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ArHi SS : Arnav, I am Pregnant!! Season 2 Ch6 PG121 Thread Two Pg 148 (Page 44)

cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

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lol isn't this cuteEmbarrassed

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spam wa kare ka padi Cool
Avni Dii and cheeni kya apog spamwa karogi

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barfi wat do u think m doing since yesterday...
just go n have a look on last 2-3 pages...
di is not listening...
she is teasing us...

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Barun_Gf IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by avni_barun

barfi wat do u think m doing since yesterday...
just go n have a look on last 2-3 pages...
di is not listening...
she is teasing us...

jiji apka thread gya aaj Cool
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Sorry peeps double post!!Ouch

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double posting leads to double ressing...  ROFL

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To read mine n Astha Di's comment u need scroll down Di... LOL

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Haayee... Dead

Okay Avni, Cheeni, Pooji n Ashu you girlies can take I am updating finally.
Phew! I had already wrote the chapter yesterday but could not post because of bad network.. Apologies... to everyone except these 4 Tongue



Thanks to LaxshalovesARSHI for the beautiful banner. I am still blushing looking at the baby bump lolz.Embarrassed

Chapter 3






Khushi struggled with the top two buttons of Arnav's uniform while he helped her with the rest removing his shirt in one go. Her eyes darkened at the sight of his sculpted body, all dark and toned. He pulled her towards him and she came crashing onto his chest. Their upper bodies smashing together,  in a frenzy.


Arnav pushed her kurti upwards revealing her creamy waist visible to his eyes and a gasp left Khushi's mouth as his fingers drew circles on her stomach, making her breath hitch in her throat.


His fingers moved restlessly towards her bosom but before he could touch her there, she caught hold of his hands stopping him from going beyond the limits.






She shouted once again while Arnav  looked little taken aback. His eyes darted towards her and then the dark road infront of him. he was too lost to even form words while Khushi arched her eyebrows snapping her fingers infront of him to get his attention.



"Where are you taking me?" Khushi stammered looking at the direction they were going. It was not the route to her house nor her office. She looked at him sideways with her troubled thoughts.


Arnav could not believe that it was all a really? He felt his heart twist painfully as he looked at the board infront of him.




He mouthed and looked away instantly. He was aware of the heat building up inside him but he wanted her to be safe first. And she needed a first aid for her forehead. She felt the corner of her lips stretch into a small smile as she felt the concern in his husky voice.


The vehicle stopped right infront of a small clinic and Arnav climbed out of the driver's seat. Khushi watched him walk briskly towards her door and opened the same for her.




She flashed a smile at him and he looked at her mesmerized. They walked inside the clinic side by side and entered the doctor's cabin together.


Arnav waited at a corner of the room while the nurse dressed her forehead and gave her some painkillers if she had trouble while sleeping. She smiled at them and reached for Arnav's sides, who was already paying the doctor for his help.


She smiled at him and walked beside him as they made their way towards the car. Arnav felt her body brushing against him as she got inside the vehicle. She was aware of the burning sensation she felt while their bodies made contact but thought of ignoring the same as she found him already walking towards the driver's seat.


He asked her to put the seat belts on while she obliged smiling at him cutely. Arnav was at the brink as she leaned back onto the seat her legs stretched forward her eyes closed, her breathing labored. The sight itself was so tempting that Arnav could not resist himself from touching her forehead with his trembling fingers.


"Is it hurting?" He asked concerned while his fingers remained on her forehead pushing back few tendrils backwards. She fluttered opened her eyes and looked at him, her eyes shining in the moonlit night making her look all the more alluring to his eyes.


"A little...but I will be just fine... thanks.." She said politely staring at him. he felt the corner of his lips stretch upwards and he returned her smile. They drove through the dark deserted roads of Delhi, it was past midnight by the time they reached Khushi's house in Paschim Vihar.


"House no 333?" he enquired as he stomped onto the brakes. She nodded her head as she removed her seat belt slowly, much to his amusement. He could not bear the thought of leaving her but he had to, she was not his right? He thought sheepishly as she sat on her seat little hesitant.


"Umm... Wanna come in?" she asked hesitantly and Arnav's face lit up at her words. Damn he wanted to go in but he was not sure about her parent's behavior because it was too damn late and if he left without even meeting them, will surely trouble Khushi in the future.




