Arjun FF.. The Lady in Red T3 New Link added in Index.. 29/3 (Page 28)

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outstanding post..
loved it .. 
continue soon..

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unresed the comment on pg 26 !Big smile
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Originally posted by ll-Shilpa-ll


Will edit this later, just finished reading the whole update, even the PM part, it is fantastic, truly no words.

Loved, loved it all.Hug I will have to read it again for sure, to clearly write my comments.

I am back!

Okay, I don't know if you have realized this but the conversation we had long ago about Rosy and Arjun's respective strengths come to mind when I read this update.

You always worried that Rosy appeared stronger than Arjun and I assured you that somewhere down the line Arjun will be just as strong as Rosy is and that time has arrived behna.

But there was a never a doubt that he was strong, if he wasn't then he wouldn't have walked away from her just because she asked him to. And that strength in him came from their years of friendship and bond between them.

It must have killed him to walk away from her at the most crucial phase of their lives but he did because that is what she had wanted it.

I am not blaming Rosy for asking him to leave, she thought he was in love with her best friend and she didn't want to get in the way of that because of whatever happened between her and Arjun. She also had other insecurities and obligations that prevented her from tying him down to her.

Hope that made sense, in other words what I am trying to say is both Arjun and Rosy's POV in this update clears so many things yet it also leaves many questions in mind, which I won't post her.Wink Rahtore has the confirmation he had been seeking but he is still reluctant to share what he has found out.

Has he planted a seed of doubt in Arjun's head yet? I am sure once Arjun's starts questioning things he will realize where Rathore was leading him. I think we should all brace ourselves for your next revelation.Tongue

Once outside his room, he clenched his eyes tight for a moment and mumbled, "I wish I was there, Rathore. I wish I hadn't left."

Aha, he is going to remember this words to himself soon and will repeat them too I am sure about this.

Ufff...Mario and his inability to keep his hands off Rosy...seriously the man gives me the creeps and its no wonder Rosy is repulsed by him, just reading about him disgusts me.

Does he not know any other way to seduce a lady? This is the second time he spikes her drink in hopes of getting to her? But then Rosy is a smart lady, she would not fall into his trap with his cheap tricks.

But I think that he has also reached a limit and you are about to give us some dhamakedaar episodes I am sure, so bring them on I am ready for them.Smile

A drunk Rosy, now that I enjoyed the most. It was funny the way she kept thinking she was talking to Karan and not Arjun himself, and I am surprised Arjun was amused by it rather than irritated, but then again he has just been reintroduced to his Miss A and her antics so of course he would be amused.LOL

And finally the moment on the beach, Rosy's pain, Arjun's frustration at not being able to fix what is ailing her was beautifully written behna.

Finally Rosy finds peace in his arms, if only he knew how much she had needed him when she lost all that was precious to her, I hope he continues to be there in her time of need because he is the only one who can bring that peace in her life.

Loved, loved the update behna, please, please update soon.Hug

Hey behna.. 

Yup! You caught it just right! LOL  I realised it just a few days ago while chalking down the rough draft. He's the tiger, after all.. Wink  And that has put an end to my constant worry.. 
(But now I have new ones..) LOL

Phew.. finally.. I can sleep peacefully knowing that  didn't mess it up..Tongue  And your questions.. Hold on to them, behna.. We're not very far away from the moment of truth.. Wink

Yup.. Rathore surely did.. But someone else needs to nudge him towards things as well, for him to question both the present and the past.. Take  a guess.. Wink

@ Bold: You bet.. He will be saying it to himself each time the fog lifts from a layer of truth.. You know, I really pity him.. What was he thinking when he fell for her? LOL

Oh, and Mario has plenty of ways to seduce the lady.. Maybe just got too lazy.. LOL  Trust me, behna, you're not going to like the others.. Confused

He's getting there behna.. And he will also start to question her decision from the past, soon enough.. Wink  And then shall begin, our favorite tug of war.. Tongue

Anyhow.. Thanks a lot behna.. You know, I couldn't have possibly come this far without my frequent venting out sessions which you handle with a lot of patience.. LOLLOL


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Originally posted by laila1994

Why? You did it again to meCry
It started as a fun part (part b) but again, you ended it like this.
Rosy had gone through so much... I wonder if in reality a person can tolerate this much.
Rosy no REAL rosy is a funny girl.

"Even during his marriage with Roshni, he had tried his best to move past her and give his new relationship a fair chance. But now he realised, he wasn't looking for a lover or a soulmate. He had only been running around, looking for a shelter, looking for a place he could call home."

I wonder how Arjun & Roshni's relation was? In one update you said it was complicated. But how much? I know Arjun could never be unfair to her, but again did she know that her husband loved her friend. And she unintentionally came in between them?

Why Roshni never told Rosy that Arjun loves her?

Why Roshni never told Arjun that Rosy & Sha are alive? ( When she was alive)

And yes, I am missing mishtiSmile

Aww.. I didn't mean to.. But you do know, that isn't time for happily ever afters yet, right? The truth has only started coming out.. There's still so much that is hidden and until they face it, they cannot pretend to be happy.. 

