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Kaise Mujhe Tum Milgayi Th 7 ch 6 pg 1 Jan 6

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OK Guys..as promised..Monday morning..new thread..new chapter are here. Yaara..tackling hug emoticon


This chapter is going to have some adult content. I understand that there are a few very young readers amongst us and I urge them to be careful while reading any further updates. Do not read too much between the lines. 


Chapter Six


Ashutosh looked up; a frown still creasing his brow. One look at her panicked expression, he cut the call midway, threw the phone on the table and stalked over to Nidhi, his eyes never leaving her face. His worry and a kind of fear..was evident in his body language.

"Nidhi.." His voice was soft and tender as he stroked gentle fingers across her cheek. "Nidhi, are you OK? Kya hua?"

Nidhi gulped in steadying breaths, weaving precariously. Ashutosh caught her arms and steadied her. She let him help her and guide her back towards the bedroom. She shook from head to toe and was simultaneously hot and cold. She could see Ashutosh's face harsh and drawn in anger. Shouting. Demands. Accusations. She covered her ears and shook her head, trying to shut out the ugliness. "Am scared."

His hands crept over her shoulders, and she turned instinctively into the shelter of his arms. He pressed a kiss to her temple. "Of what Nidhi? There is no need to be afraid of anything. Mein hoon na tumhaare saath? Hmmm?"

She nodded but couldn't completely shake away the effect that room had on her. "I don't know. I'm just scared." A shudder ran through her body. "Ashtuosh, do you..do you hate me?"

He jerked as if he had been slapped. "Wh..what?"

Nidhi closed her eyes and cursed herself. Poor guy! What must he be thinking! That his amnesiac wife was now insane too? I really am losing my mind. May be I already lost it. May be I'll never get it back. His arms surrounded her. Hands smoothed her hair back and eased away the tears on her face.

"Nidhi..No! I would never hate you!"

Ashutosh sounded so fierce, as if he'd single-handedly chase away all her demons. Slowly the darkness faded away. The voices stopped their assault and the coldness dissipated, leaving warmth. His chest heaved, and she opened her eyes to see such pain reflected on his face. He looked..tortured.

"I am sorry Ashutosh. Patanahi kya hogaya tha mujhe!"

"Shhh..just relax. Take it easy. I will just go down and get you some milk and something to eat. You will feel better. Don't move. OK?"

He left the room and closed the door behind him. As if all the energy in him had been sucked away, he sagged on the first step that would take him to the ground floor and kitchen. What had she meant? Was she remembering? Was her mind tortured with memories of those few weeks of their marriage? Was she putting it all together so soon? Do you hate me? He wanted to puke. Was that what she had thought at that time? Would she still think the same once she gets her memory back? Please God! Don't let her ever think he hated her. He'd die before ever letting her think that even for a moment.


Days passed. A week since the first night they slept together. More than ten days since she came home. But the dark thoughts refused to leave her whenever she neared that study room. They kept hitting her on a deep emotional level that frightened her. It wasn't real, was it? But whatever it was, it twisted and turned through the paths, spreading despair in its wake. Should she share her fears with her husband? What could she say? Gee Ashutosh, I keep seeing you as a real bas***d and that you hated me. That would certainly make him feel good. No. They were just some kind of unconscious fears raring their ugly head due to her physical vulnerability. Time would remove them completely. All she would do for now was to avoid that room and let in only positive thoughts. She refused to let her fear win.

On the eleventh day early morning, Nidhi blinked her eyes open. It had taken a while for her to become accustomed not only to sleeping in the wondrous luxury of that king size bed, but also to sleeping with Ashutosh. Not that she'd had any difficulty making the transition. In fact, she was usually so glued to him by the middle of the night that she was surprised he didn't shove her away. But he seemed content..and even desperate to sleep melded together.

