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Shanafr IF-Rockerz

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Awesome fab super update
Cont soon

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chand91 IF-Rockerz

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awsm prt dr

thnks 4 pm

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Shanafr IF-Rockerz

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Awesome fab fantastic updated
cont soon

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sweetpari4u97 Goldie

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Awesome update

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hey when u last stop at that time ariya was entering hotel na!
anyways cont soon 
n this time no delay!

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shreyashi19mld IF-Dazzler

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read all parts  in  one  go
it  wsa  superb
waiting  4  next
update  soon

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mishree IF-Rockerz

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It is wonderful amazing jhikass update 
I love the all convo 

Hahahahahhaha beta and mata convo mind blowng 
Thanx 4 pm me 
Plsss send link too yarr..
Update soon
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Hey guys...WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

See... TongueI'm becoming obedient day-by-day.Smile I promised you an update and I'm here with it, a long update. Big smile

Hope you liked the last episode. Though it was a bit incomplete as I had no plans to post it the day itself, but your PMs and Comments made me realize that I should do it now. For those who have any complaints or issues with me can settle them through PMs. Ha! I've no problem with it, par "NOT PUBLICLY"...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


That's all for the day.Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

Here's the update. Enjoy and you can think of forgiving me gradually. What Say???LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL



"Will you both shut up or else...Samjhe ya Samjhaun", came a voice that eventually resulted in Shree and Riya zipped up and Riya's hand that was over Arjun's mouth jerked back.

Riya looked at Arjun's face to read his expressions.AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry But the look from Arjun made her turn her face and look outside the car's window. She was expecting something more to come out in anger in Riya's praise from that AKDU's mouth such as,

"You don't deserve to be here or I'll transfer you back to the Research Desk." But thankfully nothing such happened. She sighed, but quite audibly. Shree smiled evilly and so did Arjun. Both realized that Riya has not yet realized that their microphones are inter-connected and what ever she says can not only be heard by Shree but Arjun as well.

Shree (in his mind): Arjun sir se bohot gaali padwayi hai isne mujhe, ab aayenge maze. Bas ek baar ye Arjun sir ki apni muh se kuch taarif ke shabd bol de: AKDU, ARROGANT RAUTE, JUNJUN RAUTE, GUSSAIL...Nahi yaar, par kahin... Chal bas ek baar bol de, fir bata doonga ki he can hear her.

Arjun: Team its time to execute the plan. Shree be ready with the backup. Agar kabhi bhi situation haath se nikle, we need backup. Riya, get down.

Riya: Get down????

Arjun: I mean get down from the car.

Riya: Hmmm...(showing her anger after the scolding she received from Arjun)

Arjun smiled at her display of anger.

Riya begins to pack her things in the handbag. Arjun takes out the luggage and opens the door for Riya. Riya tries to get op in her sari but falls down back on the seat. Arjun saw Riya struggling with her sari. He smiled to himself.

"Uff! Ye ladki..."

Arjun (bringing his hand forward): May I help you.

Riya (angrily): thanks. I can manage myself. (With full attitude)

Arjun (in his mind): This is what I like about her.

Somehow she managed to get up and then down from the car, but as soon as she stepped out of the car, she fell down in the forward direction. Arjun caught her in his strong arms. Arjun was about to get lost in her, when Riya suddenly looked up straight into his eyes and shouted,

"Thanks. Par mujhe koi zaroorat nahi thi aapki help ki. What do you think that I'm a girl and I cannot manage? I CAN MANAGE. (Stressing on every word)

She got up, stood straight and began walking. Arjun stood there lost in thoughts,

"Do I really don't have any effect on her? Or she tries to hide her emotions? Does she really love me? Would she ever be able to love me? How do I know that what she feels for me? Now I only have to find her emotions out..."

"Are you coming or do you want a GIRL to carry you in her arms?" said Riya taunting and smiling.

