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Roli turns back and finds a man there with a lighter she asks who are you. Answer me. He starts moving towards her. She says I am asking you to stay away from me. Se falls on thefloor and is so scared. She shouts stay away.
Jhanvi enters her room and can't find shureya there. She looks in the washroom and he is not there.

Scene 2
Roli enters the house. She sees everyone busy with Shaureya. She wonders how is Shaureya how did he came there before her. He was in jungle. Simar sees Roli. She asks roli where was she? What happened to her? Everyone gets worried. Achna gets there too. Karuna asks roli why is she crying ? Mausi ji looks at her hand bleeding. M ausi ji says please tell me what happened? Roli look at shaureya and hugs Simar. Shaureya thought is looking at her with a confused face. Shaureya asks how did this all happen ? She tells everyone that her car stopped and she hired a taxi. She woke up in jungle later. Then she finds someone with a lighter. She says I am here after a lot on hurdles. mausi ji says you are so brave Roli. She hugs her. Mata ji is in tears as well. Sujata says thank god you are fine. Sujata asks Simar to take her to her room. She looks at Shaureya who is still confused.

Scene 3
Everyone gathers in Roli's room. Mata ji says Karuna and uma are making you food. Don't worry whole family is with you. We won't leave that demon. Prem says yes tell me Roli did you see his face. Shaueya says says yes you are not alone Roli bhabhi. We are all with you. try to remember his face. Roli looks at sujata and prefers keeping quiet. Simar asks you must have seen something how will we catch him if you don't tell anything. She says his face was covered with a cloth I couldn't see his face. Mata ji says she is woried leave her alone whya re you all asking her so many question. Sujata says people will talk so much about roli. Shaureya says but that doesn't mean that we won't do anything. We should inform police. Maybe we will get a justice. Sujata sys this will only increase her pain. I just wanna say that we should give roli some time. Mata ji says we will talk about this later. Just go and let her rest. Simar says i wanna stay here with her.. Mata ji says okay.

Scene 4
Sid calls Simar and asks her where is roli I have been trying her phone since so long. She says her phone fell on her way back to home.
Sid asks is she okay.Simar says I wanna tell something about roli. Roli takes the phone and says I am perfectly fine. Are you ? i am missing the phone. Simar asks Roli why you lied to him ? roli says she got first international chance I don't wanna spoli his trip. Please don't tell him. Roli and Simar go to sleep. Roli sees the same scene in her dream. She wakes up screaming. Simar turns the light on. And asks what happened ? She sees that there is nowater in the jug. Simar says let me bring water for you. Roli says Anjali will wake up if you leave the bed I will bring it. roli goes to the kitchen she feels someone is there. she hears the same voice she heard in the jungle.she gets scared. she shouts who is there. she tries to run to the room suddenly a man comes with same lighter and music.

Precap- Simar is abot to slap shaureya she says I won't leave you for what you have done to roli. In the next 48 hours either you will stay in this house or we two.


Shaureya is there with the lighter. He syas have i made you scared ? I am sorry. Shaureya says speak slowly it will create problem for you. Again the same quarrel for false accusation. Roli says i have the proof for this. Roli says till when will you be saved ? You said that to jhanvi. You have the same perfume and lighter. He says yes I said this but just in a game and the perfume well this is available for everyone and so does this lighter and jhanvi gifted me. How can you use it to blame. Roli says you can't scare me. I will tell the whole family. He says yes go and tell them. It will be fun. How much insult you want more? I couldn't wake up from the bed even your simar didi knows that how can the same person be at two places. Roli says my simar didi will believe me. Shuareya says go and ask her? He says good luck then. Roli goes to the room she remembers simar was bit reluctant to the to agree on that gift scene . She thinks its useless to tell her anything. Simar wakes up and asks roli whats wrong? Roli hugs her and sys can you believe me ? Simar says even if i have to oppose the whole world I will trust you. Now tell me. Roli says the person who wnts to kill me is shaureya. I have the proof. Roli tells her the whole story. Simar says this is too much we have to show him his value now. I am coming in a few moments he leaves the room. She is in the living room Shaureya comes there. She is about to slap him and says we know your reality I am asking you to stay away form roli. Shaureya says so you are here to be on her side but you know that i was here. Simar says if roli is saying you were there then you were. I don't know how. We will not keep quiet after al this. He says what aconfidence. he sys what are you waiting for ? Go tell everyone you family will lose patience this time if you don't have the proof and btw what about the promise you made in front of everyone. Shaureya says think if you have to apologize being in m y feet. Simar says i am telling you that you have 48 hours either you will stay here or we two. He says oh challenge accepted. I will send you out of this family. She says we will only leave this once when we will die but you are just a guest fro next 48 hours.

