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TaaRey & Swaron : Make u feel tat u love me (uptd pg no 97) 26/8/1 (Page 47)

poorni_vishali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2014 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kriti094

sweetheart wil get back her prince charming very soon

rey ki conditions wer nyc
but taani's conditions stole d show
awesome updt

thank u so much for readingSmile

poorni_vishali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2014 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aditipandey.adi

awesum update .. Clap

rey hurt .. luvd d way swaron consoled him ..! Thumbs Up

taarey .. dey were damn cute ..! Blushing

luvd rey's conditions ..! Thumbs Up

swaron .. luvd dem ..! Embarrassed

taani jealous ..! LOL

taani putting some conditions infront of rey .. gud ..! Thumbs Up

luvly update .. Clap

update soon ..
thank u 4 d pm .. Smile

thank u so much for readingSmile

poorni_vishali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2014 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Natasha.

Aww Rey crying so badly after listening to Taani conversation with Sharon and Kria was very emotional
I love how Sharon was there to comfort him and encourage him
Swaron spending some silent moments together was awesome
Taani talking to herself and Rey pull her into the projector room was so cute lol
I love their close moments, Rey conditions was a brilliant plan lol
Aww jealous Taani is too cute
Her conditions to Rey was superb ;)
I love how she call Rey an idiot lol
Lovely update, beautifully written
I love it

thank u so much for readingSmile

poorni_vishali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2014 at 11:43pm | IP Logged

When writing this I was upset so don't expect much in this update


TaaRey & Swaron: Make u feel tat u love me


Chapter  6




          Rey and Taani  both says two conditions

 Rey and kria friendship



Swayam: rey what happened this sudden change?

Sharon: haa rey say na what happened?

Rey: woo meri jaan ki conditions yr u no ( said in a cool  tone)

Swaron: what??

Rey: haa she told me to accept kria as a friend so

Swaron: what??

Rey: what what? Just now I said right k I have 2 go so bye.

Sharon: swayam what is happening here?

Swayam: even I don't know Sharon suddenly what happened to these two


Later in canteen

 every1 were there except taani. And all r chit chatting. Rey is sitting in between swaron.

Rey was in his deep thinking

Swayam and Sharon looked at each other and looked at rey . Sharon  signaled  swayam 2 ask rey

Swayam: rey

Rey was still thinking

Swayam: rey  (he shook him)

Rey: yaa swayam

Swayam: rey what r u thinking  about?

Rey: woo kya hai na ki mai aur taani... ( he now remembered taani's words she told it must be secret)

Swayam: tum aur taani kya?

Rey: woo... woo... I was thinking about when me and taani will be back together again

Swayam: rey u and taani will be together forever

Rey passed a smile to swayam and again he went his thinking process

Rey: (in mind) rey think something to make taani trust me and make that fear go out of her. Have to think different. (he making different faces while talking to himself in his mind)

Suddenly he brought back 2 sense by his phone , he got up and went to attend the call.

All the while swayam  and Sharon were looking at rey. Rey came back after the call smiling wide

Rey: k guys I m leaving

Swayam: rey why so fast?

Rey: nothing just have some work in home

All: k bye


After rey left. Swayam shifted near Sharon so fastly because of this  he dashed Sharon side ways and both shared a llhh moment . they were brought back   from their dreamland  by boys shout

Swayam: Sharon don't u think rey s behavior is weird 2day?

Sharon: ya swayam

Swayam: and this sudden change not dancing with kria  and friendship with kria and he said its taani's condition remember?

Sharon: I remember but when did taani said  this condition to him?

Swayam: ya when did taani said

Sharon: and I think rey is hiding something from us

Swayam: (in mind) us? (he went 2 his dreamland and here Sharon was talking and he is not responding she got irritated)

Sharon: swayam (shouted and swayam came back 2 reality) what the hell r u thinking? I m talking continuously and ur just  simply sitting without any reaction

Swayam: woo... Sharon I was thinking what is rey hiding from us (stressed the word us)

Sharon: whatever

Soon every1 left 2 home

In evening in Shaani home

Taani,kria and Sharon  were there they were talking. And taani's mobile buzzed and it was msg.

