Arjun FF.. The Lady in Red T3 New Link added in Index.. 29/3 (Page 44)

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Posted: 29 March 2014 at 5:56am | IP Logged
loved it dr...
written nicely...

AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by pihu_angad

continue soon..

Originally posted by rinku95

Thanks for pm


Originally posted by smanchik

OMG! I am sorry i was late in replying to the other two updatesDisapprove. But I am one of the first personts to reply to this one. Your updates were awesome!!Clap! I really felt like going up to Ro and knocking some sense into her mindAngry. The revelation of yash pradhan blew me away though i was expecting it and the precap for this update, threw me offShocked. i am desperately waiting for your next updatesBig smile!!! Pls update and I really liked the baby sitting scene, i was honestly laughing LOL! Once again your ff is awesome, the way everything is shaping is just marvellousStar! So kudos to you girl and keep it up!!!Clap
I had just read your note, i am really sorry for not replying the past week had been a disaster for me! So i deeply apologize for that and I truly love your story, the proof for this is that I actually wrote you a reply, which I don't normally do that often, due to my lazyness or my busy schedule!! I want you to know how much I respect and admire you and your ff! you don't even have the slightest idea of how much relaxment you give to " I have no life" ppl like me!!:) If you are moving this story to your blog, pls notify me and I will send you my email address, as i want to know what's in store for me as a reader! See you love and all the best! I wish with all my heart that all your readers come back!
 with love and best wishes,
your new offical fan!!!EmbarrassedHug

Hey.. I'm glad you've decided to stop being silent, now on. About knocking sense into Ro's mind, she probably has her own reasons for doing what she does.. And I'm sure when it's all revealed, you too shall agree. 

Thanks.. Will remember that.. Smile

P.S. I don't have fans.. You're all my friends here.. Big smile

Originally posted by NainaSM

Good one Clap... interesting..Wink... continue soon Thumbs Up 


Originally posted by drunkiiebabe

Awesome update
Thanks for the pm 


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Originally posted by Devangana

Thanks for the pm. Rosy will not let anyone into her deeply buried secrets so easily.  The pain and hurt over the years have done damage beyond repair.  She is unable to confide to her sister, her friend and perhaps even to her ownself.  However Karan's jovial talks do lighten the mood a bit.  Waiting to read what happens next.  Precap is interesting. BTW pmed my email to you.  Keep posting.  Update soon.

Thank you. Yeah, she won't.. She still needs to realise that she needs them all as much as she does and they're all incomplete without each other.. 
Most definitely. She still needs to come to terms with her own grief..

Yeah.. Made a note of it.. 

Originally posted by vidya.anand

Awesome se uphar waala update B2

I love u more for the second part and u know why...
if u dont know, i will tell u..itna toh kar hi sakthi hoom...for the convo between Karan and Arjun...about baby sitting...and then my poor Arjun ji asking about her drinking..

Sam was sure having some good entertainment there..

Ro is one stubborn woman as Arjun what more is she hiding? and she relieved that they know only this much...God, ur maha revelations will make me bald LOL

aur yeh cliff hanger...thandak padh gayi na? jao jao BJL padho...tumhe isse zyaadha tadpaane waali hoom...aur next part mein rulaavungi...emotional atyachar tumne shuru kiya ab khatam main karungi B2, ka dialog jaisa hai na? Wink  LOL

Mario watches their romance...god, ab kya hoga...he would be damn angry...
cont soon

Lol.. I knew aap toh bass Karan Babu pe lattu ho jaogi.. LOL

Bald? Na ji na.. We'll get a transplant done.. Don't worry 'bout that.. Tongue 

Thandak kahan padi? Abhi toh bass shuruaat hai.. Oh and btw.. 'Mere khel main khud hi khatam karti hoon..' Cool SYS.. 

Moral of the story: You're evil! Period. 

Originally posted by flowing_river

I bet poor kya hal karegi uska after know about her babysitting ny her mr. A 
precap sounds something constructive ..hmmm...

Thanks.. You're actually commenting.. Well, that's a surprise.. A pleasant one.. 
Zyada kuch nahi, bass soot samet badla wapas legi, waqt aane par.. Tongue

Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Ready nice update..


Originally posted by skrafty

Awesome update
loved it
Ro will do every possible thing to safeguard her secrets
it will be interesting to see how Arjun will get things out of her
I am sure Ro Karan ko kaccha chaba jayegiLOL
Sam was awesome
He likes Karan because he can get on Arjun's nervesLOL
loving this side of cheif
Poor Arjun,
Bechare ko babysitting karni padegiLOL
Again a cliffhanger
Precap looks interesting
continue soon
I will send u my mail id when u shift it to your blog, do inform me when u do it

Thanks so much.. 
It will be hell of a job to get her to speak and I'm afraid even Arjun won't be able to do it entirely.. 

Yeah.. Will do.. 
Glad you like it.. 

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Originally posted by kunchu

Welcome back my behna... Missed u a lot.
kya morning darshan mili hai Ro ko. wo bhi do do gusse wale log. Aisha and Mr. A
even I felt Arjun was possessed
aise jo chupke khade the
bechari Ro dar gayi hogi
here comes the questions which she never wanted to come.
but her one line to keep Annu out of it was enough to show the the Ro was back.

Yup.. I missed myself here too.. LOL
Yeah.. Kya morning hai na.. Subah subah angry hotwa ke darshan.. Marr jaawan gud khaake.. Day Dreaming Silly
Yup.. She's very defensive when it comes to her daughter, as u shall see.. 