Scene 2
Next morning roli says to simar that he is so clever. roli says we should inform the police. simar says no they can't help us without proof.
everyone is on the table of breakfast. pari says to mata ji i don't wanna change the name of my shop. mausi ji says you are breaking your promise. Mata ji says stop this coverstaion. where is roli ? Jahnvi sasys he is in her room. Mata ji says i asked you all not leave her alone these days. Jahnvi says let me bring her., Shaureya says i am going to my room. i will ask her to come.

Scene 3
Shaureya is moving closer to Roli she ssy stay away from. Shaurya raises his hand but simar stops him. She says don't think she is alone i wll be with her all the time. Shaureya says go and tell the family. 48 days are not enough to kick me out.

Precap- Shaureya is going some where. mata ji asks her to have the dinner. he says i am not hungry i am going to find that man out. Prem sasy do you remember roli? She says yes i remember his appearance.


Shaureya is going somewhere sujata asks him where is he going ? He says I am going to find that man out. Mata ji says but have the breakfast first. He says I can't sit until I don't find that man out. Jhanvi asks him to have the breakfast first. Prem asks Roli if she remembers the appearance of that man. She says yes I remember all. He was tall. Not much lean neither fat. His hair were messy and has big eyes and.. simar stops him. She says we shouldn't force Roli much. Mata ji says you are right. Roli leaves the table and says I am not in mood to eat. Simar says i will see her don't worry.
Roli says in the room that simar saved her. She shouldn't say much. Simar asks what she was doing ? Roli says he provoked me. i am sorry i know I should not have said all those things. Simar says you shouldn't lose. Roli says I can't tolerate him anymore. Simars says don't be hopeless. God will show us the. We will win against the evil. Shureya is listening to all this he says I feel good looking you this way Roli.

Scene 2
Mausi ji goes to mata ji who is in tears. Mausi ji asks whats wrong ? Mata ji says i feel like something is really wrong with our family. Uma is at the door step too. Mausi ji says that and Pari is so arrogant with the name of the shop. mata ji says no its not like that. Uma says yes it is like that. She does only what she wants. Mata ji says this different name of shop will separate our family.

Scene 3
Roli sees Shaureya on the door. She whispers in simar's ear. Simar says shaureya is a coward he can't do anything in front of the family. He do this when you are alone. Shaureya starts the music of lighter. Rooli asks him to stop it. Shaureya says oh simar bhabhi that's too much anger. You still have time withdraw. Simar says no way. He says you called me coward look what i will do to your sister in next 24 hours. Either you keep her in the houseor not. Simar says you can't even touch her. Shaureya says okay lets play. Roli stops the tears and Simar says we have to make him believe that we are scared of him we can't do anything to him. Then we will play our game. Roli says I have a feeling that we will win this time.

Scene 4
Out side Pari's shop there are people promoting daddu ji halwai's shop.
Pari goes shouting to Uma. She says how can you distribute the pamphlets of daddu ji halwai in my area. uma says i made new sweet i will promote it in whole city. Pari says I will talk to mata ji about this. Mausi ji comes in and says hey I see our shops with the a lot of people. The taste of uma's hand and the promotion will lead us. Pari says no one can beat aarav sweets. I will prove this. She leaves in the anger. Mausi ji and uma laugh.

