Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

OS: Arjuhi-Ishq Da Kalma

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But Sir, Kitani Mohabbat Hai?
Kenhe Ki Baat Thi, Toh Kehdi... Azmana Mat.
A new day was about to begin in Sharma-Punj house .
Arohi stretched lazily and put out a hand to reach her man while finding his place empty.
Like every time that happened , she felt bad and snorted in a comical way .
The bed was still warm so he must have been raised recently .
She stood up with confidence heading to the kitchen.

As always, no objects to obstruct her path , Arjun would never let her to get hurt.
She stood leaning against the doorway of the kitchen, arms folded listening to the muffled sounds produced by her husband, who was trying to do as quietly as possible to avoid
disturbing her sleep .
Arjun looked up at his wife by making a small grimace of disappointment .
"You're already awake . I wanted to bring you breakfast in bed ."
Arohi moved from her position to go to meet her young husband . He , by contrast, remained s always fascinated watching the sinuous gait love of his life. The confidence with which she moved inside their home and other places known to her , nobody would never guess that 
Arohi was fully- blind for many years.
She continued to approach up and stretched her hand to feel under her fingers the skin soft
and warm of her husband.
"Good morning, love. You know I do not need you to bring me breakfast in bed forever . "
He walked around the floor of the kitchen to take her in his arms and lay a sweet kiss on her
lips .
"I want to do it, it makes me happy . Your smile in the morning is what makes my day worth 
living , it is like a drug , I cannot help it. "
"My smile is born having you next , not from the breakfast in bed. If I had you in the morning,I
'll smile definitely more. " She smiled seductively making him clearly understand what would make her much happier.
Arjun did not need explicit statements or particular phrases to feel the passion increasing rapidly. He had only the delicate blush that lit up her cheeks and he felt the heat coming from her soft body to find itself strongly oppose the desire that was growing quickly inside.

The fixity of her eyes did not detract anything to the charm of his woman.
"Now you sit down to eat and then I'll try to make you happy or at least satisfied. "
Her crystalline laugh filled his heart with pride and happiness , even more when she stretched out her arm hooking the collar of his shirt to bring him closer to her lips .
"I want an advance " she whispered before grabbing his lower lip between her teeth.

She knew too well what was the effect that the gesture had on him , the passion that could trigger and a little later she would have her advance with a lot of interests .
He took her in his arms lifting her effortlessly - she was so light - kissing her with all the love 
he had inside for his jewel.
To see them so young and in love , no one would never have said that they too had had a
troubled past but ...

Arjun and Arohi knew practically each other all life . They had grown up together, they had attended the same schools and had ended up becoming a couple, young and happy.
The story of two teenagers who loved each other with a love pure and above, neither of them had eyes for others. Both were admired , but they lived for each other despite their young age .

Around fifteen years old, Arohi began to feel the first hassles eyes that were getting worse in no time. The vision began to decline rapidly , the glasses were changed with a speed unimaginable until it was almost impossible to continue to take them .

Even contact lenses did not bring improvements aside, perhaps , on an aesthetic level . Arohi began to fear of losing her sight completely, but with the love and the constant presence of Arjun, she thought she could do it.
The only times when they were not together were those in which the parents of Arohi took her by some luminary to solve the problem . Not having financial problems, they could afford 
to visit their daughter by the best specialists in the country.
Meanwhile, the feeling that united the two teenage turned into something deeper . At sixteen, she gave him the first kiss, after a year of experiments especially pleasant on their bodies ,
they decided to take the plunge by making love in the room of Arjun and since then they never stopped .
Unfortunately, only a few times Arjun could see in the eyes of his girlfriend the passion
unleashed by their union since shortly after Arohi 's eyes went out.
Despite the efforts and hopes, they failed to find a cure that could save the girl from what no one had the courage to admit and in no time , surely, the sight of Arohi went away completely .

