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sonali.19281 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 December 2007
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Posted: 12 January 2014 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
na minnie i dont watch igt.. whats her story? n where is she from? i thought u r in the USConfused

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TheRowdiest IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2006
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Posted: 12 January 2014 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonali.19281

na minnie i dont watch igt.. whats her story? n where is she from? i thought u r in the USConfused

yah i am frm ur neighbor country but basically frm Ludhiana Tongue

she met  with an accident in 2009 , she was on her scooty , she had normal fracture but bcz of Doctor's mistake her nerve got damaged and she was not able to walk with that leg ...she was on bed permanently so she decided to get her leg cut so that she can walk with one leg ... she danced on chikni chameli on one leg ...and while all this she was smiling , laughing ... no sympathy nothing 

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TheRowdiest IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2006
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Posted: 12 January 2014 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
very interesting abt PR


  Last week my mobile rang and the screen displayed that a private number' is calling me. Generally, when I see a private number' I usually assume that there is an A-list Bollywood actor on the other end.

For some reason quite a few Bollywood A-listers use private numbers which means that there will be no record of the call in your phone's call log and you will never be able to call back on the number.

The actress, who called me, had a problem. She felt that a section of the press has an agenda against her as a handful of entertainment reporters continue to write negative' stories about her. Negative stories are articles on newspapers and websites that don't portray an actor in a positive light. The actress was amused that every day she gets to know about new journalists who have started hating her. She seemed a little lost.

She revealed that she pays a monthly salary of Rs 3 lakhs to her PR manager.

"If I am spending so much on my PR then there should be a positive response from the market, right? How come more and more journalists start hating me even though I have never denied anybody an interview? My PR is working overtime to build bridges with the media but nothing seems to be working the way I want to. I don't know what's going wrong here," she said. Her voice quivered as she spoke the last sentence.

I noticed how she used the word market' while talking about the media. Nevertheless, I told her that it is a long story and it will be better if I blog about it. I said if I write an article then I will be able to present a truer picture. She agreed and promised that she will read the post once it is up.

So I have tried to analyse her problem here.

I am told that a few big Bollywood stars and their managers check my blog on a daily basis. So, this blog is also dedicated to them. The situations and the solutions described here are applicable to you if you are an A-list actor in Bollywood. If you are not somebody who the press chases everyday then I am sorry, you don't need to read any further.

Negative press is a generic problem for Bollywood A-listers

First of all this problem is generic. A lot of Bollywood actors are confused that inspite of spending so much to retain their PR firm, they are not getting the required positive' coverage. Or worse, even if they are getting media coverage, many entertainment reporters are writing "negative stories" about them.

The root cause of the confusion to as to why you are not getting good press also lies with the person responsible for getting you good press: Your PR.

Here is why your PR strategy is flawed.


All PRs " whether big or small " have their own coterie of journalists who write about their clients. Since, you have invested in a PR firm and subsequently lost touch with the world of journalism, your only window to journalists are the PRs you have hired. So, the coterie that the PR maintains becomes YOUR coterie of journalists. Look closely and you will see that the same set of journos are writing about you again and again. This means that there are lots of journos who don't get your interviews or the exclusive news bytes (say the news' that you have got a hair-cut) because they don't belong to that coterie.

Trust me, all of them are upset with you and will never let go of a chance or an opportunity to write against you.

This effectively means that the enemies that your PR has created have also turned against you. Imagine, the moment you sign on a PR, you also sign on the enemies that the PR has. There is no guarantee that if you sign a reputed PR firm, you won't have enemies in the media. In fact, the bigger the PR company, the longer is the list of journalists that they have antagonized over the years.

Some of the journalists that the PR company had decided to ignore might be at powerful positions and hence they don't like you for no reason. You will be shocked to hear that there are PRs who are at loggerheads with even media companies. And all that goes against you, ma'am.

Journalists usually punish a PR by writing against their clients. So, without even moving a finger, you have taken on a lot of journalists who don't like your PR.

This is reason number one why you are getting so much of bad press even after hiring a reputed PR company.


Most PR managers will instruct you against responding to any journalist directly and ask you to let them handle all press queries. They will advise you to forward every text message or mail that you get from the journalists to them. So, all this while you have been diligently forwarding all text messages and mails to them thinking that they will handle' everything for you. But have you figured out how those requests are being handled?

Be informed, that being an A-list actor in Bollywood, your PRs are actually blocking most of the efforts to get through to you than actually creating access for journalists. The notion, that you are available to the press, is only in your head. It is not a reality.

More than 90% of the press requests to interview you never fructify. The efforts of journalists who somehow manage to get through to you through other sources like your hairdresser or spot-boy, are also brutally scuttled by your PR when they come to know about it.