Taani: (in mind) rey ka msg Meet  me at college entrance sharp at 6.30 pm and one more thing wear the same dress u wore at our 1st date' what is he planning does he wants to make me remember our first date?  Any ways now I will go and get ready


Taani: bhabhi, kria I have some work in college so I will go and come

Both: ok

Taani went and got ready and came out of her room. Sharon nd kria saw her

Kria: taani looking beautiful in this dress and r u going for any date?

Taani got tensed and doesn't know what 2 answer

Taani: kria nothing like that just saw this dress and thought 2 wear this

Kria: ok

Sharon was lost somewhere

Taani: bhabhi what r u thinking?

Sharon came out of her thought

Sharon: taani this dress u wore on...  (before she could complete taani cut her)

Taani: hmmm bye both of u getting late don't wait for me have ur dinner

Saying all this in one go and left from there

Kria: Sharon what happened to her?

Sharon: actually she wore this same dress on her 1st date with rey ( Sharon told the whole incident)


Taani was standing in Entrance  of  college and talking to herself

Taani: why did he said me to come here and wear this  dress. R we going 2 spend time like our first date?

saying this she went 2 her dreamland remembering their 1st date and  rey from some distance hide and he was admiring taani

Rey: I know you will remember our date

And he moved towards her, stood in front of her and found her still lost the dreamland he had a smirk on his face .

After remembering their date taani came 2 the real world and saw rey in front of her and again on seeing him in front of her  they both lost in their eyes. Taani came 2 sense and before she could say anything she noticed that rey also wearing the same dress which wore on their 1st date.

Taani: where were u this much time?

Rey: sorry ( with a cute face)

Taani: so shall we go?

Rey: where?

Taani: we r going to terrace right(taani thought they r going to terrace)

Rey: no

Taani: then

Rey:  come with me

He held her hand and took her to his car.

Taani: where r we going?

Rey: surprise

Taani got in the car and while in the car taani was thinking

Taani: I thought he is going 2 spend the day like our date but now where he is taking me

She came out her thought and found the car has stopped and found rey opening door for her but before she getting down

Rey: taani close ur eyes

Taani: what?

Rey: I said close

This time taani obeyed him as a good girl. And rey held her hands and took her to place and made her stand in the destination

Taani: rey shall I open my eyes now?

Rey: ya open ur eyes taani


Taani opened her eyes and she don't understand where r they and she found a middle aged couple standing in front of her smiling at her. She was so much confused and looked at rey

Rey:ok taani meet  Mr.Rajesh Singhania and Mrs.Gayathri Singhania my dad and mom

Taani was shocked and her mouth shaped to a perfect O. she is thinking what is rey doing she doesn't understand anything what is he trying to do. And she realized that she was just staring at  them and they were smiling at her. Quickly taani bent down and took blessing from both of them .

Rm: rey learn from her these  good manners

Rey: mom leave it na

Rey hugged his parents and 4 of them moved inside. Taani found the mansion was so huge and beautiful. All settled down. Rey saw that taani was feeling tensed and embarrassed of this sudden new surrounding he sat near her and hold her hands and told her to relax by his eyes this was seen by rey's dad

Rd: just relax beta feel like home u can call us as mom dad

Taani: k uncle sorry papa

Rd: that's like good gal come here sit with us ( he said taani to sit near him and Rey's mom taani looked at rey and her hands)

Rm: rey leave her she  is here only she is not going anywhere

Rey: mom what is this just now I  sat near my sweetheart

Taani's eyes got widen as rey was using the word sweetheart in front of his parents  and what they will think

Taani: rey I told u not to say sweetheart

Rey: ok sweetheart (winked)

Rm: never mind him beta he never listen

Taani glared at rey and took her hands and went to rey's parents and started 2 talk with them. While talking with them taani found that they both know everything about her and rey . she was surprised by this taani had never listened abt his parents but they know about them.

