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ArHi SS : Arnav, I am Pregnant!! Season 2 Ch6 PG121 Thread Two Pg 148 (Page 98)

Friedriceji IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2013 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aquagal

Poor Joe, her innocent brain got corrupted with her friend involved in pre-marital sex. But did they actually do it, I doubt them..
Again teasing teaser Janu..Tongue

Janu... You doubt them? Or do you doubt me?LOL

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Originally posted by Sarunfanatic_Ji

Originally posted by avni_barun

I am back and the first update i read was dis...

Dr. Jiji after reading this I think the title Besharam suits you better...
The way u set the mood before kiss and those naughty talks i mean whispers gave me goosebumps...  Blushing

Stammering Arnav , Comfortable Khushi is rare and very cute... Wink
Loved it...  Heart

I agree wid DM Sheetal is pathetic... Angry

The entire Arshi conversation was amazing and the mention of Diwali almost kiss was like a cherry on cake... Big smile

Complete Besharam and cute update...  Star

Di like Arnav m also requesting you "Please dont interrupt their ahem-ahem moments..."

Since this was cliffhanger I hope u will update next part soon...  Day Dreaming
I will wait...

Okay.. *takes deep breaths*

OMFG... This Dr. title really cracks me up ROFL

Goose bumps eh?Embarrassed

No interruptions this baar.. *fingers crossed* not mine..yoursLOL

indeed fingers r crossed n m waiting for the update...
plz update soon Di...

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Originally posted by TwilightStar_JP

Originally posted by cheesemad

Originally posted by TwilightStar_JP

Machi!! Shocked
they seriously did it?? :O

Omg! I'm like super shocked! Your not going to spare me, are you? With all these half half revelations?? Hmm sigh!

Exactly, @ cheesemad, I'm scandleized indeed! And no way can I understand khushi, when she and jiji plan to give me half half news :p

Ji update soon Machi!


Join my campaign of stalking JPWink
Poori news nikalwa ke rahenge Khushi or Jiji Di seTongue

Why not? Definitely!! Let's bring it out!!

Am in for the campaign! I started with fighting for justice, it turned out to be a successful one now our mission!! ;-)

Beware Machi!! : D

What the.. Protest against moi?

Naat Phair Macchi...

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Friedriceji IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ..hrideyy..

awesome and cute storywa

Thank you Hridey ji!
Friedriceji IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by MeenuArshiCrazy

J Jaan... I want an update Now... Where r u? RamanchiAngry
My exams are going on.. i want ur updates to make me feel alive re... 

Enga poita? Update sikiramAngryAngry

Meenamma... Meri M ji...

Dont be gussa ji..its not good for your health..

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aashi12 IF-Rockerz

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ji.. Where is the Updatewa?

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cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

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7500th post goes to AIP :D

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Friedriceji IF-Rockerz

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Banner : LaxshaLovesARSHI

@cheesemad, Twilighstar_Jp, asthagarwal, Barun_Gf, avni_barun, MeenuArshiCrazy : You peeps better be here.. Because I am updating..and your Ramanchi is here Tongue

Looongish update... for you teasing you with the "horrendous" teaser!



Chapter Six







Jyothi was little nervous as Aman was standing dangerously close to her. the crowd was only increasing as the time passed. Aman's fingers brushed along her digits as he passed a glass of coke to her. she took the same with a cute smile on her face while Aman was too lost to even leave the glass he was holding onto.


Jyothi arched an eyebrow at him and then gestured towards the glass as if to leave the same. he bit his lips and then left the glass smiling to himself. She cleared her throat and leaned back onto the counter.


Students were going crazy as song after song boomed through the speakers of the hall.


"So, we wont be meeting from tomorrow because the reason we met is over now.." Aman said sadly sipping his martini while Jyothi looked sideways at him, her eyes watching his sad features closely. He looked straight back at her and the music blasted through the speakers..


"Rub Away...Ooh...Rub Away..."


The heavenly violinist smacked on his fellow colleague's head who had been dozed off after the last "Rub Away" interruption. He sat straight and grabbed his violin and started playing along with other musicians.


"Rocky you need to be careful, otherwise Bhagwan ji is going to fire you..." Lallan said with a serious look on his face and Rocky mock laughed at him.


"He just cant okay, I was appointed by Devi Maiyya.. that means.. I am safe..." Rocky stuck his tongue out at Lallan and busied himself on playing the violin.


