ariya ss updated pg 29 (Page 10)

atharin Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2014 at 9:41am | IP Logged
So finally updated
Awesome update, I loved it.
Especially riya's entry.
Continue soon.
Thanks for the PM.

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ArShiDelena IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2014 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Awesome Update
Loved It
Continue Soon

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aosum update dear
thnks fro pm
cont soon

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awesome update
loved it
thnx for pm

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Finally you updated
Loved riya attitude
Juniors shocked seeing her
Continue soon please

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Clap welll done amezinggg
nicely writen

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Here u go guyz..

Riya spent rest of the day in cabin.. All the members came in her cabin to submit their works completed.. They passed her an ackward smile.. Which she related to their earlier behavior but just shrugged it off.. She felt being watched but didn't look back as she knew the pair of eyes that were set on her which had several question swimming in them n most probably longing for her which was reflected in her eyes too.. She wanted to talk to him, hug him , kiss him, fight with him, cajoaling him, their pretty nok jhok, she want to rush to him cage herself in his arms which were most safest place for her.. But she controlled herself as she is in office as well as this is not the time to have a face off.. She was mentally preparing herself for his outburst.. She knew he didn't liked to be ignored by her.. No matter how angry they are from another, they can't resist talking to each other n it applies vice versa.. She was checking reports submitted by her sub- ordinates.. But her concerntration was partially on the duo standing at her doorstep probably digging hole at her.. She knew they want to barge in her cabin like before but now circumstances n time has changed so r they.. She couldn't hold it longer n answered without looking up, 'agar andar ana chahte ho toh ajao waha bahar khade hoke chaukidar banneka irada hai kya..' with slight chuckle leaving duo mouth hanging.. They came inside n were slightly embarrassed being caught like that n pouted listening her words n chuckle.. She could feel their pout so finally she lifted her head from the file n got up from her chair came in front of them n took them in a bear hug which they reciprocated which conveyed their feelings towards each other.. Trio parted from each other.. They had tears in their eyes.. They wiped each others tear n took riya in bone crushing hug which she happily gave in.. Finally they settle down on the couch of her cabin big enough for trio.. Two sat either side of riya who sat in middle.. They sat in silence for few minutes sadly.. After a long silence, riya tried to lighten the mood n said, ' wah kya baat hai mere shero tum logo main mannerism agayi.. Mere cabin mein ane k liye kab se permission lene lage tum dono.. Wese toh yuhi bedhadak ghus jate the.. Waise suna hai bohat bade aur khukhar officer ban gaye ho.. Ek damm it toh dusra samjhe ya samjhaun.. Lagta hai mere sangat ka asar hai.. Wah riya puttar, tussi great ho..' raising the color of her shirt with mischeif n duo looked at her increduosly at her antics n laughed at her self- compliment n her last remark.. Watching duo laugh freely she too smiled.. She knew they were here to ask her question about her departure but she diverted it to some other topics.. Duo understood her attempt but thought to rest it for now as what matter most is she is back with them.. They talked about what they missed in each other life.. Riya teased sam taking aisha's name to which he was flushed n arjun simply admired her.. For him past didn't mattered as long as she is with him.. He for sure will ask her reason for her departure but that can wait n enjoyed being with her.. Ariya were stealing glance of each other.. Their eyes reflected love.. Whereas outside cabin there were 3 shocked n 1 happy face seeing them like that.. One was burning in jealousy, Sakshi.. Arjun was smiling n laughing with someone else n that was hurting her.. His happiness mattered her but her not being the reason hurt her but she had no say in it.. Later riya called the day off n ordered choree to drop girls home.. When sakshi was about to protest n ask arjun to drop her but riya interrupted her n said, 'miss anand i think m the boss n i decide things accordingly.. We have some works to do so i don't think i need to elaborate it to u.. N be in ur limits.. N i think u don't wanna be late for tomorrow's drilling or bear the consequences.. So shut ur crap n get going.. Do u get it.. Better get it..' with stern voice n left samjun following her givimg glare to sakshi specially arjun..

