ZaYa-FF: A Marriage Proposal To The Love Of My Life- last part pg20 (Page 13)

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Hey guys! :) I'm really sorry for this extreme late update! :(  Got caught up with studies... :/
Hope you'll enjoy this update! :)
Note- Thoughts are in 'Italic' .
~Happy Reading~

~ Chapter 3 ~

On the other side of the phone, Zain got up and smiled.

'You weren't sleeping? Why so? Missing me?'

'Mr Zain Abdullah, you phoned me and now you're asking me why am I not sleeping. Isn't this a stupid question?'

'Oh yeah, that's true as well. So I'll talk later then, you sleep... Good ni...' Zain stopped right there when it all clicked in his mind.

'Aliya did you indirectly call me a stupid right now?'

Aliya controlled herself from laughing. Noticing Ayat moving, she carefully got off the bed and went on the terrace while Zain, on the other hand, got annoyed as to why Aliya asked him to wait which seemed to be an eternity of awaiting for her.

'Okay, I'm on the terrace now. You may now speak Mr Zain Abdullah...'

'What Mr Zain Abdullah? Can't you call me by my name? Zain- the cool name for the cool boy!'

'Oh really? But I can call you Zain sahab. It shows more respect, right?'

'No way Aliya! Zain sahab sounds so... Old! Yes! It sounds so old and I'm not an old man so Zain is perfect. And also, by calling your future husband by his name doesn't mean that you're disrespecting him or insulting him, right?'

'But Zain no one calls their hu...'

'Jaan, if you call me by those weird names I will look for a name which categorises you as an old woman and will call you that, what say?'

'Zain! Zain is by what I'll call you and don't you even dare call me by any names which would categorise me as an old woman!'

'Oho! My lioness is back... Even on the phone I can see her.'

'Yeah because you accidentally came in the den so now face her...' She giggled.

'I'll have all my life to face the lioness so I don't mind facing her right now. Okay now tell me, did you call me  stupid earlier?'

'Uffo Zain! If I won't call someone stupid a stupid, then will I call him smart?' She laughed thinking how Zain must be doing faces over there.

'Hahahahaha! Very funny, right?'

'Nope! What I said is not funny but imagining the expression you must be having on your face made me laugh... But hey? I was joking... Yeah you're stupid at times, or rather pretend to be but you're also very smart my to-be-hubby...'

'Oho, showering so much love on me tonight huh?'

'As if I never do...'

'You always do jaan, just teasing you. Did you mind for this?'

'No Zain, not at all. It actually feels good when you tease me. After all, you're someone special...'

'Yep! That I know it... Aliya is someone around you or can I speak to you about some serious stuffs?'

Checking her watch, Aliya replied;

'Zain it's 1.15 am and who do you think will be with me on the terrace while I'm talking to you?'

'Ayat isn't with you?'

'No Zain, she isn't. Ayat was moving in her sleep when I was talking to you and this is why I asked you to wait till I come on the terrace. If she happened to wake up I'd be bombarded with her questions as you already know.'

Zain laughed imagining Aliya sitting and Ayat asking questions on questions without giving her time to answer any of them. But the thought she was alone on the terrace transformed the smiling face of Zain into a worried one.

'Aliya go inside, tomorrow I'll talk to you.'

'But Zain you just said you need to talk about some important issues?'

'Yes jaan, I did say that but I thought Ayat was with you. I don't like the fact that you're alone on the terrace this late night and it's n...'

'Early morning...'

'What early morning?'

'You said late night, right? So I corrected what you said and said early morning because it's a very early morning right now na?'

Aliya heard Zain sighing on the phone.

'Zain what's the matter?'

'Jaan tomorrow I'll talk to you. I mean today. Later, when I come to Bhopal I'll talk to you about everything that needs to be discussed about. But now you go inside and sleep...'

'Zain you're scaring me, you know?'

'No need to be scared Aliya. Just some issues here and there, which we'll discuss about tomorrow. What if someone sees you on the terrace?'

'Aaaw! Is Zain jealous or worried over there?'

'I guess your Zain is worried for you...'

'Your Zain? Hmm, I love how it sounds. But why are you worried? Even if something happens to me, you'll bring me back and I know that...'

'Aliya don't! Don't you ever say something like this, do you understand me?'

'Okay baba, chill! I won't and I promise. C'mon let me go and catch some sleep now because there's a lot to be done tomorrow and you al...'

'Not tomorrow, today, later...'

'Oh right! You got me this time Zain', she said chuckling.

