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Originally posted by rizwanaa

marvelous part!!
Ro's mind state depicting
the past beautiful moments, then her pain,sufferings,
insecurities and losses were brilliantly described
Mario is getting over the headAngry
and his play in the elevator sequence was disgusting
but then Ro's reply to his play was nice
Ro drunk
and her assuming Arjun as Karan
and calling Arjun as Karela Rawte was superb n funny
and Arjun-Ro sequence was nice as well
and then the sequence at the beach was heart touching
Arjun's comforting n soothing words to Ro were wonderful
thanks for the pm
cont soon

thanks so much... Glad you liked it.. Big smile

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Originally posted by skrafty

Awesome update
Beautifully written
Arjun and Rosy part was brilliantly written
Their emotions were well depicted
Just loved it
waiting for the next part
continue soon
Thanks for the PM

Hey.. thanks.. Glad you liked it.. Big smile

Originally posted by AnjuRish

the karela comment got me laughing
else it made me think many layers in their relationship

sometimes we need to grab what we get to make memories ...dont know when life will take  aturn

True.. But sometimes we make not-so-wise decisions and spend the rest of our lives trying to set things right.. 

Originally posted by diw9

crying and laughing at the same time.

Originally posted by diw9

I want to kill hash again if he is dead or he should be killed by Arjun and Aisha as he is the root of all their problems.

Oh they would.. most definitely! And you're welcome to do the honours.. Tongue

Originally posted by Krazzy4u786

Luvd it!!!
Awesome update...w8ing 4 d nxt update!!!
Thnx 4 d pm!!! Luv all ur stories!!!
Sorry 4 d late comment!!!

Hey.. thanks! 

Originally posted by Snehajain

Awesome updates...
You always made me cry...CryCryCry CryCryCry CryCryCry CryCryCry CryCryCry CryCryCry CryCryCry 
For the update...I don't have any words to describe what a beautiful piece of writing u have pen down...ConfusedConfusedConfused
Just loved it a lot...lot...lot...lot...lot...lot...
Continue soon...Thank u so much for PM...

Lol.. Thank you.. Tongue
I must be the first one to make you cry and yet u thank me.. LOL
Glad you liked the update.. Big smile

Originally posted by kusharberry

wow it was an awesome update i just loved it to the core of my heart please do continue soon and thanks for the pm dearSmileSmile 

Thanks dear.. Big smile

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Originally posted by IshaniSinghh

Superb update. Loved the ending of part A - ACP karela rawate.. LOL
plz pm me part b link. I am daily stalking all your ongoing stories for any update. And glad i was doing that or else aap to mujhe bhul hi gaye Cry

Arre nahi.. galti se ho gaya tha.. Big smile

Originally posted by yams.s

Wonderful Update. Nicely written


Originally posted by anu91

fantastic update...don know how to describe...
well written...claps claps...

Thank you.. 

Originally posted by _Nikita_

Awwssmmm part
loved it
cont sooon
thanks for the PM

Thank you! Big smile

Originally posted by ..sweetchilly..

The playful and chirpy Arohi changed into the Rosanna D'Costa who would smile for others not herself and mask her real face in front of the world.Parting from Arjun, her father's and daughter's lifeless body still haunted her and made her cursh herself and feel guilty.Arjun's memories and the silver anklet don't give her peace as well but his love was also the reason she could face everything and stay strong.
The sole mission of her life to seek revenge is progressing and she's planning to go alone with Mario to know more about his plans but unknown to her he has been following her like a shadow, what else can he do?He can't let her wander alone knowing her life is at risk.
Sameer thought it wise enough to talk with Arjun first than Aisha..but the matter is something else.Arjun still regrets his decision, only if he hadn't left.
And Rosy's thoughts, she's also having same thoughts.I just wanted to hug her at the moment and tell that Arjun wouldn't have compromised or rejected her as he too loved her more than anything else.Only if they had any idea what the other thought and felt about them.
Mario is back..but his intentions are still the same, he just wants to mark her and won't even hesitate to remove her of his way if he failed to do so.He surely is being over smart and over confident.Arjun aur Rosy dono ko milkar iski dhulai karni chaiye..time for some dhol dhamaka!!
Mario spiked her drink once again but glad that Rosy sensed it and fled from there but she's lost now in her own world.. wanted to call Karan but ended calling Arjun and addressed as Karela Tongueshe's really drunk..
That was awesome update.
Loved every bits of it.
The PM part is still left, will finish it too soonish.

You got it right.. She only pretends to be someone she isn't and sadly, she cannot stop doing that.. 
I know.. He still loves her with all he has and soon she shall get a taste of it.. She will realise just how mistaken she was.. 

Oh yeah.. Mario ki dhulayi toh surf excel aur ariel ko milakar karenge.. Wink  And yup.. Time for the dhol dhamaka is here, but uske pehle kahin aur patakhe phoontne baaki hain.. Tongue
Our lady has babbled in her sleep and her Mr. A is losing sleep over it.. Now, she has a lot to answer for.. Wink

Thanks a ton. 