Only those journalists who has the approval of your PR, get to interview you.

This is the reason why you have the same journalist coming and meeting you over and over again at every one-on-one interview. It is because your access is strictly regulated by your PR manager. The lot of journos who have been denied access to you will write anything that they get to know from their "sources". This set of journalists care two hoots about your PR manager because they know that your PR won't answer their queries and never get them your quote if they need it for a story they are writing.

These days, there is a section of journalists who are ready to copy-paste anything without checking its credentials. If they find a good gossip story, they will quickly put it out as their own story. It doesn't matter whether the story has your quote or your publicists's quote. If these journalists wait for your publicist to revert to them about the authenticity of a story, they will retire from the profession waiting for a text message. So most go ahead with a story without waiting for your publicist's "views" about it.

The result will see half-baked information snowballing into a major controversy and in the end, you will have to force your PR to issue a denial.

Again, this happens without your knowledge and what you only see is bad press. But the truth is, if the PR had handled the first journalist well, this news wouldn't have travelled so far in the first place.


The PRs are running a business of their own and it is their job to get new clients and promote them. You are now an A-list star in Bollywood but there are several other actors in Bollywood who are striving to become a star like you. Some of those struggling actors have been signed on by your PR too. Now, do you know that these struggling actors are getting promoted at your cost?

Okay, you don't know? Let me explain.

The PR will call a certain journalist and say, "Do the story about her (a C-list star) and I will give you a story about her (you, the A-list star)."

The journalist who agrees to the cross subsidy plan gets an exclusive' about you. The journalist who cannot give the required coverage to the C-list star doesn't get that exclusive story. So, the PR is actually using your name to expand his/her business and you are unaware of it.

Also, there's a C-lister in Bollywood who is totally riding on your name and you have no freaking idea about it.

This is the reason why you don't get the required good press even though you are an A-list Bollywood star. It is because somebody (in some cases more than one) else is riding on your success and the PR is making double income on the sly.


Don't take a PR because he or she appears very sweet in front of you. Some of the top PRs in the industry are actually arrogant and have a habit of behaving badly with journalists.

Some of the PRs also threaten and abuse journalists on public platforms like Twitter and Facebook in the garb of defending you or other clients. On the surface it seems that the PR is defending you on a social platform but if you dig a little deeper, you will realise that you are gaining one more enemy in the form of a journalist.

There are lots of PRs who still don't know how to handle journalists. If 20 years back, PRs used to mollycoddle journalists, these days journalists chase PRs. But inspite of all that, you will see a lot of PRs just picking up the phone on journalists if they didn't like an article. They know that it is highly unprofessional but yet they won't think twice before making that call. Instead of talking to the journalist professionally, they behave aggressively with him/her in the garb of taking up the client's cause.

There are PRs who have the habit of using the word "f**k" very liberally while talking to journalists. I find that very amusing.

I think the first quality of a PR is to be Miss or Mister Congeniality. There are a lot of PRs who are regularly featured as powerful' in the media but are actually an antonym of Congeniality'. Because you have lost touch with the media, the PR manager manages to put up an act in front of you. You are completely unaware of the fact that your own PRs are manhandling journalists some of whom actually like you.

So, some journalists who actually like you and want to write good things about you end up becoming your enemy just because your PR is arrogant.


This one is really tricky. It's not always a poor AD (director's assistant) on the sets or the spot-boy but a section of PRs who give out negative stories about you. Usually, two types of PRs leak' negative stories.

(a) The ones you have sacked: These PRs have worked with you in the past and you no longer work with them. May be, you have separated with them on a bad note. These PR will ensure that no opportunity to garner bad press about you goes to waste. They use their effort and time to spread malicious gossip about you.

(b) The PR who doesn't like your PR: The PR industry is very, very competitive. Your PR has a lot of professional rivals who are into intense professional competition. It is a part of their job to put you down because they want to promote their own client who is your rival in the profession. So, they actually go hunting for stories against you because they want to promote your rival.

And that puts you, Ms Bollywood A-lister, in a very tricky situation.

Once you sack that PR and get another reputed PR, you are just jumping from the frying pan into the fire because your ex-PR will soon turn against you.

So, before blaming a journalist for writing negative stories, think about your PR strategy again. Are you doing it right?

In my next post, I will try to talk about a good PR strategy for Bollywood A-listers and no, I don't plan to become a PR ever in my life.

Never ever.