I wish I could write down a part on ArNi.. But I always end up feeling really sad each time I watch them on screen or write/read on them.. So anyway, they were friends and remained friends until the very end. Roshni was the perfect wife but not what he wished for.. They both tried to make it work, but some things weren't destined to be.. 

As to why she never told either of them about it, she had very little time after the truth was out. Remember, Ro visited him at the hospital? And then soon enough, Roshni was killed.. 

Besides, her friend had bound her in a gulaabwala promise, which she cannot break even now.. Ouch

More on it, in the update! 

The next one offers a tiny glimpse on Roshni-Arjun-Arohi's relationship dynamics.. I'm sure you'll love it.. If not, do tell me.. Wink

Thanks so much! Big smile

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Originally posted by coolRD

i'm xtremly sry 4 nt rplyng 4 dis stry.. hav read olmst hlf of it nd i mst say dis stry is really fantstic nd is beautifully writn.. til nw watevr i'v read hs mde me fall 4 ur stry.. wil definitely try 2 finish readng it soon

Hey.. That's okay.. But I have to pace up now.. It's already been delayed too much.. 
Catch up soon with your take on it.. 

Originally posted by drunkiiebabe

awesome update
thanks for the pm


Originally posted by hal96

Awesome update
Firstly im honestly really sorry cudnt read previous update till now ... i was really ill n college n ill so did not get the time
But loved the uodates
Rosys weak form
Rathod doing his own investigation
Rosy drunk 
Acp Karela Rawte lol
Im giggling soo much think my mums gunna kill me in her sleep
Loved it
Thanks 4 pm
Update soon
Cant wait

Thanks dear.. Hope you're well now.. I hate falling sick.. Ouch
Did you get the PM part? 

More coming up soon.. Wink

Originally posted by ...Maha-Srk...

such a long update
amazing just love it
read both parts wonderful sab ne sub kuch bol dia i have no words so in simple just fabolus eagerly w8ng 4 next plz update soonish n thanx 4 pm

Thanks dear.. Big smile

Originally posted by Shivi1997

Wow such a long updatei like love ititna wait karwaya to itna bada wala update to banta haibtw thanks 4 the pmNow coming to ur update
i m lil' confusedy sam asked arjun abt yash?Did he find smthing and if yes, then wat?Rosy also stated that she never ever belong to yash..mrovr she told there's nthng beautiful btwn themwat that mean?U didnt disclose the whole yash part plz disclose d other half in nxt partu promised that too pakka walano adha adhura ok
btw that arjun-rosy part was so funny
arjun's plastic surgery wala dialogue was fab
love uupdate soon

Lol.. I hope you say the same after the next one as well.. LOL
patience is the key, my dear.. It's coming up.. 
I wasn't going to write in the next one but now that I've read your comment, I will.. Wink  Pakka and poora wala.. 

Thanks so much! 

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Originally posted by Devangana

Worth the wait dear.  Two parts in one go.  It was Arjun and his Miss A all along.  Loved KARELA Rawte.  Feeling like crying at Miss A's Plight.  How can one live with so much grief bottled up inside?  Hope Arjun finds out the whole truth soon enough although it will be as painful for him as it is for her I daresay.  Atleast now he has got the hint that her married life wasn't a bed of roses as he was assuming till now.  Don't rest Arjun.  You have to bring her out of the clutches of her past as well as that leech Mario.  Continue soon.  Thanks for the pm.  and please continue to send me the pms.  God bless.

Another two on the way.. LOL

exactly.. So now she needs to get rid of it.. 
It will be painful for him as well.. But he's strong and when he realises that he's the only one who can help her heal, he will put his grief past him.. 

Thank you! 

Originally posted by shreya09

it was beautiful ... (like always)...
both their pov... 
a cute drunk Miss A made my day...
her scene with acp Karela... their bonding... their understandings & also the misunderstandings... very very very nicely written
beautiful writing

& i just love long updates :)

Thank you.. Big smile  More long updates coming your way.. Tongue

Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Awesome update..
Thanks for the pm


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Originally posted by vidya.anand

Do I need to say? it was a super duper blockbuster update...ek reason for this extra praise, u already know what that is...LOL
agar nahi toh sochthi raho...Wink main nahi bathaane waali

Haila.. not fair B3.. Bimaar bacchon ko satate nahi hain.. Paap chadhega.. Ouch

what happ to u?? malaria all of a sudden...mosquito ko tumse pyar hogaya kya?? anyways, take good care...I am worried for u dear...take rest...

Oh yeah.. he gave me a kissi when I said I wanted one from Arjun ji.. LOL Na na.. sudden nahi.. I kept ignoring the fever and chills.. anyhow.. I'm better now.. 

