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a simple love and damn the... (Page 6)

RebeccaDaphne Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2014 at 6:14pm | IP Logged
Wonderfully put Indi! I remember feeling that heart wrenching pain too when it was ending.
 I used to watch IPK when it first aired to escape from a depressing situation I was in, I had clicked on it by chance and curiosity made me google it that very evening.
 It became my secret joy, I could lean on it like a friend ready and waiting to erase my worries. It would lift me into clouds of happiness, while Khush's struggle and pain made me forget my own. Her courage and nature made me want to be a stronger person. Their love made me hope for a love of my own.
Couldn't believe it when it ended. As i was mourning its loss, I too saw the post to watch again from the beginning, and eagerly I started the journey again.
Thanks again for keeping my dream alive in your posts and the Blasters threads, thanks to all who dedicate to the forum and for bringing back the magic.

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sheanuzz Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by sheanuzz

My dearest Indi... could relate to the pain in your post as I feel it as much. In fact many and many of us do. Dealing with it is sometimes so difficult. I always wonder if the cast,crew, PH and channel really understood the impact of IPK and the huge following it had and still has. If they did,they probably would have worked harder to keep it afloat. Unhappy
Am not sure about others but my fam thinks that I have lost it in terms of my love for just a show and still watch and rewatch episodes and visit IF. They don't get it that for me it is not just a show but something that is an important part of my life.Big smile

@red: you said it right. I don't think so. They didn't understand  a bit of it.  As much as this is all creative stuff and most of the folks involved are supposedly most sensitive to out of ordinary creations, paradoxically that never seemed to have happened. Except the viewers no one really would have sat and watched a few episodes in peace. It was just another product of the en masse production of all the so called daily soaps. but alas.. this didn't belong there!!

no, horizon, this didn't belong there.

and even if they understood a bit, they really didn't want to. this level of love i guess is scary, especially to people who see their work only as a job and this thing as nothing but business. have you seen satyajit ray's sonar kella? there's a scene where an innocent young boy recounts how the kidnappers looked at him and said "mistake! mistake!"...

i feel something like that happens to them when they see ipk... this was not what they were supposed to make... they probably wish they'd done a saas bahu serial instead and got more trp's and lasted longer peddling stuff.

who needs a classic when all you want is pulp.

i so wish i had a decent dvd set or something to fall back on.

@horizon - blue - must be true for the channel but difficult to believe that of the makers and that is the surprise element for me. You create something beautiful and don't seem to have the inclination to see it through. The PH sure is gaining popularity for not completing what it started - its new show seems to be following the same path as IPK.Disapprove

@indi - red - Wonder if our boy and girl thought it was just a job Embarrassed I hope not!! It was definitely only business for the PH and Channel. But for us? At loss for words!Big smile

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 6:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Hey Indi,Clap


A lovely post as always but why bina shakar keh chai...[tea without sugar] and white movie wali post..Confused.I res it because I was thinking you are not done yet but bhut  happend Indiji where is any visual...mere liye hi sahi...[just for my sake]...Tongue

I am going to be honest with you as I was avoiding this topic for a while because  it is painful and depressing and that's why didn't give you response on the thread or our Blasters new hang out place.Cry

The show ended last year and we sign for keeping it alive.Days , nights, weeks , months, and a year or so has been passed away yet we are feeling the pain in the same way ever, at least I do.Nothing has been changed and at the top there is a thirst , a hope, a demand in me to see and fight for more.


I am an IPK fan as a whole as you all know, if Barun is my heart as ASR , Sanaya is the apple of my eye as Khushi.Mamimi spreads colors in my life , Naniji stands for a wisdom Tower which is throwing light in my way.Learnt a lot from her.Mamaji  stands for a patience , Anjali stands for a reality of life. Should I say something about my most fav Villan  of all...Shyam who I adore to call, Spidey, Slither, Scorpion and much much more.Awww..Buaji and her Nand Kishore are always with me .Babuji's "Dil keh Rishte" gave me a perspective to dissolve my pain of years being away from my parents and raised by who was and is everything to me...My aunt...

All the servants, from Raheem Chacha to Parakash Bros...who are enlightening the fact that everyone is equal in this show and in this world.How can I forget Payal and Akash , simple yet complicated ones who show me how simplicity is a complex notion itself.

Uhhh...Lakhmiji...who was the reason to show us how elders need to hang on to something for their extra love...or when you have no one to talk with ,she is there...


My Destiny lover and favorite...DeviMaiya and Ghanesh ...a symbol to tell us hang in there as they are watching you over as God never leaves you and remains close to your heart more than ever...


My journey started from Epi 100th as most of you know that.Since then I never turned on My TV .I never watched any serial and had no plans either.It's not that what ppl think , because for my complex brain you have to have something to grab my attention.None is out there to do so.Nothing is there which is offering me to sit and watch...Time and events, the elements like Pickle jars or a KEY...mannat wali...I don't have chakarvyue of Diwali where all of the events are tied together.PEARLS...Earrings...Duppatta...Ghade ka Naniji's room or Arnav's plants...Roses, Garden...bring all these to me and I will be yours.


Is anyone out there can eat Pakodas, kheer, puris, Pasta, Laddoos, mirchi wali daal, Lassi  and JALAIBIS and doesn't remember them ...not me as a smile always spreads on my lips to declare me insane in front of everyone but gives me pleasure...and you guys say MOVE ON..."itna easy hai tumhare liye.."[is it so easy for u?]


Sarun  or Arshi which made me to have this name of mine"ArshiHamesha"...Do u think it's for one day or just for bragging it's damn serious for me you all morons out there who destroyed my show.Besides all the odds, illogical stuff, BDs, lack of resources, disaster wardrobes and ghatiya fashion my eyes always land on the message of love and all...I am not romantic..but may be I am some I don't want anyone to chase me for this...but I do have this feeling of love and to be loved...


