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SwaRon OS //Gravity Of Love//

surbhimathur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2014 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
This was a combined effort for SwaRon/VruShan 100AT celebrations
so i am posting it here on the behalf of my team.
Shilpa,Shrutika and Vishakha.
Hope you haven't read it before Tongue

SwaRon OS-Gravity Of Love

// Ishq Ke Phoolon Par Dard Ke Kaatein Hazaar Hai
Sacha Majnu Wahi Hai Jo Chuban Mein Bhi Laila Laila Hi Kare //

Swayam Shekhawat An 18 year old boy who spread magic with his dancing, with his body his soul also swayed to each and every beat or rhythm pleasing the onlookers. He was the ACS of St. louis college, one of the most prestigious colleges in india. He was a simple guy with simple dreams. 
His dream was sharon rai prakash, a beautiful girl who was the diva of the college and CS too. Her attitude and arrogance let peope judge her but swayam read her in and out. He unmasked the egoistic diva and found a ordinary girl who gets affected by every thing surrounding her and wants to be loved too! But to show that she doesn't pay a heed to what others think she had put her guards on. Swayam had been enchanted by her, all he could think was about her, she was the best dancer for him, she was world's most beautiful girl for him, his day started with her and ended with her, she was everything to him. His love for her was not hidden, it was known to everyone. Everyone including sharon but as described above she didn't care. But swayam's love was unconditional and hence he never expected her to love him back. 

National Dance Championship was on its peak, rehearsals were going on in full swing, dance team had qualified the quarter finals and now they were in semi's. "Swayam and Sharon You guys have to prepare a duet for NDC semifinals, alright?" as soon as VP sir announced this both swayam and sharon freezed in their places. After a moment, they slowly looked at each other and then said "Yes..sir" After warm up exercise, rehearsal time came and that's when sharon started to avoid rehearsing by faking a headache as she knew she has to dance with swayam. Swayam sensed that sharon doesn't want to come close to him so she is making excuses, he went upto her, held out his hand to her and said looking into her eye--"Don't worry i won't hurt you" Sharon wasn't expecting this, she was numb. She stared into his brown orbs, full of innocence and his face which showed a comforting look accompanied by a smile which could light up your world in a second. She kept her hand in his and gave herself to him. Everybody was curious. Music started and spotlight fell on them, pasa doble was the genre of the moment, where sharon was the bull swayam was the matador. 
They started dancing with full passion, swayam moved the red cloth side to side while sharon came in a stance and stood staring at him in full agression. He stepped towards her and touched her right hand straight from shoulder to the palm and swirled her. They were lost in the dance, their eyes held them each other's captive nor their body was allowing to break apart. With the intensity reaching its peak sharon took the lead and pulled swayam by her hand and he lost his balance by stumbling to the side, his back resting on the wall. He was surprised by this move of hers but she was no stopping, she turned and advanced towards him. Swayam was watching her coming, their gaze was fixed throughout the dance just when sharon came closer to him and clutched onto his sweatshirt with both of her hands going upwards right from his waist to his chest. The moment seemed to be stopped for them, their eyes were absorbing the hidden feelings they possessed for each other, while sharon was the roleplayer swayam was all out of it. He slowly took his hand and securely rested on her cheek. He was admiring her innocently by looking into her eyes with all the love he has stored for her. Sharon felt a sweet current flowing through her body, his touch was sending her in a different space where she could be all herself while his eyes were not letting her go there alone. 
But soon she realized she is not made for that world, so she quickly removed his hand off her and got out of that spotlight.
She unwrapped the dress off her and fastily moved out in anger while swayam sighed and saw her fading in deep solace.