There was marked difference in her now. The sick look was gone and replaced with glowing skin and she even seemed to have gained a little weight. Every night Nidhi waited for her husband to take their relationship forward and show her how it was like between them but Ashutosh seemed intent on treating her like an invalid and best friend combined. He tucked her into the bed, chatted and left on the pretext of working or taking calls. And he got up and closeted himself in that study before she woke up in the mornings. Recover first seemed to be his mantra. She pouted and snuggled deeper into the quilts. Aur kitna recover? Budduraam's tube light was not catching her subtle signals.

Nidhi turned onto the back only to realize that this morning was an exception. She'd actually woken up before Ashutosh. With a loving smile she lay there watching him sleep. He looked almost vulnerable in this unguarded state, and she found the contrast fascinating. He was so hard and tough, so very protective of her, and yet right now she wanted to touch him, ease the worry she often saw in his eyes. She wondered what he'd do if she kissed him. Though he was affectionate with her, and touched her frequently, he hadn't made any effort to kiss her - really kiss her. She remembered his kisses from before. Sometimes passionate, sometimes ferocious and wild and sometimes exquisitely tender. But now there were light kisses to her forehead. A peck on the lips. Sometimes a brush across her cheek. But he hadn't kissed her like a lover..or a husband. Why? What was he so worried about? Didn't she react appropriately before? Nidhi frowned. No, that couldn't be possible. They were too physically aware of each other.

She snuggled a little closer to him, until her mouth was hovering just an inch from his. Her pulse pounded, and she chided herself for being so ridiculously nervous. It was just a kiss. They'd kissed any number of times before. She licked her lips and then carefully pressed her mouth to his. The light kiss gave her a giddy thrill. She kissed just the corner of his mouth and enjoyed the scratchy sensation of his morning shadow against her cheek. Gaining courage and confidence, she slid her moth fully over his and kissed him again. His lips parted, and she gasped in surprise.

He slid his hand behind her neck and cradled her head in his palm before giving her a soft kiss. Her heart fluttered and turned over like someone had set a jar full of butterflies free in her chest. He was exquisitely tender and so reverent that it brought tears to her eyes but drew away from her all too soon. "Good morning."

His voice was rough and she could feel the rapid thud of his heart under her palm. Yet he stopped. She made a sound of frustration and turned her head away. He frowned. "Something wrong?"

She sat up and looked at him. "I want you to kiss me, Ashutosh. A real kiss. I want to feel like a real wife, not some fraud you aren't sure of."

He caught her hands and held them still over his heart. "You are my real wife Nidhi. I just want you to..I just..I don't want to overwhelm you." Helplessness and temptation ate away his insides.

"Kiss me..just once..please!" Her soft voice was almost inaudible.

With a groan, he pulled her close until her chest was crushed against his. His hands slid up her arms until he cupped her face. Just before their lips touched, she heard his swift intake of breath, and he held it. The warm shock of his mouth on hers was the most pleasurable sensation she'd felt in a long long time. Had she lived for such intimacies the last few years or had she taken them for granted the way most married couples do? Never again. She'd savour each moment and hold it close. She had first-hand experience of how fast things could change, how easily life could be shattered.

Soft and gentle, he deepened the kiss, his fingers thrusting upward into her hair, tangling as he pulled her even closer. He shook against her, his chest throbbing with tightly held emotion. It overwhelmed her that he felt so deeply, that he was as desperate for her touch as she was for his. She reached up and tentatively stroked her fingers over the side of his neck. With a ragged gasp he pulled away and rolled out of the bed in one motion.

"I..need..I need to go. Call. I have a call."


"Kaka, aapke pohe ka toh jawaab nahi. After my mom, you are the best!"

Nidhi filled up her bowl once again. In the last one week she felt as if she were making up for the last six months; at least where the appetite was concerned.

HK smiled at her from his place near the stove. "Your mom was the one who taught me how to do that. You are looking a little better now. Touch wood."

Nidhi giggled. "That's a combination of your cooking and the visit from that lady yesterday."

HK laughed. "Woh beauty parlour wali?"