Coming back to the update...
so Mario is finally showing his devilish colors...he is so damn filthy...he expects her to give in to his wishes...well ladkiyon ko kya samajhtha hai...Some men are just so dirty perverts...khair, may be Rosy had her part too..But i liked the way she cuts him off each time he tries to make a move towards her...

yeah.. but he's about to take it a notch higher..Ouch  I say good for him; his end is near! Angry

She is drunk and lost...karela that was funny..and she thought she is talking to funny that was...and she giving the landmark with the big coconut tree was so so so hilarious...
PM update toh super se bhi uphar tha

Both having doubts, changes regarding their own decisions in the past...hmmm...

and the point abt her life with Yash ...i had guessed it sometime back when she said abt giving herself forcefully to someone she never could love...

yeah.. they needed to start thinking over it.. Varna romance kaise hoga? LOL
Jokes apart.. it's time they begin putting things together.. esp. Hotwa.. 

Arjun saying I dont think i know her at all about his Miss A was truly heart shattering...well cant blame him, that really is Miss A for him...a complete mystery...a surprise package who stun and bombards him with revelations...well same can be said abt u lady B2...harr update mein surprise dehti hoWink

Eesh! Thank you Ji! LOL
Yeah.. she's kept her true self hidden from everyone, even him.. But don't you worry.. He'll be the first and probably the only one to unravel all her secrets.. Wink

waiting for the other revelations...oops maha revelations...come back soon

cont soon

Thanks so much B3... And I'm back.. LOL  Bachke kahan jaoge? Tongue

PS: i loved ur comment for NK and Radhika story...glad u liked that pairing too...more of natkad romance on the way...thriller mein bhi romance ke bina mujhe cheyn nahi aathi...LOLHeart

Bwaha.. I knew you would! Of course I loved it.. Yaad hai na B1 ne kya kaha? We'd love and drool over even RR (bro)romance if and when you write it.. Heart
I second that.. Thriller mein romance na ho, toh kuch pheeka nahi lagta? 

P.S. Batao na.. What's the reason for extra praise? Agar nahi bataya, toh next wala update se aapki treat cancel.. Phir matt kehna.. Wink

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Originally posted by kunchu

You made us wait for a long dear..
but all wait was worth it.
Starting from the note, you know I am not going anywhere from the forum
so forum me ho ya blog me, count me in.

Yup! But you know na filhaal mere stars kuch zyada hi meherbaan hain.. Ouch

The Lady getting back to Red.
Beautiful thought process dear.
I too have the same question as she asked.If she hadn't have asked him to walk off, would it have been different?
Would Roshni have sacrificed her love for Arjun?
would it have been easier for Baba to give Ro's hand to Arjun?
I really don't know.
It was as if Destiny/fate making a maze for them. keeping obstacles in every move they take.
What was their fault for such turns of event??
Who knows? now the maze gets open in some direction only to be showing more dreadful obstacles in front of them.

Exactly.. I don't have answers to them either.. Maybe yes, Roshni would have done the same too.. And yup, probably their Baba would have been the happiest man alive to give away his daughter to the son he loved.. 
It wasn't their fault.. 

And now it's time for the maze, as you call it to open up and lead them in the right direction.. 
There will be plenty obstacles for sure.. But what you mustn't forget is that it's Arjun and his Miss A we're talking about.. 
They can both go to any lengths for each other.. Bass secret bahar aane do and you will see Arjun Rawte on a mission to woo his lady.. (By hook or by crook!) Wink

Kisine teekh kaha hai,har ek story me minimum ek kamina hotha hai
why do I feel so disgusted with the Mario??
His intentions of marking her looks like if he is a werewolf and she is his mate

Lol! Yeah.. coz he's meant to be disgusting.. Hold that thought, gundi behna.. There's a lot more on that front waiting to happen before he goes down.. I'm sure you'll be the first one to shoot him.. LOL

This time partner nahi hai... missed his Xmas chats too.
What is that Rathod got from his research?
I have small hints of it but still I am waiting for it to clear up.
You have kept this Yash so hidden that none could point what or who he was.
Smart move Avni

Yup! Coz Partner is busy dhulofying elsewhere.. More on it in the next one.. Tongue
Yup! It was very difficult, trust me.. LOL

The elevator part was making me angry. wanted to punch that stupid guy.[Gundi effect to this abla nari]

Abla naari? Excooz me? Who? Shocked LOL

Karela Rawte?? that was hilarious.
Poor guy still get to see his Ms. A's plight.
but one line from her at the end is going to change everything now.

Yup! Sad enough, but he has to witness all her breakdowns, heartaches and her wounds, before he can gather her up and kiss away her pain.. 
Yesh! That's going to fire his neurons now.. 

I am guessing now he will ask Rathod what he actually meant by the question.
Again the worst fears are out regarding Annu.
You were right this time I didnt need an oxygen mask, but next time I am sure you will make it sure that I get one.

Only one thing.. Annu was like the white lily that grows in a pond full of mud and filth.. And Rosy loved her more than her life despite everything. So you have nothing to fear about there.. 

Yup! You might need one.. LOL
Jooti matt phenkna bass.. 

Coz I'm sure gundi will be on the train to my place to kill me for sure.. LOL

Thanks so much, Kunchu.. Embarrassed

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