The girl was in despair , she cried, she closed in on herself , she walked away from her friends .The only person with whom she have allowed to contact was her beloved Arjun who loved her more and more. Gradually, Arohi revived , emerging from the abyss into which she had fallen . With many difficulties she was able to face the challenges that her new condition presented , always accompanied by her boyfriend . He was always close , he helped her in every way , he began to stand up to her personal champion . They laughed together defining him as the knight in shining armor .
They learned to read Braille with taking it more like a game than a duty imposed by the situation. Arohi returned to be the vital and joyful girl who everyone loved , laughed and had fun with old friends increasingly refining the senses she had left . Everything seemed back to normal and no one imagined that all too soon , things would change again.

When the last year of high school was ending , Arohi began to swirl through her mind on pictures and scenarios unhappy. She saw Arjun sacrificed for her, she saw him unhappy, next to a woman who had the constant need of help, his impossible to emerge to take care of her, his dreams shattered . They often talked about their future, Arjun wanted to be an astronaut when he was little , she want to classical dancer and she did not care that they were the dreams of two children , in her head, she saw herself as the person who was cutting the wings of the man she loved . For the first time in her life she began to cut him out of her thoughts , not trusting in him , urging him to go out alone in spite of  suffering so desperately. She was away from him . Arjun did not take long to realize that something was changing and when he told her, she misled speech until one afternoon , he forced her to speak , he knew her too well to be fooled. He was her love, but before that, for so long, he had been her best friend and confidant , she could not hide for long and she knew it.

Arohi decided it was time to address the issue and give life to what would have been her greatest pain . She spoke clearly putting an end to their love story.
"What does this mean? You're leaving me ? " Arjun could not believe what was happening.
"It's better that way, Arjun , believe me. "
"For who would be better? Not for me, for sure. "
"Do not make it more painful than it already is , I beg you. We can still be friends , as before. "
"What are you saying? We are no longer seven, we love each other . Why did you leave me ? "
"That's because I love you that we cannot stay together. Do not you understand ? I will limit yourself in one way or another, you will always have to take care of me . Rarely you go out
with your friends, you are always with me and you're giving up your dreams . "
"My friends are also yours, I'm always with you because this is what I want , my only dream is to love you forever. "
"You cannot not have ambitions to which aspire to, everyone has dreams . Think about your studies , maybe you'd like to gain experience abroad or you ... " The tears prevented her from
continuing, it was too painful to think of her life without him, but she was determined to get to the bottom .

"And what happens to our projects? We had decided to graduated together with our friends and now you want to throw it all away . At least tell me why? "
"We'll go to the same university , you and I and our friends, just that we will not be a couple.
You will have the opportunity to make new friends and live your life without having to take care of me all the time. "
"Please, Arohi, do not do this to us . We can overcome everything, we can do everything 
together . "
" You do not know what it is , Arjun , you do not know what it means to live in darkness and I do not want to drag you with me. "
"Give me the chance to accompany you, I'll be your sunshine if you 'll let me. "
"It's over , Arjun ... It's over. "

Arjun tried in every way to change her mind , but it was useless . Arohi remained steadfast in her belief. The truth was that she was terrified that one day , maybe not too far away, he would have realized that his " blind girl " had prevented him from living his teenage years , his youth , his life .
They graduated together, and together , with their friends , they began to attend college .

Arohi would study the literature , she was always scope for that, she wanted to teach although it would have been difficult for one with her disability . But he was a "philosopher of mathematics," he was a magician in that matter, but every time he tried to explain some concept, she was lost in the sea of his twisted reasoning that only he could understand .

For her it was a mystery when trying to figure out by myself, she came to the same conclusion but she did not grasp a single concept of what he had said. Even though he wanted to teach Arohi could not imagine how he would make himself understood by students if he continued to explain things in that absurd way.

They could aspire to something else - they had no financial problem - but the romantic idea of sharing knowledge with young and eager minds led them astray to the point of realizing that desire at all costs .
For the first two months, faculty , Arjun tried to let her live her life , attending classes , seeing friends, meeting new people. He pretended that all was well but he was burning inside to its remoteness . After that period, which considered much more than infinity , Arjun decided to show her that he would go through the fires of hell , or, in their case, the darkest dark .

He talked to the rector to ask him a sort of pantry which authorized him to groped his experiment , he confided his motives , and instead of the rebuff he expected , he received the authorization and the assurance that he would talk with teachers to make him get the cooperation he needed .
He would need the help of his friends, but only in cases of extreme necessity.
The next day he bandaged his eyes and his life fell , temporarily , in the dark.