He said getting out of the vehicle while Khushi seemed little surprised. She was not expecting him to agree with her but this move of him really made her feel respect to the man, who generously helped her get home at the time of the night.


Khushi removed the spare key from her bag and opened the door. She knew her father might be awake because he never slept without saying good night to his daughter. She smiled as they walked towards the beautifully lit living area. Sasi was sitting infront of the tv watching news, what else?


He stood up instantly as he looked at his daughter and her bruised forehead.


"Titaliya..." he said sadly before engulfing her into a bear hug, while Khushi pressed her already wet cheeks onto her father's heart. Feeling safer than ever as they stood like that for few seconds, ignoring the other person who was standing next to them.


"I was so worried, but I knew that my girl will be back home to me.. I had called Nand Kishore and he said that some policemen accompanied you to the house.." Sasi's eyes darted towards Arnav and the videos from the other day flashed infront of him. he smiled and extended his hands towards a smiling Arnav, who seemed lost in the father daughter duo for a second.


"Sasi Gupta... Khushi's father..." He introduced himself while they shook their hands.


"Arnav Singh Raizada, Asst. commissioner Delhi Police.." He said proudly his chest wider than ever. Khushi felt butterflies inside her tummy as his husky voice registered in her mind. The way he took his name and designation was too hot and tempting. She felt like drowning into those caramel orbs and never having rescued from there.


"Thank you so much for helping Khushi, and dropping her home safely..." Sasi said patting Arnav's shoulder while he smiled genuinely at him.


"That's my duty Mr. Gupta... and no need to thank me..." He said politely his hands crossed behind him. khushi was too lost in his charms and she  did not even hear when her father had asked her to walk him till the gate.




Khushi came back from her trance and looked at her father bewildered. Sasi patted her cheeks affectionately before retiring for his bedroom. Arnav was standing right infront of her a wide smirk on his handsome face making him the most gorgeous man in the whole world.


"I will see you tomorrow.. then.." Arnav said hesitantly as Khushi seemed too lost to form any words. He walked briskly towards the door while Khushi had to ran behind him to keep up with his speed.


"I cant thank you enough for helping me out..." Khushi said pushing a strand of hair behind her ear while Arnav looked at her suddenly turned shy form. They reached his car and Arnav's hands halted at the door.


"You are welcome Ms. Gupta." He said politely while Khushi stood the ground not able to move away from him.


"So I will see you tomorrow?"


Khushi said ensuring herself that he will be there at the ground tomorrow. Arnav smiled at her as he opened the door.


"And Ms. Gupta sound too can call me Khushi..." She said biting onto her lips and Arnav groaned inwardly looking at her nervous form. He will never get enough of her, he thought leaning back onto the door while Khushi's heart skipped a beat at the pure admiration in his eyes.


"Bye Khushi..." he said crossing his arms over his chest while Khushi nodded her head staring at his shirt collar.


"I will leave once you get inside your house..." He said adamantly controlling the urge to kiss her senseless as she pouted cutely. She clasped and unclasped her hands nervously while Arnav waited for her to leave from there. But she was not doing anything sort of else standing infront of him as if waiting for something?


He did not know what got into him and he neared her form too lost in her captivating gaze while Khushi waited for him with bated breath. His hands came resting on her shoulder and he leaned closer to her face, his breaths mingling with hers. She fisted the cloth of her kurti in her hands as Arnav pressed a searing kiss on her right cheek. Her hands touched his waist and travelled towards his upper arms on its own accord. arnav pulled away to look at her submissive form. She was breathing heavily her eyes squeezed shut and her hands resting on his chest now.


Arnav leaned closer once again now aiming for her perfect pouts while she pulled him more towards her bunching his shirt. His lips were inches apart from hers, almost brushing the soft petals. Arnav was in a dilemma as his hands cupped her cheeks trembling like anything.


Before he could press his lips onto her waiting ones, he felt her pushing him away and then something hit hard on his right cheek. Khushi was breathing heavily as she stepped backwards and ran inside her house. Arnav was shocked to the roots as he touched his right cheek with his sweaty hands.


What just happened? Did she really slapped him?


He cursed colorful words loudly and got inside his vehicle and drove away from there without even looking back.


He was angry and felt humiliated like never before. He slammed onto the honks while his legs pushed the accelerator like crazy.


