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Dil Dostii Dance Forum Rules - ALL Compiled

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Posted: 18 November 2013 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone, 

With both Shakti & Vrinda returning, everyone is forgetting some of the most important forum rules. This thread is to serve as a reminder of all the modifications in rules since the beginning of D3 Forum. The DT cannot control what goes on in the show & so frustration can be justified. However, what the DT can control is how the frustration is taken out & ensure the forum environment remains welcoming to everyone. 

Here are the FINAL set-and stone rules combining all the announcements and changes in one thread itself. EVERYONE is asked to read this and follow up accordingly. Saying "these are too much, I won't waste my time on this" IS NOT AN OPTION. If you choose not to, that shall be on you. Do not crib later on stating "I was not aware of rules". Apologies will no longer be accepted. Anyone found breaching the rules and disturbing the forum environment after this point (new or old member) shall be dealt with severely and receive a direct raise in warning level meter - no questions asked.

Before we begin, understand this: Rules are non-negotiable. With all the Mods and Viewbie's we've had since the beginning, we can't make everyone happy and we are going to do what we feel is right. And right about now, with both Shakti and Vrinda coming back, the only way we can avoid more backlash and fighting is if these rules are reminded about & everyone follows them.

Moderation: Not everyone on the Development Team has moderating powers. Coolbies and Videobies do NOT fall under the category of moderation as they only provide timely updates to the forum. The moderation chain is as follows: Viewbies > Moderators > Channel Moderators > Global Moderators. Your first point of contact would be the section Viewbie or Moderator as they take care of the day to day happenings in the forum. If you have any issues regarding moderation, you can escalate them to the Channel Moderators/Global Moderators, but any other issues need to be brought to the Section Development Team [Viewbies and Moderators] first. If you feel that the response by the Section DT is unsatisfactory, please address the issue through PMs to the respective DT member or to the CM/GM, but please don't argue on the post/open new posts and disrupt the atmosphere of the forum.

Assumptions/DT Issues: The DT is not allowed to disclose what we are doing with certain threads or what action we are taking so please don't try to make judgments on our decisions because we just don't go through the topics you guys report but through EVERYTHING in that particular thread. Just because we don't highlight step by step as to which action was taken against which member, it doesn't mean action wasn't taken. Every member deserves privacy and just because you do not know if so & so member faced consequences does not mean you should make assumptions and target the development team. Approach them for clarifications instead.

Privacy:  Please do not discuss any decisions that Mods have made or make in an open forum. For example, how would you like it if we publicly told you guys what you guys did wrong on an open forum, and told you that your punishment would be to get a Warning Level raise? Not nice right? You'd find it humiliating? And trust me guys, Mods are no different. We have feelings too. So please do not publicly mock/humiliate us and our decisions. We aren't perfect, so help us in becoming perfect. If you have issues with us, PM us rather than open topics on us on an open forum. If you have issues with one Mod, go to the other and vice versa. And even after that you feel unsatisfied, go to the Global Mods. But NO mocking Mods and their decisions on an open forum.

 The Dil Dostii Dance Development Team is as follows:


-Edit 2nd Dec- Viewbie: .Farzi., SpunkyTigress, -VishaD-

-Edit Nov 26- Channel Moderator: .Mandy.

Global Moderators: *Shruti*, Aahanaa, gk_09


Permissions: In order to create any important topic, organize contests, games, appreciation threads, etc, the permission of DT is necessary. This is so that it can be ensured that it shall abide the forum rules and also to avoid two members posting similar things. Contact the forum viewbie, myself, for any such permission and allow a time frame of 48 hours to reply back. This goes for Thread issues as well. Allow sufficient time before contacting the next person in development team hierarchy.

Report Button: Instigating topics are not allowed nor do we appreciate members taking law in their hands and jump in the topics with their weapons to defend their favorites or keep reminding about using report button again and again. If anyone sees any comment/thread which is offending posted by someone, you will NOT take law into your own hands to teach a lesson to that person for insulting your favorite. That aggravates matters more and you also become liable for action for reacting thus. Instead you will simply make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly.