Nidhi sighed in exasperation. "I said I wanted to go to a beauty parlour and he called the beautician home! Hadd hain!"

"Well, you got it done na. So why are you cribbing now?" Seeing her downcast eyes, he came closer. "He is just worried about you beti. Office bhi nahi jaaraha hain. I keep telling him that I will here par woh sune tab na!"

Nidhi nodded. "I keep hearing him shout during most of his calls. He is probably driving his employees crazy. But he will go today. I already passed the order to him."

"And Superman today is going to follow Lois's orders."

Nidhi turned to Ashutosh's voice and almost stomped her foot in frustration. She was beginning to hate that Lois name now. It was as if he was trying to turn them back into best friends.

HK thought quickly. "Ashu beta, Nidhi wanted to go to the Omkareshwar Mandir. Why don't you both start the day with that? It will be a nice change for her too. Kyu beti?"

Delight replaced anger in a blink of an eye. She plopped out of the chair as if launched by a spring mechanism. "I will get ready in two minutes."

Ashutosh hesitated a little. The temple they got married. Would it revoke her memories? He swallowed. "I have a meeting.." Her face fell. Light dimmed in her eyes and her lower lips quivered. "We won't be able to stay long over there. Is that OK?"

She nodded and almost ran up the stairs with his shout of, "Nidhi sambhalke!" following her.


Ashutosh and Nidhi climbed the steps of the temple. He held on to her hand and told her repeatedly that he would lift her up and carry her if she felt tired or giddy. But she didn't. She truly didn't. For this occasion she had worn the olive green sari that she had seen herself wearing in that photograph. Because she wanted to see that proud possessive look on Ashutosh's face again? May be. And his wildly glittering eyes on a flushed face as soon as he saw her getting down the stairs gave away more of his feelings that probably even he realized. Now both of them stood in front of the idol.

"Bhagwaan! I don't remember anything about my marriage to this wonderful man beside me. I only know that I love him and I live for him. You literally brought me back from the dead. Now please grant me another wish. Grant me my memories. I want to remember my life..our life together. I want to know and be sure that he was happy with me being his wife."

"Bhagwaan! I don't know what I did to deserve this miracle second chance but thank you. Thank you very much. Now please I need another miracle. I want Nidhi to remember everything and I want her to love me like before. I want her to be with me like before. I want her to trust me again..believe that I trust her more than I trust myself. I promise You I will never give You or her a chance to regret granting me that one wish."

Ashutosh opened his eyes to find Nidhi looking at him with a hesitant smile on her face. She wet her lips and looked around. "We got married here, right?"

"You remember?"

She shook her head. "Kaka told me. Ashutosh..do you want me? I mean as a wife." The words came out rushed, and she stammered over the last. She didn't realize she was holding her breath until it escaped in a jerky explosion.

His face twisted in pain, and her heart surged, fluttering wildly. "Nidhi..there is nothing in this world that I want more than you as my wife. If I have you, I have everything."

She extended her palm which held sindoor in the centre and hope shining out of her eyes. "I don't remember what or how I felt on our wedding day. But I want to experience it today."

Everything in Ashutosh came to a complete standstill as he looked at her bowed head and the sindoor in her hand. His mind screamed at him to back away, give her some excuse. It told him that he would be cheating if he did this now. But his heart whispered to him to grab up this opportunity. All is fair in love and war. He loved her. It was not cheating. With trembling fingers, he took the sindoor and placed it over her maang.

Nidhi smiled brilliantly at him, dug into her handbag and took out the mangalsutra. He tried to grin. "You came fully prepared to ensnare me, huh?"

She laughed but quickly sobered up. "Shh..we are in the temple. Now marry me fast."

This time his smile and the joy on his face seemed more natural. Wordlessly, he took the mangalsutra and fastened it around her neck. The bells all over the temple rang at that exact time as if to bless the event. Both of them looked at each other with a strange kind of awkwardness.