Arjun began to live in the darkness , the bandage was removed from his eyes only for sleeping or replace it with a clean, even in those moments his eyes remained tightly closed . After two days of that life, he seemed to live in a nightmare, he lacked balance, slamming the time, he was uncoordinated. He was convinced that the evening of the third day he was about to get a panic attack and found himself crying like a baby, but he did not give up .

He would prove to Arohi that he could understand her and would do anything for her love . Of course , the news arrived quickly to Arohi , who tried in every way to not get carried away by love for him to beg him to stop hurting . Why was he behaving that way? He wanted to punish her ? What was he hoping to get that way? When he would stew, he would have removed the blindfold and the light would again part of her life , but this would have never happen to her.
For a whole month Arjun lived in darkness even managed to feel almost normal in the absurdity of the moment, giving an exam and pass it after studying a book for blind.

He only hoped that when he returned to his life, he would find the right words to make her understand that there would be no obstacle that would not have been willing to overcome for her.
Arjun asked her for help and she did not know whether to feel flattered or furious .

His sweetness when he asked her , however, convinced her for the first option .
After a full month in which they remained almost always together, Arjun took off the bandage remain dazzled by the light of day, he took her hands in his, kissed the back and knelt at her
 feet in the courtyard of the campus.
The emotion in both was really great and stay still for Arohi to hear him while he was on his knees was not easy , especially feeling the presence of so many people next to them, which
seemed to Arjun not import at all.
" Arohi" he began  " I spent the latter period trying to live like you do every day , the darkness has taken the place of the light that dazzles my eyes now . I know that I will never fully understand how you feel because even though I tried, it will never be the same as it is for you , I have taken a stupid bandage and my life is back to before, the same will not happen with you . I understand though, I understood what you wanted to say , and now I know what it means not being able to see your beautiful eyes, do not see your smile , do not have the ability to understand what are your feelings which I've always taken
with a single glance . "
Arohi began to feel her heart tighten at the thought that he had done everything just to make
her realize how great his love for her was.
"Arjun ... "
"No, my darling , let me finish . Then, if you still want, I'll leave you free to live your life away
from me. "
Tears slid on the girl's face. She would not have wanted to live away from him even for a
minute , let alone a lifetime.
"In this period I learned something even more important than knowing for sure that I'll never be as good as you to adapt to situations. "
A little smile ran on her face . "You 've always been very good at all . "
"Just because I've never been in a condition particularly difficult to deal with. But you , you were thrown into this changed life and you have dealt with strength, courage and desire to succeed . "

"Because you 've always been there by my side. " replied back the girl.
"And this brings us to the second part of my speech. I think I passed the biggest test , one can simply try to know what a person feel, without really being aware of it . In my small way, I dealt with the darkness in order to emerge stronger than before and be sure how to face the
future. I fought to be with you. "
He took a hand of Arohi , so small compared to his bringing it closer to the box that contained the treasure given to him by his mother for his woman .
The excitement was too much for Arohi . She could not see , but she knew all too well its
contents. He had shown her many years before , telling her that he would have given it to the woman who he would love forever.
"Remember what I told you then ?"
She could only nod , certain to have his eyes on her .
" I did not know that the woman of my life was already in front of my eyes, but now, after so many years , I could not be more convinced of my choice. Allow me to be near you , only you can make me the man I hope to become , just next to you I can be happy forever. Please, accept this ring and give me everything I need : you.

Agar dhoop ayegi tho main tuhmari chaav baununga, Asar asmaan main badal gargenge to main tuhmari taal banunga. Agar zindagi main kisi mod pe tum ladkaughi to sabse pelhe main tuhmara haath thamhunga.

In return I promise to love you for the rest of my life, to be your sunshine.  "
Arohi leaned in front of him , he let her hands to encircle gently his face and with her voice

 cracked with tears, she declared all her love .
"Let you go was the hardest thing of my life, the darkness that surround me seemed a scrape  compared to the emptiness that I felt in my heart since you are not next to me . I love you in a way that I will never show you in the right way. I'm nothing without you, and I never wanted to hurt you . I've always been yours and I will be all the time I have left in this world and
much, much later  . "
They married exactly one year away from that wonderful day when they both realized fully
how much they depended on each other .
And years later they embraced happily in the kitchen of their new home.

