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Bound by Blood, ek Alag love-story.(KR+SS FF) *Updated Ch5* (Page 10)

anki_22 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2014 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shan16

Nice start Smile
Would love to read further
PM me when u continue

I'll surely do...thnx a lot for comeenting..LOL

shan16 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2014 at 1:26am | IP Logged
awsome story...lyk rey lots of question in ma mind...plz update sooon...n pm me

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anki_22 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2014 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Hello again... this is the second chapter.. am sure you are guessing allready that this one is going to be a supernatural fic, and here my Sharon is gonna make an entry... in my story, Sharon is one of my favourite charector, and I created her first, even before thinking the plot.. I would be really greatful if you can give your comments on her... read and enjoy..
Thank you Deetha for the awesome banner..
this chapter is dedicated to my dear bacha, Divyani... cheer up girl, this one is for you..Smile
Kishi darling, I love you, for being my darling.!!LOLTongue Kash, am still waiting for you..Tongue
and Anky-nee-chaan, daisukii...Embarrassed

CHAPTER 2: The Beautiful Trouble


"mujhe mummy k paas jana hain, mujhe mummy k pass jana hain..! mujhe nahi jana hain school"...
Five years old Sharon cried her heart out, screaming at the top of her voice protesting as much as she can when she was taken to the Academy, the boarding school for any other child of her age, to train and make them the next generation of Royal duties, as per decided by her Mother. That little girl didn't wanted to fight, or become how she is today, but five years old Sharon's words were not considered that time.


"But they are the one who- "...
Ten years old Sharon sat alone in the detention room, for breaking two of her classmate's noses. No one thought that those two boys' remark on her being a shorty and weak girl was valid for letting them have a nose job. Ten years old Sharon's words were not considered that time.


The trusty board was in a huge conflict, of what to do with her, the sixteen years old sitting outside the principal's office in short-skirt and halter neck top, placing her high heeled legs on the table, giving everyone inside that room a feel of terror while she was staring above her head, watching the ceiling intently. The board members decided on giving her a suspension of two days, as rusticating the brightest student of the academy would be their loss, and letting the girl who consumed alcohol in a school day, inside the dormitory go was also won't be considered as a good decision. No one asked why she did that, sixteen years old Sharon's words were also not considered that time.

No one ever considered what she had to say, except for him. He listened, every time. And Now it's time for her to find out what he has to say.

Sharon scanned the room with her frowned eyes, she is definitely here, and all she has to do is call her out. Kriya will never risk these many mortal's life against her own.

Reyansh could feel Kriya's hand is gradually turning colder by each passing second as she stared at the girl crashed in their party. Who is that girl?  Reyansh watched her carefully once again.

She was dressed in black leather from top to bottom; knee length boots with high heels, skin fitting pants and sleeveless high necked black leather upper-wear, she sure knew how to stand out. The leather hugging her skin tightly, making sure her perfectly curved body is noticeable. Her long black hair, tied in a pony-tail had red high lights, her large dark eyes were darkened with black kohl and eye-shadows. She is fair, like really fair. Her skin seemed almost radiating white light from underneath. Her eyes were roaming around the room before they fixed themselves on Kriya. A smirk lightened up her face as she parted her perfect red lips little. But before she can say anything, Kriya moved out of Reyansh's grip and stood in front of her, across the room, ignoring his surprised gasp.

Sharon sighed in her mind, bas abhi chup chap chali ayo, and nothing will go wrong here.. Praying this in her head Sharon is about to take a step towards her, just then, the party host moved infront of her, making his fingers snapping at Sharon, Vicky snapped harshly,
"Hey you, how dare you? How can you just crash in here and destroy that music system?"

And that cracked Sharon instantly,

"ohh Shut up mortal!"
Sharon's right hand moved up, and without even flinching any part of her body once, she smacked hard on Vicky's cheek with the back of her right palm, and that sent Vicky almost flying away and crashing on one of the food counters. His large structure made the counter come crashing down, with all the food and wine glasses scattering all over the place. Neha screamed in shock and ran towards him, along with a few friends.

