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Bound by Blood, ek Alag love-story.(KR+SS FF) *Updated Ch5* (Page 21)

swaron1107 Groupbie

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Posted: 15 February 2014 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Love the way the story is moving and how you are carrying this unique concept forward. It is being beautifully written. Really love the way Swayam's character has been penned. 

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anki_22 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2014 at 3:16am | IP Logged
Thank you so soo so much Deetha for the awesome banner.. am gonna mention it in every chapter from now one..LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
kreya204 Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2014 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!
D story is superb!!!
Ye kya!!! Story ka start hi kriyansh k proposal rejection se kiya?!!! Cry
N ye kya sharon ussko mortal boli to main to confuse ho gai thi!!!
N ye party!!! Haila!! Dhamaal hai boss!!!
Start to end!!! N ye rey ki step mom sach mein a6i hai ya khali natak karti hai??
Haaye!!! Swaron ka sharon ke liye unexpected aur swayam k liye pure bliss wala kiss!!!
N rey n viha ka concern!!!
Unka insistence!! Its so good!!
N swayam ko bhi ehsaas ho gaya hai ki rey is d 1!!!! Lolz! Kriya ab to accept kar le!!! Tujhe aur koi nahi milega esa ek hi piece hai!!!
I just loved it!!!
Plz plz plz update soon!!!
N do pm me wenever u update!!! Plz!!!

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sana1203 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2014 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Loved d ff..
Update soon...
Sharon is my fav..
Loved her cs...
The way Swayam handling sharon love it.
Can't wait for next chap ..
Update soon..,

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anki_22 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 April 2014 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Thank you so so soo much everyone, for the amazing comments..I couldn't reply all of you..and also sorry to those who were waiting for an update of this story..! sorry guys, I was a bit demoralisedrecently, couldn't bring myself to write..but, umm, anyway, thanks to Soni and Akku, am posting this chapter.! please do leave a comment and press the like button!Smile

Chapter 5: What needs to be done!

Sharon RaiPrakash was not someone who can be silenced easily. But this man, the guy leaning his face just over her lips has that ability, both with his actions and words. He leaves her speechless, just like now.

But also, he is also the one who never answers her directly, just like now.

Because after saying the words, he walked away from her. Walked towards the very confused girl, whose eyes were searching for him only. And he knew that so well.

Kriya sighed relieved as soon as Swayam reached beside them. She started doubting her decision because of the overwhelming love and concern from her friends, from Rey. But seeing Swayam helped her get back to reality. Swayam belongs to the world from where she is now.

Kriya swiftly moved away from Neha and Rey's grip and announced firmly,

"This is not happening, tum log nahi jaan sakte humure bareme. Am sorry, but I have to take away all of your memories."

Swayam glanced quickly at Sharon who was standing next to her now and is about to say something and silenced her with his gesture. Then he spoke quickly,

"Yes, you are absolutely right Kumari, they can't know. But think, do you really want them to forget the real you? And besides, if you take away all of the memories, how will you explain our presence here? Your presence here? Ohh, you can't even explain after you use that amount of magic, your health condition will not be, umm, nice. So?"

"What health condition?"

Kriya glanced at the confused and worried Rey as soon as he asks the question after hearing Swayam. Before Swayam could speak up again, she quickly nodded,

"You are right Swayam, I'll let them remember. But the authority should not know, no one should know."

"As you wish"
  a very soft smirk complimented his face as he lowered his head little towards Kriya.

With a last look at Rey she forced herself to turn away. Facing the other side Kriya folded her arms on her chest, sending back a huge urge to shed tears. She then let herself loose, called upon the magic she had in her and started taking away the memories of the evening from each one of the people downstairs.


With this they will forget all of it and I will be free from the cursed life.


Rey looked on, he wasn't sure what to expect anymore. He wasn't sure how to react anymore. He was only waiting for Kriya to use some kind of magic and to make all of the people downstairs forget what happened tonight. But, nothing happened...