Arjun brushed away his thoughts and smiled imagining Riya carrying him in her arms. But he had made up his mind what he was up to. As soon as Arjun reached Riya, he held her hand while walking. Riya's eyebrows rose as a reflex action. She looked at Arjun questioningly. But Arjun was not in a mood to even miss a chance to test her, so he ignored her gaze and looked straight.

Riya too understood that they were about to enter the Resort and they had to act as a couple, so even she held Arjun's hand tight. Arjun was surprised. He thought to himself,

"Even she does not miss a chance to surprise me...Just perfectly my-types..."



As soon as Arjun and Riya enter the Resort, everyone's gaze shifted to them. The center of attraction being Riya. Arjun felt uncomfortable at the way people were gazing them and specially the way gazing Riya. But it was true that she was the most beautiful girl on the planet or anywhere and everywhere around. Unaware and unconcerned of anything and everything happening around, Riya's eyes were fixed on the beautiful JHOOMAR hanging down from the Waiting Room-cum- reception of the Resort.

"Wow..." was the only word that escaped from her mouth.

Arjun too looked up to see what drew Riya's attention. It was really beautiful.

He placed the luggage near the sofa and instructed Riya,

"I'll go and get the keys of our room from the reception. Till then you sit and wait here, RIYU." He held Riya by her waist and made her sit, and began moving towards the reception.

"RIYU?????" came Riya's voice from the microphone as Arjun had already begun moving towards the reception. And the entertainment had begun. The innocent, unaware of everything Riya started babbling like a small child at once without even taking the rest of a breath,

"Akdoo called me Riyu???? Raaste mein kahin Arjun Sir badal toh nahi gaye. I mean MS.MUKHERJEE, MS.RESEARCH ANALYSIST, MS.IMPERFECT (imitating Arjun) yeh sab chodkar, he called me RIYU. And on top of that, he held me by my waist. I mean is everything fine."

Shree spitted out the coffee he was enjoying alone sitting and relaxing in the office listening to Riya.

"Oh God! She called him Akdoo! Beta ab to yeh gayi!" he had just thought when came a much familiar voice and left Riya and Shree dumb-struck.

Arjun (in a soft and yet mischievous tone): Riya! Will you please sit down quietly before anyone comes and throws both of us out of the Resort? And Shree please clean the table on which you have spilled, I mean spitted the coffee.

Shree gulped his saliva in disbelief and Riya, Riya was not in a state to react. She simply sat or fell down on the sofa. Arjun smiled to himself as he had realized that Riya is affected by his presence, his words and his touch. He marched to the Reception and the Receptionist greeted him. She was a lady in her mid-fifties, too old to be a Receptionist.

Receptionist: Hello sir! Good morning. How can I help you?

Arjun: Hello! I want the keys of my room. We had booked a room.

Receptionist: Sure sir! Can I please know your good name?

Arjun: Arjun Kapoor.

After checking on the computer, she replied:

"Actually, we have two entries with the same name; can I please your wife's name, Sir?

Arjun: Ya! Riya Arjun Kapoor. (A proud Arjun replied. Even the thought of Riya being his wife, made him happy)

Receptionist (after taking some time): Yes! Mr. and Mrs. Arjun Kapoor, Floor.4, Room no.431. Here are you keys.

Arjun: Thanks a lot.

Arjun turned to go and bring Riya along when the Receptionist stopped him.

"Sir, you please wait. Ram will call her!"

She turned around and gestured a tall boy to come to her. The boy came at an instant.

Receptionist: Ram! Wahan waiting room mein vo mam baithi hain, vahan par, pink sari! Unhe bulaa lao aur haan, unka saamaan bhi lekar aana.

Ram nodded and went to Riya. An inquisitive Arjun turned to the Receptionist and asked her,

"How do you know she is my wife?"

Receptionist (adjusting her spectacles as if to show how experienced she is): It's simple. I have seen you stealing glances of her while talking to me.

Arjun now turned red. He thought to himself,

"Oh God! Even she saw me staring at her? And what if anyone out of Riya or Shree had heard her speak the same. No!"

