Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADHU, this one is for you. ill be finishing this off till monday. i need comment, lamba wala wrana kuch nai milega !

A THREE YEAR OLD GIRL WALKED TO THE ENTRANCE OF THE BUILDING happy even though she was moving. She was 3 and nothing other than her toys mattered. She was bouncing because she saw 3 slides and 2 swings in the new building as opposed to her old one had 2 of each. She walked towards the entrance and then giggled as she smeared the Cadbury on her face and ran towards the play park. Her parents and her older brother called her but she giggled as she ran and crashed with a boy. Chubby and handsome. She giggled as she fell on her but

One look at the giggling girl the boy started laughing. He expected her to cry like other girls in his class did when they fell or complaint to a teacher. They were 3 year olds. He got up and made the giggling girl stand up. "Hi I'm arjun" the boy said "I arohi" she said as she ate some more of her chocolate and then suddenly she thrusted some towards arjun. He accepted. "Friends?" she said as she wiped the chocolate smeared on her face with the napkin pinned on her dress.

Looking from the entrance of the building arohi's parents were shocked. She never, never means never shared her dairy milk with any one, let alone a stranger. Arjuns parents were soon to join them.

Arjun and arohi's parents were friends for a long time. But due to some reasons arohi's family had moved to Delhi form Mumbai when arohi was born. Today they were moving back in their own house again. Arjun and aorih's parents had been friends since the both pair got married. Arjun's dad had a chain of 5 star hotels and arohi's dad had a construction company. They met as neighbors and did business together. Arvind alluwalia and rudra pratap singhania quickly become best of friends and so did their wife's kumud alluwalia and rohini singhania.

Sahil arohi's elder brother was 7 years old and so was Nikhil, arjuns brother. They were good firnds too they lived 4 years togather and stared pre-school together. Both the family saw the scene unfold infront of them as they saw little arjun taking arohi to the baby swings and pushing her helping her swing. Kumud and Rohini started planning a wedding as they all went behind to movers and packers to go and get settled.

"where do you live rohi?" arjun asked as they sat on the bench swinging her legs as the gulped down other piece of chocolate. "I lived with my grn-p and grn-m cause they unwell, now they good so my mummy and daddy saw we come back home" she replied with big eyes. Arjun nodded and said "I live here on 15 flool" "I go there too" arohi replied smiling like she was told that she was gifted a chocolate factory

This was a start to a friendship. A friendship that will last a eternity.  A friendship that will turn to love ,  a friendship that will blossom form a bud to a flower.


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10 years later.

Arohi's POV

"GET UP"ARJUN SCREMED IN MY EARS WAKING ME UP. I groaned I didn't want to get up just yet. I had fallen asleep at 4 in the morning because exams were on. Actually exams were getting over and the last day of exam they decided it would be funny to keep a difficult exam. I being a nocturnal self, studied all night while arjun wakes up early to study. "Get up sleepy head we need to leave in 20 minutes" he said as my eyes opened slowly. I jumped form the bed and in the haste I tumbled, I heard arjun laugh and I was about to shut him up he motioned that it time was running by tapping on his watch. I ran to the ensuite and had a shower and quickly dressed in a jeans and a white stripped top. We were allowed to wear hat ever clothes we want during exams. Today was the last exam of 7th grade and to me, arjun and our friends were going to celebrate it after the exams. I rushed out to see my bag pack was packed and my reference books were kept on the chair beside my bag. Arjun knew me too well I grabbed the bag and the books and started going through my notes with arjun. He was a brilliant student, and a fast learner. We almost always scored the same marks because he always studied form my notes but he learned quicker than me. On our way out of my house my mom wished us best of luck and as soon as we exited arjun's mom wished us the same.

Arjun was one person in my life , who gave me a sense of completion in life. My life was complete with him. He was as important to me as my parents or my brother. He infact was like my brother. I always shopped for him when I went shopping. His monthly calone duty was mine. He had a great style himself but always shopped with me only. The bond between he two of us was something un-understandable. Sometimes people as school teased us as couples but we never bothered to correct them, for we and our friends and parents knew what it was.

We both as a close knit group since childhood, me, arjun, rashi, rajveeer, sanchit had been friends since childhood as we went to same school and since playgroup. I met sefali in one of my classes in 5th grade as we quickly became friends. And romit met arjun in school's football team and was welcomed to our group. In school we were known as trouble makers. But since out grades were among some of the toppers they never expelled us.

Life was great I thought as we sat in the car and the driver delivered us to the school. I held arjun's hand, I was tensed, chemistry was my weakest subject I didn't want to fail, I was nervous. Arjun pulled me into a hog and kissed my cheeks that seemed to relax me as I felt me tension and nervousness ease away.


3 years later.

Arjun's POV

SIXTEEEN, SIXTEEN IS WHAT AROHI TURNED YASTERDAY. I was 3 months elder to her. 16 was just an age for we had been together as "friends" for 13 years. I loved arohi dearly since the start, when we were in KG. but that love was friendly love, for my love for her had grown and turned to something on the next level. I knew arohi in and out, but one doubt I had was if she liked to the way I did? Or she was still on the "friendship" level. It hurt everytime she told me how cute or hot a boy was. I always acted cool about it teased her but I never let the hurt show. I always thought if she felt the same way I did when I talked to her about other girls or when I went on a date with others. I dated a lot but arohi always remained my priority. I never forgot her ever. We had just finished out 10th grade exams which ment a full stop to school life and a hello to college life. I was as eager to go to college as she was. We even wanted to opt for the same streams. But now it was time I expressed my "like" towards her. Our friends always told me she liked me too, but I sincerely doubted that. She always said how she considered me her "brother". I had just given her, her monthly gift. Yes monthly gift for her as she demanded for all the shopping she did for me. She demanded dairy milks every month and never wanted anything more. But I always once in 3 moths bought her a soft toy with her monthly gifts as bonus. This was a bonus month. I and her were going out to the beach that evening.