Please keep in mind moderators are also members. We would also like time to make our own posts. We also have our own lives and cannot be here 24/7. Please allow a reasonable time frame of at least 24 hours before escalating the issue and PMing a moderator. We try to address reports as soon as we can. Please avoid PMing the moderators unless the issue has been neglected for way too long or it is an extremely pressing matter. Instead of mass PMing it would appreciated if one person PM's the concern DT with regards to the issue. 

Instigatory /Insulting/Abusive Posts: We have always asked forum members to refrain from making posts  that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member. Constructive Criticism about the show is allowed but avoid bringing in other shows/actors who are not part of the show. Members have difference of opinion no doubt you can't expect all the fingers of one hand to be same do you? You are free to raise your opinions not forgetting limits of decency. Things can be said in a more civilized manner rather than being brutal. If you do not like a character, criticize the character but NOT the actor. Same goes to fans too. If you see a criticism against a character, please do not jump in to defend the Actor/actress, for it is only the character that is getting criticized. If anyone is at fault then it is the story plot.
What is the difference between constructive criticism and bashing? Constructive criticism is where a member voices their opinion without the use of foul, derogatory or insulting language and are able to state without subjugation where they have derived their opinion from.
For example:
"I hate this person!", "I don't find ____ good because she doesn't suit the role of ____, but of ______" or "I dislike that couple because I am not a big fan of ____".  "I don't like ____'s expressions and that I think ____ needs to excel as an actor/actress" That is NOT bashing.
Bashing is:
"That character is such a stupid, dumb***". "That bi*ch". That ***. "I hope she dies". "That actor is soo hairy and ugly!" "They need a reality check." "Go get a life, you hater." "Who do you think you are? Some sorta ____" "Go get outta this thread and get a life, because you are such a despo."
That is called Attacking and Bashing. Often times, many people think that if someone doesn't agree with their opinion/thoughts on a certain actor, character, couple, fandom, that the other person is bashing. That is NOT always the case. If you are a fan, it doesn't mean that everyone who dislikes/doesn't think the same way as you do is bashing.  

Such posts will be dealt with very strictly. It is very frustrating to see such threads. But reacting to them is even worse. As soon as you see a thread of this type posted by someone, you will NOT take law into your own hands to teach a lesson to that person for insulting your fav jodi/idol. That aggravates matters more and you also become liable for action for reacting thus. Instead you will simply make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. If found instigating, you shall meet with direct raise in WL. If a member responds, he/she shall be subjected to same consequence. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action.

So if anyone is caught doing the latter, WILL get their WARNING LEVEL RAISED!

Foul Language:  The use of foul language is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the forum. Whether the word is written in its complete format or abbreviated, it is still not allowed under any circumstances.  Should members come across such language please do report the post.  Use of such language will lead to warnings and warning level raised for repeat offenders.

Personal Attacks/Sarcastic Comments/Assumptions: If members come across a POV which you do not agree with, try to ignore the post or simply state your own POV saying "I disagree with you for so and so reason" instead of saying "Just stop your nonsense" or 'if you think this then you are dumb' and along the lines. IF is a discussion forum at the end of the day and everyone is allowed to post their views without the threat of feeling that they will be attacked for their opinions; just like you are allowed to say what you think, so is the next person.  But with that in mind you are to make sure your comments are constructive and not instigative to cause arguments on the forum.

Please refrain from making assumption regarding other people and fangroups, comments such as 'Fangroup of A always starts fights and they expect us to take it' or 'Fangroup of A always make a ruckus when things don't go their own way' 'Fangroup of A think they are better then us'  comments like this will only leads to arguments and it is for the betterment of the forum that members refrain from making such assumption.

