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Posted: 01 November 2013 at 5:31am | IP Logged
Hey guys...Tongue
I m really sorry 4 a late update...Embarrassed
Actually, I thought of posting the next part on the 31st October as it was my birthday, but I was so busy throughout the day that I could not do so...
Firstly, thanks 4 all ur comments...As much as u r enjoying reading the story, so am I in writing this one...
Here is the next part, read on if u r not bored, reading my excuses...WinkWinkWinkWink

WAIT! I have decided something new and interesting that I want to share with u...
I have thought of making this ff ,a musical extravaganza... this means every update will have at least a song so that the story becomes more lively and interesting...WHAT SAY?????


They both stared each other sharing an eye-lock. The other three were smart enough to understand that something was definitely wrong. To break the intense eye-lock, Riya just turned her head aside and went away.Arjun's anger doubled as he could not bear a girl ignoring him. Soon,Rathod assigned them their duties. Riya, Shree and Chhotu would inspect the crime spot while Arjun and Rathod would go and interrogate the family and friends of the victim. Soon, the two left the scene leaving behind the junior trio.Riya waved them a goodbye as they went off in their SUV. It went unnoticed by Rathod as he was driving but not by Arjun ,in the rear view  mirror,as his eyes were far too vigil. He commented, making an uninterested look, "paagal".
But this was not unnoticed by Rathod. He immediately said,
"Raute, agar tumhe takleef na ho to zor se bolo, mujhe itna neecha sunne ki aadat nahi hai, vaise ab kis ki burai kar rahe ho.??"
Arjun, with equal sarcasm said,
''Burai. nahi main to tumhari team ki nayi "OFFICER" ki tareef kar raha hoon,vaise tum use kaha se pakadkar laye"
Rathod: Duniya mein sab tumhari tarah normal nahi hote,Raute.
Arjun: Right, par koi bhi tumhari nayi officer ke jitna ABNORMAL nahi hota.
Rathod was quite angry hearing this. He immediately said,
"Kya kiya Riya ne?"
Arjun: Ye pucho k kya nahi kiya. Aate hi in the office,she attacked me as if I was a thief. Throughout the drive to the crime spot, she chatted like anything. Isn't she abnormal? Koi itna kaise bol sakta hai aur uski vo nonstop smile.
Rathod: What is ur problem then and why are u so disturbed by her presence, I don't understand."
This was a question that Arjun had been asking himself since he had seen the girl, Riya.He could not answer "WHY RIYA'S PRESENCE AFFECTED HIM".
On the crime spot situations were much different. As soon as Rathod and Arjun left, fun time began.
Shree: Hi Riya.Smile
Chhotu: Hi Riya.Tongue
Riya:Are guys! friends mein "hi"aise thodi na bolte hai.
And she hugged both of them tightly.Big smile
Friendship began there on.They laughed and talked and played ,and worked ,as well on the crime spot. It was the first day ever that Shree and Chhotu were enjoying their day at work.Riya also told the 2 about her ride to the office and her first encounter with their khadoos boss" Mr. Arjun". ClapClapAnd the 2 laughed thoroughly at her antics and were also surprised that she was all fine after she stood against Mr.Raute.LOL
Shree: Riya, zara sambhal ke. He is very dangerous,itna gussa karte hain ki insaan ki bolti band karde. Vaise hat's off 2 u aaj tumne unki bolti jo band kar di.Big smile
Riya: Thanx guys.Par tum chinta mat karo, main tum par hue 1-1 atyachar ka badla loongi, with interest. Aur abhi to bas shuruat hai, aage aage dekhte jao.Wink
All the three burst out laughing.
All was going extremely well when suddenly GADBAD knocked their door.Night was already approaching and the 3 were moving around in the jungle in search of a place where the victim would have been kept 4 a night when she was unconscious. Suddenly,Chhotu's phone rang. It was Rathod who ordered him to join him while Arjun would help Shree and Riya to investigate the jungle.Riya wished Chhotu a best of luck saying that he would be needing it as was going with RathodConfused. All the three laughedLOLLOL. Chhotu wished Riya and Shree as Mr. Akdoo was about to come and take away all their happiness.
Soon Chhotu left and Arjun came. He looked at Shree and the newcomer, Riya. Riya was looking extremely beautiful in the moonlight and as all her flicks had come out on her forehead.He made a ''i-don't-care'' face and asked them to follow him.Arjun ,with a torch moved forward,followed by a whispering duo.When they were in the mid of the forest, the Gadbad took place.
Riya fell into a pit dug up manually.She cried out aloud of pain. Shree and Arjun both ran around to search for her.
Shree(tensed): Riya kahan ho tum??
Riya: 5 star hotel k dining hall me. Stupid, main pata nahi kaha gir gayi hoon.
Shree: Is situation mein bhi tumhe mazak soojh rahi hai.Aas paas dekh kar batao ki kahan ho tum.
Riya: Are yahan itna andhera hai mujhe apne haath nahi dikh rahe, surroundings kaise dikhegi. Leave it, tumse nahi hoga. ARJUN SIR, ARJUN SIR...
Arjun felt something in his heart as it was the first time she called out his name.He immediately replied,
"Riya, don't worry. i'll save u."
Riya: Apke hath mein jo torch hai uska kuch use karo, yaar. It is hurting in these bushes.Ouch
Shree(to himself): ''YAAR'' keh rahi hai Arjun sir ko. Pagal marvaegi...
Arjun was finally able to find her in a pit nearby.He with the help of Shree pulled her out. She immediately hugged Shree tightly. Shree condoled her telling that everything is fine. Shree put a hand on her shoulder and cried out with pain. Arjun immediately realized that she had been hurt.
He found that she was bleeding badly. He immediately asked Shree to get his first aid kit. Shree ran towards their SUV. Arjun picked up her in his arms and looked towards her. His heart ached as he saw her suffering. But he suddenly realized what was happening to him. Why was he so much affected. Confused with his feelings, he suddenly shouted at Riya,
"Aakhir tumhari problem kya hai. Kya tum koi kaam dhang se kar sakti ho. Ya har cheez mein gadbad karna tumhari aadat hai, tumhe yahan aana hi nahi chahie tha"
Riya felt bad and she began to cryCryCryCry Arjun realized his mistake and also that Riya was too sensitive with her feelings.He started to come towards her to apologize.