But before Arjun could think what should be his next reaction, the Receptionist began again,

"Really, I must tell you Mr. Kapoor, you are really blessed that you have got such a beautiful wife. See, she is simply so beautiful. I must say she is one of the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen!"

Arjun smiled at her remark. He turned back to see if Riya was coming.

On the other hand, as soon as Ram reached to Riya, he said,

"Mam, vo aapke husband wahan Reception par hain, aapki wait kar rahe hain, chaliye."

Riya smiled at him as if she knew him for ages. This was the quality of Riya that melted hearts and people loved her so much even at the first sight and the first meet.

He picked up the luggage and was about to pick up Riya's handbag, when Riya interrupted,

"Are bhaiya, saara saamaan, aap uthaoge, toh main kya karoongi?"

Ram smiled," Mam aap chaliye, ham saara saamaan late hain."

Riya: Bhaiya! Maana ki meri aapki tarah strong muscles nahi hain, but I can pick up and carry things haan!

And she took away the handbag from Ram's hand. Ram smiled as no body had never talked to him so politely before. Arjun smiled hearing this, as he was too proud of Riya, his wife, I mean future wife. Shree smiled and commented,

"Good job, Mishti!"

Riya began walking with Ramu and said slowly so that Ramu cannot hear her,

"Shreesen. Let me come back, hmmm...I'll kill you... You'll be dead. Tune mujhe kyon nahi bataaya ki..."

Ramu: Aapne kuch kaha madam?

Riya: Nahi...haan...haan...vo main keh rahi thi ki aapka Resort toh bohot sundar hai.

Ramu: Mera Resort...

Riya was about to say further when she unknowingly bumped into someone.

"Ouch!", came the voice from Riya's mouth and Arjun turned back at an instant to see what the matter was. But what he saw made him angry, irritated, heated, cross, furious, incensed, enraged, outraged, infuriated and frustrated.

Riya was about to fall but he was saved by a man, who was still holding Riya like that.Arjun could not bear this. He immediately rushed into Riya's direction.

Riya opened his eyes to ensure she had not fallen on the floor. But she found herself in the arms of a man in his mid-twenties.

She took a breath of relief. She got up and stood on her feet.

"Thank you so much. Vo actually mera dhyaan pata nahi kahan tha."

But she observed that the man was still holding her hand. She tried to pull it back but he, looking constantly into Riya's eyes was not in a mood to let her go off. Riya coughed to bring him back to reality an dhe succeeded.

"Hi! Beautiful. I'm Shlok. Shlok Singhania, son of Sameer Singhania, iss hotel ka maalik. Aur aap?"

Arjun felt frustrated hearing that bloody man call Riya "beautiful". He fastened his pace to reach Riya soon.

Riya: I'm Riya Arjun Kapoor. (still trying to get her hand out of his hold)

Shlok: Toh aap yahaan akeli aayi hain?

Riya: Main...

Arjun: Nahi, vo yahaan mere saath aayi hai.(and he took Riya's hand from his grip and held Riya too close to himself very tightly)

Shlok: Hey Mr.Tu kon?

Riya: Yeh mere husband hain.Mr.Arjun Kapoor.

Shlok (surprised): Riya! You are married?

Riya: Ya! I told you na, I'm Riya Arjun Raute...aa... Kapoor !

Arjun felt a sudden pleasure to his ears listening to what Riya had just unknowingly said. Riya Arjun Raute sounded so good, in fact it just sounded perfect and divine.

Shlok: Mr. Kapoor. I must say you are too lucky that you have such a beautiful wife as her. If only I had met her before you, things would have been much different. She would have been by my side.

Arjun clinched his fist in anger. How dare he say such a thing! He just wanted to break all his 206 bones, when suddenly Riya held his clutched fist before he lifted it up.

Riya: Ya, you are right Mr. Singhania. But I must say you are not as lucky and as perfect for me as Arjun.

Arjun felt so relieved. Only Riya could understand him, read his mind and deal with him. They were just perfect for each other.

Arjun: Riyu, I think I've forgotten the keys at the Reception. Please go and get them.

