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SwaRon OS- Tu Hi Dil Hai,Tu Hi Jaan Bhi (PMs sent)

sakshibshah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 1:45am | IP Logged

Hey Buddies...! 
A new OS which I planned as a Birthday Gift for my Shishya...that is...Sadiya...(sadiyaswaron)
I am posting it now...
@Sadiya- Sorry for being so late...Love u...

Have a happy reading...
Sorry for nay grammatical / spell mistake..
***Tu Hi Dil Hai...Tu Hi Jaan Bhi***

Sharon was resting on bed in her bedroom'staring at her cell'.looking disappointed'
Suddenly a smile placed on her lips when her phone buzzed'she immediately opened the message and read'
'Hey'Shar'you remember na'sharp 7:30pm'behind your house..the park..??
Eager to meet love'be there'
Sharon smiled at this'and replied'
'Yeah..! Love You''

Swayam in his room'was smiling like an idiot'and jumped when he saw the reply'he instantly got up to get ready as it was 7pm now'
Swayam*in mind*- Shar'the wait is over..I am coming'.

*** little nervous'She wanted to meet him..but her spots on her face'all in all the blame to the POX'were making her more hesitate to go  and face him'.
Swayam reached the park'sharp 7:30'.still no one was there'he waited for her'for more 5min'then he called her'.
Firstly..she didn't picked up the call'but the 5 continuous calls made her pick up the 6th one'.

 On Call:

Swayam- Hey..Shar'kahan ho tum'.??
Sharon- Umm'vo..mein'
Swayam(concerned)- Tum thik ho ???
Sharon- Haan'Swayam'
Swayam- To..fir,,,park mein aayi nahi'.it's 7:40 now'
Sharon(finding some reason)- Mein'mmm'haan vo ready nahi hun'
Swayam- Huh'abhi tak..? Yeh to kal se decided tha hum aaj milenge'
Sharon- Mein nahi aa sakti'.
Swayam- Huh'par kyun Shar'????
Sharon(little confident)- Bola na nahi aa sakti'
Swayam- Shar'acha mein aa raha hun'
Sharon(shocked)- What..! No..nahi'naah'never'umm'
Swayam- Tum..mujhe nahi rok sakti ho'just wait and watch..
Sharon(in one breath)- Mujhe..nahi milna'
Swayam(little ordering)- Yes'yes..yes..! Am coming..
Sharon- Par..v'
Swayam(confused..irritated)- Kyun'Shar'kyun nahi milna'10 days ho gaye'hum nahi mile'tumhe ek baar bhi dekha nahi'
sirf phone pe baat'na video na kuch'.ab to thik ho tum fir kya problem'
Sharon was amazed to listen his loud voice'She kept quite'.
Swayam(loud)- Milne se kya bigad jaega huh'? Pehle hi bata deti nahi milna'mein aata hi nahi'na hi tumhe disturb karta'vahi phone calls and chat'nothing else'
Sharon- Sw'w
Cut off by Swayam'
Swayam- Kuch nahi sun na mujhe'Promise diya vo bhi follow kiya jo bola vo kiya'ab mujhe kuch bhi nahi sunnna hai'
And saying this he disconnected the call'.and sat on the bench beside'

Here'.Sharon sat disappointedly'and covered her face with her palms'resting her hand on her knees..
Sharon thought that he will not come now'.and felt guilty for it'

Swayam's face was down'he was in his thoughts'
Swayam*to himself*- Shar'ek second mein decision change..huh'tumko aana nahi hai chicken..poxx'ke wajah nahi paaye'damn chi'
He stopped in between'and immediately faced up'
Something struck into his mind'he banged his hand on his forehead'
Swayam- Ohh'shitt'.chicken pox'ohh gosh !! Uske face pea b bhi spots honge'islie' Mein kaise hyper ho gaya'vo nervous hogi'nervousness ke kaaran kaise face kar paati vo mujhe'arghh ! Aur upar se I talked in loud voice' can I do this'

He got up'and his hands turned up into fist'
Swayam- Kya karun..umm'yeah ! Sorry'sirf ussse kaam nahi chalega'something..I got it..!! Yup'!
He ran somewhere'.out'