May be he should talk to Ranganath and ask him. She is stronger now and seemed to have improved physically and mentally too. If Ranganath gave his go ahead then may be he can tell her what happened. Because until then..unless he told her..but would she believe him? What if causes a setback in her health?

"Uh..chale? I need to drop you home and go to the office. My VP is ready to murder me as it is!" Nidhi nodded; contentment wrapping her in its warmth and anticipation almost giving her wings.


"Nidhi beta?"

Nidhi stopped painting her toe nails the shade of what the name suggested - desert sunset and looked up. "Ji Kaka?"

"My daughter called up. Her husband needs to go somewhere and she wants me to come and stay with her. I need to go to the village for a couple of days."

"Oh OK. You need anything?"

HK smiled and shook his head. "Na na beti. I don't need anything but I am a little worried about you. Can you manage? Buss do din mein wapas aajaunga."

Nidhi came and hugged HK. "You don't worry about me at all. I am absolutely fine. You go and stay for however long you want. After everything that happened, you wouldn't have gone leaving Ashutosh here alone na." His eyes gave away the truth of that statement. "That means it's been more than six months since you saw her. Go kaka. Ashutosh and I will be fine." And she has something planned for her husband anyway!

"Are you sure?"

Nidhi gently pushed him towards his room. "Yes I am sure. Now go and pack. Do you have enough money?"

HK nodded. "Ashu gave me that..kya bolte hain..ATM card a few years back."

"Good for him. Now go. And don't you dare to call and tell him about your trip. I am perfectly fine and I will manage on my own."

HK gave a sceptical look but relented at her pleading face. May be it was for the best. "There is enough in there for your dinner tonight. OK? Aur agar.."

"Kaka, I will manage. Stop worrying and start packing."


That night Nidhi was missing Ashutosh and waiting for him to come home and in another part of the town someone else was missing Nidhi just as badly.


Armaan turned his head towards the chubby four year old boy and smilingly opened his arms. "Prithvi? Kya hua? Soye nahi abhi tak? Want me to tell you another story?"

Prithvi settled himself into his father's arms but continued to hug his soft toy, a baby giraffe. "No. No story. Daddy, when can I see Nidhi aunty?"

Armaan hugged the kid closer. "Soon beta. Very soon. Let her get well first."

"Bhagwaan ne sachchi unhe wapas bhejdiya? She is not a star in the sky like my ma?"

He tenderly smoothed the child's thick curly hair. "God didn't take her away at all beta. Your Nidhi aunty said that she loves Prithvi and didn't want to leave him. So God said OK."

Prithvi sat up straight, joy lit his eyes. "Really? Nidhi aunty said that?" Armaan nodded. "When do I see her? She must be missing me na!"

"Soon. Very soon. Right now she is a little weak. Let her get completely well again and we will go. OK? Now go and sleep. You have school tomorrow."

Prithvi nodded happily, kissed his dad and promptly fell asleep in his arms. Armaan sighed and closed his eyes. I am sorry Nidhi!


Ashutosh gave a weary sigh as he inserted the key and turned it. Home! Finally! He had wanted to leave early but it had been next to impossible. Too many piled up issues and too many irked clients with ruffled feathers. Thank God it was almost the end of the month and the end of the year. Holiday mood had set in otherwise he would have had to spend the night in his office.


He entered the foyer and frowned as silence greeted him. "Nidhi? Kaka?" He took the steps two at a time and almost barged into the bedroom. "Nidhi?"

Two soft arms wrapped themselves around his waist from behind. "Hello hubby!" Nidhi rubbed her cheek lovingly over his back and cuddled closer.

A barely noticeable stiffening of shoulders before he forced himself to relax and smile. "Had your dinner? Where is kaka?"

"Yes. Had my dinner. Kaka went to be with his daughter for a couple of days." She turned him to face her and closed his mouth. "I told him to go and made him promise that he wouldn't tell you anything about it. I am fine and he needed to go. Now you tell..how was your day? Dinner mein kya khaya?"