"arohi" I called out as I saw her walking into to kitchen form her bedroom. "arjunnn" she sang in reply. I smiled at her childish behavior. No matter how old she grew she would have a child heart. Her childishness was one of the things I loved about her. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. She immediately rested her head on my shoulder. "Beach this evening ? " I asked fingers hoping she would agree. Walks on beaches together were one of our favorite things to do. "Yes" she smiled and ruffled my hair and I kissed her forehead and let my lips linger there for a while. I turned to go back into my house and she slapped the back of my head playfully. 
I turned around to see mischievous glint in her eyes. I smiled. A slow smile that was pure evil. She laughed and ram down the stairs laughing and giggling as I followed her. "arohi ki bacchi , ruk ja. Aaj toh nai chodunga tujhe mai" I warned as he almost caught her. We were on the 10 floor. She was getting out of breath and slowing down. I increased my speed and caught her. I called the lift and pushed her into it, and grabbed her from her waist. My fingers digging in her soft flesh. My eyes showed clearly what i was going to do. . "No ...Arjun ..., please no "she said catching her breath. I just shook my head and tickled her. She threw her head back and laughed as the lift pinged back on 15th floor I carried her in her house and deposited her on couch as I tickled her mercilessly. "please arjun I'll do anything" she said once aging out of breath for laughing. "anything?" I asked testing her words "yes anything "she replied "okay den I'll let you go" I said and turned on my heel and walked out shouting over my shoulder for her to be ready at 5:30.

The clock struck 5:25 and I got more nervous by the second. I was going to admit my feelings for her and ask her to be my girlfriend. This was going to be IT. It would make or break our friendship. I went to collect her and led her down. I was going to drive. I had just learned how to drive and was teaching arohi to do so. We were under aged to get a legal license but who cared! Right?. I got in the driver's seat once she was seated in. She didn't find anything unusual as this was my normal behavior around any girl. But this was arohi, she knew I would always make sure she is comfortable. I pulled the car into drive and we talked, endlessly. Talking nonsense, Planning mischiefs, or even how to irritate the next person we saw.
I parked the car in one of the available spots and got out and opened the door for her. We started to walk down the beach. Though Mumbai's beaches were always bustling with people this strip was always empty or less crowded. We were talking about the classes we wanted to take, when suddenly I caught her hand. She looked up at me , asking me what happened with her with a confused look over her face
 I took a deep breath. Here goes nothing I said to myself. 
"Arohi" I said as I stopped walking and forcing her to stop to "arjun wants wrong? Why are you acting so strange, you are scaring me" she asked me looking me in the eyes. Fear seen clearly in her eyes.

"Arohi I love you" I said as I took a deep breath. She looked at me in disbelief and hugged me and said "I love you too".  But the words didn't mean what I had meant. She meant them as friends just like we said every day to each other. "No rohi, you don't get it ! I'm in love with you" I said as clearly as it gets. She was shocked. Her mouth fell open. She wasn't sure how to reply. I knew this would happen. F%&#$*% friends I thought. They pushed me to confess, and she didn't have a slightest feeling for me.  I knew this was the end for our friendship, just like that. Because I was sure after this, we couldn't be back to normal.

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same day,

Arohi's POV

THE WORDS SAID TO ME WERE UNBELIVEABLE. Never in my life had I thought arjun would say something like that to me. I mean he dated a lot. He was 16 year old and had at least dated 10 girls I think. And honestly I never wanted anything like that to happen. My friends always said that me and arjun are bound to fall in love cause no girl and guy can be best friends but that didn't matter to me and arjun. I never saw him more than a best friend or a brother for that matter and here he is confessing his undying love for me. I had no reaction to that. I stood there paralyzed, not knowing what to do, what to reply. "arohi, say something" arjun nudged me. His face was a picture of hurt and sad. He was expecting my answer to be like "I love you too, and have always?" but that wasn't going to happen. He gave me a slight squeeze on the shoulder and I came back to reality, and I hit him hard on his chest. And continue to hit him as tears fell form my eyes. I didn't know how to answer but I knew one thing if I say yes I would be no-hearted answer to keep our friendship strong and if I said no, this would be it for us. "Bloody ba#$%&*" I shouted. "You should have asked me before confessing to me?" "And why suddenly after 13 years you feel like you are in love with me?" I said as tears fell form my face his hands reached over to wipe them but I pushed it away. "arohi there I one more thing ive got to tell you" he said "yeah, like you can make it more difficult by saying you are going away and needed to tell me before that" I said in an angry voice. "that is exactly why arohi" arjun said "and before you say something, I've scored a scholarship from MIT to study with them for graduation i.e. after 12th grade, and ,y parents suggested that I complete my 11th and 12th grade there , hence I applied, I was sure I wasn't going to get it but apparently they found out about the MIT scholarship and I'm being called to complete the program there with special classes which will help me with my business major. Arohi I take up  dad's business as bhai wants to become an chef, than manage best hotels across India." arjun completed. I could see the desperation in his voice for me to tell him I love him too but that was far form happenin. I was angry, furious angry. He never told me about the applications he sent, sure we always talk about how we would both go to USA to study after our 12th grade and graduate with business and help our dads business, for me it would be help for him it was always take up the business as my brother was going to take it up and I would handle parts of it

Sure it was great opportunity for him. I wasn't going to deny it to him. But he didn't tell me. We always told each other everything. Every single thing. But something so big and he hid it. "arjun why didn't you tell me ?" arohi asked, trying to control her rapidly streaming tears.