Later Rey's mom took her a tour of the mansion and they four sat for dinner

Taani: maa u r awesome cook maa foods r superb

Rm: thank u beta and I have heard that u also fantastic cook

Rey: ya mom taani is best

Rm: Rey let her talk  u r always telling answers for her u better close ur mouth for sometimes

Rey: but mom

Rm: chup 1st eat

Rey obeyed his mom and taani was enjoying this

Rm:  beta do swayam know u r coming here?

Taani:no maa even I don't know that I m coming here (looked at Rey) and I m not with bhai

Rd: what? Then where r u staying beta? Is there any problem then u can stay here  this also ur house

Rey: ya ya taani this is ur home (in teasing tone)

Taani: shut up rey. Thank u papa but as bhabhi is alone I m staying with bhabhi

Rd & Rm: bhabhi?

Rey: she means Sharon

Rm: oh Sharon bhabhi

Rey: dad when did u came from delhi?

Rd: yesterday night

Rey: oh k k

Taani: maa u and papa stay here?

Rm: haa

Taani: they why does rey is staying alone?

Rd: we gave him his freedom

Taani: but papa if u both r in out of town always its k in staying alone but u both r here its not good. Rey why do u stay alone  u can stay here na?

Rey: taani from here it takes nearly  1 hr to college so

Taani: so what rey? This is a silly reason (in her new attitude) have u ever  thought of  maa when papa is out of town maa  alone will be here

Rey's  parents were very much impressed by this just 2day she saw them but how much she care for them. Ya I forgot that u never think of others and u think  of  only u ( Rey felt her hurt)

Rey: but taani

Taani: no rey u r going to stay here and that's final

Rey had no option he still don't want 2 hurt taani

Rey: k as u wish

Taani: good

Rey parents were amused to see rey like this they had tried a lot to rey stay here but they didn't force him. Later after finishing dinner its time for taarey to leave. Taani again took blessings from rey's parents

Taani: k papa bye maa bye

Rd: vist here often its ur home

Rm: beta

Taani: haa maa

Rm: I wish u should come to this home as my bahu soon

Taani looked here and there as she doesn't no what to say as she didn't expect this.

Rey: mom that will happen very soon mom  its my responsibility to bring ur bahu soon and make her as my better half soon

Taani was silent  but passing a smile to rey's parents and glared at rey.


While returning  in car

Taani: thank u so much rey

Rey: for what?

Taani: to bring  me to meet  maa and papa

Rey just smiled

Taani: u no rey after meeting maa it felt so good and after so many days felt  complete 

Taani: (in mind) he said he wanted spend time with me but then why did he wanted me 2 meet his parents and maa wants me as her  bahu  and rey said he will make me as his better half soon

She had a small blush on thinking about that

Rey: (in mind) I want u to believe me taani that I will never leave u in my life so I brought u to meet mom and dad. Even they want u as their bahu. I know u will think about it.

Somewhere inside rey took some 1 or 2 percent of taani's fear  of he leaving her. Now even if he  don't want his parents wont leave taani.


Precap :

          Taarey reached sharon's home . Both came inside

Swayam: rey taani where were u both this much time? (in possessive bhai mode)

And swaron moments


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princess_tara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2014 at 12:14am | IP Logged
superb update
swaron thinking what suddenly happen with rey
rey take taani to his home n introduce her with his parents
rey's parents r very sweet
they told taani to call them maa papa
they spend family tym
taani made rey agree on staying with his parents
n his parents r shocked that how eassily he agree
precap really interesting
update it soon
tharu01 Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2014 at 12:19am | IP Logged
Awesome.. Loved it...
BeingFoodie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2014 at 12:30am | IP Logged
oh my god...this was soso so awesome chapter poorni...i loved taani and rey's parents bond...
Humzy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2014 at 12:42am | IP Logged
Awsm update
Loved it
Wow rey took taani to meet his parents
Continue soon

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