Also refrain from making comments which allude to members of the forum being better behaved/fangroups acting in a manner or conducting themselves in certain manner, this indirectly alludes to state that other members or fangroups are either behaving in this manner or not, which obviously would cause other members to feel targeted and could be seen as an insult.  For example comments such as ' We x fans always appreciate the production house and don't retaliate' or 'we always maintain ourselves on the forum'  or ' we don't indulge in showering the CV's with appreciation'.  Such comments insinuate that other members either do this or don't do this which is making assumptions and would lead to arguments on the forum. 

There has been enough breach on this and everyone pounces on TM as soon as they disagree with their opinion instead of stating there's in a civil manner. Hence, anyone found breaking this rule shall receive a direct raise in warning level without warning pms being sent out. No apologies shall be accepted either.

Name Calling Posts:  While criticizing, remember to not post anything unsavory that you wouldn't like hearing about yourself spoken by others.  Any derogatory references or name callings against actors /characters/members/Dev team members are strictly a NO NO  here.  On every forum we do like to call characters by Nicks or join names together, whilst this is allowed, please make sure just nicks are not insulting or deemed to be derogatory to their respective fans.  So name calling such as 'Miss Ego',  'Nautanki', 'Haters', or 'Miss Mahaan' (these are examples) will not be tolerated on the forum. That's a forum of bashing for members, and characters and actors. No calling members 'stalkers, losers, idiots, dogs, Taani Nani' etc AND also no calling members 'HATERS'.

Comparison Topics/Instigating posts: Comparison to do with episodes or the track itself is allowed; for example: if there are two dance off on the episode if someone makes a posts stating which of the dances they liked best and why, this discussion will be allowed.  But general posts which states who is the better dancer, who has the most fan following, which couple look better, who is more supportive etc are not allowed as these are more general and would ultimately lead to arguments.  But whilst making such a topic the member has to be sure that their posts is without malice or bias and would enable all parties to out their case forward, but whilst doing that another character is not put down or demeaned to make your point.

 Refrain from making counter posts on the forum. For example if you see a post which you feel you do not agree with in believe to be insulting/instigatory or abusive, DO NOT then go an create another topic in relation to it counter arguing the post maker, this only leads to further unrest and more arguments breaking out in the forum.  If you come across any posts which you believe are not in accordance with the D3 COC just REPORT and let the moderators of the section handle the situation. If a member is found retaliating instead of reporting, member will be dealt with severely.

TR-KR Rules: 

Hardcore Kriya-Rey fans CANNOT make topics on Taani or Taani-Rey or Taani-Shivam anymore. This was debated on and no matter how much you guys hate Taani, the whole fiasco will lead to more fights and tit-for-tat situations between the 2 Fandoms. The rule was changed on the promise that KR fans would discuss TR on a good plight and on track but unfortunately what was promised and what has been happening are poles apart . So we are amending the rules and reverting back to what was initially penned out as above. Like we said, this is a forum for everyone and everyone's views are accepted but this is just getting ridiculous with regards  how much hate Taani is getting for just being in the show.

Taani-Rey CANNOT make topics on Kriya or Kriya-Rey anymore. No more. The same reasoning applies as above, chances were given and again members failed to meet what they had initially promised, so again we have no choice but to revert back to the initial rule for the betterment of the forum.

Taani-Rey fans CANNOT enter a topic made by Kriya-Rey fan. If you feel the need to defend, PM the Mods -Araina- and I will deal with it. Also there is the option of hitting the report button.

Kriya-Rey fans CANNOT mention Taani in a topic. The opposite also holds true. No TR fans can mention Taani in a topic. We get it that he's dated both, Kriya and Taani, but the animosity is too much to handle. Best if you all stick to discussing your OWN couple.

Kriya-Rey fans CANNOT enter a topic made by a Taani-Rey fan. If you feel the need to defend, REPORT or PM the Mods -Araina- as above you can hit the report button and when I come online the matter will be dealt with.

QUOTING in order to save the evidence is NOT allowed. YES. You can quote/ screen shot but you are NOT allowed to quote and post in a thread you are not supposed to be posting in. If you are found quoting a post and posting it in the forum instead of PMing the Mods, your WL will be raised.