But Riya also felt insulted and she was far too stubborn. How can someone talk to her like that. So she got up, with her legs drooping,and she being unable to walk, she began moving in an unknown direction.Arjun knew that she would not stop if he called her. So he went after her and picked her in his arms making her to struggle.
Riya: Bachao, Bachao...
Arjun: Riya, main hoon, chillao mat.(in an irritated tone)
Riya: Main jaanti hoon ki aap ho, isiliye chilla rahi hoon.
Arjun did not let her down ,she struggled all the way, making comments on him and he enjoying them all and her in his arms and he brought her to the SUV.Shree immediately took her in his arms and did her first aid.Soon Rathod and Chhotu reached the spot and hugged Riya.Rathod even scolded her for her carelessness.They then decided to proceed towards the ETF office. Arjun sat on the driving seat, while Rathod next to him. They both looked out and found the trio fighting for the 2 window seats.
Rathod: Riya, stop fighting like kids. Get on you 3.
After a long quarrel, Riya was forced to sit between Shree and Chhotu as they won the window seats.
Riya puffed her cheeks to show that she was angry. Shree and Chhotu kept on laughing the entire way, Rathod smiled on his sister's antics saying,"Meri Ghayal Sherni", while Arjun managed to get glimpses of her innocent face and control his laughter, but his smile was noticed by Rathod.He was happy that his Riya made her smile.
They reached the office and discussed their findings of the day. 
Arjun:Jungle mein hame koi clue nahi mila. Kal naye sire se shuru karna hoga.
Riya: Mila na clue.
Arjun: Kaise gadhe mein girte hain, iske alava koi clue.
An angry Riya shouted,Angry
"Mila. Agar aapko mujh par chillane se fursat milti tokuch kehti na. Jis gadhe main giri, usme choodi k tukde the ,jisse mujhe chot lagi, iska matlab mujh se pehle koi aur ladki usme giri hogi. Or maybe vo hi ladki"
The three( Rathod, Shree and Chhotu) were highly impressed as they had found someone who was a step ahead of Arjun.
While Arjun was quite shocked "Mujhe to laga tha ki iska sirf muh (mouth) hi chalta hai, par lagta hai dimaag bhi chalta hai".
Rathod:Riya sahi keh rahi hai. We will continue tomorrow.
It was declared a day.All came down from the office.While Arjun, Shree and Chhotu got on in one SUV, Rathod and Riya in one.Riya waved the three good bye as she and Rathod went zoom flypast in their SUV.She immediately texted Shree "Race ho jaye?, ek dairy milk silk ke liye"
Shree texted back,"DEAL"
Shree said to Arjun,
"Sir aap thoda tez chalaenge, please."
Arjun gave a stern reply,"NAHI"
And Shree was left with nothing to speak as he accepted defeat to Riya and lost a dairy milk silk.