Devi Maiyya let out an exasperated sigh while Bhagwan ji removed a bottle of Navratna Oil from his cupboard. He was aware of this bad headache brewing up, and what better than Navratna Oil.. it will make your head "Thanda Thanda Cool Cool" he grinned as he applied the same onto his wavy locks.


"Well this has to happen someday, right?" Devi Maiyya said looking at Arnav's furious form as he entered his house breaking and throwing everything which came infront of him. Anjali was not home then, she was off to some jagratha at Chandni Chowk.


He slumped onto the couch his head in his palms as he felt her hand on his cheek once again.




He shouted and ran  towards his room taking huge strides. Never in his entire life a girl had slapped him.. he had such easy ways with girls, he did not had to pursue them as they all threw themselves upon him. he rushed inside the bathroom and stood under the cold shower. It was too much for a day.


He wanted to forget everything, everything about Khushi Gupta... he will never ever think about her nor he will go to that protest area. He will just ask Aman to change his duties. He felt like a coward that time, but hitting back a woman was not his policy.


This was the first time he felt himself losing control infront of a girl and the audacity of the girl to hit him while they both were at fault. Why does not she resist when he had kissed her cheek. He groaned inwardly as the feel of her soft cheeks rushed through his veins, drugging his senses like never before.


He rested his head onto the cool wall as her quivering lips came into view. Arnav Singh Raizada never lost control over his senses. He will prove it to that girl he thought getting out of the shower cubicle as he towel dried his hair.




Khushi rested on the numerous pillows her heart beats still rapid with their encounter few hours ago. She could not believe as she let him kiss her, just like that? A mere stranger he was to her.


But the attraction was something she could not had control over. She felt bad for hitting him when she too was at equal fault. She would have never given the hint nor let him kiss her first.


She will just apologize to him the next day when they will finally meet at the protest ground tomorrow. She thought closing her eyes finally as the effect of pain killers made her eyelids heavy with tiredness.






Khushi sat right next to Jyothi Priya who seemed lost somewhere else. Khushi followed her gaze and found Aman Mathur standing across the group leaning onto his service jeep. He was staring directly and her so was she.




Khushi groaned in disbelief. her mind was travelling somewhere else and not finding Arnav at the ground made her restless. She could not just go and ask any policemen as where was he? And she just realized something dangerous. She always looked forward to meet him everyday, its been almost 4days since the protest had started and she was getting used to his presence. And when he was not there, she felt sad and alone in between all those people surrounded her.


What the hell is wrong with you girl?


The minister's car stopped right infront of the protestors and he got outside looking directly at Jyothi Priya. He was smiling and Jyothi Priya did not quite appreciate his stained yellow teeth flashing at him.


"It was a big mistake, I should not have said that.. I apologize to you from the bottom of my heart.." Minister said politely while Jyothi Priya's face lit up instantly. She looked at Khushi and then at her friends who all were grinning widely.


"So that means you are accepting our request?" She asked her eyes widening in disbelief. the elderly man nodded his head and got inside his car before they could barge at him with their non-stop questionnaire.


Free admission for 100 students who made it to the merit and were backed away because of the unbelievable admission fees. The students cheered for Jyothi Priya for standing adamantly for their rights and then she was been lifted in their arms as they all cheered loudly.


Khushi was so happy that finally the students will get to study in the college they wished and will get to achieve their goals. She smiled brightly at Jyothi who pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

"It would have been impossible without your support Khushi... thank you so much for taking my side and never ever leaving.." She said her eyes filled with fresh tears of happiness while Khushi wiped the same away with the back of her hands.


"No need to thank me... Mr. Gosai have never agreed to this condition if you have not announced this protest for those students who were thrown away from the universities just because they were poor... finally we did it..." Khushi said squeezing Jyothi's shoulders while she nodded her head smiling widely.


Students took Jyothi to the stage to continue with their victory programs and finally ending the protest on a success note. Khushi's eyes however were on the stage but her mind was elsewhere waiting for a certain person who was nowhere to be found at the ground.


Aman and other police officers were still there but no sign of Arnav Singh Raizada. She felt suffocated at the ground so she left from there after making an excuse of a sudden headache.


She had to had to meet him before its too late she thought walking towards her scooty which she had parked outside the gate.




 So no ding-dong.. how was it? ROFL


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