KR fans and TR fans, this one is for all of you: Stop the fights. Discuss your couple, make topics about your couples instead of going on and on about how much you hate the other couple. Make topics on your favorites instead of hating on other's favorites! Spend the spare time you have from personal life to come online to discuss your couple instead of indulging in negatives. 

A recent change: We understand that everyone wants to make predictions on future track with both Taani and Kriya being a part of D3 and Rey's life. We shall ALLOW it TO AN EXTENT - as long as decency is shown in discussing and no one from either fandoms abuse this liberty and use it to bash the characters, opposite fandom or the actors. This rule will be subjected to change if members decide to abuse it.

SS vs. KR-TR: Also, as an add on, some members are under the assumption that both Swaron and Kriyansh fans aren't allowed to talk about TaaRey, which is wrong. The couple discussion ban only extends as far as KR and TR. SS fans are allowed to discuss TR, as much as TR fans are allowed to discuss SS. SS fans do NOT follow the TR/KR fandom rules of this forum.

Appreciation Threads: Warnings are given if an AT has small talk going on for more than 5 pages without a single mention that relates back to the original couple of the AT. Warnings are given for bashing, and name calling members and characters from other ATs which are not supposed to be mentioned in that AT. That being said it does not mean you have 5-6 pages of chatting and then in between members state - 'we love _____ they are the best' or end sentences with ' we love _____' you know what the rules are now and please dont try such tactics it wont work. 

For further rules: Attention: Regarding AT's


Moral Policing: No where in the rules does it say that Moral Policing is allowed. Moral Policing is NOT allowed.  You cannot go around telling members that 'since you are a fan of ___, you cannot make topics against ___ or on that couple.' There is a reason that DT is in this forum, so please leave the rule enforcement to us. Don't tell members what to do, and what not to do and don't tell members what to post and who to post it on. Only the DT is allowed to do that. So from now on, anyone found moral policing will get adirect 20% warning level raise without any further explanations, excuses or discussion. 

Making MIDs to bash the Actors,Creatives, Members and Characters: This has increased in the last few weeks.There are many members who are creating Multiple IDs just to bash the actors,creatives and the characters. Dev Team can very well find out the members who are having more than one ID and if someone is found guilty then that member might immediately face a straight ban. So its a request that if any member is having doubts on any particular Member ID, kindly report it or pm any one of the Dev team member. Creating MID is not allowed and without a justified reason will lead to warning levels being raised.

Personal Lives of Actors: Refrain from posting comments on the personal lives of actors and what they do in their own time. Their personal lives is just that private and personal and we do not have any right to criticse what that do in their own life and to dictate what they should or should do or who they should or shouldnt be with.  Furthermore making posts about other people connected to the actors should also be avoided.  Unless the actor is doing some sort of promotion or work related this can be posted, but not what they do in their own time. To add on, refrain from discussing rumors. We do not know what truly goes down behind the scenes of an actor's life. We have no right to comment on it.

Editing Titles: When a title has been amended by a Dev Team member or a note has been put into a members posts, please refrain from editing such posts. This will be seen as going against the code of conduct and the members will be reprimanded.
And now coming to our 4 Fandoms.
You guys HAVE to realize that fighting/arguing/hating on each other will give you guys NO good outcomes. Because in the end, D3 is a Forum, and no one wants to feel excluded/hurt/uncomfortable. Please respect everyone, their likes, their dislikes and PM the Development Team if you are having trouble, or simply REPORT that topic.