-----------Shree and Chhotu-----------------------
They both were dropped home by Arjun. They ate in a restaurant as usual and talked about the new angel in their life Riya, till they fell asleep.

Riya was dropped home by Rathod, who helped her to walk to her room. Her landlady fed her on her bed and she fell asleep in her arms. Rathod and her landlady smiled seeing her innocent face and both went off.

Rathod went home after assuring that Riya was fine. Pihu had already slept while Sonali was waiting for him on the dining table. They both had their dinner. While on bed Rathod narrated the entire day to Sonali. Sonali was worried about Riya but also happy that Arjun smiled today after a very long time.
Sonali: Dekhna, dheere dheere sab theek ho jayega. Riya jo hai. They both smiled and slept.

Arjun reached his cottage and as he switched on the lights, he saw Roshni's pics all around on the walls. He suddenly realized that he had not thought of Roshni the entire day, when his entire days and nights were spent in her memories. He firstly cursed himself and then he began cursing Riya for it. It was because of Riya that he forgot his Roshni. He asked himself,
"Why, Why???//?????/?/"

Hey guys! do comment and also tell if u want musical extravaganza or not...
Precap: Days pass by...Roshni's shraad
Arjun knows about Riya and Rathod as bro-sis. 
Arjun fights with Rathod.Angry
Arjun slaps Riya...Dead

Do comment...
Next update on 3RD November--------DIWALI..TongueWink

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ll_megha_ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 November 2013 at 5:44am | IP Logged
its awesome update dear.
love the way riya give anser to arjun.
riya was fall on the gaddha.
love ariya moments.
arjun was affected with riya.
love the way riya give answer to arjun.
arjun smile.
precap looks interesting.
continue son.
and please pm me.
or happy diwali

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Posted: 01 November 2013 at 6:05am | IP Logged
nice part..
Loved it..
Continue soon..
Thanks for pm..

Edited by unishaz - 03 November 2013 at 7:45am
mishree IF-Rockerz

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It is wonderful amazing ,jhikass update 
Thanx 4 pm me dr

Precap is interesting 

Ps: happy birthday belated dr 
Stay blessed 

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Awesome update
love it
cont soon
Aks13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2013 at 8:21am | IP Logged

Belated Happy Birthday

Mind blowing update dr...!!!

Awww Arjun was affected by her antics...!!!!!

Wow how instantly she mixed with Choree...????

OMG Riya fell in the pit n was still cracking jokes...!!!

Ariya segment was beautifully written...!!!

Yayyy thy all got the clue coz of her...!!!

Wow akdu rawte ki bolti band kar di...!!!

Awww all of thm were impressed by her finding even Arjun...!!!!!

OMG she fougt with Choree with window seat...unbelievable...!!!! She brought happiness n fun in their boring n dull lives...!!

Oye hoye Arjun smiled coz of her...that's amazing...!!!!!

Awww Choree race har gaye...

Loved all their POVs about new angel in their lives except Arjun...!!!!

OMG he was cursing her...but was so much affected by her presence...!!!

Loved every bit of it...!!!

Precap looks vry painfull...!!

Thanks 4 pm dr...

Continue soon...


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Aabish_02 Goldie

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Posted: 01 November 2013 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Awesome update
love it
continue soon
plzzz pm me
DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 November 2013 at 4:43pm | IP Logged
Awesome part...
So the fight starts!!!
Ariya nok jok was cute...
hmm Arjun irritated but loving Riya's antics...
loved trio's friendship...
Update soon...

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