Sharon was upset'by his behavior and also hers'.she wanted to Dance'but she was not so energetic'so she shooed off this idea from her mind'
As she was alone'she only had one option'
She took out her I-pod from the side drawer , plugged the earphones and started playing THEIR favorite playlist'
'SwaRon Playlist'
The first song'their ultimate song- 'Pehla Nasha'..A smiled played on her lips...this song reminded her of their First Special Dance'..
Few minutes after the song changed'.playlist was on shuffle'which was unknown to her..and the song came into her ears was'
'Bepanaah pyaar hai aaja'tera intezaar hai aajaa'
She took Swayam's photo kept below her pillow'and  stared at it'.
This song and his photo led tears form in her eyes'still no single tear fell down from her eyes'
Sharon*to pic*- Swayam'tum to mujhe ache se jaante ho na'fir bhi'. Aise ghusse mein'tumne shayad yahi socha  ki mujhe tumse nahi milna'but aisa nahi hai'umm'vaise'ek tarah se acha hhi hai'ye meri hi galti hai jo mein nahi aayi'ab punishment to milna hi thi'.yahi meri punishment rahegi'tumse aur dur rehna'
She was consoling herself'she blamed herself'.
Sharon- I Love you Swayam..and I mis'.
She was about to speak more when she sensed something'.she was startled'.she removed the earphones from her ears..
She sensed him'she was aware of his Presence in her room'She stood up'.
And felt him close to her'.She slowly turned around' his name on her mouth'
Yes..! She was right'
As soon as she turned..she found him'.and at the instant when they looked into each other's eyes'.a tear drop made way down her cheek'
Swayam was standing too close to her'his eyes were also moist'.he had heard everything she spoke'
Swayam held her shoulders and mouthed a 'Sorry' to her'.She hung her face down'
He lifted her chin up so that she could face him perfectly'.
Swayam-   I am really very sorry..Shar'meine tumse is tarah baat ki'.and I  know you..tum bhi mmujhse milna chahti hogi'.
Itne dino se tumse door nahi raha gaya,'.I am sorry'
Sharon- Sw'Swayam'I am'.sor-ry'
And drops of tears started flowing down'
Swayam- Hey ! Hey !
He cupped her face'.and from his thumb..wiped her tears'
Swayam- Plzz Shar'don't cry'.abhi itne aasun baha dogi'to fir Shaadi mein aasun bachenge hi nahi na'.

This made Sharon chuckle a bit'.
Sharon- Abhi'engagement hi to hui hai'shaadi ko bohot time hai'.
Swayam pouted'
Swayam- Hmm'3 months more'
Both smiled'
Swayam- Shar'.tum bohot 'Khubsurat' ho'.
Sharon looked into him'both shared a LLHH'.
Sharon- Mein bohot nervous ho gayi thi'in spots ke kaaran'
Swayam- Shar'sirf 2-3 spots ke lie'it doesn't matter..mere liye bilkul matter nahi karta'
tum jaise bhi ho'both achhi ho aur sirf meri ho'..My Siren Sharon'and would be..'Mrs. Swayam Shekhwat'
She blushed'
She held his wrists which were cupping her face..

Sharon- I missed you'Swayam'I missed you so much'
Swayam- I missed you too'my Love'

He held her shoulders'and made her stand in front of the mirror'
Sharon- Yeh kya kar rahe ho'.?? Yahan kyon laye'?
Swayam- Ssh'close your eyes'
And he with his hands made her close her eyes'

He took out some small jewel box'and opened it'
It was a diamond studded Locket in a chain'.he encircled it around her and hooked it'.and then asked her to open her eyes'
Her eyes glittered when she saw it'it was amazing'beautiful'..
She touched it'.and turned around'.
Sharon- It's 'it's out of the world Swayam'.I I..just don't have words'.
Swayam smiled at her'
Swayam- This was your wish..I knew it'.and aaj mauka mila'.so here it is'
Sharon- Tumko'kaise pata chala..???
Swayam- Umm'Top Secret hai'
He winked..
Sharon(pout)- Aann'please'
Swayam- Love'
He pulled her cheeks..
Sharon- Ouchh'acha ohkay'
Said while rubbing her cheeks'