Enough Warnings were given out, and no one decided to listen. So doesn't matter who started it first, doesn't matter who instigated and who got instigated and decided to take matters into their own hands. EVERYONE will get into trouble and get their WL's raised.
How to avoid it?
1) DO NOT get into fights. If you find someone posted something offensive that you found to be hurting/bashing, please tell the Development Team which is myself and I'll be happy to tend to your problems/issues.
2) DO NOT TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS! I can't stress this enough. Do not take matters into your own hands. Because that way, not only the other person, but you too will get a Warning Level raised.
3) Please realize that not every comment made against your favorites is bashing. The other person might just state their opinion. You like a certain character, but maybe I don't, but that doesn't mean I am bashing the other character by saying I dislike them.
4) Don't tell someone to 'Go get a life' or 'Get outta the topic' just because they have a difference of opinion. I-F is a free forum and opinions are always respected. And vice versa. If a topic is made and you are against it, please don't go into that topic and start bashing, and giving hate comments. Instead respect the wishes of  the topic opener, state your opinion, but DON'T BASH.

As you guys know, you guys were warned many times before to stop fighting and stay way from topics which you find consist of bashing, and instead PM a Dev Team member and/or Report that topic/post, but no heed was paid and instead many of you took it upon yourself to sort out the issue, which lead to fights, and that just exacerbated the matters further.
So from now on, No more PMs will be handed out. Only a strict Warning Level raise, and if the Bashing continues, then a possible ban.

All in all, Bashing = Warning Level Raise WITHOUT a PM Warning, regardless of whether it was your first offense or not. No questions will be asked, no justifications will be needed, no 'They started it first, and I had to reply just because...' excuses. It will be an immediate Warning Level raise.

Look below for general forum rules. The Dev Team hopes that all members are able to abide by the above rules for the betterment of the forum and to maintain peace. If you have any queries regarding these rules feel free to PM either me (-Araina-).

-Dil Dostii Dance Development Team.

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General Forum Rules:

Duplicate Posts Do check the last 4-5 pages of the forum before making a post to see whether or not the topic has been posted already.  Refrain from making duplicated topic regarding the same issue/point on the forum, this is so discussion can remain consise and the the forum is run more effiecently, also members will not then have to post the same discussion on several threads.  This is also lead to an increase in discussion as its not spread out all over the forum in different threads.  It is not the quantity of posts on the forum but the quality that matters.  All posts of similar nature will be merged with the previous post. Continuous disregard will lead to warnings

New Topics Before posting a new topic, check first few pages to see that its not posted already otherwise your topic would be closed/merged with existing one.

Spamming/Chatting/Quoting Refrain from posting single consequetive pictures/creation in the gallery, this can be considered spamming.  

Refrain yourself from chatting/spamming on the forum. Don't to start your personal chats in threads opened for various subjects/discussion topics. We have a D3 Chit Chat Corner #4 which members can utilize for chatting. Please try to stick to the topic title when posting replies in discussion threads - chatting in discussion topics is NOT allowed.

 It has been noticed people are making posts with very long quotes, try to avoid this as it makes the pages lag due to the large amount  of quoting and takes longer time for page to load. Instead use the @ sign and write the name of the person you wish to reply to if you want to reply to various people.

Appreciation Thread Please refrain from opening individual AT's on the forum, couple AT's have been allowed, but individual ones should be posted in the Celebrity Fanclub section should a member choose to open on.  This is so the forum pages do not result in having just AT's on the first couple of pages, which move the discussion threads back. And while making one in Celebrity Fanclub section make sure there is not an AT on whom you want to open. 

One Liners Post all one liners regarding the episode in the Episode Discussion Thread #2 that has been created on the forum.  Feel free to post detailed discussion on the main forum.  This is so the forum forum is not filled with just one liner posts only. While discussing episode in Episode Discussion Thread try to keep the chatting in such threads to a minimum, there are other thread/section (Chat Corner/Chat Club) which are available for such content.

Advertising Please DO NOT post content from Indian Television, Twitter, Facebook, ITvF, TellyChakkar, these posts will be trashed, and repeated occurrences of this may lead to members receiving a warning.  Also refrain from posting videos which have site logos on them (i.e watermarked with the sites web address) although i realize that many members are not posting these to advertise the websites, but you are still indirectly advertising the sites by posting video links which are watermarked.