Rey couldn't believe what he just saw.

That girl, that girl DOES NOT look like she can actually hit a boy of twice her size just like that, not to mention, almost throwing him like that.

"Stop it Sharon, you can't do this"

A cry escaped from Kriya's lips before Rey could blink again.
Kriya knows her..? What exactly is going on..? And before he can blink again,

"then don't make me Kriya, come with me"

"No I won't.. I will not go back to that place, ever."

"Am not giving you a choice, kay? Come or I'll drag you back with me!"

Even though the room was in a chaotic situation, Rey didn't miss the threat from her words. Kriya is being threatened? Why? Whatever, he won't just stand there now and listen.

"Hold on a minute."

Rey moved from his position and stood infront of Sharon, his back facing Kriya. She looked at the girl's face again, yes, she sure can make anyone kneel on their knees just by glaring the way she is now. But Reyansh Singhania was not just anyone, he knows how to make people go weak on their knees aswell.

Kriya stiffened behind Rey and quickly grabbed his back, "Rey, move away, move. Now."

But her force was not enough for making Rey even consider looking back.

"listen, whoever you are, you can't just threaten Kriya and make her do something she doesn't want to!"

Sharon stared at the boy blocking his way for a couple of seconds. Is he really challenging her? Telling her what to do?

"Move" She hissed with as much as venom she can use.

"Leave! Now!" Rey's immediate response made both Kriya and Sharon shocked, and before Kriya can actually digest the impact, Sharon's lips curved in the vicious smirk of hers.

"Very well then!"

Sharon started moving her hand up once again. Kriya saw Sharon's hand move and the fear completely consumed her, Rey Rey Rey. No, she can't let Rey get hurt. She can't let Rey get involved. A shrill cry came out from inside of her as her hands clutched on Reyansh.

"NO, Rey, No, No, SWAYAAAM..!!"

And he was there...

Before Rey can blink again, someone blocked his site of the girl standing infront of him. His back faced his and his left hand was holding Sharon's right hand firmly. Rey didn't even realize when he came, how fast he was. He was just there, like a wall. The person had long hair, touching the nape of his neck, he was also dressed in black. Rey turned his head towards the trembling figure holding him tightly, clutching his shirt with all her might as she also looked up. And her face brightened up at once.


Sharon stared at the chocolate brown orbs as they stared back at her dark eyes. His eyes are the same mischievous, even in this situation, his lips are emitting a soft smile, it's just like the days back in the academy, he is looking at his student who had done something wrong, and she is waiting for him to scold her. And he will let her go again.

"Mortals pe haat uthana, it's against the rules Sharon."

As soon as the words escaped his lips, Sharon's trance broke.

"Let me go!" yelling at once she shook their hands off.

"How dare you? You think you are in any position to give me lecture on rules?"

"No, but you are the one following the rules, no?"

"Shut up! Don't you dare, don't you dare stop me. Tum dono ko wapas aana hi parega."

Swayam shook his head slowly before he turns towards Kriya.

"tum thik ho?"

And she ran into his arms.

Reyansh never knew his heart can actually be filled with so much jealousy. He always thought he is a very considering guy. But seeing Kriya ran into someone else's arms, scared, trembling, wanting to be protected, the green monster roared inside of him.

Swayam wrapped his one arm around her while his eyes stayed on Sharon, he can't let her go out of his site, who knows what Sharon will do.

"Swayam Swayam, sab ko, sab ko... hume... Sharon, Sharon ko sab... sab... bata nahi sakte...bhagna..." with her uncontrollable gibberish utterings, Swayam made out what she wanted to say. He nodded in response, And before he can move any of his muscle, Sharon snapped out.

"Ohh no you don't. Am not letting you this time. Listen Miss Kriya, if you try to escape this time, I swear I'll paint this room in blood." She took a step towards them.

And then it started.

Rey tried to think about that moment a lot after that, a lot of times, whenever he recalled this day, he tried to think what exactly happened after Sharon uttered those words, but no, he still couldn't. All he remembered that with a grunt escaping from Swayam's mouth, he left Kriya and dashed towards her, and those two started to fight.