"Haaye Re Nandkishore...Concentrate.. damn its...and no talking..."


Madhumati the heavenly orchestra head barked at them both. Lallan and Rocky sat straight, their ears popping out at the unbelievable sound her throat produced. She never needed mic or any other equipment to reach the musicians. She was been rewarded with the throat and sound where Loud Speakers and huge Boxes stood bowled in front of her.



Jyothi hesitantly placed her hands into his as they both walked towards the dance floor for a slow dance. They did not needed any music as they heard "Rub Away" playing inside their heads simultaneously.


Aman snaked his both arms around her petite waist and swayed with her to the heavenly music. She smiled nervously as he twirled her around and hugged her form from behind, his chin resting onto her collarbone while she inhaled deeply at the feeling.


"Are we going to meet after this night?"


Aman asked tracing her face with his finger tips and watched her eyes fluttering close at his touch.


"Do you doubt that? I want to meet you again... I will give you a call..sometime.."


Jyothi said encircling her arms around his neck as they both moved together in the middle of the dance floor.


"That would do..."


Aman grinned pulling her hard to his form and a surprised gasp left Jyothi's mouth as her face was been smashed against his wildly beating heart.







"I always knew that...its going to be wonderful between us..."


Arnav said busying his fingers on the red fabric which covered her creamy figure from his eyes. she gulped hard while he slowly moved the kurti upwards, slowly revealing her quivering form to his eyes. he inhaled deeply and she was out of her top.


His eyes drank in her sight. Her heaving form challenging him to do things he have always imagined to do to her. his fingers traced her peaks over the thin lace of her chemise. She squeezed shut her eyes as he pulled the strings and it came undone, leaving her in just her matching bra.


He shifted onto his one elbow, his eyes locked to her form, while she waited for him to proceed further with his exploring. He was watching her, admiring the alluring beauty, she felt all the more hot at his gaze. He was not touching her but his eyes were enough to drive her crazy.


She arched an eyebrow at him, questioning him as what was he doing, exactly?


"Looking at you..."


He mouthed his eyes hazed while Khushi tried to cover her bare form with her hands, which was stopped by Arnav as he caught hold of her hands and kissed her fingers one by one. Khushi was burning from top to bottom and he was being unbelievably slow with her. she did not know anything about this, love making thingy. She had little knowledge about what happens between a boy and a girl, from few movies and books. But that was not enough as she looked at the hunk in front of her, erasing all those theories and speculations off her head at once.


"I don't want to rush with this... and I seriously don't want you to feel miserable about this after this night... and yes this is my first time too... You must be wondering as how? I am the bad ass cop with an unimaginable amount of flirting genes and still have not slept with anyone...Dang!


Khushi was looking at him with wide eyes, as he babbled on about everything. She is his first? It was unbelievable, seeing the way he was handling her and making her feel things which she had never known even existed in her. what was this man? She thought to herself her jaws hanging onto the floor while he sat cross legged in front of her, still in his dark track pants and shirtless.




"Is not this looking like a counseling center to you?"


 Devi Maiyya who was bored at the progress between Arnav and Khushi and was been going through e-baby deals asked to Bhagwan ji who had his head literally hanging onto the side of diwan.


Devi Maiyya rolled her eyes and let out a bored sigh.


"Arnav, I don't blame you.. you cant do anything when the director  himself is sleeping.." She groaned and left from there.


Arnav looked up at Devi Maiyya who left for her room and sighed sadly.


"But DM..." He tried to stop her but she did not. He knew she was furious, but at whom? BJ?" He thought and looked sideways at the hall where Bhagwan ji had dozed off watching their snail-paced encounter inside his study.


Khushi was watching his face closely, he was looking upwards and mumbling something which she could not quite catch. She caressed his cheeks and he looked at her side immediately leaning onto her hand.


Khushi's touch was creating havoc with his hormones and without thinking he swooped down to kiss her pouty lips, hungrily.  Khushi clutched onto his shoulders for dear life when his body weight hovered over hers.


He kissed her feverishly all those "taking it slowly" thoughts flew out of the window when she traced his body with her sinful fingers, feeling his hard muscled body under her palms.


Before she even blink an eyes she was out of her salwar and remaining clothes. He hovered over her form, his eyes scanning her flustered form writhing beneath him. she smiled nervously as he cupped her fullness in his hard palms and squeezed much to his heart content.