FORUM ISSUES Do not bring forum issues into the threads under any circumstances - if you have any problems with any of the threads on the forum - either report them or PM the dev team members of the forum. DO NOT create posts to discuss forum issues and DO NOT start discussing forum issues in threads already open. 

No Update Requests Please be patient. Do not create topics asking for written or video updates. The updates will be posted as per the updaters' convenience. If you are not assigned to do the updates then please do not post updates.  This is not fair as the updater spends time in doing the update and when they come to the forum they find it already done and posted, it puts the updaters' work to waste. Incase you want to update for any particular day kindly PM and take permission from the updater.

No Comments Do not post replies or comments under topics which bear the phrase 'No Comments' in their title or within the post. As the title suggests, it is not meant to be replied to. If you wish to comment or reply or thank the author, you may PM the author of the post or topic.

Posting Email Address/Personal Information of Actors Accounts, email addresses and personal pictures/information of actors are not allowed to be posted or revealed unless they themselves give it. Also, posting your email address on open forum is not allowed - it really isn't safe!

Posting Articles Before posting any article please check the first few pages or use the "Search" bar which is located in the right side of the forum, above the "My Last 10 Topic/Popular Topics" section, to make sure that it has not been posted before. Provide the source of the articles posted from other website. 
Articles from Telly Chakkar are copyrighted and not meant to be share on IF. Posting articles from Indian Television and Telly Chakkar are not allowed on IF. Do not post articles from Telly Buzz directly on forum. Post only link to the article from Telly Buzz.

Emotions Do not type message or post reply full of emotions only. Emotions are used to emphasize how you feel when words alone aren't enough. They serve as "add-ons" to your message BUT it doesn't mean that you are to type a whole line of Emoticons alone, without a single word or phrase (e.g. '')! Messages containing only emotions  will be deleted.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • I am new to the forum - where do I go to introduce myself?

Introductions - New members please introduce yourself in the Introductions thread.

  • Where do I find all the important links related to the D3 section?

Archive Mansion - This is a thread wherein you will find all the important links like GOTW, Help Desk, Picture Gallery, Update Archives etc. You can check D3 Archive Mansion to find important links related to the show.

  • I have questions that I need help with - where do I go?

Help Desk - If you have any queries, comments or suggestion regarding the show then please post it in [D3] Helpdesk # 2:

  • Where do I find written and video updates for the show so far?

Updates Archive - You can find all written and video updates in the D3 Written, Video & Promo Update Archive-No Comments All the updates are organized month, going from the most recent to older updates. 


  • Where do I find creations (signatures, avatars, etc) for the show?

Creations Gallery - You can find all creations related to the show in the  Dil Dosti Dance Creations Gallery # 10


  • Is there a place where I can find all the pictures related to D3 and it's cast?

Picture Gallery - All pictures related to the show and it's cast can be found in the Dil Dosti Dance Picture Gallery # 3 [NC] The Picture Gallery is a no comment thread so please do not post comments in the thread. Use "Like" button to appreciate member's efforts.

  • Where can I find/request audio related to the show?

Media Centre - You can find/request audios related to the show in ll^*D3 Media Centre*^ll


The Dev Team hopes that all members are able to abide by the above rules for the betterment of the forum and to maintain peace. If you have any queries regarding these rules feel free to PM either me (-Araina-).

-Dil Dostii Dance Development Team.

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Hello everyone, 

Once upon a time, we had asked for suggestions. Post which, we are back with final set of rules after considering everyone's concerns. Everyone's surely tired of all the bickering back and forth so please go through this thread and they will be set in place from today onwards. Anyone found not obliging shall be dealt with severely. 

TanHa-VruShan Rules: 

NO direct and/or indirect COMPARISONS! The general forum rules do state that characters & actors are not to be compared. Taking both Sneha and Vrushika's name in the same topic can only mean one thing: you're making a comparison between the two - which isn't allowed to begin with. However, since the forum needs the rule written down elaborately, here it goes. 

