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Originally posted by ll-Farheen-ll

Thank You very very much Avantika.HugNa na ,its not that i didn't shed tears with this but then I needed a break before the unbearable one.Ermm
Flashback always brings a big wide smile on my face but then its not the same this time.Although,Gajar wala scene did let out a chuckle amidst the unshed tears.Aunty ji ko Thank you bolna.Lolly pop dene ki saza.Imagine you grating 2 Kilos of carrots.LOLLOL

Haww.. gaddar.. Dost dost na raha.. Geek 
Btw, the next one isn't the unbearable one.. LOL yeah.. eh lo jusht phor u.. Chappal matt maarna.. Tongue

Coming to the two:
The worst feeling in the world is when you can't love anyone else, because your heart still belongs to the one who broke it.Its been 5 years of them being apart but still they stand where each one has left each other.

Exactly.. Their lives have turned upside down and yet they havent moved an inch.. Ouch (Maybe I'm a sadist, but I find that highly romantic.. of course in a different way..) LOL

How can he ever walk up to him & ask for his most precious possession?Now i get it what made Arjun never speak his heart out to neither Ro nor his Baba.

Thumbs Up  He was afraid of disappointing and then losing them both..

Kuch yaadein aur log kabhi nahi bhulaye ja sakte-Indeed very true

All through their  conversation on the cool grass,till the time the sun hid behind the mountains  it was a heady feeling.Felt like I was just standing behind the woods & shedding tears along with them.While reading this,I was listening the beautiful title track from Saraswatichandra .
Zid yeh thi tumhe, k hum bhi kuch kahein
Hamein yeh gila tha ki tum chup rahe
Yeh majbooriyan, aur yeh faasle Chah nahi phir bhi
Badhte gaye...
The lyrics were so relating to the two's state of mind.Like the dusk ,theirs relationship was drawn in dark.Hope that the dawn fades away the darkness in their life's & bring them together

Oh God yes.. That track is soo damn beautiful. I'm definitely going to use it for an update in the future.. Day Dreaming 
It's the darkness before the dawn which needs to fade away for the sun to shine all over again.. But with that, their guilt and pain needs to go too.. Lets see if that actually happens or is it better said than done.. Unhappy

And he would have done exactly that had she not lifted her head & smiled at him.
I wished he could have done it at that point in time but then it was not meant to be at that point of time.This makes it more clear to me why she fought with him the day he left 5 years back under the pretense of indifference towards him.Truly,none knew her better than he did.

Exactly.. they weren't meant to be.. But today, things are very very different.. Their loss and separation has made them realise the true depth of their relationship.. If only they would confess.. D'oh  But I hope she would've known him better.. Ouch

Arjun traded his share of happiness & smiles for all her troubles & tears
But what he didn't know was that she had done it too.Seems something between these lines.  

Lol.. i already answered that.. LOLLOL  Nah.. just that she too had traded her happiness for his sake.

Thank you once again & Congratulations for the new thread.Hug
Broken HeartHad much more to say but then I am short of words this time

Aww... Thanks so much, for being around always..

Hug   I can never tell u how much I appreciate all of it.. Heart
No praablem, Mona darling.. The next one's almost here.. Wink

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Originally posted by _Nikita_

Awwsssmmm part
loved it
Flashbacks was supper awwssmmm...
Arjun made halwa wooowww!
cont sooon
thanks for PM

Thank you...
Glad u like it.. Big smile

Originally posted by nakshatra92

fantastic update, nothing else...
loved it...

fb was cute ... gajar ka halwa... poor arjun , ACP se seedha masterchef LOL

poore 2 kg ki carrot...

they are really best buddies... understanding,caring and what not...   she made sure that if this was the last time together , she want him to be the old arjun . she wanted it to be a memorable day... arjun too did the same ...

waiting for their long due convo...

update soon and thanks for the PM

Lol.. yeah..
That they are, for sure!