The day had come, it was NDC semifinal.
It was time for swayam and sharon's performance, they hadn't practiced much. Backstage everybody was getting ready and panicking by doing their moves and asking each other for help. Sharon was confident but she was nervous as she has to perform with swayam and at this time she can't make any excuse or even backout. Swayam saw her lost in deep thoughts, he came and stood there and said--"Sharon"
Sharon got out of her trail of thoughts and replied--"Ya Say"
Swayam--"Don't worry about the dance, it will be all fine, and about you and me dancing together its for our college and we have to do it. You have to trust me."
Sharon was touched by his words of comfort. A certain kind of satisfaction developed inside her and she nodded while saying--"Yup for our college"
Swayam smiled and asked for her hand when their names were announced. She gave in to him.
Lights Camera Dance!
Swayam and sharon both were wearing white, hands in hand they came and took over the stage. They danced on roller blades. Music started playing in the background.
Tose Naina Laage Piya Saawre
Nahin Bas Mei Ab Ye Jiya Saawre

Swayam kept his left hand on her waist while her back was facing his chest, then with the right hands molded together he made her do a split.

Mohabbat toh ek jaavedaa zindagi hai..
Mohabbat Toh Ek Jaavedaa Zindagi Hai
Tose Naina Laage Mili Roshni Tose Man Jo Laaga Mili Zindagi

Swayam turned and made her face him, their eyes were searching for each other's reflection in their orbs and they took turns on skates without breaking the gaze.

Shamaa Ko Pighalane Ka armaan Kyun Hai
Patango Ko Jalne Ka Armaan Kyun Hai
Isi Shauk Ka Imtihaan Zindagi Hai
Isi Shauk Ka Imtihaan Zindagi Hai...

Swayam took sharon in his arms and then they slowly covered the whole stage. The passion between them flew like an electric current. Sharon tightened her grip around his neck as this was world's safest place for her and swayam was lost in her like he's jinxed.

Mohabbat Jisse Baksh De Zindagaani
Nahi Maut Par Khatm Uski Kahaani..

Swayam held her waist while she bent down backwards, it looked beautiful to the onlookers and seemed like a prince has captivated a princess to secure her from the whole world.

Kaise Jiya Jaaye
Kaise Jiya Jaaye..
Tose Nainaa Laage Mili Roshni Tose Man Jo Laagaa Mili Zindagi

Sharon held her right feet up in the air and gracefully moved on the stage while swayam took spins and met sharon in the centre of the stage.
Both staring into each other eyes for absorption standing in the middle of the stage, music faded and applause echoed all over but they didn't bother as their inner feelings took over them.
After few minutes they were dragged out by their friends and congratulated for their brilliant performance.
Swayam was there but sharon had once again flew out of his sight. Her eyes had given him the answer to each question his heart had raised up in these five years and he knew what to do.
He smiled to himself and went home.

Dawn had fallen, stars were shimmering in the sky and beneath them in a house a beautiful girl had fallen into a deep chain of thoughts again.
Sharon was smiling keeping her chin on the glass table with the same yellow smiley ball clutched in her hand which swayam had given her as her secret admirer. 

How can anybody not fall for you swayam. Those hypnotizing eyes and infectious smile sweeps me off my feet everytime i see you! Your arms are the only place where i can spend my whole life not even blinking my eyes. You make me feel so special i can't express, i don't know what good i did in my past that i got such a perfect person like you in this life. If I could reach up and hold a star
for every time you've made me smile,
the entire evening sky would be in the
palm of my hand. 

She was busy thinking about him, admiring him but buried inside a sudden pain again envoked in her and her face fell. She stood with the ball in her hand, went and look outside the window. Moon was peeping through the clouds and bestowing his light on the angel who was looking upto him with tears flickering in her eyes. 
Sharon was looking at the moon with love filled in her heart. 

I can never be yours. Your intensity gushes off mine, the way you rise up every time regardless of bad or good times, i doubt will i be able to stand close to that? You deserve something as bright as sun and as consistent as a star. I am nor the latter forget being the former. I just can't be yours! Wish one life i get, i would choose to be your perfect one, standing close and loving you more with each passing hour, minute or second. 

A tear escaped her eye and she let it fall thinking of her moon. 


