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awesome update Clap

so this is it... yash is taking revenge... Angry

poor ro , she had gone through this much ...

arni convo was nice...

ACP karan singhaniya...  liked that part... karan and ro  -- perfect team...

precap mein  mr and miss A confrontation ...

waiting for it...

update soon and thanks for the PM

ps : sorry for being late Ouch

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waiting for update Day Dreaming...
happy holi di

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Originally posted by life93

waiting for update Day Dreaming...
happy holi di

Awwie... Happy Holi Nee.. Hug   

Errrm.. Tonight, maybe! Tongue

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Damn!! ab sunday ko oxygen mask kaha se milega??
I should have taken care of yr warning seriously!!
stupid me!!

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Originally posted by kunchu

Damn!! ab sunday ko oxygen mask kaha se milega??
I should have taken care of yr warning seriously!!
stupid me!!

Lol.. why fear when I am here.. Main dilva doongi.. Tongue
Oh.. You mustn't take me seriously, ever.. LOL

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@ B1: Hey behna.. Aha.. You've made your choices, now is my turn.. Tongue
Yupp.. I wanted to write more on Suzy and how they got her to open up, but lack of time and above that, my impatience is slowly getting to me.. LOL  (* Hint: We need to talk ASAP else I'm doomed..) LOL
You're right. Mario isn't going down without a fight, for sure.. Lots more action there.. 

As for Arjun ji, he's going to start thinking along the right lines, but lets see how far he's able to get with it. Coz as you said, she's guarding her secrets very fiercely.. 

Oh! I love Roshni too.. I wish I hadn't made her seem so adorable and sweet. It hurts to even think of her POV on the whole issue, but I guess that's what makes her even more lovable.. She's their guiding angel.. 
Oh yes.. He's not letting her out of his sight now.. But she's equally stubborn so we're in for a few dhishoom-dhishooms here.. LOL
Who knows I might even surprise her and you all, sooner than u think.. Wink

Errm.. You'll just be fine with a glass of water, behna.. The one after this, is probably worthy of a glass of scotch I suppose.. Wink

Thank you so much.. And nope.. You haven't missed anything..  Hug

@ laila1994 : I agree with you to some extent. You could blame Arjun for marrying Roshni without letting go of Ro's memories.. But here's what you have to keep in mind.. 
Ro was happily married to yash, with her baby (that's what everyone believed back then..) and Arjun decided to move on with Roshni.. 

Her (apparent) death was unexpected to him and that is what shook him up and made him realise that he could never stop loving her.. 
Errm.. I hope I made sense there.. Confused

Again true, he should've stayed firm and fought for her. But he didn't and hence they're here today.. Ouch

Aha.. Abla naari? Nope, she certainly isn't one.. (Ask Arjun that) LOL
But yeah, maybe things were beyond her control as well.. 

Thanks.. next one coming up soon.. 

@  life93 : Oh Nee darling.. Patience, my dear.. Action packed scene toh hoga, for sure.. I've promised someone to break a few bones.. LOL 
Anyhow. Mario will be very angry for sure.. And u know what happens when one loses focus.. He'll dig his own grave and our Hotwa and his Lady love will make sure that he falls into it.. Wink

She blames herself coz she probably thinks she came in between them. 

Yup.. Everyone is in pain and the root cause is that these two insecure souls loved each other but never found the courage to confess to each other or anyone else.. 

Once that comes out, things will slowly start falling into place.. 

Thanks so much Nee..   Hug

@ rinku95, drunkiiebabe, : Thanks guys.. 

@ diw9 : Bit right? What else did u have in mind? 

@ Devangana : To answer all 3 together, a lot more lies hidden and still needs to be revealed yet. Thanks! 

@ Vidzi: Revelations ke baap toh abhi paida bhi nahi hue hain, B3.. LOL 
Haila.. aap gharwali bann jaana aur main aadhi gharwali/baharwali.. Dono ki problem solved.. Embarrassed

Nopes.. It wasn't a game or mock proposal.. It's what actually happened in the past. He indeed asked her to marry him, which she evaded.. 

Lol.. so toh hai.. Aakhir KC hai na BB's ka.. LOL  Thank you! Embarrassed

P.S. : bata bhi do yaar ab.. Shocked  

@ shreya09 : Aww.. All I can say is that there's still a lot of pain hidden deep inside and it shal all be revealed slowly. Thank you.. 

@ skrafty : Thanks.. Yup.. watch out for the next one to confirm that.. 

@ anu91 : Thanks.. 

@ Snehajain : Lol.. Sorry about that.. LOL  Glad u like it.. Thanks.. 

@ IshaniSinghh: Nope he isn't. Angry  Bwahaha.. Jee nahi.. Mario abhi bhi wounded sher hai.. Wink Thanks.. more coming up.. 

@ ..sweetchilly.. : So true.. They're both unique specimens.. LOL
Yes.. Annu was probably the only hope that she had and now since that too is taken from her, she has nothing to call her own. Arjun is going to have to work really hard to help her move on. 

Thanks so much.. Glad u could relate to it.. Big smile

@ anant90 : Hey.. that's okay.. If you've known me, u will know that I love and cherish each one of my readers and their comments.. 
Aha.. Friend, huh? On IF? Tongue

Oh! I love One step closer.. Heart
Thank you so much. Yup.. Ro ne bohot sacrifices kiye hain.. Some, were unnecessary but then she did it anyway.. 
Oh there's a lot more 'big' stuff coming up.. Glad u like it.. 

@ yams.s : Thanks.. 