And yet, an unusal wave of relief washed over her. That's all that they knew..

What does that mean now?? tussi confuse karne ka koi chance nai chodthe. poor abla nari...

That means there's so much more that they don't know.. Tongue  Poor, who? Shocked

Arjun ne firse Ro ko almost rula diya, saying he was not that far away. ek bar bula diya hotha tho ajaathe. poor my Ro...

Hamesha FB ke piece hi dethe ho. iss bar bhi koi start ni aur ki end ni. akhir kab thak hum apne baal kheechthe rahenge?? hair fall is a major issue janeman

Garam tel se maalish kijiye.. Nani's nuskha, always works.. LOL
The series of FB's will start once we deal with Mario.. Evil Smile

Karan miya... aap tho gaye kaam se. agar Ro ko patha chal gaya ke ETF ke sath Arjun ko bhi bulaya hai, tu tho gaye...
Sam like Karan because he can get on Arjun's nerve?? kamal hai chief saab. aaj bade ache form me ho. team ke best officer ko baby sitting pe bhej diya!!! I love this chief at times.

Oh no.. Karan miya ki toh band bajegi, someday.. LOL

soch rahi thi ki aaj ka lolipop kaha hai?? Rakh diya na end ke line me!!
tussi great ho ji... very great...
koi dhamki derahi hai... supari derahi hai... koi faida ni... 
Lolipop tho chodke hi jathe hai...
Loved it

Of course.. A promise is a promise and I take mine very seriously.. Tongue

Thanks so much, kunchu.. Hug  Hope you like what's coming up next.. Wink  *Baal noching time begins..* Silly

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Originally posted by Aisha.Vashishth

Hola! tusi naraj ho! tusi nraj na ho ji...

Uff..hw on earth can a person bear so mch torture frm life nd still stand like a rock! this lady always amazes me...

wat a good morning ro got...lady this time ur Mr.A is not gonna let u go...he'll hold u to himself always now...

aisha...can undrstnd her pain...her li'l sister suffered sch betrayal...nd she couldn't do anythng..this mst b eating her up!

arjun nd ro's convo near th door ws superbly written..

karan is sure gonna die smday in hands of his partner

Naaraz nahi hoon.. Just disappointed.. Anyhow.. 

She could do it coz of her upbringing and every beautiful relationship she has had gave her the courage to endure it all.. 

And true.. he's not letting her go anywhere now.. 

yeah.. Ayesha's going to be broken when it's all out in the open.. And I'm afraid the time is near.. 

That too.. He's going to get beaten up, someday.. LOL

Originally posted by Aisha.Vashishth

bt i m loving this mischievious chief! ah...i love him so mch!

poor best cop of ETF has to babysit th toughest baby in th world nw...

ahann...lollipop! nw ur giving some really tempting lollipops...

prercap is jhakaas! waiting for it...

PS: do include me too if ur seriously planning to move it to blog...will send u my email id whnever u'll ask for...jst pm me whn u need it

continue soon


Yup.. me too.. Tongue

Oh why, thank you! 

Yup.. It'll be while before i get everything moved to the blog.. Too much of a pain, but I guess I don't have a choice.. 

AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by laila1994

 "That's all that they knew.."Being fimiliar with  your lady in Red for sometime now I am not surprised at all. But after reading this line I am very much sure You are planning something big. Even bigger than previous Maha revelations.
Errm.. I have to say, you're right! Tongue

And There are many things which are still not clear. Like what happened after Gupta's death, why Roshni got killed, What happened after annu's death & most importantly what happened to yash. I know you will reveal it one by one But My curiosity has reached on its highest level.Ouch

Exactly.. And they'll all be revealed once Mario is out of the way.. I can answer only one of those.. yash is dead! Dead

"The fragile and vulnerable Arohi had transformed into the unshakable and unyielding Rosanna D'costa right before their eyes."

Please allow me to strangle Miss Rosanna D'costa. How can she behave like this when I was desperately waiting for convo between Mr & Ms. ABroken Heart

Jokes apart, I loved Ro. I know she can be a real pain in neck sometimes, like in this update. But We all know she was never exactly a white character.

Nah.. I can't allow you that one.. LOL  She's my sweetheart.. And main badi possessive kism ki insaan hoon.. Tongue

Pain in the neck? Maybe, yes.. But it wouldn't be realistic if she reveals it all rightaway.. That's not her.. Besides, Arjun isn't prepared for it yet.. He needs to figure out a few more things before he can walk upto her and demand answers.. 

She's got her reasons for doing what she did and it's got nothing to do with her being grey, I feel.. She only follows her heart, without really caring about the implications of her actions.. That's what makes her, her.. 

And true.. She was never white nor black.. 

"To others it might seem as yet another misjudged decision on her part but only she knew that her hands were tied back then.."Another mystery ?Confused

Flashback: I didn't get it at allOuchDead

Don't bother too much about it, coz it'll all come back again.. It was meant to be a reminder for them.. (And a teaser for u guys..)

Karan-Arjun convo was superb and funny . Both the men care about Ro so much. I am glad you added their Sameer tooBig smile

Arjun will babysit Ro...YAY.PartyDancing

continue soon. 

PS. I will follow this FF till the end. Either you post it on IF or on you Blog.

Note taken.. 

Thanks so much.. I'm glad you could relate to it.. Big smile

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i'm stalker ! 
ro ke liye kya kya nahi karna padta Wink

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Originally posted by life93

i'm stalker ! 
ro ke liye kya kya nahi karna padta Wink

No faayda.. Planning to open a new thread.. TongueLOL

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