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Originally posted by suumi

Its nyc... Waiting to read furthr
thanks alot

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Originally posted by luvnishal97

nice update waiting for update

Thanks dea
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Originally posted by florine_20

Wow this is so beautifully written I loved all the zaya scenes and the other conversations too. U both write so well. Y have u stopped updating. Pls give us a next part soon and do complete this ff.
thank u for encouraging
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Originally posted by IshaAkbar

omg so much suspension. update soon and pm me pls
thanks alot
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Last part:will you Marry me?


After the dinner Ayat and Aliya cleaned the table while Zain came to
drink water. Of course it was just an excuse.

After drinking his glass of water he just stayed there for quite a while and
Aliya could feel his intense gaze at her.

'Bhaijaan, you need something?' Ayat asked.

'Yeah.. Aliya...' Zain smirked.                                                               

Aaaww! Appi, Zain Bhaijaan needs you!!' Ayat said looking at Aliya who was
ignoring their silly talks.

'Ayat!' Aliya glared at her and shifted her eyes on Zain. Zain gestured her
to come upstairs and Aliya gave a positive nod.


'Zain? 'Aliya whispered, closing the terrace door with great care to
avoid making any sound

'My princess Aliya! Kitna intizaar karaya...' Zain bent to peck her cheeks but
Aliya pushed him away.

'Blushing huh?' Zain teased.

'No Zain! Blushing and me? Never...' Aliya smirked .

'Ok then kiss me...' Zain crossed his arms and waited.

'Shaadi ke baad!' Aliya replied looking anywhere but him.

'Ok, I will wait then... Some few more days and then you'll be mine!'

Noticing that Aliya hasn't reacted to what he said Zain knew something was

'What's the matter?' asked Zain.

'Uum... Actually it's about Shazia Bhabi and Gauhar...' Aliya said.

I had to talk to you regarding things related to them as well. You tell me
what you have to say first...' Zain said.

Zain I have been asked to go away from you so that Gauhar can come near

What the hell is going on?'

I don't know Zain... I tried to understand what's wrong as well but... Zain I
really love you and I won't be able to stay without you... Please Zain...'

Aliya collapsed in Zain's arms, pouring out her heart. Zain was worried. He
never saw Aliya so weak and so helpless... And for God's sake she was crying

Aliya you know that these two cannot separate us so why on earth are you

I know Zain... But you won't know how much it has hurt me and it still does
whenever I think what she said to me! Why does she behave in such a way with me
Zain? Why me? What have I done to her?...'

Aliya ssshhh! Calm down Aliya! Please! You'll be sick if you continue
crying like this! Listen to me, please!'

I... Do you know how much I had to bear and still make as if everything was
alright at Mamu's place?'

Aliya I know. I read your face and I knew something was disturbing you. And
as for Gauhar, she can do whatever she wants but I will never be hers! Never!
Because I am Yours and you are Mine. We're made for each other. So she can make
up whatever plans she wants with her sister but it's always going to fail as
they are nothing compared to us, compared to the strength of our bond. And this
is what I wanted to talk to you about last night. I knew their plans because
Nafisah Bhabhi told me. Don't worry Aliya, no one can ever separate us. Even
death will not set us apart jaan!'

Aliya nodded but kept crying. Zain had had enough. He couldn't even bear the
thought of Aliya falling sick because she's been crying for such horrible

Aliya.. Aliya look at me jaan! Please! Stop crying... Aliya Please Aliya!'

In vain. It was as if his words haven't been spoken. Aliya didn't respond to
what he said and kept on crying.

Aliya you will stop crying if you truly love me, which I know you do, and
for my sake as well.'

He could only hear some sobbing thereafter and complete silence crawled
between the two of them. Then... He felt a pain in his arm.

Ouch! Aliya that hurts dammit!'

I know it does Zain Abdullah! I did that on purpose!'

What? What nonsense?'

Oh really? This is nonsense? What about you blackmailing me each time? Huh?
What about that?'

Oh that? Well... We both have something which overpowers each other so I just
use my power at times while you... You always use your power!'

My power? What are you talking about?'

You. You are your own power for me. It's as if you're the Highness and I am
your servant. And I have no problem of being ruled under your power Thy
Highness...' With that Zain took a bow in front of Aliya who was all red.


