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Bound by Blood, ek Alag love-story.(KR+SS FF) *Updated Ch5* (Page 24)

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Posted: 11 April 2014 at 7:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anki_22

hello everyone..Smile this is my first time writting something, other than just making a post..writting some story...

I've been reading a LOT after I joined IF, a lot of OS and FFs..and recently, am also feeling the urge to write something aswell..I've never wrote before, apart from some personal stories and all, but when I told I wanted to, Anky Di said I should..So, yeah, this will be my prolouge...agar aap sabko acha lage, please comment and press the like.. Thanks to Deetha for the awesome banner..Smilethank you..Smile




RaiPrakash smirk glorified her pretty face watching the picture of two tall figure leaving a building.. It's definately them..
"good job mortal"

with her one hand gesture, the man leaves the room...

"Let's see Swayam Shikhawat, who wins... your so-called frienship..? or the royal-duty..."



Awosm pre

nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by anki_22

CHAPTER 1: The meeting

Vikramjeet Kalsi AKA Vicky, was super popular in the whole college youth of Navi Mumbai because of his frequently thrown awesome parties.. be it New year's eve or Christmas, Diwali or Holi, Vicky's parties were always the most popular ones, and people from different colleges, Swayam, kaha ho tum...

Swayam jerked his head up, and without a second thought, he sprinted towards the party hall...
damn it, how can he be so unmindful that he didn't notice her presence. She is here, She found them, and she won't stop until they return with her.

Sharon RaiPrakash is here...

Can't blink my eye yaar
Awosm writeen
n Diva is stil d Same LOL SharonWink
LOve it every bit yaar
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Originally posted by anki_22


CHAPTER 2: The Beautiful Trouble




Pandemonium broke inside the room.


So, how is it..?? good, bad, ugly..?? please please do comment.. am eagerly waiting..Smile

ye saap ha I ya vaippireee hiii 


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Originally posted by anki_22

Hello beautiful readeers..!Smile here I am with the new chapter... So, when I wrote the chapter I wasn't sure how it will turn out..But after writting it, I felt may be this is too rushed.. I thought of answering the queries forming from the previous chapters, but when I actually wrote it, I had to devide it into two seperate Chapters.. anyway, enough with my blabberings..LOL get ready for the super-natural to reveal.. LOLLOL enjoy..
thank you Deetha for the awesome bannerSmile!

CHAPTER 3: Reality hits me


His father told him last night that he is marrying again, and he wanted his son to be happy about it, he wanted his son to accept his new mother. Mother? No way! No one can take my mother's place. Sixteen years old Reyansh was going insane with anger after hearing the news. He was pacing rapidly in Kriya's room while she was busy rearranging her desk. She had the habit to do that a lot.

"woh aise kaise mujhse... how can he? He can't just come and say I've decided to marry again.."

"kyu nahi?"

"aree, what do u mean by kyu nahi? Kriyaa, are you even listening to me?"

Rey grabbed her hand and made her face him, is she even a little bit bothered about what he is feeling right now?

Kriya sighed softly and cupped his face while tilting her head to side,

"Why are you so upset? He is starting his life all over again, so what's your problem? Tum he to khush hona chahiye na, for him?"

"But am not khush at all... am upset, like really upset... how can you be so calm Kriya?"

"Coz at least you have your father to get upset at, mere pass aisa koi hain nahi na"

And she went back to her desk cleaning business.

Rey could never bring up his feel of betrayal at his dad's marriage in front of her again. How could he forget, his friend lost her mother when she was only ten, and her father, no, she had never seen her father.


Rey always wondered how someone can be so mature and naive at the same time...and how can someone resist not loving her. How can a man leave a daughter like her and not be bothered about that?


But today, the person he saw right now, in front of his eyes, trying to slash her own veins out, Rey couldn't recognise her. No, she is not the Kriya he knew.. Something's wrong, something is very very wrong about her.

Rey looked around the room again, everyone is in a mess... no one is ready to digest what exactly happened there ten minutes ago, everyone wants to go home, but surprisingly, no one is actually going out of the room, they are too busy in discussing the sudden incident.

Rey looked up and spotted Vicky, with some minor scratches, Vicky is on his feet and trying to calm down his girl-friend Neha, who surely doesn't look too well, sobbing like she is the one who got the scratches.

Vicky will be fine, but I need to find Kriya now.

Rey dashed out of the room, and he started searching every room in the farm-house. No, she is not anywhere...

You can't leave like this again Kriya.

He had to find her. He is troubled, he is deeply troubled at the thought of her being so weak, so unnatural, injured and someone else is holding her, someone else is taking care of her. No, Rey won't allow that.

"tumne terrace par check kiya?"

A familiar voice from behind broke Rey's chain of thoughts as he looked back. Vicky and Neha are standing behind him, apparently they also want to know what exactly happened, and they also were tensed about Kriya's state.

Neha repeated her question again, "terrace pe honge shayed."

They rushed towards the stair-case.


"What were you thinking?"

Swayam's gentle scold made Kriya look up from her wounded hand. Apparently, the wound wasn't deep at all and after Swayam wrapped it tightly with his handkerchief, the blood slowed down as well.