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Originally posted by rimi_invisible

finally finished your extra long,extra cheesy,extra toppings wala was delicious..Embarrassed

the whole update cornered our hero and his miss A.Yes the questions both are facing are similar.Had the situation been different had arjun not left and ahd ro not forced him to leave.

The turmoil about their feeling in past and the conffessions which could not surface,was depicted beautifully.Both were each others support...they hardly had anyone else in their shatterd lives...15 years had taught them to sacrifice and love but the sacrifice was not worthy...

Arjun could never start of with roshni..and ro well she didnt deserve yash..and now the misunderstandings...i wonder if anything will ever sort back to the early times even when everything comes in front...

Yash,you had hardly revealed anything about him in your when its coming...its seems scary..yeah though you had hinted earlier about a forced relation ro shared with him...may be the resultant was annu...ConfusedConfused

Sameer too had found something regarding him..and I am sure the revealation might break our hero more..emotionally and this time might be spiritually...

Mario..yes i still love him WinkWinkTongue

finally got some actions from him.All this while he was trying his tricks and today it was the mogambo wala trick..spiking the drink and the aftereffects..
He is the one who could be sole person who matches in equally with Arjun...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

drunk arohi was superb...karela was superb too...Big smile

do continue soon...and thanks for the updates...

PS : about following the story..count me in...whether forum or blog...Embarrassed

I read your comment twice just to make sure that I wouldn't miss anything.. You guys are not too good for my bloating ego.. LOL

Yup! It will be about our hero and his heroine for a while now.. 
True.. and it's sad that their sacrifices backfired and they're left empty-handed now.. But maybe things were meant to happen that way.. 
The passing years may have taught them many unforgettable lessons and I believe that would only strengthen their relationship.. 

Nope.. With the losses they've suffered, they will never be whole again.. But maybe that journey towards a full circle will be worth it in the end.. 

Oh yeah.. Hold on to those thoughts on Yash.. Lots more coming up.. 

Arjun will be hurt; yes.. But broken, nope.. He will have to finally come to terms with the truth for her sake.. 

Lol.. you really like Mario a lot.. don't you? LOL  tch tch.. I'm going to break your heart soon.. Tongue

Thanks so much.. Big smile

Originally posted by yas23

Awesome update
Arjun and Rosy's mind states were wonderfully described
the elevator scene was disgusting...loved the way Rosy replyed to Mario
Rosy drunk...she called Arjun Karela Rawte was hilarious
Rosy Arjun scene at the beach amazing
continue soon
about following the story whether on the forum or the in
thanks for pm

Thanks dear.. So glad you like it.. 
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Originally posted by ll-Farheen-ll

He would have respected her feelings if she had confessed her love for him.Maybe he would have even given them a chance. Maybe their relationship that had bloomed from being one of trust and friendship into something so deep that it had become an inseparable part of their lives, would have culminated into an intimate and sacred bond, one that would have united them forever.
You know for the first time, I am relieved that  even it is for sum fraction of seconds,she did thought about giving in a chance to their relationship &I would have trusted her for taking a step ahead to voice out her feelings to Arjun. If she gave in a chance to get married to Yash ,then she would have definitely done it for her Mr. A .Infact she would have been the happiest person had it been Arjun with whom she would have bonded in a sacred relation, but back then it was Roshni for whom she had to knock out her feelings for him. I can now imagine, Roshni's state of mind. I am sure she did understood what her two best friends feels for each other but then it was too late. She already came in between them & the worst part was that she was not aware of this. She  might have left this world with a heavy heart knowing the fact that she indirectly came in between her best friends who loved each other but couldn't voice it out.

I m in awe of the LADY IN RED everytime she transforms herself into Rosaana D'costa, a woman full of mystery which makes Mario more curious to get closer to her for which he is stooping so low that he, for the second time spiked her drink.

"And Arohi Pradhan, I don't think I knew her at all, Rathore."     How can he say that? Shocked    Is it the anger in him that made him say this or he is genuinely not aware of who is this Pradhan?
Another mystery being wat actually happened after Arjun left Gupte house?Ouch

ACP Karela RawteLOLLOLSuits him betterLOL

Chalo by mistake hi sahi, sahi no. laga diya. She blurted out of which Arjun caught up at the right time. Mario ko thank u for spiking her drink warna she is so stubborn that she would have never blurted her painful memories. Rathod questioning him will now make some sense for Arjun &for me as well.
Yash PradhanErmm
Someone has rightly said, Relationships are stronger when you're best friends first, and a couple second. I suspect if Yash was even friends with Ro.Ermm

P.S.:You think that I'll send you flowers & Cheesecakes after this ROFLROFL 

Mera gunda wala bhai! Oops behna.. Hug

Exactly my thoughts! At first I thought it would seem a bit misplaced but now, after reading your take on it too, I'm glad I wrote it.. 
Though she won't ever accept it in her right mind, but given a chance she'll run straight into her Mr. A's arms and hide there for the rest of her life.. 
That is what she is.. The real Miss A.. 