With Aliya's response Zain looked up and saw a completely shocked expression
on her face.

Aliya? All good?'

Uum... Yup, I believe so. I am just shocked seeing you talking in Old English
and yet making it sound so beautiful!'

This is Zain Abdullah's effect!' Zain said, adjusting his collar.

Oh! I see... On how many girls have you used this line then Mr Zain Abdullah?'
Aliya asked.

Girls? I guess some 50 or something like that?'

Oh... 50 girls huh? How cute!'

Yeah I know right... Aliya... Aliya wait... What are you doing? Why am I feeling
as if you're charging on me? Aliya...' Zain kept talking while he walked backwards.
That was until he bumped into the wall. He looked behind him and turned to face

So Mr Zain Abdullah... Fifty girls! And what about the number of women? Tell
me about this as well, what say?'

Zain got it. Aliya was jealous. Zain's mischievous mind was already working
out a plan and he was already putting it into action!

Oh so you're interested in knowing the number of women now... Interesting!
For women maybe some 20 to 30 of them? Makes you like a total of 70 to 80
people on whom I have used this line, and now including you, I just have to add
1' to my list!' Zain ended with a huge grin on his face noticing the anger
flushing on Aliya's face.

His plan was successful.

Great! Absolutely awesome! Your name should be in the Guinness Book, don't
you think so?' Aliya glared at him.

Yup! I absolutely agree! Studying in London for all these years and being
in love with only one girl. I think they should include my name. Not many can
do that you know...' With that, Zain pulled a blushing Aliya into his arms and
hugged her tightly while Aliya hugged him back.


Hmm? What's it?' Aliya asked breaking the hug. She looked at Zain directly
into his eyes, his eyes which were so deep that one could get drowned in them.

I am thinking maybe we should tell everyone about our relationship. Like
clarify that it's not only as how they perceive it to be. What do you think
about that?'

I think that you're right. We should definitely do that.'

Do I see some impatience in your voice?'

Uum.. You decide..!' Aliya said with a wink.

Then I say yes! And we will inform them the soonest possible... How about
when we go downstairs?'

I say it's a perfect idea!'

More than perfect I'd say, hmm?'

Aliya tip-toed to peck a kiss on his cheeks and hurriedly hid her face in
his chest.

Ooh well! I wish I could always be surprised by such sweet kisses!!' Zain
said, hugging Aliya.

They were happy. Very happy. They were going to reveal something about their
relationship that would surprise everyone but they would all be happy.

Finally the day has come.' Zain said.


They spent some romantic moments with each other, unaware what was going on


Shahzia and Gauhar were smiling at each other while others looked shocked.
One by one, their expressions changed. All started after Zain and Aliya left
and Gauhar said she had to reveal something.

The living room's atmosphere was a tensed one when Gauhar said so. Giving
her phone to Osman, she started her drama.

What I want to reveal to you all today is that Zain isn't happy with this
alliance. He is pretending in front of you all but since this alliance has been
fixed, his life has become like hell...' Gauhar started. I know that you may not
believe me right now, but have a look to the phone and you'll see the truth
with your own eyes.' She finished, wiping her tear.

Osman glanced at the phone and couldn't understand what was going on. It was
a photograph of Zain and Gauhar. Surraiya came near him and took the phone.

Same expression. Wow Gauhar! You're
awesome! ,
Gauhar thought.

Walking towards Shazia who was smiling as well, she gave a positive nod.
Everyone passed on the phone and were all shocked.

You were fantastic Gauhar!' Shazia couldn't control her happiness.
Everything was going on as planned.

As if you didn't know my talent! Oh! And the eye drop were indeed useful!'
Gauhar winked at Shazia.

Told you so! Now just wait and watch...'

Ayat came in the living room and saw everyone shocked.

What happened?'

No one responded. She walked towards her Mother and asked again. Shabana
gave her the phone. Ayat became numb seeing the photo.

This isn't true!' That's all she said.

Looking towards Gauhar and Shazia, she continued; This can never be true!
Why are you faking stories? What the hell is wrong with you Gauhar?'

Shazia was shocked as she never thought Ayat would talk to someone like this
one day. However, Gauhar wasn't shocked.Her blood was boiling'.                                                                         
                                No one ever talked to me in this tone till
today. This girl, I hate her! Who is she to talk in such a tone with me, and in
front of everyone?!