Swayam was in his room thinking about his dance with sharon, her eyes and every single move told swayam that she does feel something for him, something rather very strong in her heart. He decided to meet sharon and talk to her straight about this, but how? She would not come to meet him at this hour and he can't go their also, she would feel uncomfortable.
He paced to and fro in the room but didn't got any idea, he wanted to see her and ask her what does she feels about them, he wanted her to open up her heart infront of him. He smiled at a idea he got in his mind and decided to call sharon.

Beep Beep.
Sharon felt asleep at the table itself, she shifted her head to see her phone ringing, she took the phone and saw the caller ID

She stood in shock to see swayam's name on his phone! She hesitantly took his call and replied--"Hello?"
Swayam--" sharon sorry to call you late at this hour but its urgent"
Swayam--"VP sir wants to meet us right now"
Sharon--"At this time??"
Sharon--"Um okay so i will come with simmi thanks."
Swayam--"No means you and me...only you and me"
Sharon felt little weird--"Only you and me? What could be so important?"
Swayam--"For that we have to meet him"
Sharon--"Um ya..fine i will be there in 15 minutes"
Swayam--"Okay rehearsal hall at 11.15"
Sharon--"Hm Bye"
She cut the call and went to freshen up.

Swayam was waiting for sharon in the rehearsal hall
God what i will say to her, she will explode after she gets to know that i lied!
He was talking to himself when sharon entered the rehearsal hall. 
Sharon--"Where is VP sir?"
Swayam--"There is nobody coming sharon, i lied because i wanted to sort some things out"
Sharon was shocked, she said after a pause--"You lied?? What the hell swayam i am going!"
She turns to go but he stops her by standing infront of her.
Sharon--" Swayam let me go!"
Swayam--"I am sorry sharon, but i have no bad intentions i just want to talk about us"
Sharon--"Us? There was never us and will never be, now move on and let me go"
Swayam knew what to be done to make her speak her heart out, he sneakily pressed the remote and song started in the rehearsal hall in loud voice empowering their souls. 
Sharon looked here and there--"What the hell? Song? Enough i am going" as soon she was about to go swayam took her hand and pulled her , keeping his hand on her back and her hand on his shoulder they were standing close. Melodious tune playing with their beats.

~Halki Halki Aahein Bharna, Takiye Mei Sar Deke Dheeme Dheeme~

They swayed with the music in sync, swayam was being the anchor here and sharon was just left to follow him. He stopped and made her turn slowly with her back rested on his front,inhaling each other's presence amidst the chaos of their souls. 

~Sargoshi mein baatein karna
Pagalpan hai aise tumpe marna
Ubla ubla kyun lagta hai?
Ye badan, ye jalan toh khamakha nahi,
khamakha nahi
Ye khalish jo hai, wo khamakha nahi
Haan tapish toh hai, par khamakha nahi~

Their eyes collided and were pleading each other to stay, showering them with hidden love beneath their orbs. But sharon broke off and turned around to go, there again swayam caught her hand and struck her towards him, their bodies were facing each other with just a small distance left between them to cover up. His right hand on her head going down slowly caressing her her neck and then landing swiftly on her back made her spine shiver. His mere gaze was making her go insane and his touch was leaving her restless.

~Jo Nahi Kiya Karke Dekhna
Saans rok ke marke dekhna~

They were standing staring into each other eyes and their heart was thomping loudly. 
Every second made sharon go weaker in her knees. She badly wanted to bury herself in his arms but she knew they were not meant to be.
His eyes had unfolded her heart's mystery, now he completely knew that she wanted him. And this time he made sure it came true.

~Yeh Bewajah Besabab Khamakha Nahi
Yeh Khamakha Nahin
Yeh Khamakha Nahin~

She pushed him and turned around to go out but he held her elbow and then he made her step backwards until her back would face the wall. 
She had no place to move, he was standing very close to her, their foreheads were almost touching each other. His hands were grabbing her soft palms. Few hairlocks were blocking swayam's view, he swifly placed them behind her ears. His touch was making her faint, she couldn't handle this more. 

Sharon "Swayam please let me go.."she said with her cracking voice.

Swayam "Not this time your heart to me...please say it out" he said in his husky tone.