They had breakfast filling each other , exchanging kisses full of love. Arjun took her back to their room , carrying her in his arms while filling her with kisses. Gently, he laid her in the big bed in the middle of the room. His lips traveled all over the girl's body without leaving even a flap of skin . He led her out of the highest peaks of intense pleasure , he knew exactly how to kiss , how to touch her , he played with her and with her pleasure . Arohi knew him too well, shewas aware of  how much wonderful and frustrating was at the same time making love with Arjun . He knew and played to perfection every slightest reaction , every grimace , every gasp of Arohi. Among them, there was a struggle of never ending love , she could not see him , but she felt him. As he always did , he made her feel all his love , his voice , his lips , his hands .

His whole body was stretched to give her the love he felt for her.

His lips were soft on her skin, he perfectly dosed sweetness and passion.

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They remained embraced for a long time, he stroked her back, she rested endless kisses on his chest and both kept repeating how much love they felt for each other .
It was now made the time at which the duty called them. They prepared a little more quickly than they would have if they had not lounged on the bed, but neither of them complained.

They went to high school where they both taught for several weeks. As always, Arjun walked  with her to her class with the promise of being  there at the end of the lesson and, as always , he was lost to contemplate the face of his beloved and thanks for the good fortune of being able to see her forever.
Arohi pinched his side for the embarrassment caused her to always feel his eyes on her .
"Go on, go to dispense the knowledge in the" young and eager minds. " "
Arjun snorted loudly . "If I had even imagined that the young minds think almost exclusively in her makeup or the best way to approach the girls, I would have become a surgeon . "
She smiled at him gently stroking his cheek then .
" You would have been the most handsome in the world . "
He left her a little kiss on the cheek and went to his lesson.

As soon as she entered the classroom, the murmur of the bottom ceased abruptly, but Arohi still managed to intercept some chuckle .
She greeted , walked to the chair and pulled out her track record , very different from the others, with the strokes in relief that permitted her to consult and update it without any problems.
"Good morning , guys. If I'm not mistaken , and I doubt that this is so , we had planned a query for today. "
Immediately a chorus of protests arose on time and waited .
"Guys , please. We already postponed once , I will not do it again . "
Quickly, she checked the log even though she already knew who would be the chosen one.
"Mr. Oberoi , please , sit down. "
She heard the shuffling of the boy closer to the chair . She encouraged him to start with a topic of his choice , just to break the tension and she began the interrogation .
After about ten minutes , Arohi decided to interrupt the lesson , tired of constant interference from the boys who thought could pass unnoticed. She broke the pitiful display of the pupil to her left then turning the whole class .
"Do you know ? A curious thing is that the blind have the opportunity to develop in a particular way the rest of the senses. For example , I know for a fact that the young lady of the second bank , Payal I think, is trying in every way to stop from laughing . I know Mr. Khanna, on the far right , is launching balls of paper from a pen , very close to me , but not enough to  risk a strike and recall. Of course , it would be difficult for me to prove his guilt , but if one came upon me , you would be in problem all . And I know that you, Mr. Oberoi, since eight minutes you are making rude gestures and grimaces to the undersigned , sparking the immature hilarity of your companions. "
The class fell silent utter , you could hear a pin drop . Everyone listened the  teacher with awe and reverence.
Arohi knew that she had attracted the attention of all and continued her speech .
"I just wish you understood that it is not nice this attitude on your part. I do not see , but I feel ... everything. Perhaps not all of you know that Miss Patel , who yesterday tried to get me tripped in the cafeteria , suffers from a slight malformation of the right leg and she is trying to hide swaying disproportionately . "
The young and arrogant girl tried to protest , but the teacher stopped her complaints in the bud with only one hand movement .
"Maybe you, Mr. Oberoi , you do not even know that you have a strong dyslexia, but you understand your difficulty , and you pretend to be lazy when you should read, being more ignorant than anything else. "
The teacher's voice was always gentle and calm .
"I mean, we all have our own difficulty. The difference between me and you is that for you there are chances of improvement. A little targeted therapy and exercise can solve the problem and allow you to lead a normal life . For me it will not go well , I will never get the sight. I will never see the sky or the sea calm or storm. I will never lost in the loving eyes of my man nor see the joy , satisfaction , smile or cheeks glowing with excitement to any one of my