Sneha-Shantanu CANNOT be mentioned in Vrushika or Vrushika-Shantanu or SwaRon portrayed by VruShan 's topic. Both actresses being mentioned in same topic is leading to arguments and bashing of actors and members. Hence, no more. It comes down to: do not mention Sneha in Vrushika topic and vice-versa. Result: no comparison between the two.

Vrushika-Shantanu CANNOT be mentioned in Sneha or Sneha-Shantanu or SwaRon portrayed by TanHa's topic. Same as above. Both will not be discussed in same topic. Directly or indirectly, members are not to compare the two or pass comments. Enjoy the time on the forum rather than spend it attacking each other for having a pick in likings. 

NO indirect comments for members of the opposite fandom or the actress. Members have asked whether stating 'Sneha is the ONLY Sharon' or 'Vrushika is the better Sharon', is allowed or not. Firstly, yes, it can be considered an opinion; but,only when it is not said purposefully. At times, repeating it over and over only makes it clear that the intention is to make indirect comments for others and not because it is your opinion. Hence, from now on, appreciate your favorite actress. Mention scenes & what you like about it. Just saying 'Only Sharon', 'Better Sharon', etc. should be avoided. Say it as you mean it with reasonings. Not to mock. Not to make indirect or direct digs at each other. Not to demean the other actress. This goes for both the groups!

TanHa fans and VruShan fans: Stop the fights. Discuss your actress, make topics about your favorite instead of going on and on about how much you hate the other. Make topics on your favorites instead of hating on other's favorites! Spend the spare time you have from personal life to come online to discuss your favorites instead of indulging in negatives. 

How to avoid closures of topic: 

1. Follow the above rules. 

2. If you spot rule breaking and direct/indirect comments, then report them & refrain from commenting back. If you comment, the matter is simply stretched and you are getting yourself into trouble as well. As soon as the DT comes online, we do look into the reports & take the necessary actions. You do your part by reporting & we shall do the rest.

3. If a person comes in a post & mentions a name they should not be directly or indirectly, do not moral-police and jump on that person. Just report & move on to discussing what the main topic is about. No reason to quote, requote & repeat it to the point where the development team is forced to close the whole topic. 

4. If the particular posts are avoided as asked above and members continue to have healthy discussions, then just the trouble posts can be moved & topic remains open for others to discuss. However, if members take it upon themselves to teach the person who said something against your favorite a lesson by demeaning their favorite in return or by member bashing or any other means, then the matter gets worse, topic is closed, and forum environment is disturbed. 

We understand that there are members who like both Sneha and Vrushika. Hence, we shall be lenient and allow members to make topics on both - just both SHOULD NOT be mentioned together. Meaning, Sneha fan is allowed to make posts about Vrushika. Vrushika fans are allowed to make posts on Sneha. BUT, make sure Vrushika's name is not mentioned in Sneha's post and Sneha's name is not mentioned in Vrushika's post. Do keep in mind that given this liberty, it is not to be misused. Remember, even though you are allowed to make topic on the actress which may not be your favorite, there are other forum rules which do state no bashing. Also, if a Sneha fan makes a topic on Vrushika, fans are not to directly jump on the topic maker and bash them. The same applies if a Vrushika fan makes a post on Sneha. Take each other's post as criticisms and learn to coexist. 

We are implementing the rule. The members need to help us as well and follow them. This is how it works. If you do not want to see your favorite being bashed, then you too need to stop bashing others. Everyone has to take the first step and respect each other's opinions & accept positive criticism's. 

Like we said, this is a forum for everyone and everyone's views are accepted but this is just getting ridiculous with regards  how much hate and discrimination is being put between the two Sharon - when at the end of the day, both ARE Sharon's and portraying the same character.

That being said, do keep in mind that anyone found breaking the rule shall be dealt with severely. Depending on the situation, it may even result in direct warning meter increase without explanation or apologies. If there are issues, PM .Mandy. or myself (-Araina-) and we'll be more than happy to help you!

~Dil Dostii Dance Development Team.

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