@ kunchu : Lol.. confusion queen.. Aap toh bina wajah Sherlock holmes bann rahi thi.. LOL
Haila.. kidnap and mereko? Nahiii... Mumbai Police ko high alert pe daal doongi.. 
*Gundiii calling* Bachaao mereko.. Confused

Of course the basic question , which u have won't be answered so soon.. LOL But who knows, I might plan a little surprise for u all soonish.. Wink
Accha ji.. Toh Miss Genius had guessed it, eh? Tongue Wait and watch.. Usko bhi confuse kar deti hoon.. Phir dono saath mein gaaliyan khayenge.. *Hi-five*LOL

Thanks dear.. I've almost recovered aur jo hai, woh toh saalbhar chalta hi rehta hai.. 

@ Radhika Shah, AnjuRish : Thanks girls.. 

@  ..sweetchilly.. : Haila.. shaitan nahi darling hai, Karan Babu.. Shocked
Yup.. lots more waiting to happen wrt Mario.. Tongue

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@  ...Maha-Srk... : Thanks.. 
@ Aisha.Vashishth : Hey.. that's okay.. I understand.. But I'm glad that you're back.. 
Yup.. She's got reasons to fight and live for.. and that in itself is her strength.. The next one won't have any dialogues from her either.. But I hope I'm able to strike the right chords.. 

Karan and his partner have a past too, which they were both unaware of until now.. LOL More on it, in the later updates.. 
Thanks so much.. Glad u like it.. 

@  kusharberry: Thank you.. Big smile

@ miss_precious: Thanks.. About Shayad, I've got a terrible block.. I know what I want, but just can't seem to be able to put it into words.. Ouch

@  yas23 : Hey.. Thanks so much.. Shall reveal all in due time.. Wink

@  ll-Farheen-ll   Err.. I hope Abla naari has passed on my msg for u.. If not.. here's what I said.. 'Jinke khud ke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain, woh doosron par patthar nahi phenka karte..' LOL SYS?! Tongue

Kar lo setting.. Mujhe ki farq painda hai.. Like I said to B1, mera number bhi aayenga.. Evil Smile

Oh yes, Karan and his partner have 'tie-tie-phished' a large chunk of Mario's business aur jo bacha hai woh 'Experts in Todh Fod' ke liye chod dete hain.. LOL
But yeah, maybe you're right, she's going to get into trouble for it.. Confused

So, u want to know what happened between the two ladies.. I'll try to squeeze in, a tiny FB but not now.. Filhaal, I'm in la la land with Hotwa and his lady love.. Silly

As for Arjun.. Very well said.. He doesn't even know what happened and hence is unable to fix things. And that is exactly what she has to realise that she's pushing him further into the dark shadows.. 
Damn it! I loved that quote.. Embarrassed Shites! kaash pehle kaha hota.. Pyaaz kaat kaatkar rula deti.. Silly

Lol.. I knew you'd catch that.. I tend to do that sometimes too.. LOL 

Her life was ruined by a bit of both. The conspiracy and her own misjudged actions, which of course she couldn't have possibly predicted. 
Yup.. FB toh lollipop ka manufacturing unit hai.. Tongue
exactly, their questions were ignored and left unanswered by the other. It is still intact; yes.. But watch out for hotwa.. he's nearing the end of his patience now.. Who knows he might just surprise u when u least expect it.. Wink

And yes, again. He will drown in guilt at not being able to protect them all, which only worsens with every passing day.. 
She obviously doesn't want him to blame himself for something that was not her fault and that is definitely one of the reasons why she chose to stay away from him.. 
About his self-destruction mode, aha moment there.. *lips sealed* the boxing match was just a trailer.. Wink

And no.. no conspiracy behind arjun leaving the house.. woh toh ACP sahab ki khud ki karamat thi.. Ouch  But yeah, someone did a chance pe dance there, for sure! 

Chalo.. enough of lollipops now.. Will spare u a breather until the next one.. 

P.S. : I was going to end 46 on a serious note.. But then I thought of u, and instantly lollipop likh dala.. ROFL
*Stop glaring and essmile pleej!* Muah! I love u too.. Heart  Thanks a lot.. 

@  rimi_invisible : Yup.. That's what he aimed at.. But there's more to it.. 

oh yesh! Karan knew her before.. The partners have a funny history too.. Wink

Ahem.. I get the hint.. A man.. Tongue  A hot one at that! Wink
Thanks! Big smile

@ srividhya68, pihu_angad : Thanks dear..

@ _Nikita_: Thanks.. Glad u like it.. 

@ ..sweetchilly.. : I agree.. She was wronged.. coz she never got her share of his love.. But I couldnt show it happening, either.. He's ever only loved his Miss A. Though his marriage wasn't a compromise, it couldn't materialise into something better.. 

SP Gupte obviously must have tried to verify things, but this time around sadly, the criminal was a notch higher above him.. Confused 

Nah.. no conspiracy behind making Arjun leave the house.. those 2 fools did it on their own.. but yes, someone definitely took advantage of the situation. 

Thanks.. I hope you'll like what I have in store too.. Wink

@ Shivi1997 : Lol.. bohot saare raaz khulne hain abhi.. So brace yourself and save the panic attacks for later.. Tongue

@ Swara85 : Thank you! well, if he hadn't left then they would have had a happily ever after or maybe ro would've been in roshni's place now.. who knows.. Ouch

The accident? Remember ro visited him in the hospital? I'd added a flashback on it too.. must be on the last thread.. do let me know if u cant find it.. 

@  nakshatra92 : oh yes.. and he had another motive too, which shall be revealed later.. 
oops.. sorry.. im going to cheat.. no mr and miss a confrontation.. Ouch that'd have to be postponed coz the update is already very long.. LOL

Thanks! that's okay.. I understand.. Big smile


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