Riya: Ya sure!

Shlok: Ok! Then bye Riya. Enjoy. And if you need anyone or anything, you can straightway come to me. I'm always there for you. Bye beautiful! Take care.

Riya (irritated but yet with a smile) : Bye, Mr.Shlok Singhania. You too take care of yourself.

As soon as Riya walked away, Shlok and Arjun moved close to each other with loads of anger, jealousy, frustration and hatred.

Shlok: So, Mr. Kapoor! Aapke liye ek suggestion hai. I hope you follow. Riya ka haath kabhi mat chhodna, warna main zaroor pakad loonga! (with a smirk)

Arjun (frustrated to a limit and yet keeping cool): Oh thanks Mr. Singhania. I promise you that I'll stick to your suggestion for lifetime!

And saying so Arjun walked away to Riya. On the other hand, Shlok clinched his fists in disgust for revenge.

Arjun reached the reception but could not find Riya anywhere. So he asked the Receptionist,

"Ah! Excuse me, my wife?"

Receptionist: Ya, sir! She took the keys and asked me to inform you that she is going to the room.

Arjun was surprised and concerned. Was everything fine. She would never have gone alone leaving him there. So he rushed to the room.


On the other hand, Riya rushed to the room. Actually, while she was waiting for Arjun on the Reception, she felt dizzy and lethargic. She felt like she would vomit here only. Her head began to swing while her body did not allowed her to stand straight. She somehow managed to reach the 4th floor and then, her room. The first thing she did was to remove the microphone. And then, she immediately rushed to the wash basin in the bathroom.

Unable to take it anymore, Riya vomited out in the wash-basin. Her eyes were not opening properly because she was feeling so fatigue. When she had vomited out enough, she rubbed her eyes and she was hell shocked. She had vomited out blood.

Before she could do anything, she heard Arjun's voice,

"Riya, is everything fine? You came to the room without informing me, you were not responding to my phone call, nor to the microphone, and then the door of the room was left open.Are you okay. Why are you looking so weak?". Arjun approached near to her in the bathroom.

Riya's hand were shivering due to weakness and fear. What if Arjun saw that blood in the wash-basin. He would tell it to Bhai and Bhabhi, and then everyone would be worried. No! But now what should she do?

She decided to switch on the tap. But problems do not leave her so easily. In fear, instead of switching on the tap of the wash-basin, she turned on the tap of the shower.

Water flowed out of the shower and within seconds, Riya and Arjun stood all wet. Riya somehow managed to turn on the tap of the wash-basin as well. She took a breath of relief.

"Sorry...sorry sir...vo galti se...I'm sorry."

She turned backward in order to turn off the tap of the shower when she slipped, but was caught by Arjun. Now another problem, in order to save Riya from falling Arjun took such a big step that he himself lost his balance. And as a result both of them were lying on the floor, Riya on top of Arjun.  They shared an intense eye-lock. Arjun stared at Riya who looked much more pretty in that wet pink sari, her wet hair and water dripping from her face, she just looked looked much more gorgeous than perfect. Riya felt an unknown attraction towards the guy over whom, wet, she was lying. He was someone, a mystery for her to understand and she did not liked his AKDOO behaviour. And yet, she must admit that he looked really very handsome in those wet clothes.




Suddenly, Riya smiled at don't know what, which brought a smile to Arjun's face as well. And soon this smile was converted into a big heartious laugh from both of them. Arjun could do nothing but just adore the girl in her arms. After a heart and tummy full of laughter, Riya got up from over Arjun and gave her hand to him, so that he can get up too. Arjun held her hand and got up.



Before Arjun could say anything to Riya, she immediately sneezed.

Riya: Aachchooo...

Arjun: You wanted to bath here no, now see the outcome. Your brother would now scold me because of you.

Riya: Ab isme meri ...aachchooo... meri kya galti...aachchoo...

Arjun: Kabhi chup bhi rehna seekh lo, Riya. Ab mujhse behas karne se achcha hai ki, go and change, before you get very ill. Aur ham yahan case solve karne aaye hain, chhuttiyaan manane nahi. Go.