Scene 5
Simar tells roli that he is coming. They start the acting. Simar says to roli that i have to go to the dinner with prem its important to me. Roli says please no didi. Simar says shaureya can't do anything to you in the house. Roli says its okay. Simar says okay i will be back soon. Shaureya says challenging shaureya and giving him such a chance. I feel sorry for your innocence.

Scene 6
Roli is sleeping in her room and there is dark all there. Shaureya gets in there and starts the music of his lighter. Roli gets scared. She says stop this please. She hides under her bed pretending to be scared. Shaureya is moving toward her. He says there is no benefit in hiding Roli. Come out or i will come to you. Till when you will safe. He is looking for her every where. Roli shoves him shouting the name of simar she locks the room from outside. Shaureya says what should i do now. Roli tells Simar that shaureya is locked in Simar says lets call the family now.

Precap- Roli and Simar call the whole family there. Roli tells them that she has lockedthe man who wanted to kill her. Prem says I won't leve him today. Shaureya says I have to leave the room before everyine comes in.


Shaureya is in the room and Roli gets out of the room locking Shaureya in. Simar says very good. Lets call the whole family. They acll the whole family. Roli tells everyone that the person who wanted to kill her is in the room. She shoved him and locked him in. Prem says we won't let him go this time. Simar says this time you won't be safe. Suddenly Shaureya comes and asks whats wrong ?Roli and Simar are dazed. prem tells him that the guy is in. He says we son't leave him this time. Prem says there is no on here. Mata ji says are you sure Roli ? Shureya got out from the window. Simar sees the window and figures out. Mata ji says its okay Roli don't be worried. You must have seen a nightmare. Roli is about to say something simar stops her and says she is tired I guess. Sujata syas you are right Simar. She should rest. Everyone leaves. Shaureya give intense looks to both of them.

Scene 2
Sujata says that Roli said with so much belief that I thought there was someone really in her room. Mausi ji says why would she lie. Prem says buts he locked him in. Shaureya says that we should get Roli bahbhi checked by a psychiatrist. Mausi ji says what you wanna say ? Is she mad? Sujata says she is perfectly fine just a little scared. Shaureya says her fear and whats he did last night wasn't normal we should take her before it increases. Simar says Roli won't go anywhere. She doesn't need any doctor. Shaureya syas I respect your feeling but.. Simar stops him saying I am saying you she needs no docto and about last night it was not a mere dream. it was truth. Shaureya syas how can you be so sure. The window was open he must have left from there. Mausi ji syas i told you roli is smart. Mata ji says you are right simar she just need our affection nothing else. Shaureya thinks I have a lot of time to snatch your smile. Consider this your last win here.

Scene 3
Achna says to simar that your family is circus. you just focus on your shop. Pari says yes uma bahbhi is promoting daddu ji halwai again and again. She suddenly hears Uma talking to a client roy. She syas wow you liked the sweets just give us more order. We won't disappoint.

Scene 4
Uma says on the phone yes okay. Mausi ji says whats wrong ? She says we got it. Mausi ji says congratulations. Pari says how is this possible we gave them such a good offer. How can they give you a contract. Uma says name and quality matters. Pari says you knew how important it was for me but still you got the contract. I understand you want my shop to be closed. Simar says cancel the contract Aarav sweets is our shop as well. Mausi ji says okay we will but on a condition she has to change the name to daddu ji halwai. mata ji syas this is wrong. Mausi ji says no i am not gonna listen you this time. Siamrs says this is blackmailing please give her this contract.
Pari is crying in her room. Uma and Simar get there. Pari says what are you here for to see my tears ? Simar says no Uma bhabhi has decided to give this contract to you. She has talked to the client there is no problem. Simar syas Aarav sweets is the part of our familybusiness let us know whenever you need help.