son . "
The student began to regret for their behavior , but , once again , Arohi stopped them in a categorical way .
" I do not want your pity , I do not care , but I am a teacher and I demand your respect . With this I do not expect to be worshiped , I just want treated like the other teachers.

I 'd rather like you insult me when I'm not in class as we all did and as you do with the rest of the teaching staff ".
Arohi gave a sweet smile to her class at that time speechless .
"Now, this little misunderstanding is cleared up , do you think we could go back to contemporary literature and to his question Mr. Oberoi ?"
The boy looked down , nodding slightly mortified .

"Yes, Professor Punj" he said after a moment, realizing that her teacher could not see the movement of his head.
"Well, I really hope that our coexistence can benefit from this little digression , I never wanted to be one of those people who download their frustrations on others which, translated ,for you would be tantamount to an endless series of two on the register. "
The lesson went in total silence . Just before the bell rang at the end of the lesson, the student asked permission to speak. Boomika Sinha spoke on behalf of all .
" Professor, we would like to apologize for having disrespected you . We had not thought of hurting you , I think, indeed I am sure , to speak on behalf of everyone saying that this will never happen again . We were childish and insensitive , idiots. Sorry "
Arohi rose from her chair getting closer to the young student who stood in front of the chair with her head down . She put a hand on her arm gently caressing her .

"Thank you, Miss Sinha , I really appreciate your words and I accept your apology, but remember, you are the lucky people . You have your whole life ahead , you will meet in your life people of all types and backgrounds . You have to learn how to interact with everyone and accept that there will always be someone more beautiful or intelligent or richer than you.

It would not be nice if someone make you feel inferior because of your own disability or because you cannot afford to buy what other people have without effort."

She was satisfied: she felt more than a nose of those young minds pull up and the rustle of some tissue that was extracted from the package.
With one last smile, she walked out of the classroom where her beloved husband was waiting .
He looked at her for half a second before noticing satisfaction painted on her face.

Immediately, he called her out without being heard by the people around them.
"Arohi ! Did you do it again ? "
"What my love ?"
"Do not be a saint with me , my love, I know you better than I know myself. I know you did it. "
"Oh, come Arjun , let me have some fun ' . "
"Have you made them feel shits , is not it ? Wait . Have you pulled out of the "child's smile" , right? "
Arohi turned to her husband with the most mischievous smile in the world, what he loved the most for years.
"What do you think I should do , continue to be mocked by those  brainless kids? I put them in line and on top of that I enjoyed like crazy . And then I did not even have to fill up the register of horrible votes  . "
He hugged her and gave her a kiss on the head .
"You are evil . "
"But you love me, na? "
"More and more. "
They returned home happy and in love more each day , she and the sunshine of her life.

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Awesm parm ts awesm

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After so long time !!!
N Pam I have no word for this Arjun arohi
God Arjun blindfolded himself for one month , now that's call love
Really very cute love story n arohi is really evil

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Posted: 08 September 2013 at 12:19pm | IP Logged good to see u here usual ur writing is amazing..i love this arjuhi..arjun proved his love in every way..its so cute n heartwarming Heart

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This was totally amazing...
I was missing you n your writing... n then you came n give something so typically n beautifully yours...
I love this Arjuhi... Arjun did go through the hardest n harshest of the tests for his love... he proved his love to Arohi... she may be blind but they're perfect together... in fact there is no one more perfect for Arjun as Arohi n vice versa...
Arohi is a mischievous soul n I love it... it just proves her desire n zest for life n enjoying everything...
I love your writing so much... please update your ff... n also give wonderful surprises like this!!

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new OS on ur Bday .
HBday Parm 

res ..

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Thanks to all of your for liking this OS ji

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