Sakshi stormed out after trio left rest following behind.. She was fuming being insulted by rsk.. She couldn't do much but sulk about it.. If she back answered rsk she will be suspended n tranferred to a place she never imagined in her wildest dream n far away from arjun which she can't bear.. Trio were seeing change in her expression with each thought.. She was lost in thought n failed to notice her 3 friends.. At last they could see some determinaton in her eyes n was calmness all over her demanure.. Trio exchanged worried look as they know she was infatuated by arjun which took for love.. But they themself had encouraged her about her feelings.. Now they regret their deed.. Maybe they had been too fast to judge her feelings n they had probably called for a heart break for her which is surely coming her way.. They could do nothing but pray for the good.. Hope they hadn't messed it badly as they thought.. They were praying badly that their assumption regarding their current cheif n their other khadus boss is incorrect.. Aisha was thinking that she has seen samjun genuinely happy.. Though sam was happy but something seemed amiss always which seemed to have completed.. Is the missing puzzle of their life is rsk?? She really wants them to be happy like this.. Rsk seems to play vital role in samjun's life.. Sam never mentioned about rsk in their relationship that hurt her but she knew maybe something held him back.. N arjun who seem to be to much professional with all specially girls was so frank with riya.. It seems as if samjun knew riya much before than they think.. She hadn't missed the spark between ariya.. Sakshi was just replaying whatever she had seen in the cabin like a repeat telecast.. She was confused why rsk came?? Why she joined etf?? What her current state in team?? Is something going on between ariya?? Has something gone wrong?? Many questions were flooding in her mind but not getting any answers.. She was frustrated thinking all this.. Choree dropped girls to their respective places.. All were thinking about their seniors connection n soon dozzed off dreading about tomorrow's drilling session.. On the other side, samjun n riya were sitting in conference hall discussing about the drilling session.. They decided that riya n arjun will improvise the team's shooting technique n aisha n sam will improvise their martial arts technique.. They discussed about their secret mission n dismissed for the day.. They come out of office when rsk offered them lift n invited to dine together.. Samjun happily agreed.. They went to their hangout places.. They had their dinner n chatted about their life.. Just then a loud shriek caught their attention with a bone crushing hug to all of them "OMG!! U GUYS HERE!!". . They were stunned.. Later they reciprocated it.. "hi guys, how r u?? After long time, nice to meet u.." n smiled at them n they too smiled at her.. Riya come closer giving her side hug n said, 'ya long time.. How r u prachi??' ya she was their ex team member.. She replied, 'me toh super fine.. Thank god i met u three together actually i've a news to share with u.. Guys i n raghu r getting married at the end of this month n u 3 r invited personally.. Hope tum log aaoge.. Please aur apni team k sath ana.. Have to rush bye..' riya, 'congo dear.. Hope u have happy married life.. Ofcourse we will come.. See u around n convey my regards to raghu too..' samjun too wished her n she left.. Riya laughed after that thinking about the news n samjun too joined her.. Raghu n prachi were two opposite side of a pole.. One choose right then other will definately choose left.. They were combo of chalk n cheese.. Shriza's relation remind them of prachi n raghu.. But they r happy for them.. Riya dropped them home as samjun house were near n at the distance of 5 minute n bid bye n went away thinking about today n drifted to sleep..