'Yep I did and I can't wait to meet you...'

'Neither can I wait but for us to meet we have to sleep, wake up and complete a few tasks so we'll have to bid good night now...'

'Good night jaan, sleep well...'

'Good night Zain, see you soon...'

'See you soon Aliya...'

On this they both went to bed. Aliya crawled in bed as Ayat was fast asleep but she was still scared in case she woke her up. She caressed her front head when a tear rolled down her cheeks. She was going to miss everything soon.


Aliya woke up as soon as she heard her alarm clock. Switching it off, she turned to see Ayat sleeping peacefully. She smiled and got up to begin the day which she knew was going to be a busy one.

After getting dressed, she went to see her mother who was in the kitchen.

'Hmm, what are you cooking Mom? It smells so good!'

'Aliya you're already awake? I thought you would be sleeping till some 7am today...'

'Why 7am Mom?'

'Maybe because you were talking to Zain till late night'

Aliya was about to take a bite from the apple on the kitchen table when she froze.

'Mom, you... No Mom, it's not what you're thinking. I ... I'm hungry, I'll finish the apple and come back to you soon...'

With that she turned to leave the kitchen when Shabana stopped her.

'Aliya why are you literally running away from me?'

'Running? Naa... Just finishing my apple. I'll get back to you...'

'Leaving the kitchen and my question unanswered won't make me believe you weren't talking to Zain past midnight.' Shabana said while she continued chopping the vegetables, leaving Aliya standing near the kitchen's door, munching her apple & confused as in how would she explain.

'Mom, well... Zain called me, I didn't. I swear I didn't. You know I wouldn't even go on the terrace so late and when he ca...'

Before Aliya could finish explaining, Shabana started laughing. Aliya was surprised seeing her Mom's reaction.

'You're laughing? You should have been angry, right?'

'Angry for what beta? You're going to get married to Zain so talking to him on the phone doesn't make it a situation where I should be the typical strict Mom.'

Aliya was speechless. She just stared at her Mom, her apple only half eaten.


'I never ever thought this would be your reaction one day. I mean, I was always so scared how would everything happen and so on but you... You make everything so easy Mom, I love you. You're the best Mom in the world...' Aliya left her apple and ran to hug Shabana.

'That's maybe because I have the best daughter in the world...' Shabana said hugging Aliya back.

Feeling how emotional both were getting, Aliya decided to break the hug.

'Mom if you cry right now what will happen on the day of my wedding?'

'Crazy girl! As every mother gets emotional I have the right too na?'

'Of course but it's a bit too early so wait for the right moment...' Aliya said hugging her mom which made Shabana smile.

'Okay tell me how you got to know I was on phone with Zain?'

'I went to drink some water when I saw the terrace's door open. When I came on the terrace I saw you there and when you mentioned Zain's name I decided to leave you alone so that you can have a peaceful conversation, without being embarrassed as you would have been had I been there...'

'Ohhh! I didn't hear you otherwise I would have brought the water myself...'

'How would you hear me when you were engrossed in your conversation with your to-be-husband?' Shabana teased Aliya.

'Mom!' Aliya said rolling her eyes.

'Aaaw! Just teasing my lovely daughter. By the way, is Ayat still sleeping?'

Aliya turned to see the clock which was indicating 7 o'clock.

'I'll wake her up right away!' Aliya ran out of the kitchen, towards her room.

'And come back for your breakfast. There's kheer, you're favourite.' Shabana shouted.


'Ayat? Ayat wake up, it's already 7 o'clock!' Aliya was tickling her sister.

'Appi, let me sleep na? Please?'

'No way Ayat. Wake up. There are so many things to do today before Zain and his family come over here. C'mon Ayat, be a good girl and wake up now...'

Ayat knew this was a lost battle with her sister so decided to give up and started getting up. She sat on the bed rubbing her eyes sleepily.

'Ayat do you fight in your dreams kya? Just look at the state of your hair. If Mom sees you like this she'll apply oil in your hair.'

'Nooo! No no no no! I was sleeping Appi, that's why they are so messy...' Ayat replied lazily getting off the bed.

'Agree but so messy? I'm sure you fight in your dreams..'

'Appi maybe yes I fight but I don't wake up late night and go out to talk to Zain bhai na? So I'm still better than you on this...' With this Ayat left for the bathroom leaving a very shocked Aliya behind her.

Oh beta! It seems everyone knows about my conversation with Zain! But Ayat? She was sleeping peacefully so how does she know?