"I never knew I would get accepted" he argued. "so because of that reason you didnt tell me ?" "you are the one person I know won't lie to me, and here you did exactly the same,how am I supposed to trust anyone now ?"she replied tears streaming fiercely down her face.

I just ran away. I didn't want to face him right now. I ran till I saw a cab hailed it and went to our place. A place which I and arjun shared. a secrete between us. A place we cam when we needed to think. 

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2 years later
Arohi's POV

I walked out with shefali form the exam center. Excitement bubbling through us. It was our last HSC exam today and tomorrow the gang was going to Goa for 4 days. Almost all had turned 18 by now, leaving me and shefali and romit. Everyone's other than the 2 of us, birthday was in or before March. Mine was 3 days later. Meaning I was spending my birthday with my friends in Goa.
I hadn't celebrated my birthday last year. It had been very hard to do that without arjun. 
After that walk out of the beach arjun tried to see me, convince me that nothing would change but I couldn't take it, so in order to ignore him I went to Delhi to live with me gran-p and gran-m for the 3 month vacation.
He tried calling me numerous times but I didn't want any explanation other then that he had given me.
My parents and his parents asked me to talk to him but I was too hurt about him not telling me about moving out. It wasn't like he was going.for.3 months. He was going for 2 years before I would get a chance to go meet him and he didn't think it was important for him to tell me. When I returned form Delhi he was already gone. Leaving me an essay worth of note that I didn't open, insted and put it in one of the drawers of my desk
I just ignored it for first 5 months but I just missed him so much that, one fine day I decided to open the note.
Dear arohi,
I messed up. I was wrong. I wanted to make it right before I left but you wouldn't listen to me. You wouldn't call or pick up mine. I didn't want to go with a sour heart and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't read this right away. I know you in and out and there is one thing I know that you are as stubborn as a person can get. You could be the most stubborn person in the world. I know you are frowning and muttering profanities at me. But I had to tell you this. 
I had thought to surprise you with me getting in arohi. It wasn't a lie. I was something I wanted for as long as I remember. I remember me talking to you for hours about going to MIT. It had been a lifelong dream and it was coming true and I couldn't let it slip away. I wanted to complete 12th in India, like we promised each other. But there was one part I left out on the beach, the college placement people said they would only grant the prestigious scholarship when I did my 11th and 12th grade there. I fought with my parents. We could afford to study without a scholarship and they knew it but, they were right somewhere. The prestigious scholarship would only help me be respected there more than everyone else. I wanted to tell you but I never wanted to spoil your exam and hence kept it to me. 
I'm really very sorry. Please forgive me. And the other thing about me saying I Love you to you ? Well it was true and it always will be. I dated a lot Arohi because I knew you never liked me in the way I did. I had to get over the attraction I felt for you, so the obvious distraction I found was other girls. Don't doubt my feeling for you for even a minute arohi they are and always will be true. You will always be my first and only love. Hell arohi, I fell in love with you when I was 14 years old. I've been suppressing it form so long. I never wanted to say it out loud, but then our friends thought you liked me to and I was over the moon and hence I confessed arohi. Trust me if I knew it would have come between our friendship I would have never told you so. I have and always will love you. Call me if you think I deserve atlaest a chance to be friends with you again because these 3 months without you have been hell arohi. I don't know how Else to reach out to you so i wrote a letter, pretty ancient huh?? 
I miss you 
Love always
Arjun <3
Flashback over

It's been 2 years since then. I and arjun talk but whenever he is due coming back I go off to Delhi. Yes I'm being a coward but I know I'll cry if I ever see him again. After opening that letter that day, I went called him after lot of debating and fighting with myself I had called him, and that night we talked and I cried and then talked. We cleared it out. I told him I didn't love him the way and he said he was okay. But I knew he wasn't okay. They friendship was never the same. Even now there is certain awkwardness between us. I miss him so much, that there are no words to express.
I turn 18 I thought as I strolled out of the lift bouncing happily. I was about to shout for mom when I heard a sob coming form arjun's house. I quickly entered the house using the spare key I had. I saw arjun's mom crying clutching the phone in one had. "Mom what's wrong ?" I asked his mom. "Arohi" she said as she realized I was kneeling in front of her. I wiped her tears. "arjun" she choked out as she sobbed again. My heart begin to beat fast. 
There was one more thing I realized in past 2 years was that I was definitely in love with Arjun but it was my ego that came in middle every time I was going to say it out loud to him. He was hurting I know, but so was I . I grabbed mom a glass of water and made her drink it. "Arohi arjun was in a car crash " "arjun had been taking early exam so he could visit India for longer time , but today was his last exam and while he was returning late some driver crashed into his car and he has dislocated a shoulder and has a major broken rib. His friend and his family is staying at the hospital till I or his father go. " Arohi wasn't able to control her emotions and cried. "arohi, I am not allowed to travel for 3 more months because of the kidney stone and truthfully his
Or his brother going there won't do arjun a difference, they will just break the rest of him " she said with a laugh. Arohi laughed with tears to. "mom I'll go" arohi said suddenly 
"no arohi, you can't I mean alone and all, we all will be worried about you as well as him" "mom you know I nursed him when he got fractured in 8th grade " " I want to go mom , I anyways have a legal visa to USA form my last visit. I'll just need to pack and go, and anyways I'll want to shop there so no meaning of packing many clothes " "but arohi" "no buts mom, do you not trust me ?" "Arohi you have taken care of everyone since you were a child , I trust you with all my heart bacha , but ..." "no buts mom, now only I have to cancel my Goa trip and make daddy agree." she said as she pecked his mom and left skipping to her house. 
That night arjun's parents arohi's parents and Arohi had a heated discussion. But with a lot of tears and threats of not talking to everyone arohi finally convinced them to let her go. She was due to go the day after next. And this news wasn't to be told to arjun. She wanted to surprise him. Her Goa trip was cancelled but everyone including all her friends were happy for she was going to say her feelings but that wasn't going to happen so easily. She did forgive him for not telling about the scholarship but she never forgot. She was going to give Arjun singhania hell before she admitted her feelings for him.