He had been dreaming to do all this to her, from the day he had first seen her. she arched upwards, giving into his heated touches while her hands travelled downwards, dangerously reaching for the seam of his pants.


He groaned inwardly and removed the last scrap of cloth from his body, while Khushi kicked his pants off to somewhere in anticipation.


"Are you sure?"


 He asked hoarsely kissing and nipping her neck while she raked her fingers onto his bare back, feeling the ripple of muscles.




He leaned back a little to look at her, she lay there her face flushed and her body a light shade of pink as the lights of his study poured over her form.


"You are... Everything I have ever dreamed of... Gorgeous... heavenly..." He said adjusting his weight on his elbows while Khushi stirred beneath him restlessly. His words were nothing she had ever imagined to hear from anyone. All this conversations with Arnav was making her blush to the roots and finally his admiration and the long in his brown eyes were making her weak on her knees.



Arnav kissed all over her body, leaving no corner untouched by his hands and lips while Khushi writhed beneath him wanting for more. She did not know as what was she waiting for, the only thing she knew that Arnav was the only one who can satiate her needs at the minute or maybe forever.


He murmured sweet nothings to her ears, as he joined their bodies. They gasped in unison at the sensations which coursed through their veins. Khushi had her face scrunched in pain while Arnav's condition was not less as they both moved together.


He kissed her lips sweetly and she encircled her arms around his neck, their breaths mingling with each other. Khushi felt filled in every damn way.


"Baby, is it too much?"


He asked panting over her body, while Khushi cupped his cheeks and nodded her head in negative. He passed a weak smile at her and then hid his face in the crook of her neck, kissing her hair.






They both lay spent on the mattress, after their first time. Khushi was too overwhelmed to even utter a word as she snuggled closer to his form. He was staring at her with his deep penetrating gaze while she met his gaze, too lost in his charms and arms.


"Finally some progress... Gosh I slept through out their encounter.. but thanks Tata Sky..they have got this auto record button..." Bhagwan ji grinned leaning back onto his chair.


Arnav stuck his tongue out at Bhagwan ji and pulled the duvet over their heads. She smiled and kissed his heart, her one hand still caressing his abs, leisurely.



"Khushi, look at me.."


He commanded hoarsely and she opened her eyes, to finally have a look at his flushed face.


"I Love You..."


He mouthed unknowingly while Khushi looked at him confusedly. Love? he has fallen in love with me? When?


They heard a slight knock on the door and Khushi looked up at him in alarm. He seemed lost somewhere, in her thoughts obviously. She patted his cheeks continuously.


"Arnav... there's someone at the door..." She whispered pushing him off her naked form and stood up searching for her scattered clothes.


"Chottey... Open the door... and prashad lo...baba..." Anjali said knocking continuously onto the door while Arnav covered his face in his palms.


"Give me a second di..." He said and wore his clothes hurriedly looking at Khushi every now and then who was all ready, her face was clean, hair tied in a bun and she was perfectly dressed.


Arnav opened the door after removing the mattress from the middle of the room and looked up at Anjali who had this incredulous look on her face. She looked behind him and found Khushi standing there smiling at her. she entered inside giving Arnav a brief look and then extended the thal towards Khushi to take some prashad.


Khushi willingly took a laddoo and thanked her before stuffing the same inside her mouth nervously.


"I think.. I will just leave..."


"Khushi, I will drop you..."


"Chottey, you don't want to go out in this condition..."


Anjali said matter of fact, caressing his bruised cheek. His smile faltered towards Khushi and she looked away instantly.


"Its alright... I am coming with you Khushi, lets go..."


Arnav said reaching for her sides and then grabbed her free hand in front of Anjali. She waved a bye at Khushi, her eyes longingly looking at their entwined hands. Anjali ran straight to the pooja room after Arnav and Khushi had left the house in hurry.


"Devi Maiyya.. I cant believe... do you think they are together, I mean you know..." She said almost giggling and Devi Maiyya removed the duvet from her face to look at Anjali.


She checked the clock on the nightstand and let out a desperate sigh.




"Yes, they are together and now more than that... and please now let me sleep.. I am exhausted..." She said falling back onto the bed while Anjali pouted.






Sasi looked up at the wall clock umpteenth time and sighed heavily.. he was waiting for his daughter from past 2hours. She normally reached home before 11pm. He dialed her number once again and it straight went to voicemail.


The landline phone started ringing and his face lit up instantly. He almost ran towards the phone and picked it anticipating to hear his daughter's voice.


