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thanks..brilliant..well done

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Sorry for d super late di..
comment wise too..
clg started so...
like button not working ..
thanks for d pm..
wishing u d same a happy new year..

Awesome update ..
fb beautifully potrayed..
aww gajar ka halwa in chilly weather aur kya chaiye..
car wala n silent wala love beautiful ..
so intemse..
looking forward di..
pls write a convo btw Mr. A n N Miss. Sha
Arjun vro n Atesha..
waiting for revelations

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Congratulations on new thread..
update asap di...many more to come!!

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First i am really really sorry(holding my ears Ouch) i really missed the anniversary of this lady...Disapprove

you had pmed me and i forgot about it...SORRY OuchOuchOuchOuchOuch

A big congratulations from my end to the completion of a year for this mesmerizing story...Hug

Hope it goes a few more years and we could celebrate a few more anniversaries...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

the VM was superb..Clap

Also congrats on the third thread...this story deserves...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

now to the update...u really wanted the readers to smile???i was feeling so sad reading this update...ConfusedConfused

the heart wrenching flashbacks...good how can you bring out the pain so much in just mere words...Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Arjun is regreting his loss more now realising the truth he had neglected then...when will his remorse end??and ro,i hate her..what has she done with herself??AngryAngryAngryAngry.she is such a fool,couldnt even speak her heart out once...atleast a wouldnt have harmed...

again i missed Hawt GC and Mario..WinkWinkWink

ayesha arjun convo along with rathore...plz bring it soon...eagerly waiting...

thanks for pm...

again sorry for getting so late...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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third story has come a long way...!!!
three cheers for you..!!
I am surprised on my own patience..I'm one of those people who read first few chapter and as soon as the suspense starts building up I read the end...I cant withstand the suspense...and here am reading a ff at the end of its each update am left pulling my hair..lolxxx
Now coming on the had said it would be a lighter one n I was happy as I was still not over the previous emotional update...I was wrong ,the hurt the pain which laid disguised beneath the smiles jokes and the pranks pinched deep inside the heart...the flashback brought both tears & smiles...!!!
They were used to decipher the unsaid things of one another thats the reason they couldnt see what was obvious...the love it was always their...but they never realized that the other one also felt same..!!This was their major mistakes and it cost them they say But love is blind and lovers cannot see the petty follies that themselves commit
Arjun surely needed to vent up his that his mind would be relaxed a little he would be able to see the other side of picture with a clear head..!!because with the one who has given pain lies the medicine too!!
As for rosy it was necessary to feel the pain of loss coz the pain is first step towards healing process..!!
Their past and present is full of pain hurt tears and betrayals but the little hope lies in future...a hope that at the end they would together emerge victorious..and would avenge the wrong done to their family...and rebuild their home of love with whatever is left...Ah love!could you and I wish conspire to grasp this sorry scheme of things entire, would not we shatter it to bits and then remold it nearer to the hearts desire

Edited by samiya.059 - 10 January 2014 at 11:46pm

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Originally posted by ll-Shilpa-ll



Aaj botallan khullan do
Daaru-sharu dhullan do
Whiskey da peg laga ke
Saari duniya bhullan do
Party all night
Party all night
Party all night
We do party all night

Sun lo saari duniya waalo
Jitna bhi tum zor laga lo
Karenge party saari raat
Gaan* mein dum hai toh band karwa lo
Party all night
Party all night
Party all night
We do party all night


ROFL Now that I got that out of the way, let me just say I am so proud to be here today.

Congrats behna for thread three of this fantabulous story, leave it to you time this just right, first the one year anniversary and now thread three, I think this calls for a big party, don't you think?LOL

Lol..Honestly, I hadn't timed it.. It just happened.. LOL  Of course, and since when do we need reasons to party? We have soo much entertainment around us, thanks to our dear friends.. Embarrassed

Okay now I can happily move on to the update.Tongue

And we have come back a full circle I believe. He is finally thinking with a clear head now that he has purged himself of all his bottled up emotions, I had expected this to be huge blow up and you did not disappoint me...but, yes there is always a but, all is not over yet I am sure of this too.

I am glad that he did erupt finally, it cost Rosy a whole lot but this is going to help what is to come later I am sure of this too.

From this, a much stronger Arjun will emerge after he realizes just what he has done in his anger.

Yes.. It was needed for him to let go of things and head forward with a new firm mindset, without letting anything cloud his mind.. She is very upset, but that's also needed I guess.. She's been holding it up for years. Besides, I think this will make her realise that she cannot hide the truth forever..

I am not at all surprised that neither of them had realized the true extent of their relationship until it was too late, may be it was because they shared so much with each other that they forgot they needed to voice or give a name to their feelings and their relationship.

The trip down the memory lane, what can I say, it was heartwarming and bittersweet at the same time. It made me smile and cry at the same time.