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The day after the discussion.

Arohi's POV

I was ready to go. Bags packed and ready to go. I was nervous to face him again but that was bound to happen sooner or later. I just choose sooner. My family his family and my and his brothers were coming to see me  off.

I slid out of the car as it came to stop near the tarmac. The luggage was pulled out and placed on a trolley.

"Take of yourself" my brother demand. He had rescheduled all his meeting to come see me off and spend the day with me. He hugged me tightly and asked "arohi will you be all right?" I smiled at the question. I was his baby sister. Always protected and under his care. We were super close to each other though we couldn't live without annoying the living daylights out of one other too. I loved him, dearly.

"yes bhai I'll be good, plus I've traveled alone before " I said "yes but still "he decided to get serious, but I wasn't having it, so I decided to teased him "aha, look the heir of one of the biggest building companies, one of the most eligible bachelors in India , the tough guy, known to get things don't his way , being a softie ??" I completed with a smirk and I was rewarded with a smack on the back of my head. I whined calling daddy . Yes I was a big time daddy's girl and a proud one. Dad glared at him looking dead serious. I stuck my tongue out to him and he laughed and kissed my forehead. "Arohi, arjun's friend will be holding a board for arjuns father, Since they don't know you are going, take care of yourself...'' I sighed. We had been through this a million times in past 2 days. "Yes brother" I said in dismissing tone and kissed his cheek and moved to say goodbye to others. "chotti, ill miss you" he said once again as I hugged him. I made a move to grabbed the luggage trolley which was beside him.. I held back my tears and nodded and mumbled a "me too" and turned to leave. With one last look I walked into the check in line.

I had to be there with arjun for at least 1 and 1/2 month before he would heal properly and his casts would go off. I was really nervous seeing him.

But this had to be done one day or another.

18 hours later.

I just had landed in Boston at Logan international airport from where his friend mark was collecting me. I went through security check and half an hour later emerged with my luggage and carry on to find this friend. I quickly spotted him holding one with dad's name on it. "I'm Arohi" I told him. "I'm sorry" he said frowning and den realization struck on his face "you are arjun's arohi?" he asked, his accent made our names sound funny. "but his dad was coming "he said frowning. I smiled "no, I wanted it to be a surprise for him and hence he was told his dad is coming" I replied with a smile. "Oh" he said and then added "okay lets go, we will first leave you luggage at his home and then we will go to the hospital , that work for you ?" he asked me as he moved to take my bag form me. I shook my head and followed him to his car. Nevertheless he took the bags from me. Some gentlemen he was.

Arjun lived alone in a 2 bedroom apartment which he had rented since past 2 years. It was on 7th floor with nice pool in the balcony. Now I know Why he didn't want a dorm room. This was a nice neighborhood and a perfect apartment building. I settled my luggage on the bed and was ready to go when mark me "aren't you hungry or tired after all it was a long flight?" "no, I just want to  see him" my voice desperate and needy.

Form what I had got to know in the car ride that arjun had talked a lot about me to him and his friends, and the hospital was near his condo too. Mark and his other friends were yet to give their final exams but nevertheless every one visited atlest once a day. Some friends he had. Mark was a sweet guy and told me all about himself. He was in the football team with arjun. Jose was their quarterback and the captain whom I would supposedly meet there as he practically lived in hospital for arjun.

My nervousness grew as we came to a stop at the Boston hospital.

Mark guided me to his room. He was kept in one of the private rooms. I could hear a lot of voice coming from the room. "The guys must be here watching football and the girls must be whining about the same" mark explained the noise with a hearty laugh. I laughed as he opened the door and shouted "guy's Arohi is here" I heard the gaps and ooo and aaahhhss coming form his friends. I guess they knew about me then.

"So you are arjuhi"s arohi? No wonder he is head over heels with you. Dude she is hot" a guy commented and arjun slapped the back of his head and hissed probably because of the movement. I flinched inwardly as he winced. I knew he was in lot of pain. His face showed it as he tried to smile.

"that's Jose" mark introduced me waving to the guy who had inappropriately commented few moments ago. I looked arjun in the eye and show shock as it registered that I was really there. "I think we should leave them alone to get ummm ..." a pretty blond started and was interrupted by a guy "to let them kiss and make out??" he said and everybody started to woot again and a nurse came by and shouted "I'll kick every one of you out if you don't stop making noise" she hissed "oh come on Christy, you love us" another guy said smirking. Christy the nurse rolled her eyes and said "sure do" she said and closed the door with a loud thud. Arjun sighed and mark raised his eyebrows in a question and arjun nodded and mark shrugged. I didn't know what was going on but marks eyes lit up with mischief and he said "let me introduce you to everyone arohi". I smiled and nodded. "That's Jose, as you already know" he waves to the guy with inappropriate comment. "then that is Michael next to Jose, that's jai next to Michael and his girlfriend kara, next to them are Kyle and Rosie, and then there is Jenna next to Rosie who happens to be my girlfriend and then next to her is Sara" "oh and rishi has gone to buy food" Sara said and on right on que rishi came in with food enough for the whole words. "that is rishi," arjun said as a boy walked in with maybe 50 bags of food. Finally he had spoken after arohi entered. Arohi was almost regretting her decision of coming. It wasn't worth coming if he wasn't talking to her.