Coming up..
Thanks so much.. Big smile

Originally posted by yas23

Congratulation for the new thread
Supeeb update
flashback scenes were awesome...loved their bonding
loved the way she woke him up,the sandels fight, gajar ka halwa and also the sunset part were all just soo amazing
waiting for Arjun-Aisha conversation
thanks for the pm
continue soon

Thank you dear..
Glad u liked it all.. Big smile

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Originally posted by --cutiepie--

Just started reading ur FF's and trust me I've fallen in love with the awesome stories u come up with Clap 
This one's brilliant too Heart  Now I am dying to read the next part ASAP Day Dreaming Please post the next part soon Sleepy
P.S Thanks for the PM and congratulations on thread 3 Hug

Thank you.. And welcome here.. Big smile 
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Originally posted by Geeta.R

Fantastic updates di! 
So much has happened and im late sorrryyy 
But wow arjun and ro dancing aiiihiii mai to mar jawan 
Di have you posted part 39B as theres no link if you have then please can you provide the link xx 
But WELL DONE YAAR THREAD 3 so proud of you xx

Thank u dear..
Yeah.. sent it to u.. Smile

Originally posted by anu91

congrats for new thread and thanks for such a long update...
u write it so well...
no words...brilliant update...
thank u for PM...
waiting for next...

Thank you..
Glad u could relate to it.. Big smile

Originally posted by pihu_angad

congrats for new thread..
awesome update..
continue soon..

Thank you! Big smile

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Originally posted by vidya.anand

Awesome parts B2!
Congrats for the new thread...congrats on the anniversary also again! awesome edits and VMs!

Thanks behna.. Hug

Flash back and halwa waala love or the almost love was too good
2 kilos of carrot grate karna is really tough...bechaara Arjun..and bechari u B2!
but tumne woh karke yeh thanks to ur mom...

Yeah.. just a glimpse into how they could shed their reservations when it came to each other.. Smile
Lol.. yeah.. LOL

Arjun ne halwa banaake Miss A ko khilaaya...WOW! thats a priceless gift by are just stones before that gift!

loved their banter in the kitchen and also the emotional convo at the the cliff...made me feel like smacking them and ask why arent u just saying it out...
Kitna suffocation hai dono ke andhar...

Now waiting for the Aisha-Sam-Arjun convo!

Exactly.. nothing else matters..
Oh yeah.. If only.. D'oh

Part 1 coming up.. Wink

cont soon!

Thank u Vidzi.. Hug
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Originally posted by udaymanyata07

thanks..brilliant..well done

Thanks dear.

Originally posted by Payal_156

Sorry for d super late di..
comment wise too..
clg started so...
like button not working ..
thanks for d pm..
wishing u d same a happy new year..

Awesome update ..
fb beautifully potrayed..
aww gajar ka halwa in chilly weather aur kya chaiye..
car wala n silent wala love beautiful ..
so intemse..
looking forward di..
pls write a convo btw Mr. A n N Miss. Sha
Arjun vro n Atesha..
waiting for revelations

Originally posted by Payal_156

Congratulations on new thread..
update asap di...many more to come!!

Thank you.. Smile
And wish u a happy new year too..
Coming up! Wink

Originally posted by rimi_invisible

First i am really really sorry(holding my ears Ouch) i really missed the anniversary of this lady...Disapprove

you had pmed me and i forgot about it...SORRY OuchOuchOuchOuchOuch

A big congratulations from my end to the completion of a year for this mesmerizing story...Hug

Hope it goes a few more years and we could celebrate a few more anniversaries...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

the VM was superb..Clap

Also congrats on the third thread...this story deserves...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

now to the update...u really wanted the readers to smile???i was feeling so sad reading this update...ConfusedConfused

the heart wrenching flashbacks...good how can you bring out the pain so much in just mere words...Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Arjun is regreting his loss more now realising the truth he had neglected then...when will his remorse end??and ro,i hate her..what has she done with herself??AngryAngryAngryAngry.she is such a fool,couldnt even speak her heart out once...atleast a wouldnt have harmed...

again i missed Hawt GC and Mario..WinkWinkWink

ayesha arjun convo along with rathore...plz bring it soon...eagerly waiting...

thanks for pm...

again sorry for getting so late...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Oh! That's okay..