'Appi please look for my yellow kurti. I couldn't find it hence took a blue one but I want to wear the yellow one today...'

Ayat's voice brought Aliya back to the reality.

'What did you say Ayat? Sorry, I didn't get you w...'

Ayat opened the bathroom's door and saw her sister staring at the ground. She laughed seeing Aliya lost in her thoughts.

Stepping out, she came near Aliya and said;

'Appi? Where are you so lost?'

'Lost and me? No way. What did you ask me?'

'Oho! You're not lost in your thoughts, that's why you could hear me perfectly when I asked you to look for my yellow kurti, right?'

Aliya was trapped and she knew it. Sighing, she turned and faced Ayat.

'How did you know I was on the phone with Zain last night?'

Ayat first starred at her sister and then burst out into pearls of laughter.

'Appi you're just impossible you know? When you answered the phone I wasn't fast asleep so I heard you but didn't say anything as you'd have cut the call...'

'Aaaww! I have such an understanding sister which has grown up and no longer teases me...' Aliya said ruffling Ayat's hair.

'No longer teases you? Naa Appi, you're being mistaken on this. Not teasing you, then what's the fun of having a little sister when it comes to this?'

'You're such a devilish lil sister whom I adore so much!' Aliya said with a serious look on her face but eventually hugged Ayat.

'Okay now go and get ready and we'll go down and have breakfast. I'm very hungry today. Go, go, go. In the mean while I'll be making the bed and tidying up the room a bit.'

'Okay Appi...' Ayat said pecking a kiss on her cheeks.


The rest of the day was as busy as it was expected.

And as the time for Zain & his family to come to their house was nearing, Aliya started feeling very nervous for reasons she herself didn't know.

It was 6 o'clock in the evening when she heard Ayat calling for her.

'Appi they are here, come downstairs...'

Thinking about the fact that she'll meet Zain, Aliya couldn't help but smiled. She glanced at the mirror to make sure she looked good and rushed downstairs.

Everyone was greeting the Abdullah Family when Aliya reached the living room. Zain who was talking to Shabana smiled seeing Aliya, who blushed on seeing Zain.

All the greetings were done and everyone was busy in their own conversations when Zain's and Aliya's eyes met. Zain winked at her which made her blush a lot. Aliya looked at Ayat who nodded positively after which Aliya motioned Zain to come upstairs. The next minute Aliya wasn't in the living room.

'Ayat where is your sister?'

'Waiting for you upstairs... Go, I'll handle everything here and if needed I will call for you two...' Ayat replied with a big smile on her face.


Zain went directly on the terrace where he thought Aliya was. Checking everywhere he couldn't see her. Noticing her room's lights were on he left to check over there. Coming in front of the room, he knocked but there was no one to open it. He tried a second time but again, no response. He was about to leave when he heard the knob turning. He turned and saw Aliya standing, smiling at him. He entered the room and closed the door behind him.

'Why are you locking it?' Aliya asked in a hurry.

'Shouldn't I be locking it?'

'Uum, I don't find any reason why you should do so... Ayat said she'll handle the situation and I don't thi...'

'Ssshhh! You talk so much when panicked and this is what I enjoy watching at times...'

Aliya starred at him. He began to close the gap between them and Aliya had no choice of running away. She was already standing against the wall.

'So Aliya? This time where will you run?'

'Zain... Someone might come, stay where you are. It's not good... Wha...'

'I've locked the door remember? So if anyone comes he or she will have to knock and what's not good?'

'You being here, in my room like this... No, I mean... Zain...

'As far as I know we're not in a relationship that needs to be hidden from everyone right? So why to fear?'

Aliya closed her eyes. He was close to her. A bit too close.

He didn't give Aliya the time to respond and hugged her. Aliya was a bit startled. After a few seconds she hugged him back. She was happy. Happy that she was with Zain, happy that he was able to come, happy that no one was there to snatch her happiness away.



'I missed you. I missed you so much since ever I've left Mumbai...'

'Me too Aliya and that's why I called you last night. I was having an awkward feeling. I wonder how will I be able to live till the wedding takes place?'

'This sounds confusing...'

Breaking the hug, Zain cupped her face and spoke;

'We won't be able to meet regularly. You left  for Bhopal and we were invited for dinner, hence we had a valid reason to meet each other. But now, things won't be so easy. How will we meet everyday? I don't know how will be able to survive a day without meeting you...'

