I used jhanvi against you by my fake love. It won't be even until he I don't want. Suddenly the lights turn on and Simar and Roli are behind him. Shaureya says you both here. Who is this then ? Jahnvi turns back. Shaureya is dazed. Shaureya syas Jhanvi you ? Jhanvi is in tears. Simar says with the 24 hours your game has ended as well. Whole familycomes in. Mata ji asks Roli are you okay ? Simar called and said you are in some trouble. Simar says I lied to all of you. Roli is all right. Mausi ji asks why did you call us tyhen ? Simar sys because you all can see the real face of Shaureya. Mata ji says you are accusing him once again. Have you forgotten your promise ? Roli says she is right please listen the whole story once. Simar says you all will be bewildered to hear that the person who wanted kill Roli is none other than Shaureya. Roli tells her all the time shaureya scared her. Shaureya says they are lying. Roli says then tell me what are you doing here this room is booked on my name. What are you doing here ? Shaureya sasy Simar bhabhi called me saying that roli bhabhi is in trouble. jhanvi slaps Shaureya so hard and says stop it Shaureya. Mata ji says what have you done jhanvi ? He is your husband ? You slapped him jhanvi says husband that's why I respected him. I even was about to leave my familybecause of this man. This man has made fun of my feelings. Rajhinder asks whats wrong with you ? Jhanvi says Simar and Roli bhabhi were right about him. Shaureya was telling me all his sins considering me roli bhabhi. He has cheated all of us. They both never believed him they warned me but I never listened to them. They never gave up other wise I could never know the real face of this man. jahnvi says what was my fault ? You teased and attacked Roli bahbhi like a coward. I was proud of you of your love you broke that all. Why you did this to me ? Jhanvi throws him away. prem says even a wild animal gets better. I won't leave you. Mata ji says stop it prem. Shaureya says i am not a public propety that everyone can touch me. i have never seen foolish people like you.

Precap-Shaureya is pointing his gun towards Roli and jahnvi is pointing a gun towards him. he says no matter what I do you can't kill your husband. Suddenly a gun shots.


Prem says the family who loved you so much you did tho them ? He says I won't leave you. Maata ji stops him. Shaureya syas i am not a public property I have never seen idiots like you. You believed all I said. You made me God. He says to Jahnvi what is this drama ? I never love you. I have told you million times that you are not my time. Why are you over reacting ? Is this new to you ? Mata ji asks why you did this then ? Shaureya says for revenge. She made fun of our family. You insulted me and my sister. I showed you what mistake you have doen specailly this Roli. Mata ji says now police will punish you. Mata asks Prem to call police. Shaureya says what will you say to police ? You have no proof against me. Think again the police will be in my security. Go live and think Shaureya has given you life. Roli says we don't need proof to send you to jail. You have confessed your sins yourself in front of the camera. Roli shows him the camera. Simar says police is watching all this you said here. Simar calls police and asks them to arrest shaureya. Shaureya shows police the gun and says I will shoot if you do anything. He gets Roli and says I will kill her. Mata ji asks him to leave Roli. He says I will shoot her. Inspector says stop this. Jhanvi says surrender Shaureya. Shaureya takes her out. Police and everyone follows him. Shaureya shoots the inspector on the leg. He takes Roli some where in the car. Everyone is following them.

Scene 2
Shaureya stops by a mountain and police and bharadwaj family too.
Shaureya is with Roli on the moutain. Everyone sees him and starts screaming. Rajhinder says leave Roli Shaureya. He points a gun towards family. Shaureya says 24 hours challenge has 15 minutes left. I will win and you will lose your sisters. Simar begs please leave Roli Shaureya. Shaureya says you will cry like this whole of your life. Jhanvi says please leave Roli Shaureya. Prem comes from the other side to attack Shaureya and Shaureya shove him. Then he shoves Roli down the mountain. Everyone is dazed. Shuareya laughs looks i have won. Suddenly they hear Roli screaming. She is hung from a stem. Shaureya says no one will move otherwise I will shoot. Meghna comes and and stop it Shaureya.
Meghna asks Shaureya what were you doing. Prem jumps down. Meghna sasy you will bearrested with murder charges if Roli dies. Shaureya says i don't care. Meghna says but i do. Shaureya says I won't leave them Meghna says stop it Shaureya please. I will handle this all.
Simar gets a rope. Prem throws it to roli and asks her to hold to. She is trying hard. Roli grasps the rope. Prem is trying to get her up. Everyone is in tears.

Precap-Shaureya is pointing his gun towards Roli and Jhanvi is pointing a gun towards him. Shaureya says no matter how bad I am you can' kill your husband by your own hands.