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fire_gun IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 December 2006
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Posted: 12 January 2014 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
^ it was katrina kaif..just after her bikini pictures gets out in media

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..Amfer.. Goldie

Joined: 19 September 2013
Posts: 1476

Posted: 13 January 2014 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by TheRowdiest

I heard maatey said in malishka's interview that gaushal fans want her and Kushal in Ashique 3 ROFL

Ye pakka pagal ho gayiOuch

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

Joined: 28 March 2006
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Posted: 13 January 2014 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonali.19281

Originally posted by AreYaar

SO much word to the bit in bold...and sometimes I feel I've lived in my own bubble too long cuz I'm just APPALLED at this EXPONENTIAL rise in ignorance being MARKETED as a COMMON thing in the world today...EVERYTHING is a PR exercise designed to manipulate opinions and since most ppl can't be bothered to use their own brain to form an opinion (for reasons best known to them...ignorance or lack of time or whatever it is), this practice is growing at an exponential's combined with the rise of the social media too's become so very EASY to just throw your bullshit out into the world in general and CONFIDENTLY sell it as the "truth" ...ppl have become so BELLIGERENT in broadcasting their own ignoranceConfusedConfusedLOL

ohhh the bold bit made my dayLOLLOLLOL this is exactly how I see it ..but you put it in a figure of speech .. and I totally relate to this sudden culture shock I got too about the rise of the tweet nonsense and in general people screaming and voicing "opinions and stands"LOL for one, I grew up in the pre 2K when this desensitization and dumbing of society through the virtual world b capitalists wasnt that rampant.. everyone would read, knew facts and actually had legit sources.. this gen seems to take Wiki as gospelROFL I think its a mix of both.. general lack of sensibility to wrap your mind and lack of time coz boy oh boy there are issues galore.. too many pies being generated for thy measly fingerLOL

You should watch this movie called idiocracy.. they sort of touch upon the concept of this dystopian society.. where no one cares to think.. and is happily feeding off the bytes being generated.. I still have an old school upbringing where my parents would expect a code of conduct by just saying THIS IS AN ADULT  conversation.. which meant obviously you dont earn the rights by virtue of lack of experience or intellect to have a say or opinion on it.. THAT EXACT RATIONALE seems to be missing on the anti-social mediaLOLLOL every pedestrian (in terms of understanding) individual is screaming.. to be heard coz suddenly they are being fed the placebo of pseudo self worth.. in every open discussion if you will you could find yourself arguing with a 10 yr old.. and they will potentially try to refute your skill set which you have gather over years of trainingLOLLOL it is simply hilarious.. even like a yr back I really didnt know what the big deal this twitter thing was coz no one in my prof or social circle is really on it.. still not.. but now I can see WHY no one I know in daily life is on it..LOL at the risk of being called an elitist I reserve rights to a discussion only after testing IQs a bit.. coz I cant be bothered banging my head against the wall while I could invest it in real worth .. I also have a strong theory that all the socio-economic frustrations of people find an outlet in the virtual world.. the social oppression and social codes one has to adhere to in the real 1 to 1 interaction dont stand while you abuse your keyboard.. coz a real time exchange requires a lot more erudition and enlightenment on the topic that in general people lack

sometimes I wonder If I was in India would I have been fed into this vicious circle of american subjugation theory in the current Devyani story or would I still have been the cynical critic laughing at the neanderthals falling into the well..LOL reminds me of the time when this little kid Prince fell into the well and I noticed the rise of LIVE TV nonsenseLOLLOL things have only gotten worse there on

@red: I SO wholeheartedly agree!!! Especially regarding the virtual world being a medium of venting socio-economic frustrations...this is the very detrimental side-effect to the otherwise big positive of communication opening up and becoming easier and faster in our times...but this one big downside is also really deteriorating society in my's all descending into chaos...there is a reason that DISCIPLINE and some set of rules brings ORDER to the world or we can all just be happily ignorant monkeys anyways...the breaking down of barriers without any sort of regulation since the internet is like a free for all is just leading to nonsensical belligerent trolling in TRUCKLOADS.

Just because it is easier to broadcast your voice to the WHOLE world does not mean that you develop some kind of inflated pseudo sense of self-worth as you very aptly termed it...nobody pauses to THINK and reflect on what they're saying before taking off...ehhh

So did you watch The Last Vow  yet? Epi 3 of Sherlock?

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-Rani IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 December 2010
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Posted: 13 January 2014 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by TheRowdiest

I heard maatey said in malishka's interview that gaushal fans want her and Kushal in Ashique 3 ROFL

I am sure Mahesh Bhatt wouldn't want a dud in Ashiqui 3 after super successful part 1 and 2WinkLOLLOL

So I say keep dreaming MateyDeadLOL She wants to do Ashiqui 3 at the age of 34Wacko?


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TheRowdiest IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2006
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Posted: 13 January 2014 at 1:00pm | IP Logged

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