Well, nothing visible happened. No bright light emitted from her, no rainbow in the midnight, no sparkling flow of colours. He only saw Kriya standing there, with arms crossed over her chest. Deep lines of concentration on her face and after a while, those lines of concentration started changing into lines of pain.

Sharon glanced around, all three humans were staring at Kriya, uneasy. They didn't know how much energy she is wasting on this. How much she is sacrificing. Even Sharon herself doesn't know. But she heard what happens when a magic user drains out all of the magic stored in them. And Swayam knows that too. Then why exactly he allowed Kriya to do it? Why did he shut her up? Her focus shifted to Swayam this time and a sprang of pain crossed her chest. Swayam is mirroring the expression of Kriya. The same painful face, it's like he himself using the magic. Which is ridiculous, coz he is not a magic-user. Once again, jealousy shot through her. Why is Swayam so involved with her? Such strong feelings? As a guardian, it's natural to stake your life, everything for your charge. But such devotion, it's completely unheard of.


After a while, which seemed like almost a decade, Kriya knew her magic worked, each and every one downstairs had no memory of her left in them, neither the incident. Kriya could feel her magic drained out, she felt her life energy getting slipped away from her. A small smile crept on her face before she let go, and dropped her cold fragile form on the ground. She is free, finally.

A pair of strong arms caught hold of her before she reaches the ground. Rey cuddled her close to his chest and shook her gently, calling her name again and again. But no reply came. Her body was numb. Fear started crawling inside his heart but Rey refused to let it consume him. He glanced up at them, Swayam and Sharon. Swayam was staring at Kriya, with a poker face, any kind of emotion was undetectable. It was pretty clear that he was supressing his feelings while Sharon looked more, sorted. She was biting her lips and staring at Rey. Then her glance shifted towards Swayam and then to Vicky and Neha, who were mirroring Rey's feelings, more vividly. After a few painful minutes of silence, finally Sharon started announcing orders with her firm tone,


"You, what's your name, go down and make those humans leave. This place should be emptied as soon as possible."

With a quick nod from Vicky she then turned towards Neha,

"And you, can you make some arrangements so that we can make Kriya lie down?"

"Like, like a coffin?"

"Like a BED!!!"

Sharon almost wanted to push that girl off of a cliff but controlled the urge. What was her exact idea of vampires anyway!

Neha and Vicky were quick on their feet and after a while, they called the others downstairs. Rey carried Kriya in his arms and hurried downstairs. Swayam was about to move behind them but Sharon grabbed his hand and stopped him, blocking his way she glared at him.


"What have you done?" she was not ready to beat around the bushes anymore, she needed answer, things are going above her head and she was not a person to patiently wait and watch the game, sway with the flow.

"You knew, you knew what will happen to her if she uses that amount of magic but still you encouraged her. Why? What are you thinking? Swayam Shekhawat always has a plan, what is it this time?"

She needed to know, she always hated to be just a pawn in a chase-board and she is being exactly that right now. Swayam has something major in his mind and he is keeping everyone in dark. Taking Kriya to the roof-top where it's too easy to find her, revealing their truth, letting Kriya drain herself, why would he do those?

And Swayam seemed to know that as well, that he needs to tell Sharon what he was thinking. His face was grim while he stared back at her with that same blank expression. Then very slowly, measuring each and every word, he finally spoke,

"That guy, Reyaansh, am going to make him sacrifice his human life for her. Am going to create the blood-bond between them."