DEc 25th

Prem throws the rope and tries to get Roli up. She is trying hard as well. Everyone is praying. Shaureya says Simar and starts running. Meghna says no Shaureya please you are my life. What will i do if something happens to you. Leave them please. Shaureya says I love you too but these sisters insulted you and me. i can't forgive me. jhanvi goes to shaureya. Sh says i am sorry we never wanted to insult you both. We can sort it out. Shaureya says no you will see the real face of shaureya now. Prem gets Roli up. Simar hugs her. Shaureya goes towards her and says I can't lose like this. Everyone is dazed and scared. He points his gun towards Roli. Jhanvi is seeing at all this. She gets some sand in her hands and throws it on the face of shaureya. The gun falls from his hands. Jahnvi gets the gun. She points it towards Shaureya and asks him to leave. Prme is calling the cops. Sahureya says I accept I have made a mistake. Please forgive me. He starts moving towards her. he says I was out of my mind. I don't wanna go to jail please save me di. Why I didn't die before getting you here. Meghna says I won't let anything happen to you. i will handle everything. She hugs. Shaureya throws her on a side and grasps a gun of guard. He points it towards Roli and says I will kill Roli jhanvi. Drop your weapong. Jhanvi says you can't do that shaureya. He syas so you will kill you husband with these shivering hands. Just chill you are my wife you can't kill me. Its her responsibility to be with his husband in all situations and forgive him. You will forgive me no matter how bad I am. You can't kill your husband by your own hands. Mata ji comes in front of Roli and says Jahnvi won't shoot that doesn't mean you won. You will have to kill me before roli and Simar Mausi comes there too and Rajhinder stands in front of all. Shaureya laughs. How can I miss this opportunity. I am gonna kill this whole bhardwaj family today. The punishment is same no matter how many people I kill. He is about to shoot. Jhanvi is in tears. Meghna wants to stop him. Suddenly a gun shot is heard. Jhanvi has shot shaureya. He turns his gun down. Bewildered looking at the blood on his chest. Everyone is dazed. Meghna is quiet. He falls on the ground. Meghna screams his name. she goes running to him. Mausi ji hugs jhanvi who is crying so hard. Meghna takes shaureya to the hospital. prem says Mata ji i think we should go to the hospital too
Simar asks Roli to go home. she isn't good. we will go to the hospital. mausi gets jhanvi up with the help of rajhinder. Meghna is worried about him. They get him to the emergency in the hospital. Mata ji along with others arrive there.
Meghna is in tears. She prays to go to get her brother back. Rajhinder says we are all with you megha we are all praying., Simar says nothing will happen to him. Mata ji prays for him. Mausi ji says Shaureya is here because of his own faults. Mausi ji says w should pray for sake of hummanity. No matter how bad is he his is brother of someone. jahnvi shot him because she wanted to save him. Doctor comes out. She tells meghna that his condititon is critical. His heart beat is lowering down.

Precap- Jahnvi opens the door and cops are there. They say we want to arrest jhanvi in charges for killing her husband.

Dec 26th

The doctor tells that his heartbeat is losing because of blood shed. Meghna says i want to meet him. She stops her and says you can't meet her. She goes in forcefully. Meghna goes in. She is in tears and comes out all quiet. Mata ji asks her whats wrong? What did the doctor say ? She move forward and sits on the bench. Mata ji asks is he okay ? Meghna says he is not the part of us anymore. She cried and Jhanvi is dazed. Mausi ji holds her. Attul says please leave us alone. Meghna screams. They all leave. Roli is eagerly waiting. Everyone comes in and asks what happened ? Mata ji Simar to take her to the room. Mata ji says I have to tell sujata what has happened. Simar takes her up. Mata ji prays God to give her strength.

Scene 2
Jhanvi enters her room. She recalls shaureya praising her in the dress he gifted. Serving herthe food. She looks in the mirror. Simara and Roli are there too. Simar reaches her and asks her to rest a little. She says no i have a really important work to do. She throws away all her bangles. They fall on the floor one by one. She breaks her wed-locket(mangal sutar). She remembers her wedding. Shaureya filling her hairline. Tears are slipping down her cheeks.

Scene 3
Sujata is crying so bad after knowing about the aftermath.
Mata ji says only mother can support her child. Where will she go if you break yourself. Sujata says where can i bring the strength. Why she has to face this? Why there are no happy moments in her life. Simar brings Jhanvi downstairs. She looks upset. Jhanvi says to Sujata i will kick out everything related to Shaureya. i have suffered a lot and I am so strong i will consider it my fate. Sujata hugs her. Sujata says what kind of injustice is that. Why God gave her happiness if he wanted to take them back. Sid comes in and asks what happened to jhanvi ? Prem tells him the whole story. How he threaten everyone and Jhanvi shot him. Sid hugs jhanvi and says apologize me for not being with you when you wanted me to be here. Jhanvi says these are all the consequences of my deeds. She asks Simar and Roli to pardon. She says I have been so rude to you. i asked you to ask pardon of a man like Shaureya. Because of me he got the courage to attack Roli bhabhi. i am so remorseful. Please forgive me. Achna says your one wrong decision has got whole family in trouble. Nothing will change with this apology ? Neither you had decide to marry him nor this all had happened. All the family is in trouble because of jhanvi. Pai stops her. She says i will keep quiet but how will you shut the mouth of society. Mausi ji says shut up, We don't say anything doesn't mean we will endure everything. Jhanvi says i will be back. She locks herself in the room and cries so hard. She remembers Shaureya saying that I never loved you. i did this all just to seek my revenge. She remembers him saying that he will kill roli and achna saying that she has got whole family in trouble.