She would have done it in the past as well, but a lot of if's and but's kept on piling and then she could never confess it.. When she wanted to, he had already left and she was burdened with a relationship for the rest of her life.. 

Roshni's state of mind in the next one.. I hope I've done justice to her POV without doing her much injustice..
Yep! she left the world with a heavy heart and which is why she returns to set things right for the two people who loved her the most.. 

Mario ko dande toh kya? jootey, chappal, tamatar sab padenge.. But usse pehle mujhe padenge.. Ouch

Coz he didn't know Arohi Pradhan at all.. He wasn't there to witness her wedding nor her transformation into Yash's wife and Annu's mother.. 
Besides, now with the kind of revelations being thrown at him, I feel it's very natural for him to think if he even knew his real Miss A... 
And hence the statement.. No hidden meaning there.. LOL

You want to know, what happened? We'll soon get there.. I promise! But before that, lets find out what happened before that.. Tongue Well, of course in bits and with lollipops in hand.. LOLWink

Friends with Ro? I doubt that too.. But she was mistaken and got played, for sure.. Well, I won't blame her coz she ha just lost the man she loved and later watched her father die before her eyes.. Those were reasons enough to cloud her judgement.. 
But but.. She's the shrewd lady in red.. so who knows, what she must've done in the past! Tongue

Haww.. you won't? Shocked  Accha, next wale ke baad bhej dena.. ROFL

Thanks so much gundi.. Loved reading it to bits.. Embarrassed

Edited by _Mohabbatgirl_ - 03 March 2014 at 10:22am

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Originally posted by Sumu4JayD

Hey di.. i read this part A and i m taking a few minutes to process this in my head...
meanwhile fr the pm part..
i'll coment on it as soon i get to read it..
like u mera bhi schedule bohot tight hai..
time milte hi mai coment karungi..

as for the restriction of access to this beautiful and poignant piece of your imagination...

i would literally beg u not to block me out...

will edit this same coment after i read A n B

and thanks for taking out some time for us and writing this..Heart

Haww.. no worries.. 

I'll res my reply until then.. 

And btw, I should be the one thanking you guys coz you put up with the torture week after week.. LOL

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Originally posted by nakshatra92

awesome updates as usual Clap
arohi , arjun's miss A deep buried inside rosanna d casta...  perfect woman...

mario trying all his dirty tricks and lastly spiked her drink...

must say he will be a perfect opponent for mr A...

ro drunk and called arjun instead of karan... funny... karela... LOL

yash -- still a mystery...  his relation with ro is a forced one i think...

bahut kuch reveal hona baaki hai...

waiting for it...

update soon and thanks for the PM...

about following the story ... count me in ...Smile

Thank you so much.. 
The revelations begin with the next one.. Wink
AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by indiantvlove

After many days I am here. My apologies, Mohabbatgirl. Life is being too tedious. Very less chance to get online and read this beautiful piece.

So Rosy and Arjun finally come face to face. I was holding my breath the time when he saw her, she was stunned to see him there, she ran away and he keep thinking if it was an allusion or its for real. But later they both come face to face. What happened after it was expected, the thing made me totally awe struck was how you described the piece where Arjun fighting in boxing ring and Rosy's helplessness. You always caught me by surprise by your sheer brilliance of writing. Cudos to you !

Next come the part where the big revelation happened. Arohi had a baby girl too. Now that was unexpected. Maybe I was not too good reader to get the hints. It was quite depressing to know she even lost her child, the mourning that followed after her breakdown was enough to make me depress for an entire day. Your style of descripting tiny things left such an impact...its disturbing. I felt I have lost something precious and about to mourn.

Arjun Arohi scenes in that room was brilliant. Some things came out, some things still hidden. I am dying to know what exactly happened that led Arjun to leave her forever. I guess she had pushed him with all her might sensing the other one is in danger. While Arjun lost his wife, Arohi lost everything.

The one thing I could not help but admire Arohi's determination. How she always push her sorrows behind and get ready for challenges is a thing to learn.the latest update, that sick parasite periera, his lusting over her and her escape, another one, then the last bit , Karela Rawte, was funny.

Update soon. And thanks for sending pm.


Thanks! So you finally caught up with all.. 
Sorry that depresses you, but that's the main plot of my fic and the entire story revolves around Arohi's fight against the wrong meted out to her and her loved ones.. So those depressing moments will always be around to remind her of her loss.. 

Yeah.. the truth will be out in bits and pieces for Arjun and Ayesha to put it together very soon.. She did push him away but only half-heartedly and he wasn't strong enough to have resisted it back then, coz he only wanted her to be happy.. 
Alas! Both were mistaken.. 

Yup.. More on Rosy's mission in the next one. 

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