Sharon "There is nothing to say swayam, please nothing..." she was shivering due to closeness between them. She closed her eyes to soothe her mind.
Swayam slowly tightened his grip on her hands and placed his forehead on her

"Then why your eyes are speaking something else...why your heart beats indifferently when you are with me sharon this would make things better...and if not better then atleast clear because i can't do this anymore need to speak..please!"

Tears were already on her face when he was saying those words. Her eyes still closed.

Swayam held her face, removed the teardrops and said "Look at me your eyes.."
Sharon opened her eyes, tears still brimming in them.

Swayam "I know you better than yourself sharon, i know there is something inside you which is stopping you to come close to me and i want to know the reason, please help me find it sharon..please.."

Sharon kneeled down crying with swayam holding her from her shoulders, he wiped the tears off her face and within a second sharon hugged him tightly, quickly buried her face in his neck and pulled herself on him still crying. Swayam had tears in his eyes, he balanced himself as sharon came with a volt. He caressesed her hair and soothed her back to stop her from crying.
He helped sharon and they both stood with tears strained face looking at each other.

Sharon "Swayam..I Love You..."
Swayam stopped all of a sudden. His mouth open in shock. 
Swayam "Did you just..."
Sharon "I love you!"
And she again hugged him tightly, like not letting him go forever. Her wrists locked at his back, claiming this man to be hers. She understood that love cannot be measured, if its there its love and if not then its nothing. She would now give everything to be with him and to love him. She was here to accept the fact how deeply she has fallen for this guy.

Swayam's happiness knew no bounds he had finally got his love in his arms, whole world was in his embrace now. She meant everything to him and now he would protect her from all the darkness, give her the love and affection which she deserves.

They both stood in each other's arms for minutes, sat in rehearsal hall and talked for hours, went home and settled themselves on the couch in each other embrace looking at the moon and stealing glances at each other and smiling.
Sharon hugged swayam and rested her face on his chest while blushing at the moon and saying Finally Found You 

// Dil Ki Galiyaan Mushkil Hai Paar Karna
Par MIt Jaaye Yeh Bhi Dooriyaan
Jab Saath Ho Tere Pyaar Ka //

Other works:
SwaRon OS //Basketball Settlement//

SwaRon OS--Just You And Me

SwaRon OS--Whole Life In A Moment

SwaRon SS--Hopes and Desires

SwaRon SS--Cupboards (OG)

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pratik54000 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2014 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Hey there...

Superb have really done a fine fine job in keeping the os just the way it should...the chemistry of swaron could be felt all the way...

and yes one more thing the description along with pictures matching to your explaination was a treat to read...

Your confession part was really eyes did glue up on it because it was just SwaRonish the way it should when you have SwaRon...

Congratulations for celebrating 100 SwaRon/VruShaan AT...


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rosyrkohli IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2014 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
amazingg os 
i luved the part where swayam 
takes the first step 
n calls sharon in the rehersal hall 
the confession was very emotional 
it was a heart-touching update Hug

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2014 at 1:43am | IP Logged


sweetydiyafrien IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2014 at 11:39am | IP Logged
res for now will came comment it by tomorrow... sorry for unres late...
it was awe3some and fantastic os... loved it

Edited by sweetydiyafrien - 20 June 2014 at 8:53am
Satluvsd3 Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2014 at 1:43am | IP Logged
wowww surrrbhiiiHug
awsum it was!!!!Heart
..awwwhhh it was damn cute n had the SwaRonish flavour in it...

gosh it made me remind so LOVELY moments...
written really well...!! Embarrassed
the confession couldnt have been better than this!! LOVED IT...

it made me go awwwhhh... Embarrassed
i liked the title too...Thumbs Up

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prachi_vrushan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 5:03am | IP Logged
wow I read it today on swaron confession day year sari purani yadain taxa krdi lovely update
surbhimathur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

wow I read it today on swaron confession day year sari purani yadain taxa krdi lovely update

Oh god you made me remember this one! Thankyou for the appreciation i am glad you liked it :)

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