Thank you.. Big smile
Well yeah.. It was meant to be a slightly lighter one.. But I guess, pain is a part of their relationship which cannot be done away with..
His remorse has just begun.. And of course, it's apt.. Coz he did turn his back on them, even if his insecurities and heartbreak was to be blamed.. He sort of failed in his responsibilities towards his family..

Yeah.. she's landed herself in a mess.. But I wouldn't blame her for it.. Anyone in her place with that kind of insecurities and dilemma would've done the same.. Obviously, she thought it would hurt him and Roshni and her father and she feared not being able to love him the way he deserved to be loved..
Then again, he didn't say anything either.. So they're equally to be blamed, I guess.. LOL

Thanks so much.. Next one cming up!

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Originally posted by samiya.059

third story has come a long way...!!!
three cheers for you..!!
I am surprised on my own patience..I'm one of those people who read first few chapter and as soon as the suspense starts building up I read the end...I cant withstand the suspense...and here am reading a ff at the end of its each update am left pulling my hair..lolxxx
Now coming on the had said it would be a lighter one n I was happy as I was still not over the previous emotional update...I was wrong ,the hurt the pain which laid disguised beneath the smiles jokes and the pranks pinched deep inside the heart...the flashback brought both tears & smiles...!!!
They were used to decipher the unsaid things of one another thats the reason they couldnt see what was obvious...the love it was always their...but they never realized that the other one also felt same..!!This was their major mistakes and it cost them they say But love is blind and lovers cannot see the petty follies that themselves commit
Arjun surely needed to vent up his that his mind would be relaxed a little he would be able to see the other side of picture with a clear head..!!because with the one who has given pain lies the medicine too!!
As for rosy it was necessary to feel the pain of loss coz the pain is first step towards healing process..!!
Their past and present is full of pain hurt tears and betrayals but the little hope lies in future...a hope that at the end they would together emerge victorious..and would avenge the wrong done to their family...and rebuild their home of love with whatever is left...Ah love!could you and I wish conspire to grasp this sorry scheme of things entire, would not we shatter it to bits and then remold it nearer to the hearts desire

Lol.. Thanks.. I can only imagine what it must be like at the receiving end.. LOL
Errm yeah.. But that's all I could manage for now..
Yup.. maybe they even sensed it, but never acknowledged it even to themselves..
Exactly.. And he needs to put things together before he can figure out how to heal her..

And also coz Ro needed to realise that he's still capable of breaking her..

Yup.. A home with the remnants of their love and the new relationship that they would step into someday..
I loved that quote! Heart

Thank you soo much..

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Originally posted by _Mohabbatgirl_

Originally posted by laila1994

Finally a mood lightener updateTongue
Sometimes I wonder What kind of a fool was Ro to leave Arjun for another guy?(ignoring other factors)
I must confess Now that At the beginning I use to hate Ro's character. 
N you made me do that.
I always thought Ro was unfair to Arjun, Roshni, Yash n mostly to her own-self.
well I was not completely wrong.
I am having Love-hate relationship with Ro's character.
I hate her, I love her, I pity her n than I wanna kill her (Sometimes)

I know why Ro married Yash but why Arjun married Roshni?Confused

Lol.. yeah.. tried to.. Tongue
She wasn't a fool really.. Considering what she went through at an early stage, I'd say she was commitment-phobic. Besides it was her Mr A she fell for..
Aww.. Hate is a very strong word, i believe.. Ro was always meant to be rash, stubborn and with ample shades of gray.. She was never a perfect, so yeah.. I think most of her actions can be rationalised..
She was.. Most definitely unfair to Arjun and to herself.. But Roshni? I doubt it.. Apart from the part where she asked her to keep a promise, I don't think Ro has ever harmed Rosh in any way..
About Yash, we'll have to wait.. Smile
Lol.. yeah.. I get it.. LOL

Just my POV.. Not trying to justify anything. Coz those are your perceptions.. Smile
The answer lies in the next one..

Sorry.I should have been more clearEmbarrassed
I Hate her because she harms herself for others.
not because she is a bad person but because she is most selfless.
sorry but I don't like that she give her everything for others happiness I want her to be selfish for herself atleast at once
n I said I thought that "unfair" think long back
But now I am very much clear ( we had a talk about that before)

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