Both talked for some more time'they had their Dinner also'.
Time to sleep..
Sharon- Bohot late ho gaya hai'tum abhi chale jao'.
Swayam- Kahan'.???
Sharon- Huh..! Apne ghar..
Swayam- Are'yahi mera ghar hai'.mein yahin rahunga aaj'
Sharon- What !
Swayam- Yeah ! So'tum yahan bed pe so jao'.I'll go out'.and subah jaldi College jaana rehearsals hai'.
So hum saath mein chalenge'
Sharon- No'tum jao na Swayam'tum comfortable nahi rahoge yahan'
Swayam- Tumhara Fiance hun'itna haq to banta hai mera'ki mein tumhare ghar mein reh sakun..and I am perfectly comfortable'
He gave a assuring smile'and'she agreed'
Swayam dragged her to her cupboard. made her take out her Night suit..then also'pushed her inside Washroom for change'and then made her lay on  the bed'.and covered her with quilt'and gave a long wali smile'.
She was amazed'she closed her eyes'and'.
Sharon*in mind*- Ohh..My..God'no'no'Oh My Swayam'tum to super fast ban gaye'5min mein I am on bed'otherwise'15min are minimum for me'aahh.and I  love being with you' , I so Love You Swayam'
And a smile plastered'.Swayam saw this and said..
Swayam- I Love You too'My Sharon'.
He said in the voice which was audible to Sharon'
She was surprised'he knew her so well'she opened her eyes'and gave him a Flying Kiss'he caught that and made Heart with Fingers'
She closed her eyes and slept peacefully'.

Swayam sat their only on couch'admiring Sharon'and after few minutes'unknowingly'sleep came over him'.!

 Sharon woke cause of the loud alarm ring'she saw the time'it was 5am !
Sharon- 5'??? Itni jaldi'College to 8:30 se rehta hai..and itni jaldi Swayam ne kyun uthaya..oopss Swayam'hai kahan ?
She searched her room and drawing but could not find him 'she freshened up herself fiirst and called Swayam's name..but no reply came'
Sharon- Swayam'! Hum to saath jaane wale the'tum ho kahan'
She went out the room'searching'She was about to go out in guest room'when she found Her Swayam'coming towards her'with a tray'
Sharon- Tum yahan ho'aur ye kya hai ?
Swayam- Breakfast for my Love'
Sharon saw it..and smiled..
Sharon- Itni jaldi'thank you so much'.tumne khaya ????
Swayam- Mera to iradaa tumhare saath khane ka tha'
Sharon- Umm'iradaa bura nahi hai'
Swayam- Vo bhi..meri Siren ke haath se'
Sharon blushed'

They both had their Breakfast'! And after both got ready'
Sharon- Swayam'
Swayam- Haan'bolo..
Sharon- Wo'mein..umm..hum walking karte karte chale'
Swayam- Walk..! Kyun..?
Sharon- Morning date..hamari'
Swayam- As you wish'
He smiled and nodded..
She blushed'.

Both reached College'
Sharon- Yahan'to koi nahi dikh raha hai'.(confused)
Swayam- Are'.tum andar chalo'Rehearsal hall mein'
He dragged her in'.
As soon she opened the door'.and entered inside'.A dim light glowed'She looked up'
(She was in centre)
And many petals of roses fell on her'.Swayam locked the hall'and then stood little away from her'.
She was surprised'now light glowed which focused on wall'where her pics were stuck !
She looked there and smiled'.Pics of her dance'Swayam n her pics of salsa'n all..
She was mesmerized by this'
Sharon- Swayam'.
Swayam- Hmmm'
Sharon turned back to see him'.
Sharon- This is beautiful'..
Swayam- Just for you'my Love'.
She spread her arms..feeling the rose petals'which were still shedding on her'.
Swayam went to a side and kept his bag there'.and also switched ON the music'
He reached just in front of her'sat down in kneeling position asking her to dance'.
It was a Salsa tune'
She kept her hand on his'.he stood up and pulled her'and started the moves'
Fully they were enjoying it'.Sharon held his finger and twirled many a times'
He picked her up'twirled round'and then brought back'
They moved fast when beats were high'loud'.they were perfect'sync with the speed'and all'then'.
Sharon moved a little away still holding his hand'.And just then the song tune changed into a slow'romantic song'.
She stood there surprised for a second'.and suddenly Swayam pulled her close'.inches apart only'.
they shared an eye-lock'which broke when Swayam tucked her lock of hair behind her ears'.
The mood became full intense'.He slid his hands'on her back'which sent shivers to her'.
She turned around'..he was behind her'he traced his finger on her arm'.from top to bottom'.and held her palm tight'
and then made her face in front'she held his neck and then they danced on they slow song'sensuously'
He lifted her up'high'.and brought her down'.slowly'.she moved away'.but banged on his chest when he pulled her at a high stroke'
In turn his hand landed on her tiny part of waist' She breathed high'she held his hand tight which was on her waist'
She rested her head on his chest'She just got lost'.He came in front of her'.and picked her up in his arms'and and bent down'then made her do a cart wheel step'.and she landed safely..but her breath became a little fast'.
He held her waist'.with he intertwined his fingers at her back'and took 2-3 rounds'.and just after they stopped that step'Sharon moved a little back'.coughing and breathing high'.
She kept her hand on her chest'Swayam came in front of her'.held her with shoulders'.
Swayam- Shar'Ye'ohh'.Shitt'as'asthama'.Gosh'.
He made her sit down'.
Swayam- Mein abhi'aata'hun'.
He turned back towards his bag'. Took  a step'.when'She looked up to him'..and..
Sharon- Sw..w..a..
And held her hand till his to stop him'in turn her hand brushed on his hand's back'.
Swayam turned back'.
He reached upto her level..and cupped her face'.
Swayam- Just wait Sharon'.I..
Sharon just held his hands'and was trying to get up'.
He held her'.but was stopping her to stand'.but still she stood'
Swayam- I am coming'just'just..wait'.
She nodded a NO'.and just buried herself in his chest'.
She hugged him'.He was stunned for a second'.
Sharon- Hold me't..tight'.
Swayam hugged her'.
Swayam(concern)- Shar'
Sharon- Plz'I want you'.nothing else'.
Swayam- But'
Sharon tightened her grip more'..he soothed her back'.
Swayam- Okay'..relax'.calm down'I am here'.
Sharon was somewhat stable now'.her breaths were turning to normal'..
He broke the hug'.and cupped her face'.
Sharon- Jab are with me'.I need nothing'. You are my Life'.Swayam'.my Soul'.
Swayam- I am there with you always'.
Sharon-You are my heart' I Love You'
He gave a peck on her forehead'and took her in embrace'.
She hugged him tight'..
Swayam- Love you too'My Love'.