Next morning, at sharp 6:30 we see a girl entering etf office n greeting the gaurd went to practice ground n started doing warm up excercise stretching n relaxing.. We see a slim figure come in having a carry bag n a bottle of water.. The figure is draped in grey track suit n cream coloured vest.. After warm up figure started jogging around the ground.. After jogging the figure started doing martial arts with dummy.. She goes to shooting place n started loading gun n put gears on start shooting all hit target n loaded fir second round n again fired n again the same result.. She kept the gun down searched for a blind fold n put on her eyes n again shoot n same result.. Second time too same result.. She took off her blind fold n turn around to take her water bottle then she saw the audience who were having their mouth open.. She took the water bottle n sipped the water n splashed some on her face n wiped her face n turned to face them but they were still in the same condition n it irks her n splashed remaining water on them that did the trick n all of them came out of trance whinning about water but kept quiet seeing her glare.. Her authoritative voice alert them, 'agar tum logo ka mujhe ghurna aur apne aap mein badbadana ho gaya ho to can we get back to work.. Agar aise hi rehna hai toh apne apne transfer order taiyar rakhna mujhe uspe sign karte waqt koi dukh nahi hoga.. Start ur warm up get it.. Better get it.. Disperse..' they hurriedly did as ordered.. This was seen by samjun n aisha.. Ya the person was riya n the peoples gapping at were choriza n sakshi.. Trio came to the place where all were.. They greeted each other.. Riya stood in middle n other forming semi circle stood in front of her.. Riya informed, 'aj se 1 hafte tak u'll be having drilling session for 2 hours.. So buck up guys.. From now on ur shooting training will be conducted by arjun n me n aisha n sameer will give u training in martial arts.. Is that clear..' to which they nodded.. Sakshi half heartedly agreed but wanted to be taught by arjun which was noticed by four commands.. Riya asked, 'any problem anand??' to which she said, 'can't arjun teach us martial arts as he is best..' to which riya was amused n trio were fuming.. Riya calmly answered, ' anand i think m the command here n i decide who does what n for ur info i think aisha n sameer r equally qualified as arjun so they r in their position.. Sameer has lead u before i came.. N as for aisha, she can teach u well n who better can teach u who defeated arjun n who is well trained n taught by none other than me..' with stern n proud voice which shut sakshi up.. Others were stunned to know about riya being aisha's trainer.. Samjun were shocked to know aisha knew rsk before as well.. Another command, 'agar aap logo quiz round khatam ho gaya ho to can we proceed ya din bhar yahi khade rehne ka irada hai..' to which they hurriedly went to take their respective places.. They gave tough training to their juniors n sharpened their skills too.. All were exhausted at the end of the drilling session n collapsed on the ground whereas four of them were just staring at their juniors.. Though they were too tired but they had great stamina.. They could see the stamina is lacking in their team.. Riya ordered them to go home n take a nap of 1 n half hour n freshen up n come back to duty to which all groan.. Riya was just going from there, when she heard all groaning.. She turned around promptly n said, 'any problem.. If u do that's none of my business.. U solve it urself.. If not get back to ur place n take a short nap as i said n be back at time otherwise be ready to face the wrath.. Do u get it?? Better get it..' in stern voice n took her carry bag n went straight to her cabin.. Whereas all were cursing her for her strict nature.. They found samjun nothing in front of her.. If samjun r akdu n sadu then riya is lady hitler.. They went to do as said.. They took nap setting an alarm of half an hour earlier than reporting time.. They reached their their house n hit their bed n dossed off.. Sasha went together whereas arjun remained in his cabin.. He was taking in all they got to know today.. He was happy the way riya cut sakshi's word.. He always felt she was too much cringing on him.. She left no stone unturned to get his attention but failed.. He was too pissed off for her behavior but couldn't do much due to sam n aisha.. Sam knew his reasons for staying away from sakshi but also want his happiness which was gone with riya n aisha though don't have any idea about riya wanted his happiness n her friend showed interest in him so she also wants him to settle down but arjun didn't pay heed for it.. He doesn't ignore her totally but behave professionally.. Sometimes sakshi irritates him too much so he snaps at her.. He didn't want to give any hope to her about her future with him so he tried to be ignorant of her advancement towards him.. Now he has his reason of life n sanity, n he'll not let anyone come between him n riya he decided no matter what..

SORRY for late update.. hope u like it..

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Awesome fantastic update
cont soon

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