This is true for God's sake! Why would I fake stories like this?! Zain doesn't
...' She started sobbing.

Shazia placed a sympathetic hand on her shoulders and looked at everyone.

Zain doesn't love Aliya but Gauhar, and he also promised to Gauhar that he
would marry her.' Shazia said.

That was it. The second shock of this evening.

Gauhar continued crying while others were still digesting this revelation.
Shabana sat the couch and Surraiya held Osman's shoulders. Both Mothers were shocked and shattered.

Shabana started crying and Ayat comforted her. Osman turned to face Surraiya and couldn't believe
his eyes. Surraiya had tears in her eyes, threatening to fall at any time. Aliya's father was asking Shabana to calm
down, he himself crying.

This cannot be true. I've seen them together my eyes. You can only see love
between the two of them. It can't be true, it cannot be!' Surraiya ended in

Gauhar had had enough!

What cannot be true Aunty? That Zain loves me? And has promised me that he
would marry me? You didn't like Aliya at first and now what's the problem?!'

Yes! I didn't like Aliya at the beginning but she's a really good girl!' ,
Surraiya turned to face Shabana. Your
daughter is a gem! She showed me how wrong I was and she is the one who made me
change the way I think.' This left Shabana very emotional.

Turning towards Gauhar, Surraiya continued; And as for me accepting Aliya
and this alliance, I have no problem at all. I was reluctant before and this
was when I didn't understand how Aliya is truly is. I would never imagine this
to happen! I find it still impossible to believe that all this is going on
between Zain and you. It's unbelievable Gauhar, unbelievable!'

Meanwhile Ayat left to inform Zain and Aliya about the happenings.

What is unbelievable Aunty?! For God's sake, can't you see how a good son
you have? He has put on all that drama about loving Aliya and accepting this
alliance so that you all wouldn't be disappointed! And what about me now? All
those promises? He has to marry me! He loves me and me only! And the photo says
it all!'

"Oh shut up Gauhar! Just shut up!' Nafeesa couldn't tolerate it anymore. She
couldn't keep quiet anymore.

Shazia turned to reply to her while Gauhar motioned her not to say anything.

Why should I keep quiet? Because I am saying the truth?' Gauhar asked.

No! Not because you're saying the truth but because you're lying! You are a
liar! You and Shazia planned all this so that you can break Zain and Aliya's
alliance in order for you to become Zain's wife. And all this... All this
planning and drama so that you can dominate everyone in the Barkat Villa!'

No one could believe their ears! They now didn't know whom to believe,
Shazia and Gauhar or Nafeesa?

Farhad came to support Nafeesa and Shazia didn't like this at all but Farhad
didn't care about her this time. He was supporting the truth and the one who
has been always truly his wife, one who wasn't cheap like Shazia.

Nafeesa is saying the truth!' Farhad spoke.

No! She isn't saying the truth! You're siding with that Aliya so that only
she can stay happy! What kind of brother are you to kill your own younger
brother's happiness?!'


Everyone turned to face Zain standing next to Aliya.

Ayat went to her Mother and pressed her shoulders.

This wasn't in the plan, was it? Shazia
thought, glancing to Gauhar who seemed to be confused.

This isn't going according to the plan! Do something!!'

What can I do? You said you had everything planned and there wouldn't be
any problem... What is this now?!' Shazia was angry now.

Zain!', Gauhar ran towards him and hugged him, Thank God you came!'

What the hell are you doing?!' Zain asked, pushing Gauhar away from him. And
what on earth did you tell everyone?'

I said the truth Zain, that you love me and that you're not happy with this
alliance. Marry me Zain, we'll always be happy with each other!'

Are you crazy?!'

I think she is Zain. She's definitely lost her mind!' Nafeesa said, coming

No, you have lost your mind Nafeesa! Why don't you stay out of our

Mind your language Gauhar!' Farhad shouted.

How dare...'

Osman interrupted Gauhar; Can we please understand what is exactly going
on? Since so long we've all kept quiet but now I believe it's time for us,
elders, to talk.'

Yes Dad, it's time for you all to talk now.' Farhad said, Nafeesa nodding
next to him.

Go ahead Dad...' Zain said, holding Aliya's hand.

What is your version of the truth Gauhar?'