When arohi had entered arjun was shocked. never in million years he thought that arohi would come. Seeing arohi around made him crazy with love again. When his eyes fell on her, his world went spinning. She looked pretty in photos but in reality she was even more beautiful. She had a neck of like that swan that made arjun go crazy. When arohi had entered the room all he wanted to do was kiss her Senseless and make her dizzy with anticipation. But he knew she wouldn't appreciate that. He didn't find words to speak. He wanted to talk, beg her to be his. He turned to look at her and she was sitting and talking with his friend. She laughed at something Michael said. Her laughter was like music to his ear.

Arohi frowned when she looked at arjun. He had a concentrating face on and was smiling. She cleared her throat and everyone looked at her. "You guys should eat, your food is getting cold" she said "oh, yes we should definitely eat and leave she wants to be alone with arjun" Rosie sais with a laugh and wink. Third time that day blush rose to her cheeks. She didn't know what else to say.

Everyone passed food around and ate, all the while fooling around.

Arjun had great friends, arohi thought and surprisingly they knew a lot about her. Jose continued to pass inappropriate comments and one or the other guy would smack him if he did that. While leaving the girls gave arohi their number and promised to go shopping with her during the weekend.

"They are good friends" arohi said closing the door behind them "yes that they are" arjun replied with a frown. Why was she being so formal he thought? There was bit awkwardness there. Arohi once again regretted her decision to come. They had never been awkward at all, even when arohi got her first period and she sat in bed all day long, arjun was there with her making her laugh through the cramps. She missed him, dearly!

"How are you?" arjun asked finally breaking the silence. "I'm good" she replied with a straight face not giving much away. "arohi how are you really?". arohi knew arjun would see through her and that's what happened. She wanted to arjun work for her to confess but now she was in good mind to reconsider to wait to tell him that she loved him too. "I missed you" she said as she stood near his bed. Arjun patted the space on his bed, the side which was unaffected. Arohi hesitated but eventually sat down. "I missed you too, and I love you" he said. Arohi felt her insides flutter as the butterflies in her stomach had a wild party. "how are you arjun ? Dose it hurt "she asked him changing the subject. Arjun smiled "it's going to be better now that you are here, but yes it dose hurt, would you kiss it better?" he asked innocently and arohi hit his shoulder and immediately regretted it, as arjun winced. "oh god, I'm so sorry" tears welled her eyes. She didn't like seeing him in pain. "hey don't cry, I'll be okay" he said as he kissed her hand. Arohi was about to reply with the doctor walked in. "hello arjun, how are you feeling ?" the doctor asked as he went through the reports. "arjun you scans look good, you can go home tomorrow after we do the scans again, but you will have to have complete bed rest for next month and half atlest. You will need someone to take care of you, or else you will need to stay here" the doctor said. "absolutely, arohi here is to stay with me and take care of me" arjun motioned in Arohi's direction "aha, you have got yourself a pretty one" the doctor said as he shook arohis hand and she blushed. "that she is doc" arjun grinned in amusement. "Doctor, is there anything arjun can't do or isn't allowed to eat?" arohi asked.

"Well there is a list of things he can't do , ill tell you no physical activities for 6 weeks, and that means s&% too arjun" doctor said with laugh as his face fell. Arohi's face heated up nth time that day. "He can eat and drink pretty much everything, but nothing too heavy for a week" the doctor said. "No moving arjun" the doctor said and turned to leave "thank you doctor" arohi said. "You will be free to go tomorrow, and then every week I'll come for a visit" he said as he left the room.

Arohi moved around the room and grabbed a seat next to his bed. Arjun caught her hand. Arohi looked at that and frowned. "You look beautiful when you blush" he said making her blush once again. "Sleep arjun, you have a tedious morning ahead of you" arohi said not knowing what else to say and she settled on a make shift bed put in his room for the person staying the night.

Arjun had turned into this hot muscular guy with a clean lean body in 2 Years. His height had certainly grown arohi thought. She was having a hard time resisting grabbing the insanely handsome face and kissing him senseless.

Arjun and arohi fell into comfortable silence till sleep took over them.


The morning after

It was a furry of activities. Arohi waited for arjun's tests to get over as she filled the discharge papers. She was officially 18 today.

As arjun returned she expected him to wish her but he was in his own little world.

Arjun remembered it was her birthday today. He just had something planned out for when the got home.

Arjun was seated in wheelchair and wheeled out. With marks help who had come to pick arjun and arohi and drop them arjun's condo seated.

Arohi led arjun to the house. When they entered the house arohi switched on the lights. "Surprise" she heard a chorus of voices. She looked at arjun who had a smile on his face. She almost had tears when everyone took their turn to hug her and wish her. "sorry we couldn't do anymore, Mr. smarty pants here told us this morning " Sara said "hey, I'm injured" arjun replied deafeningly and Sara flipped him off "guys this is soo good, thank you" arohi said.

The whole living room was filled with red and white balloons and gifts were scattered in the room.

She didn't know this people, but arohi knew that arjun was safe here with them and had great friends.

Arohi celebrated her birthday with everyone till arjun kicked them out at midnight. They had been sitting in arjun's room once the lunch was over not to tire him out. They laughed and played. Arohi knew her stay her was going to be good.


15 day's late

The phone was ringing, way to early for arohi's liking. Groaning she went to pick up the phone. She wished it wasn't one of arjuns bimbo friends that he had "done" in 2 years he spent here. Arohi was getting irritated with a new girl calling the home phone every few days. She had already lost count of how many girls wanted to get back with arjun.

She had fun seeing how arjun rejected them flat out and sometimes they turned up at the house if the answer on phone was no. She had enough about them. She never showed it to his face but it was getting really irritating now.

The past 2 weeks had been fun for arjun arohi. Arohi helped arjun do his daily chores, she helped him dress, and comb his hair, she cooked for them and they ate together. They talked all night, Fell asleep besides each other sometimes. It was turning out to be everything arohi desired for. They friendship was back to where arjun had left it. Arohi had a good mind telling him that she loves him too. But stopped herself every time she was about to speak. She needed to make him suffer just like she did for 2 years. Arjun used to say I LOVE YOU very night to before going to sleep. The sadness showed in his face every time she replied with a smile or just a plain good night. Arjun had been recovering well. His rib was fast healing. And the shoulder dislocation would take more time to heal but it was in good place.