Ashutosh tenderly brushed the tendrils of hair that had fallen over her forehead. "I was in the middle of a client meeting. So just munched on some pizza."

"Still hungry? Shall I bring you some snack?" She caught his hand and brought it to her mouth. Her lips seared his skin.

He shook his head and fisted the palm that she just kissed. "I'll..uh..I'll just go and have a shower." Coward! He silently cursed himself. The expectant look in her eyes and her touch! Already the rising heat of desire was making him forget that he hadn't wanted this to happen. Not yet.

He picked up the towel, went to the bathroom. "Raat bahut hogayi. Sojao Nidhi." And closed the door.

Tum ho paas mere Saath mere ho tum yun
Jitna mehsoos karoon tumko
Utna hi paa bhi loon

Tum ho mere liye Mere liye ho tum yun
Khud ko main haar gaya
Tum ko, tukmko main jeeta hoon

Nidhi sent a pouting look at the closed bathroom door before smiling it away. I won't let me treat me like spun glass any more Ashutosh! She quietly adjusted the curtains that led to the balcony and made sure the covers of their bed were turned down invitingly. She fiddled with the overcoat of her skin coloured negligee before daringly removing it and throwing it aside. It took all the courage she had because try as she might she couldn't remember. But it was what she wanted the most now. He'd made all the sacrifices so far. He'd been patient and caring. He deserved this much. He deserved her courage. He deserved to allow himself to be himself around her again.  

She was brought out of her thoughts at the sound of the shower being shut off and sure enough a few moments later, Ashutosh walked back into the room. His gaze immediately fell on her..standing near the bed with the lamp light casting its dim glow from behind her..like an aura shining out of her. Fire blazed in his eyes, turning them a brilliant black. He opened his mouth and just as quickly closed it. His nostrils flared with the effort of his breathing, and when he finally did speak, his voice was hoarse.

"Nidhiii.." He couldn't bring himself to say what needs to be said.

Nidhi walked up to him..her smile conveying her ardour at him. "Yes my husband," she whispered. "Nidhi. Your wife Nidhi. Your love Nidhi."

Kahin se.. kahin ko.. bhi Aao bewajah chale
Poochhe bina kisi se Hum mile

Bandishein naa rahi koi baaqi
Tum ho Tum ho paas mere
Saath mere ho tum yun
Jitna mehsoos karooon tumko
Utna hi paa bhi loon

He tried not to shudder as the past threatened to intrude. Her eyes became solemn even as her smile remained impish. She cupped his cheeks; the need to touch him a living breathing thing. "I know you're scared that all this is a dream. But then..so am I." His arms came around her almost instinctively.

Everything inside him hit pause and crashed as she leaned into him and softly bit his earlobe. "I love you Ashutosh!" She drew away and leaned back into embrace, coiling her arms around his neck. "I want things back the way they were before," she said wistfully.

Ashutosh let out a pain-filled groan. "Nidhi.." The way they were before. God. If only she knew. It was the last thing he wanted. He wanted things to be different. He never wanted to go back to the way things had been before..before he thought she'd died. He wanted a new beginning for them both. But in order to have that new beginning, they were going to have to face the past.

He lowered his head and she tilted hers to the side. Their mouths were just an inch apart. "Nidhi..I need.." Say it man! Nidhi, I need to tell you about our marriage. God damn it! Just say it!

"Shhh.." Her soft whisper and even softer glide of lips over his stopped his words and his thoughts. "Give me new memories Ashutosh. Show me how it was."

She pressed her hand to his hair-roughened chest and he moaned at the heady sensations aroused by that simple touch, unaware that he had even made the sound. His chest was raising and falling with increasing speed as his breath began to race out of his lungs, and his heart was thudding wildly against her palm, slamming against the strong rib cage that protected it.