Uncle, I have nothing more to say. Zain and I are in love and have wished
to get married but the alliance with Aliya has been fixed. Hence, I am fighting
for my right!'

What the bloody hell is this?!' Zain asked.

Osman motioned Zain to keep quiet and turned towards Shazia.

Shazia, what about you?'

I support my sister, she's saying the truth. And you have the photo as the

I didn't ask for any proof, did I?'

Aliya took the phone from Shabana and looked at the photo. She started crying.
Zain gave her a comforting hug and kissed her forehead.

Don't worry. Everything will be alright... It's not their plan which is
working, but ours.' Zain whispered.

Aliya stared at him. Zain had a grin on his face.

Aliya, come forward please.' Osman said.

Aliya left Zain's hand and went next to Osman.

Yes Mamu?'

Are you happy with this alliance?'

Aliya gave a positive nod.

So you both are not pretending right? You truly love Zain and it's the same
from him, right?'

Aliya nodded and silently cried.

Shabana and Surraiya both came near Aliya and hugged her.

Gauhar then what have...'

Dad I'd like to speak to Gauhar if you don't mind...'

Osman went to Ghulaam, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

So Gauhar, I love you right? And you love me as well... And we have to get
married, right?'

Yes Zain... Yes!'

Zain turned to face everyone and talked.

Okay everyone! Then I will get married to Gauhar. The wedding will be Zain
weds Gauhar!'

Aliya and everyone else stared at Zain. They weren't getting what was going
on. Too much things happened and now this... It became confusing. Confusing for
them all, apart from Farhad and Nafeesa.

Shazia was happy and Gauhar was elated!

Yes! Finally the plan worked!
Shazia thought.

Zain, you're not joking right? It's true right?'

C'mon Gauhar... Do you think I'm in a mood to joke? Of course not!'

Yes! I knew it that you would marry me Zain! I just knew it!' Gauhar
started coming forward to hug him when Zain asked her to stop.

But I have a condition Gauhar. And the condition is that after our wedding
we would be leaving Barkat Villa. We'll
settle somewhere else. I will not be considered as the second heir of Abdullah
family anymore, do you agree?'

Gauhar and Shazia's happiness faded within seconds.

This can't be happening! Shazia thought.

Zain what are you saying? This cannot happen!'

Why Shazia? Why can't this happen? After all, Gauhar would be getting to
Zain because she loves him right? And not because of any other reason, right?'

Nafeesa stay out of it!' Gauhar warned.

Next time you talk to my wife in such a tone I swear you'll regret it!'
Farhad interfered. She's right. You're getting married to Zain because you
love him or because of his wealth?'

Or so that the two of you can rule Barkat Villa and all the properties?'
Aliya asked.

Shazia and Gauhar stared at Aliya.

Correctly said Aliya!' Nafeesa and Farhad supported her.

You don't know anything...' Gauhar said, turning towards Zain. Zain tell
them... Tell them that you're not happy with this alliance. Why are you playing
games with me Zain?'

What makes you think I am not happy with this alliance?'

Because it's an arranged marriage and it's against your will! Tell them

Zain turned to face everyone else. He could see how tensed they all were. He
asked for Gauhar's phone and turned towards her again.

Okay Gauhar, would you tell me when did we take this photograph? I didn't meet
since I was back from London and you never came there.'

Oh no! I didn't prepare for this! Gauhar was trapped.

Zain... Don't you remember? We went for an outing and we clicked it there

When we never met for a year, how can we go to an outing together? Okay
leave it... Tell me where is this then? What's the place?'

I... This... Wasn't it when we... No, I am mixing up. I think I don't remember

How would you even remember when in the original photo there's Aliya and
not you?! I heard the conversation of the two of you the other day and knew you
would be doing something terrible. Hence, I informed Farhad and we both
followed you and saw how you instructed someone to exchange the picture of
Aliya with yours. And yes, we also have photos of the two of you. And Zain had
already been informed about. ' Nafeesa said. She gave her phone to Osman and
everyone else came to see.

And for your kind information Gauhar, Zain hates going on outings! Only when
Aliya would insist that he would go...' Farhad added.

And threatening Aliya to go away from me wasn't a nice trick. You both have
no right to interfere in our life.' Zain said.

All the plans failed. Gauhar and Shazia's lies were caught up.