Arohi picked up the phone and cringed inwardly. The shrill talking on phone made arohi want to slap the girl with a fish right across her face. "hello" the girl repeated in her fake Barbie accent.

"who is this?" arohi asked "this is Maria, who am I speaking too?" "that doesn't matter miss Maria, arjun is not interested in you, and oh please have manners and look at the time before calling other people's home" arohi almost shouted "listen girl, don't talk to me like that, you might be the flavor of the week for arjun, but I don't care he is mine, and I get what's mine back" Maria replied.

This Maria girl had jumped into the picture out of no where. She hadn't heard of her and she was talking about wanting her arjun back. Like that would happen! Arohi shook with anger, how dare she call her flavor of the month! "Miss Maria, I don't want to fight so early in the morning with you, so just listen and try and process the information in your pea sized brain. I'll try to use normal language." arohi said and smiled when Maria cursed. "i don't care what the hell arjun said or told, its not my business to say anything else. But you are not welcomed in arjuns life anymore so please shove your plastic nose in someone else's business, good luck and goodbye" she replied smugly and bang the phone off.

She turned around in arjun's room's direction to see arjun lying with a smile on his face. "what are you bloody smiling about" arohi asked. She was irritated now. First that bimbo and now him she couldn't tolerate it anymore. "Nothing" arjun replied. "then stop smiling" arohi said and arjun burst out laughing. "arohi you almost sound jealous of Maria" arjun teased her "how did you know it was her?" she asked narrowing her eyes. Arjun pointed at a phone besides his bed side. Arohi's eyes widened. "what the hell, arjun you could have talked to the bitch face" arohi said fuming as she picked up a pillow and hurled it at him. She was really angry now. But arjun was still smiling. She wanted to kick him "arjun stop smiling this instance or next time I'll hurl the phone at you broken rib instead of the pillow on you leg "

Arohi said. Arjuns face turned serious quickly. He knew how aggressive she could get.

"Arohi admit it you are jealous" he teased her further

"Jealous of what arjun" arohi asked getting impatient and angry.

"Of all the girls calling me theirs"

"Oh don't think so highly of yourself monkey" arohi said using one of her many pet names for arjun

"You only call me that when you want my attention arohi, I know you are jealous! You just have king sized ego to admit it!"

"Oh yeah, like that is true"

"Oh, it indeed is ! I see how you look at me when a girl that has been an acquaintance calls me, or how irritable you are when they turn up"

"It's nothing like that arjun" arohi said in a small voice

"Arohi I want you to tell me you love me too, I know it that you know it, you just don't want to tell me"


"You what arohi, you are jealous" arjun probed further. She was getting highly frustrated. She wanted to shout

"You are jealous" arjun kept on repeating

"Yes damit I'm jealous" arohi shouted and the breathed to catch her breath as if she had just ran a marathon

"Why are you jealous arohi?" arjun said, his face serious.

"Arjun..." arohi started

"Don't arjun me arohi, answer me, I want answers! Now"

"I'll kill you arjun singhania" arohi said as she walked up to sit beside him. And the started hitting his non-hurted side. Arjun smiled as he heard a small cry. Finally she was letting him in. He thanked god for Maria's phone call.

"I hate you for putting me through this, I hate you for leaving me arjun, I hate you for making me wait, I hate you for all the mistresses you've had, I hate you , I hate you. I hate you" she said crying as arjun ran a soothing hand down her hair and pulled her into one sided embrace. Arohi was careful not to touch arjun's affected or the surrounding area.

"I know and I'm sorry, but I love you" arjun said as he pressed a kiss on the top of her head.

"I hate that I love you arjun singhania" she said it, finally.

"I love that you love me arohi alluwalia" he said as he pulled her up pulling her face close to kiss her but arohi quickly pulled back and said "I don't think so, you made me suffre for past 2 years. You can't kiss me till atlest 2 months now, that's you punishment! You will have to do with speaking"

"Oh, come on arohi ! That's not fair.

I've waited for 2 years for you to tell me that you love me, and when you say it, finally, you wont allow me to kiss you" he said with a pout so cute that arohi almost gave in

"patience little grasshopper, your time will arrive soon" she said as she got up patted the top of his head and skipped out of the room smiling with joy. She was truly happy now.

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6 years later


Arjun trailed a line of kisses on Arohi's jaw to the base of her neck and the dip in her chest. Arohi moaned as her tightened her grip in arjun's hair. She was thankful that arjun was holding her upright. She was sure if he loosened his hands she would fall on the floor like jelly.

She didn't remember or want to remember they were in his office and his cabin. Arjun continued his assault on her neck as he nipped and licked and bit it.

Arohi had come for lunch at arjun's office today. Arjun had demeaned for her to be there this afternoon and somehow the leaving office for lunch date had become into a hot make out session before the lunch date. Arohi moaned as arjun's lips claimed her own. She was in heaven as he explored her lips and slid his tongue over her Lower lip asking for an entry which arohi allowed with a groan as his hands rubbed her exposed back. Arjun explored Arohi's mouth like a diver explores the ocean. His tongue massaging hers,  as he dominated her easily. He bit on her lower lip and she whimpered.  When He pulled back for air his hands exploring her beige colourd dress clad body. One of his hands tugged at the hem of her dress pulling it upwards slightly and his hands resting on her thighs as he made her sit on his desk, pulled her legs apart and stood between them. He continued to kiss her senseless.