I literally wanted to shout at them for them to stop ignoring what is right in front of their eyes.

Arohi And Arjun are truly soul mates, the way she understood just what he might be feeling even though she doesn't know that he had fallen in love with her, she knew exactly how he would be feeling and how to get him out of his depressive mood.

She knew exactly which buttons to push to make him do what she wanted without him realizing just exactly what she is doing.

Aww.. that just made my day! Embarrassed  Exactly, what I intended to do.. They were so close that words were never needed. And hence when they were, the duo didn't even realise it.. And they lost a chance to be together..
I am sure that gajar ka halwa is sweet and tasty as Rosy said.Wink (Lucky Doc!LOL)

Lol.. Not sure about Doc, but his Mum is.. LOL

And..and..Arjun is no less either. Just when you think he doesn't realize she is hurting just as much he does something of his own to bring her out of her depressive mood. Their playfulness and bantering took their minds of what was to come yet it also reminded them that this would be their last chance to be together like this. And they both made the best of it.

They were both insecure of their self-worth. Arohi had her own issues because of her parents divorce but Arjun also felt he was not worthy of her because he was an orphan, that he nothing to offer her.

If only they had both realized they were so much alike in so many ways and that they complete each other.

He gave her up because he thought she was better off with Yash and she gave him because of her friend's happiness and because she thought Roshni would be a better life partner for him. One can't help but feel for them both. Brilliant touch here.

Yup.. and that coupled with their insecurities cost them their relationship.. Ouch

Aha...I he remember what she had said about her first and ever gift, I wonder if he will get curious enough to find out if she still wears the payals he gifted her. At least he realized what his words must have done to her and also the fact that she hadn't fought him like she would have in the past.

But I get the feeling he won't realize how much he has hurt her to the full extent unless someone makes him face it.

I expect a big show down between Arjun and Ayesha coming up. Ayesha has finally reached her limit and I can't wait for the lady dabang to SYS the angry Tiger in her own sweet way.

Yup.. remember, he knows she's wearing them (the NGO dance) Wink Yup.. Ayesha will.. Tongue  But I'm suuper nervous about that.. Coz my Arjun prem took over and I decided to soften a bit.. LOL  But yes, Ayesha will put her point across.. Maybe this might just be the excuse for the friends to patch up.. Big smile

I am going to stop here before I lose it and say more than I need to.Tongue

Once again, fantastic, fabulous, awesome update. I loved the glimpse into their past and it clears up more things for me.

Can't wait to read more, please don't make us wait long, update soon!

Thanks so much.. Heart  Loved it all.. More coming up.. The truth finally starts revealing itself.. Waiting for your take on it.. Embarrassed

Congrats once again not only for the third thread but for also for completing one year!

Thank you soo much Behna.. Hug
Damn.. That looks soo delicious and tempting! I'm going to make one for sure.. Evil Smile

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Originally posted by -Rajvi-

Res Party


First of all, Congratulations for the new thread, way to go lady.PartyDancing

Yay!! Thank you.. Big smile

Avni di, you again made me shed tears but this time it was khushi wale aansu..So guilt has already started clouding Arjun's mind..But I'm sure this guilt will only make him see the other side of the picture.

Yup! It was needed for sure.. For him to start thinking rationally, keeping aside his anger and hurt..

Flashback scenes were outstanding di. It perfectly explained the kind of bond they shared in past. All the happening in past were misunderstood by them and strengthened their belief that there happiness lies in staying away from each other. Only if they knew the reason behind the false pretense they have put on their faces. Maybe they knew but refused to acknowledge thinking thats its their heart playing games with them.

Maybe they did sense it.. But refused to believe any of it.. Ouch

Arjun Arohi banter was treat to read di. Their banter always lighten up my mood and plaster my face with the silly grin.Big smile
Her pointed index finger slowly advanced towards his shoulder and she began poking him relentlessly, "Arjun.. Utho.. Abhi.. Get up.. Right now.. Mr.A.. Utho na.."
This nuska always works, can say this with personal experience . My sister, does the same to meD'oh

Lol.. I know.. I do that to my darlings.. LOLLOL  It is soo annoying! LOLLOL

For one thing I'm sure, that you and Vidya di won't let gazar ka halwa remain same for me.LOL Thank you to Aunty, that she made you grate 2 kilos of carrot warna aapn Arjun se kaise karwate. Chun chun ke badle liya h Aapne Arjun se. LOL

Of course.. Vidzi ne toh extra special touch de diya tha.. I end up blushing each time I perch myself on the kitchen counter.. LOL
Thank you matt bolo.. Kal phirse karna hai.. D'oh  Uff this halwa season.. Confused
Of course.. Wink

Her face fell and she bit into a carrot, "Kuch hi dinon mein chali jaungi, Arjun. Phir tumhe koi disturb nahi karega.", she whispered softly
Isske baad to Arjun would do anything, gazar ka halwa banana kaunsi badi baat hai.