And it wasn't like any other fight.

Even if thought carefully, it wasn't like they were fighting, it was more like a cat and mouse game.

The mouse is trying to get the cheese and the cat stopping it. Just the difference here is, instead of getting scared of the cat, the mouse is fighting the cat back.

Kriya backed away while they continued. Every time Sharon tries to approach her, Swayam drags her back. She can see visible wounds on both of them, none of them giving up.

All because of me, all because of me, all because of me.

Swayam is hurt because of me, Sharon is fighting Swayam because of me, Vicky is hurt, Rey is watching this, all because of me. Everyone is panicked, because of me.


Rey's eyes moved away from the Sharon-Swayam combat and fell on Kriya. She is trembling, fear is written all over her face. Rey's heart ached seeing her like that. What is going on with her life? What had gotten in to her? When did she become like this?

Rey was about to hold her once again before a desperate cry from Kriya stopped his feet.

"STOP IT, both of you. Stop it now.. Right NOW!"

They came to an abrupt halt as she screamed out, both panting heavily, both grabbing each other firmly, both injured and both shocked to hear her shout out like that. Their expression soon mirrored each other as their eyes fell on Kriya's hand.

She was holding one of the pieces of glass from the counter, broken by Vicky's weight. She is trembling, her face was smothered with tears, and visible pain was written all over her face as she kept her eyes on them.

Swayam gulped down, no, this is not happening, not again. After all this time, when she is finally recovering, when she is finally started to let go, she can't do this again.

"Kriya, listen, listen to me. Drop the glass. Nothing is your fault okay?" like she is some five years old kid, Swayam coaxed the girl. But Kriya's hand gripped on the glass even more.

"All because of me, all because of me.."

Swayam took another step slowly, his eyes were on the piece of glass she was holding, he just need to snatch it away, without letting her know.

"It's not Kriya, it's not- ..."

"If you get that, then why don't you just come back!"    Swayam swore in his mind as soon as Sharon's words hit Kriya. Sharon was angry, she was losing patience, why is Swayam acting like that? What is going on between these two? Just because he is her guardian, no, there has to be something more.

But Sharon did not expect what Kriya did next.

Just as the words left Sharon's mouth, it was like Kriya waiting for the hit...and she slashed the glass through her nerve, wanting to end the pain.

Rey didn't know when but his hands gripped her shoulders tightly, shaking her while screaming out loud "what did you do?" over and over again. Kriya's face started to get numb while a faint smile crossed her lips. Her bloody fingers touched Rey's face while a soft mutter came from her, but before Rey can comprehend what she wanted to say, she was not in his arms anymore.

Swayam had held his breath seeing her do it, and before he can sprint to her side, someone was already holding her. For a moment Swayam felt Kriya's expression is changing seeing that boy's face, but Swayam didn't had the time to wait and watch. He pulled her weakening form away from his hands, wrapped his own arms around Kriya, and gathered her up in his arms, holding her close to his chest, Swayam dashed out of the room in a second. Leaving Rey in a complete awestruck position.

The whole incident, even though seemed like going on forever, but actually took ten to fifteen minutes. And just after Swayam left,

Pandemonium broke inside the room.


So, how is it..?? good, bad, ugly..?? please please do comment.. am eagerly waiting..Smile

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Awesome update Smile
Loved the way u showed Sharon's character
Rey jealous n confused about Kriya-Swayam-Sharon

Me too confused about the story
so update soon to solve it

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Speechless Clap
That was so beautifully written
Ankzy I love the way you write
Damn girl!

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Originally posted by ..Re..

Speechless Clap
That was so beautifully written
Ankzy I love the way you write
Damn girl!

thnx AndreaSmile, you read all of it..??Shocked

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don girls

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OMG this story just keeps on getting better and better ... Can't wait for the next update ... Please update soon Star

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ye kya tha ...
muje startin me kya tha smaz nhai aya sharon bording school..

nd ye swayam sharon ha kya ...

plzz clear all dis...

u writeen update was suparb..

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