Arjun and arohi had been together for past 6 Years now. That night of confessions had turned the universe around for them. Now they were together all the time. Joined together, by glue, to the hip. They spent their weekends together, weekdays together. Arohi and arjun had graduated form MIT in business and both started working for their father's companies. Arjun gradually took over form his father after training for quite a while and arohi worked with her brother. Their parents were really proud of their achievements. 3 years of living in USA and then returning to business arjun had taken it to new heights. Chains of hotels and restaurants and clubs and resorts were newly opened in London and Central America. In 2 years of span he had taken the company form sky to space. The alluwalia construction was at their sides. Each project of singhania hotels, resorts, clubs was build but them and constructed by them.

Arjun and arohi were very happy with each other and so where their families and friends.

Arjun had been a very patient man when arohi told him no kissing or touching for 2 months when she had confessed. Arjun had suffered for a month before arohi decided to pull him out of her misery. Arjun had healed back to health in that month and when completely fine take arohi on her first extravagant date where arohi had let him kiss her for the first time. From then onwards their relationship skyrocketed they fought made up and again fought. But that didn't shake their relationship, if anything it became much stronger. Arohi had one condition, she wanted to become truly his on their night of wedding so the 6 years arjun had demonstrated umpteen amount of self-control and even when they were lost in passion, he would always pull back respecting her wishes.

Arjun's grip tightened around her waist as and pulled her impossibly close kissing her on lips like devouring her , drinking her in. "you are so beautiful" he moaned and he pulled back to kiss and nip at her ear lobe. Arohi was on fire and she needed air and when Arohi pulled back and with a little ounce of self-control left in her she managed to whisper "arjun the reservations" her breath coming in short breaths as she tried to catch her breath. Arjun realized what she was saying was important and he pulled back and took a deep breath. A month from now he wouldn't have to stop himself forms having her he thought smugly. He then kissed the top of her head and stepped to side .

Arohi looked at the man she loved as went around the desk to retrieve his coat and wallet like nothing had just happened.

He was handsome was an understatement. He was tall, dark and sinfully handsome. He walked with utmost grace and poise. He looked like a male model straight out of vogue magazine. She felt like she was the luckiest person on earth. She was his and he was hers too keep. There was no if or but involved there. He had always been.

That afternoon he was wearing a charcoal grey suit pant and a black dress shirt a matching charcoal grey suit jacket hung on his forearm and the other hand went around her waist as he pulled her impossible close as they started to walk out.

Arohi made arjun loose every ounce of control he possessed when she walked into the office. She was wearing a beige coloured dress which had corset top and ended at her mid-thigh. It was his favorite on her. She had paired it with black heels which made her legs look long. Her creamy thighs exposed to his hungry eyes. He was a gonner the moment he saw her walk in.

The walked out hand in hand as every women in his office threw arohi dirty looks with jealousy. People and the paparazzi's never actually understood that he was in a committed relationship and new stories of affairs came in every week. The same went for arohi. But they never bothered. As long as they knew the truth, which always was the case. They laughed every time new stories came out about them dating someone else.

They pap's had gathered outside the office building since they came to know that arohi was in arjun's office. They both ignored them and walked with the bodyguards to the car. Arjun always drove himself and hence a car with bodyguards followed them to the location. In midits of going to the place of reservations they had lost the pap's and arjun, arohi were great full for that. Arjun held arohi's hand as they drove in comfortable silence. Arjun was nearing the dockyard and arohi realized the way. She was however confused why were they going there. When they came to stop arjun led her through a line of beautiful yachts. She loves the waters and sailing. Finally after walking for about 5 minutes, They stopped near a 2 story yacht. It was beautiful sleek black in colour. Arohi was in awww of it, but Arohi's eyes widened the instant she saw the name on the yacht. "rohi" was printed in capitals in white colour though it looked pretty with a fancy cursive writing she was still shocked. Arohi looked at arjun with a open mouth and arjun threw his head back and laughed. Arjun knew arohi loved boats and she loved the waters. So when he had gone to order one in London during his business trip he had ended up buying this yacht. He had fallen in love with the sleek shining piece of possession.

"It's for you, my love" arjun whispered in her ears blowing a cool breath on her ears. "It's a gift" he said tightening his hold on her. He was afraid she didn't like it and needed comfort IF his plans all failed. "arjunnn" arohi started with a groan "guys buy their girlfriends jewelry, and bags not yachts" she finished with a exaggerating hand movement to motion the yacht. "You like it ?" he asked ignoring her exaggeration altogether. "Yes, I love it" she finally said after a long pause. "Thank god" arjun breathed a sigh of relief. "common lets go aboard" arjun took arohis hand and lead her through the stairs to the main level of the yacht before she could say anything else. When stepped on the lower deck a tall, white man almost a foreigner came stood in front of them" arohi meet Liam, the captain of the ship, Liam this is my girlfriend arohi" arjun introduced.

"It's good to meet you" arohi said putting her hand forward to shake. Liam shook it and said "it's a pleasure to meet you too"

Arjun then gave her a tour of the yacht when the crew un-anchored the yacht. It was a 2 story yacht, with 4 bedrooms with ensuit bathrooms a pool on far end of lower deck, a kitchen and a upper deck. When they stepped on the upper deck of the yacht arohi was stunned. It was decorated with purple lilies and white roses, her favorite. In middle sat a white table with two chairs and a champagne bottle with two Champagne flutes. Arohi was awe struck as arjun led her and pulled a chair out for her. Soft violin played as arjun and arohi talked and the waiters served them course after course. They talked and laughed, made fun and fed each other. Arjun motioned for something. Once the desert was served and the Champagne was replaced with white wine the deck was clear of people. Arohi was confused on why everyone left instead of staying there like throughout the lunch she looked around to see what was happening. When arohi looked back at arjun, she saw he was on one knee and she knew what was happening. She had waited for this moment for her entire life. And when it was happening it was all the more romantic then she ever imagined.