With a silent gasp she moved her hand away from him. Blood-bond! One of the ancient bonds. It hasn't been done for decades now, and he wants to make them do it? Blood-bond, when a vampire makes a particular human come to their world, sharing a bond made my both of their bloods. It only happens when both of them agree on it and both of them loves each other deeply. It makes the vampire invincible, stronger than ever. Because the life of the vampire in that case depends on the human, they can't be harmed as long as the human stays alive. In ancient ages, when vampires and humans stayed together, a lot of bonds were made. Thus the pure-blood vampires were created. Strong and pure. But with the time, the both societies started drifting apart. Humans were made unknown of their existence and purebloods started to decrease in numbers. Sharon shook her head, trying to process Swayam's way of thinking. Swayam wants Kriya to get bound with Rey? But Kriya, she is unconscious and Rey, he is clueless about it. Swayam is not giving any of them a choice. Swayam knew, he knew Kriya won't be able to survive after using that enormous amount of magic and he also knew if he'd told those humans, they won't let her do that. But still he allowed her, he had this in mind all along. He is going to snatch a human life, without giving him the option. Sharon stared wide-eyed at him. Swayam Shekhawat, the blue-eyed boy of the whole Vampire society, the most efficient guardian, how can he do something so sinful, gambling with a human life. The most formidable act considered by their law.

Sharon caught her breath before speaking again,


"Swayam, this is, this, this is-"


She couldn't finish her words and he leaned his face on her, with the same angelic smile, he whispered just above her lips,


"This is the only way to save her. And am ready to do whatever it takes to save her."



Rey laid her down on the bed, she is looking too peaceful, her dark hair covering her pale features beautifully, her hands folded on her stomach, delicately placed. She seemed like asleep. Rey admired her for some time. His fingers caressed her porcelain cheeks while a small smile stayed on his face. He missed her too much. And knowing she is not even human did not make any difference to his love for her. She was always ethereal for him. He thought and moved his hands away. He could've stayed there, admiring his sleeping beauty forever but he was also quick to realize that Swayam and Sharon were not in the room. He glanced around and was about to call them but they entered soon. Swayam, as good looking as ever, whereas Sharon looked like something terrible happened to her. She was silent and seemed to be in a daze. Rey thought of asking what happened to her but Swayam's voice interrupted his thought.

"So then, Rey, are you ready to do whatever need to be done?"

Rey blinked for a couple of times, trying to process what he said. Do what needs to be done? What is he talking about? What is that supposed to mean? What needs to be done?

"what needs to be done?" he let his thought out loud, confused and clueless while Swayam made a gesture with his hand pointing towards Kriya,

"To wake her up. You're not really expecting that she'll just wake up after a sleep, do you?"

"Actually, yes! What're you talking about? I don't get it? Why won't she wake up? She is sleeping only right? She's exhausted right?"

"Exhausted, right! Sleeping, right! But she won't wake up. She lost all her life-energy while using that magic, she had entered in a comatose stage. And the only way to make her revive again is to create the blood-bond."

A quick movement and Rey pushed Swayam on the wall, his hands on his collar and face inches apart. Rey groaned out in frustration while Swayam kept the steady, stoic face,

"Don't you think you're telling this detail way too late? Hahh? Why did you let her perform that magic whatsoever? Why?"

Swayam watched his face for several silent moments, not doing any attempts to break free. Then he spoke with his deep voice, without blinking for once,

"Because I knew you can save him, Reyaansh Singhania. Do it for her. DO it. Make the bond with her. Save my princess!"


So, how is it..?? good? bad?? ugly..??? please leave a comment and do let me know..!!

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-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 April 2014 at 10:30am | IP Logged
That was nce...
loved it..

lekin ab it is time to update ASAP...

i really liked how you building up the story...

Important chapter for KR..

mera ek sawal... rey stays human after making blood bond? lekin fir agar usse maara gaya toh??

ya ir he turns into vampy

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anki_22 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 April 2014 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Vaish-

That was nce...
loved it..

lekin ab it is time to update ASAP...

i really liked how you building up the story...

Important chapter for KR..

mera ek sawal... rey stays human after making blood bond? lekin fir agar usse maara gaya toh?? ^--he will stay a humanSmile baki sab baad mein..LOL

ya ir he turns into vampy
-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 April 2014 at 10:39am | IP Logged
ar fir vampy ki life depends on human...
ab agar kisi ne rey ko tapka diya toh??

blood bound ka sense kya huay fr??

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