Scene 5
Roli calls Sid and says him that come back I am missing you so much. Shaureya thinks is she making me fool how can she be so normal with Sid ? Suddenly Roli says to Simar that I can't lie to him anymore. i can't live with this fear. He understands everytime when I am worried. Shaureya leaves. Simar says thank God i saw him coming. Simar says he has believed that you are scared and we will play another trick with him.

Precap- Shaureya says to Simar where is you sister. Is she hiding from the fear of me. Simar says I have sent him some where you can't reach.


Mata ji wakes up and she finds something in the news paper. She starts screaming everyone's name. Rajhinder asks what happened mata ji. She shows him the paper and says the name of Aarav sweets is changed to Daddu ji Halwai. Sujata says this had to happen. We can't see you sad. Mata ji says Daddu ji today is a very blessed day. They have given me the happiness I lost all my hope in. Pari leaves. Shalu says this is a little gift from all of us to Daddu ji. Mata ji really happy. Shaureya is on the door steps he wonders where is Roli. He thinks maybe she is scared to face me in fron t of whole family. Simar says lets go for the breakfast. We have made everything what daddu ji liked.

Scene 2
Shaureya goes to kitchen and says is Roli so scared that she even stopped coming downstairs. Simar gets a call. Shaureya says are you playing some game ? Simar says I have sent her some where you can't reach. You can't go to her. Shaureya says I am not fool. I know you can't leave her. What will you say to the family. Simar says that's probably not your problem. Shaureya says I won't lose I will find her out no matter if she is here in the house or some where out. Simar says lets see.
Simar leaves the kitchen. He says I can't go away from the win. I will find Roli.

Scene 3
Everyone is laughing in the living room. Mausi ji says this was the idea of my Shalu. MAta ji says shalu and Pari you have given me a lot of happiness my changing the name of shop. Thank you so much. Achna says after all Pari is the most responsible daughter of this house. Simar brings in the cholay poori' Maat ji says that's what Daddu ji always liked. Shaureya says Simar bhabhi where is Roli bhabhi. Mata ji asks Simara is she all right ? Simar says she is fine she had to go sangeet of her friend Payal. She forgot to tell. She will stay there. Mata ji is bit disappointed. Simar says I apologize mata ji is sent her forcefully I thought change of environment will help her. Mata ji says oh that's very good then. She needed a change. Shaureya syas I can't lose this. I have to find her. Lets rummage in her roommaybe i find something. He says I have to make a phone call i will be back. He leaves.
Shaureya enters Roli's room. He thinks where to start from. Her friend called her that means she must have told her the address. it must be written some where here. He starts looking every where but couldn't find a clue.

Scene 4
Pari shouts at Shalu saying you changed the name of my shop without asking me. Achna comes in and says you are playing with the future of your son. Shalu says this is theproblem of me and my wife. Leave us alone. Achna leaves in anger. Pari says why you did this. This is my shop I will be handling it. You can't force me to obey what you say. Shalu says I did all for you. Never intruded. Today you have to choose between your husband and your shop. I did what ws best for everyone.

Scene 5
Shaureya sees Simar talking to someone. He figures that she is atlking to Roli. He wishes he could get her phone. Jahnvi comes down too. Simar says Roli i will talk to you later. Jhanvi says I brought milk for you in the rom. DO you need something > Shaureya says I was hungry. She serves him with the breakfast. Jahnvi says Roli must be s enjoying in the Sangeet. Simar says yes she enjoys it a lot. Shaureya drops Simar's phone on the floor from the table. He says let me fix it, Simar says no i will. Simar says its not opening there is such an important number in this phone. Shaureya understands that the number is in herphone. Simar goe sto bring poori

Precap-Shaureya replaces Jahnvi's phone with Simar's. He calls on that number and asks is there any boking by the naem of Roli there ? They says yes. Shaureya feels like winning. Simar says Shaureya you will go there not to win but to lose.

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