"rohi, you mean a lot to me, you always have. I'm no romantic and every try I do at romance you appreciate it. You love me like I do. I don't know what I'll do without you, I'll probably go dressed as a looser to office or even forget stuff. Though not married we behave like married couples. Arohi I love you like a chocoholic loves his chocolates or a fat like love his cheese, the point it I love you more then I can express. There are no boundaries to my love. And I'll put it as nicely as I can, the waiting is killing me, with you look as too hot to handle I want you to me mine, so others would stop staring at what is mine." arjun laughed as arohi laughed through her tears. "I love you with every fiber of my being arohi, marry me" arjun finished and held his breath till she answered. Arohi didn't care he was on one knee, she jumped on him and he lost balance they both fell backwards and lay tangled on ground for a moment as arohi whispered a yes. Arjuns smile widened and Arjun stood them up and steadied them as he slipped the ring in her ring finger. It was a beautiful 3 carrot princess cut diamond ring with the blue colourd diamond at the center and white clear small diamonds embedded on the sides on a platinum band. Arohi loved it. Arjun kissed each finger before kissing the ring and then finally pulled back and kissed her full on lips. Arohi never wanted to stop. His kisses were addictive, like her personal brand of cocaine.

The kiss deepened as they lost themselves in raw and undying passion. As arohi pulled back for air she muttered "make love to me arjun" she whispered almost embarrassed to admit it. "arohi you don't know what you are saying" arjun said as he loosened his hold on her and pulled back to give her space to think clearly.

"arjun I said make love to me here and now" arohi said in a stern voice "are you sure rohi? I don't want you to feel like toy have to say yes or something, I can wait till our wedding" he replied taking calming breaths.

"way to spoil the mood arjun, but  I said make love to me" and then she didn't give him a chance to reply as she claimed his lips.

Arjun carried her through the deck in his arms into the stereo room and only stopped to  instruct he caption and staff to go off the yacht in the inflatable , after anchoring it at the nearby tourist island, and come back tomorrow morning. They would stay the night in a nearby hotel if necessary. The yacht was perfectly safe to stay on too. He even asked Liam to make a call to his secretary to tell them where they were.

Arohi was blushing tomato red as arjun stopped at the captain's cabin to talk. Now it was obvious to what they were going to do. She blushed further more thinking what they would do in a while.

As they entered the main stereo room, it was decorated with flowers all over the place and the bed. "you can wait huh" arohi decided to tease him "yes I can, but I hoped that you would give In taking me out of my misery and allow me to worship you sinfully beautiful body" arjun whispered in a seductive tone which arohi felt to her toes and she blushed harder. Arjun threw his head back and laughed and she burrowed her head In the crock of his neck, embarrassed. Arjun placed her on the bed and quick joined in besides her. "you never have to blush with me arohi, you are mine" he said as he nipped at her earlobe. After that he worshiped her body aging and again that afternoon. It was everything arohi dreamt it would be.

Hours later they were a mess of tangled sheets with hands and legs intertwined and the both of them spent arjun kissed her forehead and whispered a "I love you arohi, and by consenting to marry me, you have made me the happiest man on earth alive" as he placed open mouthed kisses all over her face. "I love you too, you make me happier than I thought it was possible. I had the best day ever" she replied and claimed his lips. They fell asleep holding each other.


6 years after marriage.


"arav stop running this instant" arohi shouted to her  4 year old sun. He was running around with just pants on. They had to leave for a vacation within half an hour. Everyone was ready, even avantika their 2 year old daughter was dressed in pretty pink dress and matching socks and shoes. But her son had decided to run around their house the moment to mess with her.

Arjun was carrying his daughter and the father daughter duo was silently laughing at arav and arohi dispute. This happened almost every day when arohi asked him to change. Arjun and avantika both enjoyed the tom and jerry running it to fullest every day. It was one of the sources of entertainment for them.

Arav was a mommy's boy, but he loved keeping his mommy on her toes and avantika was a papa's girl and arjun spoilt to the "T". Arjun love it the way it was and would never change a single thing in his life.

Arjun and arohi loved their little family and we're thinking of adding another one to the pack in a years' time.

Arjun and arohi had gotten married in a private friends and family wedding in Delhi in a month after the engagement. Arjun's business partner Shalil had given them off for two months by taking the office responsibility on his shoulders. Arjun had protested but he had dismissed him without an answer.

Arjun had whisked arohi away to Greece for 2 months and they stayed in a cute 2 story house which singhania and alluwalia family had bought them as a wedding gift.

They spent the first 2 years traveling together, enjoying the world with each other, before dedicating their life's for their children.

Arohi finally caught Arav and as soon as she caught him she started to tickle him. "no mommy please" arav said between the giggles that escaped his mouth. Arohi laughed as she tickled him till he accepted to change and when he did, she kisses the top of his head as she got her dressed and they all left to the car to meet Shalil and his family of 3, him his daughter Arya who was arav's age and his best friend just like arjun and arohi had been once and his wife riya, to go to Disneyland for 2 weeks. As soon as arya came in sight arav wiggled out of arohi's hold and and ran towards her.

They enjoyed their life with a little disputes and lots of making up. They had a perfect life as Arohi's dreams of happily every after came true

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you know i love this story baby...
loved the starting n will love to see how its gonna take shape further...
when arohi will realise her love for arjun n when will arjun return...
arjun friend's wrong info make him loose him friendship...poor boy...
so hurt to see him hurt...
n aru...u counting on his no of girlfriends...i mean check on ur self how much tuned u r to his life...

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Posted: 17 November 2013 at 6:41am | IP Logged you baby...u are the best boyfriend ever...please finish it asap

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