They were in this state for few more minutes'.
After breaking the hug'
Sharon- I am perfectly fine'see'
Swayam- you stressed yourself in the time of 10days , haina'?
Sharon- Umm'vo..nah..nahi'
Swayam- I know you'you were away from dance'and even though you were weak you danced'and then you had an attack firse'..and today also'it reflected'
She hung her face down'.and mouthed a Sorry !
Swayam held her chin up'.
Swayam- You are precious to me'I can't afford anything or any harm to you'
 Sharon- I am sorry'
Swayam- You need rest'let's go home'.
Sharon- But College'.
Swayam- Today College is OFF'.
Sharon- What.! But'.
Swayam- Yeah more questions''let's go'
She understood it was all his plan'.she smiled..Both shared a small hug'
As they came walking but Swayam went to take his cycle which in the Campus only'(He came early morning to do all the arrangement in the college)
He made her sit in front and he drove the cycle to her house'.
When she got down'she gave a flying kiss'.in turn he kissed her cheeks'.
Swayam- Take care'.
She blushed' and went inside'
He smilingly drove to his house'.

Hope you liked it Shishya..and also you all buddies...
Thanks for reading it...



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BhaviJas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 1:50am | IP Logged
yeh first to res... Dancing
will unres soon...
it was ossam dii...Tongue
i simply luvd it...
u perfectly described both swayam as well as sharon...
the rehersal room seq was just out of the world...Embarrassed
n hugs n kisses were...Day Dreaming

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 1:57am | IP Logged
Beautiful OS swthrt...

Loved the way portrayed her fears..her insecurities...and how he accept her with all her flaws...the night stay ..the blissful breakfast..the was beautifully written ...

Sorry for the short comment dear..m not keeping well..n m inactive here

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Magical_NaiRan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Sakshiii yaar it is a beautiful OS...Big smile
want to see sharion getting attack in the show...a scen like disDay Dreaming
it was awesomee yaarBig smileBig smile
thank u sooo much for dis OSHug

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sweetydiyafrien IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 4:41am | IP Logged
that was wonderful and superb os... loved it...

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pooja123456 Goldie

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 5:11am | IP Logged
superb and totally cute!
swaron engaged aww!!!

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HPHolic-3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 6:06am | IP Logged
Sorry guruji I know I M late maaf kar do.
Coming to os
Aww it was soo damm amazing.I just loved it
Tohfa ye tumhara dil chu gya mera
Dil me der sare jazbaat bhar gaya mere
Itna special feel karwaya hai aapne mujhko
Nahi bayan kar sakti me chand lineo me isko

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Suni1986 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 6:53am | IP Logged
It was really lovely nd sweet OS.

Swayam taking care of sharon nd completing d wishes

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