Riya made a face and both of them came out of the bathroom. Arjun opened the suitcase and found out that they both had brought spare clothes. He had brought a black shirt and blue denim jeans and Riya, a sari... No! how came the sari, blouse and petticoat, when wrapped in a polybag, occupied such a little space. Curious Arjun emptied the contents of the polybag, and was surprised to find only a black coloured one-piece dress. What now? Already the men here were staring her like anything, and now if she roams about in this dress here, things would worsen.

Arjun: Riya, you have brought this dress to wear.

Riya: Yelp! It's nice na!

Arjun: Don't you know you are here on an undercover as a married woman, Mrs. Riya Arjun Kapoor and not a CRAZY Ms. Riya Mukherjee.

Riya: Excuse me. What the hell is this. Can't married girls wear dresses of their choice? Who made this silly rule? I'ld wear this only as I had no future predictions that I would be all wet and would have to change my clothes. Hmmm...(in anger)

She took the dress from Arjun's hand and went to the bathroom, banging the door behind in anger.

Arjun: Jangli billi...


Arjun knocked the door of the bathroom.

Arjun: Riya, I'm feeling cold.Will you please come out or should I come in breaking the door open?

Here Riya inside the bathroom was sitting on the floor, she felt too weak to stand up on her feet. Weakness and wooziness was taking over her, and tears rolled down her cheeks because of acute stomach ache. Yet she somehow gathered courage to stand up and change her dress. She must not forget that her duty came first than her pains and sufferings.

She wiped herself off and wore the dress she had brought along. Arjun heard the door knob of the bathroom turn open. And soon he saw Riya walking out of the bathroom, drying her hair with a towel.

Arjun's breath hitched in his throat. He could not take his eyes off her. Oh God! Riya looked damn hot in the dress, in fact too hot to be handled.

Riya approached to Arjun and said,

"I'm done. Now you can go and change or else you would also catch cold."

Arjun jerked back to reality when he sensed Riya standing so close to him.

Arjun: Haan...haan...main jaa raha hoon...


Soon Arjun too came out. Riya till then had dried her hair. She turned to Arjun and smiled. It was getting difficult for Arjun to take it anymore. She would definitely land both of them in trouble today.

Thereafter, they both got ready for the case. Arjun hid his revolver in his socks, stuck to his shoes.While Riya again attached her microphone.

Riya: Shree...shree...

Shree (breathing heavily): Haan...

Riya (teasing): What were you doing Shree?

Shree (abruptly): Running...sweetheart!

Riya: Oh! I thought...

Shree: Don't think so much, Riyu...

Shree: Achcha waise I was not listening to your chats for the last few minutes, what are the updates? Kuch interesting?

Riya: Haan... maine shaadi kar li.

Shree: Kya? Shaadiii...Par kyon? Kisse? Kab?

Riya: Sorry...but I think I said something wrong. Maine doosri shaadi kar li. Pehli toh already ho chuki thi na..

Shree: Riya sach-sach bol ki kya hua?

Riya: Shree, main apni personal baatein aapse share nahi karna chahti...So, please don't force me...

Shree: Personal?...shaadi? Have you lost it? Kya bol rahi hai?

Riya: Ab main kya...

"Will you both shut up?", shouted Arjun, an irritated Arjun.

"Shree hamne vo mini-camera reception mein fit kar diya hai, keep a check on all. And Riya, come along. Ab ham neeche jaakar, investigate karenge. Let's go"

All the three got to work.

Arjun and Riya came down to the Cafeteria first. They decided to take the last seating table so that they can  look in and out both. But before that, they ordered coffee.


Riya: "COLD COFFEE, and a chocolate ...mmm... Temptation...Rum flavor.

Arjun sighed. They could never be the same.OuchOuchOuchOuchShockedShockedShockedShockedOuchOuchOuch




Precap: Case solved.

Party at the resort's disco.

Fun with Pihu...

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