Precap-jhanvi opens the door and cops are there saying we are here to arrest miss jhanvi for killing her husband.

Dec 27th

Mausi ji says like this dark night all the problems of our family vanish. Karuna says we won't be able to forget that day. Sujata says i can understand what will be the condition of roli and Jhanvi. Mausi ji says I am not worried about Roli she has sid with her he knows how to handle her. But Jhanvi she s all alone she has lost her life partner. Mata ji says jhanvi hasn't eaten anything. Simar says she was sleeping i will make her eat the food later. mata ji says she won't eat anything make sure you give her a glass of milk.

Scene 2
Simar knocks the door of Jhanvi's room. She says i have brought you milk. Prem comes there and Simar tells her that Jhanvi is not opening the door. Everyone comes and asks her to open the door. Mata ji says we are all worried. Prem and Shalu try to break the door lock. When they go in they find jhanvi on bed. Everyone tries to wake her up. Simar seessleeping pills in her palm. Everyone is dazed. Sujata cries and tries to get her up. Everyone is in tears. The doctor comes and checks her. She says I have given her the injection she will be fine in a few hours. Mausi ji says Sujata she is well now. Its time to thank God not to cry. Jhanvi opens her eyes. Simar kisses her forehead. Mausi ji says why you did this jhanvi. Sujat says we need ti leave her alone. Mata ji says she is right. We should all leave her alone and not ask her questions. Sujata says i will stay with her, Simar says me too. Sujata says to jhanvi that a mom is strong she can bear anything for her children but can't see her kids in pain. jhanvi says apologize me I won't cause you anymore pain. Sujata says please don't what was meant to be has happened and I know my daughter is so strong she won't make any mistake again. Thank God you are fine. Let me bring you some food. Sujata goes down to bring her something to eat. Simar tries to make jhanvi strong she says consider this all fate I know its a tough time for you but you can try jhanvi and we are all with you. She holds Simar's hand.

Scene 3
Mausi ji says we should make jhanvi busy in something so she can forget everything. Karuna says we all should make sure that nothing reminds her of him. jhanvi comes downstairs and says this all is not needed. She says mata ji we keep asking God for gifts but never understand that the best gift is life. i was going to finish that bliss please forgive. She asks Sujata's apology. Sujata says i made the mistake of not agreeing with simar and roli. I made such a blunder please forgive me simar and roli. Simar says please don't say this maa. Mata ji says we are all their culprits. Sid says meghna has lost her brother she will take revenge. We should keep our selves ready for that. Mausi ji says we shouldn't be scared. Jhanvi shot for her safety meghna was there too. Roli says even if there is no mistake she will won't leave us. It must have got her mad. She loved her brother so much. Sujat says I asked you jhanvi to get him back in your life its all my mistake. Jhanvi says no its my mistake and I will rectify it. Before police come here i will surrender. Prem says no I will talk to lawyerand get this case solved. jhanvi says no i won't get you all in trouble anymore. When jhainvi opens the gate she finds cops theer. inspector says that we are here to arrest jhanvi in charge of killing shaureya. Who is she ? Prem says she shot to save her life. She says let court decide that we just have the arrest warrant. Mausi ji says he was here for a reason. He says no matter what the story is she has to go to station with us. The police takes her. Simar says wait talk to meghna singhaniya once she was there too. He says she has reported the case. Mata ji says brother of love has got her mad. Prem says the bail will be tomorrow. Mausi ji begs please don't do this. A car arrives there and Its Meghan. Everyone is dazed.

No Precap

DEc 30th 

Meghna comes there an says I have not fires any case against Jhanvi. Inspector says you manager Attul has fires the report. Meghna says he didn't know the reality. Sujata says now leave my daughter. Inspector says we have to take her to the station still. Court will decide if it was an accident or murder. Prem says but you know the reality now. Meghna asks driver to be on a side with her. She says him something. He calls someone. Then he comes and says that leave jhanvi. Meghna says to Mata ji that I am never with the injustice. I tried a lot to save him from the wrong path he never listened to me. Look how far has he gone now. I lost him forever. Everything is my fault. I consented to everything he said. If I was right he would have been right too. How will I live without him. She says to Jhanvi I can't forget my brother but I want you to forget him and start a new life. You have a lot of time and there is no mistake of yours. It was the consequence of his deeds. Jhanvi hugs her. Sujata says Jhanvi will take sometime. Mausi ji says lets go in now.