I never get emotional over a serial yet any one says anything or post anything against them , makes me to do the damage.I laugh, cry and do dance with them and was pretty much aware of that these are start crossed lovers and all the symbols, and events were pointing at that they will not be together alive.That I have to bear but when Time came and his PIC came with his extended hand to save his Khushi, I extended to save both.I protested by any means, cried at loud , called everyone, emailed every one without thinking and without even caring what the heck I am doing just one thing was in my mind...I have to save em as I was fighting for my own.


I don't know about you all but for my life one IPK is enough.Dammit ...

I want to see em together , yes I do but I am fine with their journey of their own.I want them to succeed in every venture...for me there is only one...venture of IPK ...bas keh diya...

I can't move on but as I always learned how to deal with the pain by walking through it.. and I will be stronger than ever...My Mantra.




Clap Clap Clap ClapHug  Hug  Hug  Hug Hug

faiqa ji, my partner in loveria forever

to answer your first question... all the colour, all the visuals, all of it is in our hearts, our minds, our gut... this time old lady thought, back to basics... just words. maybe they will paint their own picture...

nice word there... thirst.

i have a thirst. nothing else. just that parched feeling. yes yes of course we are all grown up and all that and we carry on. but every once in awhile... that thirst.

i love your para on all the characters... they all meant something to me too... mami ji as you know is my other self. LOL and old lady i am... maybe if they won't give me my ipk... i should go get a goat.

thanks for that fabulous post... how this serial involves us, excites us... mannat ki chabi, pearls, reflections, pickle jars, even those set off so many thoughts, feelings, longings.

itta easy tha unke liye, faiqa.

but that's okay. it's a classic and it will be with us forever... i am sure some day there will be a dvd version... i will get a few and bequeath it to the next generation... daughter... nieces... ha ha.

and keep the rage, the romance, the nafrat and the mohabbat rolling... legacy from crazy mother/aunt to the girls and the ladkiyan after them...

yeah, in my life too... one ipk enough, dammit. Hug

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mpuhan

totally share your feelings. Though I am not a writer but I feel every word through you guys. I would sit up every night at 12.30 to catch the show. The time difference being 4 and a half hrs, would slowly tip toe to the study with the PC so that hubby dearest wouldn't catch me and then would lay awake most of the nightsBig smile woh bhi kya din the... sigh

hi mpuhan,

yours was 4 and a half hours? mine just two and a half, but the telecast in singapore would be at 12 midnight... tip toeing out of the room with laptop... no i didn't have to do that but if i had to, i would... har baar.

and what about the incessant youtube viewing straight after telecast? LOL the high res version would have been uploaded straight after the telecast in india... ufff... night after night.

actually, this show has robbed me of plenty sleep. LOL thanks for reading and your thoughts.

indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 March 2012
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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AKAD

I am new to IPK because I was watching Eik bar phir.One of my senior colleague told me about this and it's been three months, I am out there for this journey.Watched all the episodes and just found out about this forum and joined it.I don't know what am I searching but reading your post is making me search more.This morning I read some posts and tried to figure out where am I standing.I think I am at step one and I have a long way to go.
I know one thing for sure that IPK is one kind of a show and there is nothing like this I have ever watched.I am not young  but quiet a mature person and don't want to sound dippy.

hi akad,

new to ipk? LOL hope you're having loads of fun. and welcome to the forum. things are very quiet these days but a while back when the show was on, this was the most mad and fun forum ever. LOLBig smile it is indeed one kind of show...and perhaps there will never be anything quite like it.

if you're getting hooked, do try and catch the sbs and sbb segments on the different episodes... and on the forum, there are many archived posts... crooner, redux, serialjunkie, jwmrk, sushpective, spice girl's hangout, director's cut, jamba's take 5, oh there were more, many more mad things to read and laugh or go nuts about and have a great day, waiting for the next episode. hope you find interesting stuff here too. and thanks so much for reading.

and of course there are the vms, how could i forget... shybabe, zoha, rag1ni, pooja, and many others... all wonderful.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:33am | IP Logged


are you by any chance speaking of pictures from thsi series? well this lot upset me and enraged me so much that till i did soemthing about it, i couldn't reast... LOL so i started writing my first fiction based on ipk... paagal haan? i want to AngryAngryAngry people whenever i see this or think of those days. what temerity... what complete disregard of people who had genuine feelings

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sheanuzz

@horizon - blue - must be true for the channel but difficult to believe that of the makers and that is the surprise element for me. You create something beautiful and don't seem to have the inclination to see it through. The PH sure is gaining popularity for not completing what it started - its new show seems to be following the same path as IPK.Disapprove

@indi - red - Wonder if our boy and girl thought it was just a job Embarrassed I hope not!! It was definitely only business for the PH and Channel. But for us? At loss for words!Big smile

even if they thought of it as just a job, when they acted together they seemed to just want to give it all they had... it's a job they gave their utmost to... making it classic. i bet a lot of asr and kkg got written inspired by the work the two did. ved raj has said, humour was never a part of the deal, till they made it work so well... somehow nothing ever lost sexy when barun and sanaya portrayed it... so easy for humour to take away the sexual tension... or anger.

lovers have everything between them, but the sexual tension remains under the surface. however  these were two actors, and they were working together for the very first time. yet see the first 4 episodes and you can almost feel the sexual tension exploding through the screen.

rain hug is episode 23... just look at the "thing" there... no less than the more stated sensuality of the super heartburn causing hut scene. remember the lunacy of that weekend when the promo aired? LOL LOL  just made this edit for a friend.

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Javeria3991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 11:52am | IP Logged
updated my post on page 4

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