Yup! Embarrassed

 "Bade aaye, ACP Arjun Rawte. Kya faayda inn biceps ka jab do kilo gajar bhi tumse grate nahi hote.."ROFL
I can so imagine her doing thisROFLOnly Arohi can force ACP arjun do all this. Beechara Arjun, Arohi ne usse seedha ACP se bawarchi bana diya.LOL

Yesh! Let them deal with the temporary hurt.. Phir dekho aur kya kya karwate hain.. Wink

Arjun had to agree; it was the best halwa he had ever eaten. Despite her bickering and lame attempts at annoying him, he had cooked it with all his heart, pouring out his love for the crazy girl who was the centre of his world
Now this makes me fall in love with our beloved hotwa all over again. He is such a sweetheart.Heart
It seems Arohi made sure that if this the last time they are together then its has to best and most memorable day of their life's. She is not letting Arjun sigh in peace untill she is around. But that's what make their bond more special. They will irritate each other to no bound but when time will come they will be standing right beside each other.
I'm sure Arohi would have given her 100% to her marriage even if some else was the ruler of her heart & soul. She would have given all that could maker marriage work and Yash, her husband, happy.

Lol yeah.. They're inseparable; no matter what happens..
She did.. But unfortunately, things had started going downhill even before she got married.. More on it in the near future.. Smile

The sunset scene was perfect di. It exactly explained the beauty of their relationship. All the unshed tears and unsaid words said more about their feelings than words could have.

Bawahh.. Now this was something..Aapne toh Arjun ko jhoote he padawa diyaROFLROFL

Haha.. hai na.. Bohot drool karvaya hai hum sabko.. Chun chunke badla liya.. LOL

Ouch Back to reality..I always knew, that if Arohi has her own set of insecurities to let go Arjun then Arjun is no less. His belief that he is a broken man, who has nothing to offer to her lady love, not even a sense of security perfectly explain why he held himself back, then. Arjun and Arohi are seriously mirror images of each other. They both love each other more than one could ever fathom but both let go off each other because they thought they are happy if away from each other.Ouch
I have nothing to complain to as why Arjun took the escapist way. Anyone at his place would have done the same given the situation. It would have pained Arjun to no extent, to see her first love with someone else. And Arohi state would have been no better. They both pretended to be happy with the surrounding but only their heart knew the pain they were undergoing through.I can imagine what would have gone wrong on the last day.

Phew! I am soo glad you could relate to all of it! Embarrassed

I knew it, Arjun can tolerate all  but to see Rosy in arms of Mario and other men luring around her and she giving attention to all, will be the last blow to his control. He would do anything and everything to keep her away from them. Even if that involves hurting her in the worst possible way.

Yup.. It wasn't just jealousy.. He was really concerned but she took it a bit too far..

My eyes were blur after reading the 2nd flashback di. They both held so much pain then and now also the situation is no better. But what worries me more is that future is going to be worse. Their love and trust will tested in the worst possible way. Seriously, Is there any end to their sorrowOuch The only thing which makes me feel relived is , this time they will have each other to cling to when testing time comes.

They will.. But I'm afraid there won't be many happy moments even when they begin reuniting with each other.. Because this sorrow and pain has been a part of their relationship right from the beginning. Besides, those events have only strengthened it further..

So Arjun has realized that there is to more to what meet the eye. And a part of it will be unraveled by Ayesha. After this update, I'm so afraid of Arjun's reaction to the truth. But then as you said, he is a tiger and will get back to himself soon. And this time there will none who would be able to stop him from bringing justice to all his loved ones.

He will.. But nopes, there's no need to be afraid.. he won't be reckless unlike the last time.. Coz now ACP Arjun will be back at his game.. Cool

I love loved  the update di..You more than made up for the delay...Hug
Please continue soon, Am all ready to shed tearsWink
Thanks for the PM!

Thanks so much, my dear.. Hug
I loved reading it all and am looking fwd to your take on the next ones.. Nah.. the tears might have to wait for a little while.. Wink  The next one's about Being Sherlock! SYS? Wink

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Originally posted by drunkiiebabe

congrats on the new thread
awesome update
thanks for the pm

Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by hal96

Awesome update
Emotional but funny
Ayesha n Arjuns convo waiting for it
Miss A n Arjun had a cute bond n as tbey always say bestfriends are the best couple 
Update soon
Cant wait
Thanks 4 pm

Thank you.. Coming up! Yup.. but our best couple messed up a bit there.. Ouch

Originally posted by Devangana

Loved it.  Will Aisha tell him the truth?  Update soon.  Congrats for the new thread

She will! Atleast as much as she knows.. The rest will come out eventually as they dig deeper.. Thanks!

Originally posted by diw9

congratulations for the third thread.

Thank you! Big smile

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