'Oh Zain! Don't say like that. After the wedding we'll be always with each other. And as for how can we meet, we can meet via a video call whenever you have time...'

'That's also true. Great idea! We can see each other daily then... But it won't be like meeting you like now...'

'At least it's something rather than nothing Zain...'

He smiled hearing this.

'And I accept anything so far I can be with my Aliya...'

'Aaaw! You're such a romantic partner at times.'

'Wait and watch my soon-to-be wifey. Let the wedding take place first...'

Aliya couldn't help but blushed.

'You look so cute when you blush. And now to make you blush even more, why were you with such a wicked smile when you said you'll be waiting for me?'

'Aha! That didn't go unnoticed from you, did it?'

'Reason why I asked I guess?'

'Smart. Very smart!'

'Thank you jaan...' Zain said adjusting his collar, as if to show that he knows he's smart.

So so... Actually I needed to talk to you...'

Aliya walked towards Zain, who was surprised seeing that Aliya had no problem being so close to him.

'Talk to me? Of course, about what jaan? You know you can t...'

There was a knock on the door.

Aliya's eyes were wide open with a mixture of feelings- scared, worried, anxious... While Zain was glancing from Aliya and the door. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. He couldn't leave through the window as it was raining.

'Aliya, go and open the door.'

'What if it's Mom or someone else?'

'I'll come up with something. Don't worry, go and open the door otherwise they would be more suspicious...'

'You're right... Wait here.'

Aliya sighed and walked towards the door. She was scared. Scared for what? She didn't know.

She carefully unlocked the door and opened it.


'Hey Appi! Why are you so pale?'

'You scared us Ayat...'

'Me? Why so?' She turned towards Zain.

'Because your sister and I thought it was someone else and the thought freaked us out.'

'Aaaw! So cute!'

'What's cute in that Ayat?'

Ayat laughed at Aliya;

'Appi, you both freaking out, and I'm sure you both calmed each other, right? So it's cute na?'

'You're a bit crazy you know?' Zain couldn't help but chuckled at Aliya's statement only to be glared at.

'After all whose sister I am?'

'Now for this I completely side with you Ayat because your sister is seriously crazy.' Zain said, shifting next to Ayat leaving Aliya literally glaring at both of them.

They both laughed at her and Aliya pouted. Zain hugged her and she pretended like she doesn't care.

'Oho! Appi why are you pouting now?'

'Don't worry Ayat, she'll stop pouting soon... What say Aliya?'

Aliya smiled and hid her face.

'Okay now enough of your romance for the time being because if you guys don't come for the dinner, Mom will come up and the rest you know what'll happen.'

The three of them laughed.

'We'll be coming in a minute Ayat...' Zain said smilingly.

With that Ayat left.

'Okay so right now we're obliged to have dinner if we want to avoid some unwanted questions but what about our conversation we were having?'

'Don't worry Mr Zain Abdullah, this conversation will take place after dinner and there won't be any excuses that it should remain incomplete. So let's go for now..'

'I'll be impatiently waiting for the dinner to be over then...'

'And so will I...'


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Aloha People! :D

Some notes regarding this FF :)
1)We appreciate likes and comments, and would be very pleased to read them. Each and every comment makes the writers happy. :) A special thanks to all those who comment or even press a like!

2) If you wish to receive updates, buddy either me,MsFairyCindreLa or cutedarling.It's quite tough to go and buddy everyone who wishes for updates. So please help us, by just clicking on the 'Buddy' option and your request shall be accepted as soon as we come online! :)

3)As already mentioned, updates will be given once in a week or maybe within 2 weeks (lateness caused due to studies)..

4) Sorry if any of the notes above were rude.

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awh this chapter was too cute!! 
ZaYa's talk then the family time..was way too amazing!
In love with this FF. 
update soon :) 

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Originally posted by Jhanvi_TaaRey

awh this chapter was too cute!!
ZaYa's talk then the family time..was way too amazing!
In love with this FF.
update soon :)

Thank u so much Smile

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So many view n very less cmmnts.
Its really shattering

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awesome update ClapClap
loved itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

but i m very sad u did not pm me munCryCry

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Originally posted by 11sinal

awesome updateClapClap
loved itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

but i m very sad u did not pm me munCryCry

sry dee
bt i dint PM anybdy else also

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Originally posted by MsfairyCindreLa

Originally posted by 11sinal

awesome updateClapClap
loved itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

but i m very sad u did not pm me munCryCry

sry dee
bt i dint PM anybdy else also

if u not pm then scrap me naCryCry

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