"Nidhi.." His head fell back. It was a sensually loaded invitation that she would never be able to resist. She came closer and replaced her hand with her lips. He made a sound deep in his throat that was half purr, half snarl, and reached to fist her negligee with both his fists. The sight of her soft, barely clad body broke his control and he snatched her hard against him, crushing her to the hard planes of his body. His lips were on hers and his tongue penetrated her mouth and conquered a foe that didn't resist. The panther was no longer lying down to be stroked. He was moving her backward and the bed touched the back of her knees; she fell onto it and he fell with her, never letting their bodies separate.

"I want you so much," he said on a groan, sliding down to bury his face in the sweet valley of her breasts. "Nidhi..I don't want to..I need to..oh hell!"

With Nidhi it seemed that he had no will, no morals. He was hers for the taking. Now and forever. "You love me, don't you? You want me, don't you? Say it Nidhi? Say it," he demanded harshly.

Nidhi ran her palms down his muscled sides and felt his entire body tense with desire. "I love you," she said freely. "And I want you. So very much."

His lips and tongue roamed over her until wild shivers ran through her body. She arched, moaned, pleaded and demanded as her body clamoured for that known / unknown pleasure that awaited her, there but just out of reach. He crawled back up and finally..oh finally fit himself solidly against her and Nidhi closed her eyes on a spiral of delight. Instantly he was shaking her, making her open her eyes again.

"Look at me," he directed from between clenched teeth. His eyes held a wild desperation.

"Don't close your eyes when I'm making love to you! Look at me; watch my face while I enter you."

It was so erotic that she couldn't bear it. She slowly took him inside her while she watched his face mirror the same sensations that were swamping her. His eyes were dilated; waves almost of pain washed again and again over his features as he initiated the rhythm of lovemaking. Tears flooded her eyes as she felt herself arching helplessly closer to fulfilment.


She heard the cry that was wrenched out of him, and then it was all too much. Dying had to be like that, the utter loss of self, the gathering intensity, then the explosion of senses, followed by a drifting, a growing weaker, a falling away from reality. It was the most frightening experience of her life, yet she embraced it completely and let herself be conquered by it. She was aware, on the fringes of perception, of the demands his powerful body was making on hers as he also reached completion, and for a moment that physical perception was her only link with consciousness. Her full range of senses returned gradually and she opened her eyes to find him above her, stroking her hair away from her face; his eyes dark and turbulent.

She kissed him with her soft, bruised lips with a touch as delicate as a whisper. "I love you my husband."

He wrapped his arms around her and settled her more closely against him, his breath stirring the hair at her temple. He closed his eyes and swallowed. "I love you too my wife."

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So here's your review...Isse bolte hai instant review...LOL

Should she share her fears with her husband? What could she say? Gee Ashutosh, I keep seeing you as a real bas***d and that you hated me. 

You are you hell bent on torturing us...It's time to reveal the secrets, suspense... I am still not able to figure what would have Ashu done that Nidhi use to hate him... Considering he is big businessmen now and he would have ignored family and friends or would have gone wrong way to achieve his target then also Nidhi can be angry or upset with him but not hate...

Kya kiya mere Ashu ne...

Budduraam's tube light was not catching her subtle signals

Aww that's so cute...Buddhuram...

So Nidhi have visited the beauty parlour finally I am beautician visited her...ek hi baat hai...

Haila the first kiss... I am still in Ashni dreamland...

Aww the lil wedding ceremony was too cute... Nidhi came fully prepared... Its time Ashutosh should gift something to her, may be something symbolic, related to their marriage or affair... Kuch toh banta hai boss...

Armaan and Prithvi's scene was cute too...AngryLOL You know why there is this angry expression...LOL

Should I say something about the last scene or should I keep mum... I guess by now you can guess my reaction...

Anyways awesome chapter Suvi ji...Will be waiting for next one...WinkLOL

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Chapter posted...hope you like and enjoy. 

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Ab woh thread pura karo

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Ch-6 posted!! Me off to read. Thank you for pm SujathaDi.

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Congrats for thread:7!! Party

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Congratulations on another new thread Sujatha! Clap

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