"Hey honey..."


The voice from the other side startled Sasi and he almost dropped the receiver from his hands.


He could not believe it was her. how dare she call him honey? He thought slapping the phone back to the holder and walked back to his chair.


The phone rang non-stop and Sasi's hands itched to break the same into pieces as he remembered a certain face who was behind all this.


The door bell rang and Sasi opened the door to find Khushi and Arnav standing there. Khushi looked little tensed while Arnav was looking a bit sad.


"Sorry...Dad was busy at the party.." She said eyeing at Arnav and he nodded agreeing with her.


"Come on in..."


Sasi said patting Arnav's shoulders while Arnav hesitantly got inside, his eyes never leaving Khushi's confused face. She have not had spoke a word to him during the ride back home. He was hell confused about her behavior. She was all passionate and excited when they made love but after that she seemed little uncomfortable around him. he was dying to talk to her, if only she obliged.


The phone ring again and Sasi's face lost the whole color. Khushi frowned and picked the receiver her eyes never leaving Sasi's pale face and nervous hands which he was clasping and unclasping nervously. Khushi smiled as she heard a familiar voice from the other side.


"Manorama aunty? What a surprise..."


 Khushi rolled her eyes and flashed a toothy grin at Sasi who was hell nervous at the time.


"Yes... Dad is here...right in front of me.. do you want to talk to him?"


Khushi asked waggling her eyebrows at Sasi, who left for his room immediately taking huge long strides. Arnav was little surprised to see the things passing between the father-daughter duo in front of him.


"Who is Manorama? And why is your Dad seem all uncomfortable at the mention of the name..?" Arnav asked curiously as Khushi put the receiver back onto the holder after bidding a brief bye to her favorite aunt.


"She's my honewaali Maa... I just want my Dad to marry her..."






Khushi woke up little late next morning. She was a bit tired and a little sore at some places. Her eyes darted towards the door, which was ajar and found Jyothi standing there scanning her whole room, her head stuck inside.


"What the.."


Khushi frowned and got up from her bed to face her best friend, who seemed all confused and excited at the same time. Khushi knew she had to face the wrath of JP's million questionnaire.. Before she proceeded with anything...


"Good Morning to you too..."


She flashed a smile and sat on the bed next to Khushi's lazy form.


"What brings you here, so early morning?"


Khushi asked yawning as she reached the cupboard to remove some clothes to get a much needed shower.




Jyothi mouthed giggling while Khushi made a sudden escape to the washroom.


"Not fair... Well I am not going anywhere..its Sunday.. yoohooo..."


Jyothi exclaimed falling back onto the bed while Khushi slapped her head swearing under her breath as she discarded her clothes and got inside the shower cubicle.


"I know babe.. you are just unbelievable.."






"You did it?"


Jyothi rounded her eyes while Khushi applied some cream on her neck, where she had some bruises on.


Love Bites!!


She sighed looking at her reflection in the mirror.


While, Jyothi was busy talking to herself, mumbling something as she kept looking at Khushi and her neck and clasped and unclasped her fingers..too stunned at Khushi's declaration.


"Relax, babe.."


Khushi chided turning around as she tied her hair in a bun.


Jyothi had so many queries about the same, and she was still staring at Khushi as she could not believe what she had heard few seconds ago.


The girl who mocked pre-marital sex and had so much morals about the same, was standing in front of her sharing the most precious thing of a girls' life to a man whom she known for only 5damned days.


"How was it?"


Jyothi asked her eyes goggling instantly, as the words finally left her mouth.


"How was what?"


Khushi grinned.


"You know... now stop teasing me... and tell was it.."




"Holy Tomatoes...I don't believe you WOMAN..."


Jyothi said sulking heavily while Khushi reached her sides and sat next to her. she took Jyothi's free hand in hers and squeezed it lightly.


"Do you want to hear the explicit version or the one your weak heart can take... hmm?"


"2nd option please..."


"Fine with me..."


Jyothi turned to Khushi's sides batting her eyelashes while Khushi stifled a laugh at her expression.


"Everything was perfect except one.. we smiled, we read, we shared jokes, we kissed we explored we..we...and we made love... it was bit painful...but I managed...well he was very caring..."


"Except one thing? I want to know the one thing which made you mouth the "Horrendous" word... just out with it damn it.."


Jyothi said impatiently while Khushi's face grew serious.


"He just said the unexpected to me..."













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