Scene 2
Everyone is in the living room. jhanvi says i am tire di am going to my room. Masui says she is not out of all that i said before that we should plan something. Sujat says I am saying we all should go to Devi maa's temple. We should thank her. Sid says me and prme will arrange all for the trip. Mata ji says we will go tomorrow.
Roli says to simar thanks di you are the only one who trusted me. We could never make it through if you didn't trust me. Simar says I told you before i will trust you no matter anyone else does it or not. We should thank our God for all this she has saved us all. We just have to make sure that jhanvi starts a new life everything in her life is good. Now go to sleep we have to wake up early and start a new day. Roli says it will new beginning for all of us.

Scene 3
Pari looks at her dress and brags why am i worried I am still the beautiful young miss chandni chook. Suddenly arrav starts crying. Achna says give to me. Smart granny's smart grandson. i have to go to chandigarh. Pari says how will i manage with aarav on the trip. Achna says this is my best friend's daughter's wedding. Achna says i will take aarav with me. Its just about one week. Pari says but I don't think family will allow this. She says i will say to mata ji that everyone in chandigarh wishes to see him.

Scene 4
Next morning all family gets together for the trip. They sit in the bus. Mausi ji says to roli that look whole family is together but it fells like we are just seats. Mausi ji says let me do something. She goes to mata ji and says that I am so hungry why not stopping a car on some good restaurant. Sid says as you wish mausi ji. He asks driver to stop the bus on a restaurant.
The bus stops and everyone gets out. Jhanvi still looks down and prefers sitting alone.
Mausi ji ask her to have the lunch.
Jhanvi says I am not in mood. Simar says okay but at least come and sit with us we are all together after such a long time. They all enjoy the lunch. Mausi ji says to Rajhinder book my taxi I am going home Mata ji says isn't the food okay ? Mausi ji says what will God says if we go to him with faces like this ? Mata ji says give a little time its not that easy. Mausi ji says its not that difficult too. Sujata says she is right we have to start from ourselves if we want to see jhanvi happy. Jhanvi is leaving simar stops her nad the music stars. Song haste haste' is playing. Everyone is dancing with jhanvi. Mata ji, sujata, prem, roli everyone sings for her.

Precap- Simara and Roli are ringing a bell. Some lady open the door. Simar asks maa are you okay ? She says yes i am fine what will happen to me.

Dec 31st

The bhardwaj family arrives at the madir. Suddenly Simar gets a call from someone its a guy who tells her that he is their new neighbor. He wants to inform her that her mom is seriously ill and is admitted in the hospital . Simar tells everyone. They all get worried. Mata ji says we all have to leave for there. Simar says no only me and roli can go it won't be good if we leave the pooja like this. We can hire a cab to be there. Sid says let me gowith you. Simar says no your presence here is more important. Sid says okay we will pray for here here. They leave for their house.

Scene 2
Simar and Roli go to their mom and asks her how is she ? When did she dischgared ? She says I am totally fine who said this ? She says some new neighbor told me that you are there is hospital. She says someone must have made a joke. Gautam(their brother) comes there. Roli makes a little fun of him. She asks Roli and Simar to stay there. Simar says okay let me inform Prem ji.

Scene 3
Mata ji tells the pandit jee that they want to donate 1 lac rupees. Sujata asks Prem to call and ask about Simar's mom. Simar calls him and tells her that mom is all right someone made a joke. Mata ji takes the phone. Simar gives the phone to her mom. She says can you allow Simar and Roli to stay here for a night. Mata ji that's good they will get a little rest too. Maa asks Roli and Simar to smile and have fun. She we will talk a lot and watch TV and I will love my daughters.

Scene 4
Sid says to Prem that staying here was a good idea but i wish Roli was here too. And yeah Simar too. Prem says no worries if she isn't in front of me she is on phone. Let me call Simar she must haven't slept. Roli must be awake to I guess.
Roli and Simar are talking. She says our room has changed a lot. Simar says its us who have changed. You have to leave all the responsibilities here. Prem calls Simar. She says I am still confused that who called. Prem says I am confused too. Simar says I couldn't make it to there. Prem says to Simar this is the first time you are away from me. I fell like world has stopped. Simar says yeah me too I mean Anjali is missing you. Roli says give me the phone i wanna tell sid ji how much Anjali miss him. Roli gets the phone and says I miss you, its prem on the other side he laughs. Sid gets the phone and says I love you so much. Its simar on the other side. They all laugh and turn the speaker on.

Precap-simar and roli get home and they can't find anyone. roli says how is this possible.

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