Zain... But Zain what about you not being happy with this alliance?' Surraiya

Yes Zain... Is this true Zain?' Shabana added.

No Mom... No Phups... This isn't true.'

Zain... I admit that the photo has been changed but why are you lying that
you're happy?' Gauhar sounded desperate.

I am not lying. I am truly very happy! Because it's an arranged marriage I
would be sad? Well well...'

Zain turned to Aliya and asked her to come to him. When she came, he took
her hand and started speaking;

This is an arranged marriage as our parents have decided on this alliance
and have fixed it. But there's something that we would like to tell to you all.
I know that you have went through a lot of shocking so called revelations
tonight but let us make a real revelation to you all now.' Zain started.

Glancing at Aliya, he could find her smile again, the one which was missing
since some days.

Aliya and I have been in love with each other since quite a long time.
Since I was studying at London. We had decided to bring this relationship to
the next level as soon as I come back and at the same time this alliance was

Everyone stared at the couple.


Yes Mom, it's absolutely true!'

Surraiya and Shabana hugged each other, while Osman and Ghulaam were
laughing. Farhad apologised to Nafeesa for taking her wrong so many times, and
they both hug each other. Ayat ran towards Aliya and hugged her while Zain was
teasing Aliya.

Gauhar and Shazia were jealous of them all and at the same time angry that
their plans have failed. They started making a move when Farhad stopped them.

Wait... Where are you going? I have something to say now...'

Farhad... I am truly sorry and I regret...' Shazia couldn't continue as Farhad
stopped her.

No need to continue with all these dramas! You married me for my wealth and
planned to do the same with your sister. So that you can rule our life, right?
Then let me tell you something. I break all the ties with you and by tomorrow
afternoon you'll be getting your luggage and the divorce papers. I have no
intention of continuing this relationship which is based on wealth. You and
your sister may leave for your maternal house.'

Shazia didn't think this would end up in such a way and went to seek
forgiveness from everyone, in vain. Everything was over now. Gauhar was jealous
seeing Aliya and Zain together.

You may leave Gauhar. The game is over.' Nafeesa said.

Nafeesa!' Shazia shouted.

And as for you Shazia, I couldn't save my relationship at the beginning and
I thank God that it's been saved now. But at least, I was able to stop one from
getting ruined.'

Now the two of you will leave right now!' Surraiya ordered.

Gauhar and Shazia left, accepting their defeat.

The atmosphere was a happy one once again. Everyone was talking and Aliya
was being teased by her Mother, Surraiya, Ayat and Nafeesa while the men
discussed about other things.

After a while Zain left the group.

May I have your attention please?'

Everyone turned to face Zain and Aliya was admiring him.

Aliya?' Zain called for her.

They all urged her to go forward and she did while blushing.

Today is going to be memorable for our lifetime. I am going to make a
marriage proposal to the love of my life...' Zain said.

Aliya stared at him, all red.

Zain kneed down; Aliya, will you marry me?'

Aliya didn't expect this. It was all of a sudden and in front of everyone.
She couldn't help but blushed. Everyone waited for her response.

Yes. I will marry you Mr Zain Abdullah!' Aliya replied, placing her right
hand in Zain's.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and Zain got up and picked her up. Everyone
shouted and congratulated them. It was an emotional moment but what a happy

They were finally united.

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Heya wonderful readers.
Thanks alot for sticking with us thru this FF.
Thank U for staying with us Smile
Special mention to CrazyKSGlover- thank u so much shez Big smile u ve always motivated &encouraged
Me .u are my bestie Heart
edwebllalover9- I always wait for ua comments after posting a chapter. Ur comments are very encouraging Big smile thank u so much <3
11sinal-dee , thanks a ton for being a constant support. Love u to pieces <3
luvnishal97- akhee , u wanted a update soon , but sorry v are late, thanks a ton for encouraging <3 Big smile
BarunKiMeera, Wahian4lyf, vijayarvi- thanks a ton for ur encouraging comments .
And silent readers thank u so much for reading <3
I feel like iam giving a speech .. Tongue
Phew... thats it pals... hope u ol enjoy the last part Big smile

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wow wonderful update loved it thank you for pm.
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Awesome work dear..ZaYa is so cute...loved d proposal...thnx for d p.m

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