She sighed softly,

"I lost contro-..."

"Don't ever say that, ever again. You are a strong woman, remember that, you have the power over yourself."

Swayam's deep voice made her look down again.

He trusts me too much, but how can I make things right? How can I make sure everyone in downstairs forget everything they saw?

Actually, yes... I can... I can make them forget this incident.

Her face lightened up at once at the thought, but from an angry frown from Swayam made her gulp down the words before she can speak out.

"No, No way. Never. You absolutely can't do that. You know how much stress it will cause you? It will permanently damage you, you won't wake up. And we still don't have that mortal with whom you can create the bo-..."

Swayam's constant flow of words stopped as Kriya glared at him.

"I told you not to say those words ever, didn't I Swayam? I will never ever do something like that to someone, I will never take someone's li-"


A combined scream made both of them startled.


Neha, Vicky and Rey stood in front of Kriya, who was sitting with her back leaned on the terrace's wall while Swayam was kneeling beside her. She didn't know how to react seeing them. Yes, she is happy. She is too happy to see them, see them worried about her, but then again, she didn't want anyone to get tangled in her complicated life. Especially not Reyansh.

Rey couldn't utter a word for a moment. He saw Swayam holding Kriya's hand, and then he saw him move away as she looked up. Rey wanted to rush to her at once, hold her tightly in his arms, ask her everything, kiss her pain away, but his jealousy didn't let him, he stood there, watching her intently as she looked back at her, as Neha ran and hugged her tight. He waited. He waited words to form in his mind before he can walk towards her and kneel down infront of her.


"What the hell is going on with you Kriya?"


Swayam watched them, as the fragile looking girl wrapped her arms around Kriya and kept on saying thank god you okay, he watched the boy who was thrown away miserably by Sharon stood beside them, worried and unsure, he watched Kriya's expressions softened as the other boy kneeled in front of her, and Swayam couldn't move his eyes off of him.

This boy, he was the one who stood in front of Kriya like a wall, his face emits genuine concern for her, his large eyes shows how much he is worried. Swayams lips starts forming a soft smile as he watched the muscular guy hold Kriya's hands gently, and asked her what's going on, his strong-build cheek-bones showed his determination to find the truth, and his soft gaze on her showed his feelings towards her all too well...

Swayam couldn't help but to smile. Yes, he found the right person. The right person for Kriya.

"Do it Kumari, do whatever you're thinking. Make all the people downstairs forget what they witnessed"...

Swayam's deep voice made all of them look up at him in shock...

Before Kriya can speak, Neha jolted her face from him to her,

"Forget what they witnessed? She can make them forget?"

"Ohh yes, she can. She can manipulate a person's thoughts, memories!"

"What? But, but that's impossible right?"

"ohh no Miss, there are things which seems impossible, but can actually happen."

"th-that's, that's soo cool Kriya? What else can you do?"

"Ohh she can also..."


a frustrated yell from Kriya startled everyone, except for Swayam. He gently nodded his head but the soft smile didn't leave his lips.

Rey stood up; his mind was whirling like anything. He couldn't exactly get the things Swayam said, but again, the way he said them, he didn't left any scope to doubt him. Rey walked a few steps and stood in front of Swayam, his face inch apart from him while he hissed out the words from under his teeth,

"What nonsense are you talking about? No human can do all these things."

Swayam didn't flinch, neither had he move away. His smile reached his eyes as he spoke in the same tone, softly,

"You are right, no human can. But your friend there, is not a human, she is a vampire. A pure-blood vampire princess."


So, how was it..?? good..? bad..?? ugly..?? like it..? hate it..?? please leave your reviews and press the like button if you like it.. I can take all the joota-chappals aswell, so you can leave negetive comments too..!! but I really wait for the LONG ones, sooo, please do the honour..Smile

nyccc Writtne

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Originally posted by anki_22

So, the fourth chapter.. honestly, I thought I won't update anymore, itniii kaam response thi last chapter ki..But well, I've allready written it. So here goes! But I am not going to work on the next chapter if the response wasn't satisfying enough..
Thanks to Deetha for the awesome banner..Smile
thank youSmile

CHAPTER 4: Bound to Her




A pure-

"She saved my life Sharon." he whispered softly in her ears, making her shiver, "am bound to her."


So how was it? good? bad? ugly?? I can take the negetive comments aswell, so Please leave a comment..Preferably LONGLOL..And do press the like button if you think it's okay..
wating KRRR Wink
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Originally posted by -Vaish-

That was nce...
loved it..

lekin ab it is time to update ASAP...

i really liked how you building up the story...

Important chapter for KR..

mera ek sawal... rey stays human after making blood bond? lekin fir agar usse maara gaya toh??

ya ir he turns into vampy
Same Que here yaaar Big smile
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Awosm update plzzz update soon plzz
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Okay I am being the bad guy here. 
So I want the next chapter. I made that banner right?? :3  I want the next chapter . :3 

I know its tooo mean and grr to ask you a update for making that banner , but for the update I can do anything. 

If you give me the next update!! I will comment my LAMBAA wala comment. Do give please I am eager to type a essay here !!LOL

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