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Blast from the Past Thread #16, pg 128, epi 180 (Page 6)

soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Anita..

Barun's interview with raj badhann... Credit goes to princesssneha

If that link does not work here is a another one... Credit goes to fazila

The third link was posted by raj baddhan... I think that would be the best


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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Anita..

OH MY GO THREAD 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo excited

I have been practicing my dancing as well
I know you guys are very jealous of my moves but with practice you guys can improve...LOL

On a serious note the next few episodes will have Shyam trying to kill Anjali in various and stupid waysAngryDead...Arnav gifting Khushi chooris

Arnav Worrying about Khushi when she is Lost/in danger...
the poolside kiss...
the A on the mendhi
and the best Teri Meri dance ever that makes you forget that Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor are in it

More gifs can be seen when my analysis are writtens...can't use all the good ones nowLOLWink

Durga: Loved your poem about all the Arshi moments during the wedding rasams
Wiwy: your riddle is hard...but i guess he went green with jealously (not of her wearing the sari but whoever will get to have her). The answer to riddle 15 was just too good
Cinthiann: loved your teri meri post
Katelyn: enjoyed those catch
Arshi: loved the edits and what you wrote!!!!!!!
Supi: nice edits as always
Ami: Haye the Drool Corner Day Dreaming and the poolside kiss edit in black white and pink!!!! that edit was wow
Indi: thanks for putting this thread together

i hope i did not leave out anybody

Let's enjoy the new phase of ArShi's Love story...where attraction turns into love and affection

for all the gifs used the credit goes to the makers 


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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 November 2012
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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

A cosmic dance with everlasting effects
An 'A' in the hand, someone's name it reflects
A devastating hi, a scintillating kissing sound
Thud, thud, thud, fangirls falling all around
Anxious moments spent, full of concern and worry
On the road was Arnav, on the phone was Khushi
Gift of bangles, the very first one
The round of Prasad, had to be won
Did not disclose the gift's reason
The heart beats, however, were now in unison  
A fortnight full of fun, most awaited
The desire to watch again, never abated
Welcome to the magical thread of BFTP sixteen
Passions on the rise, romance never before seen

A new episode, every evening at 8pm, and all are invited to watch, chat, discuss, as we carry on with our second run of IPK here at the Blast from the Past.

when your heart can sense the rhythm, your gut says you want the beat, and your feet carry you to the place you long to be, that's when you know there is no letting this moment go, no matter what... it's time for me and you, you and me. time to look into your eyes, carry you in a sure embrace, throw you in a fling of passion, catch you back in hungry clasp. dance with you. dance with me? dance with me. this is the tango of love. who needs rehearsal. but why is it that we who are no strangers to dances on screen, still can't quite breathe when we see this one? it's been more than a year and a half, yet we can't stop getting all excited about a film song and two television actors, non dancers really, telling their kahani through it? oh the ephemeral yet eternal moments. who crafted them? can one craft such splendour? she dips so low you think she's fall to the floor, but his hand behind her head knows otherwise; she walks away and he calls her with a silent lift of his hand, a turn of head, forlorn he stands, how can she not run back to him; so many questions, so much inexplicable, you hurt me, you bother me, hold me tight, raise me high, twirl me through the edge of space, entwined let's go to the border of time. come, dance with me. and then let me steal a kiss.

Credits: The opening lines and poem come to you from DurgaS, the banner collage is created by ArshiHamesha, BarunDiwani brings us the poolside kiss in black/white/pink, supriya.arshi has made the two "Capturing" edits and the thread collage. Blast notes and the "Breathe" edit are by indi52. Katelyn is our music lady. The colours of this special Teri Meri thread are inspired by the episodes. A big welcome and thanks to supriya.arshi for taking the plunge, she is posting all episodes on this thread and updating the index. Please scroll down for rules and index.

mai toh mar gayi

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
when he see green he remember 
his plant from plant mother 
and then trademark anger 
so inshort green is a signal for anger LOLLOL

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
lovely thread again 
you all guys are really blesses with o much talent 
that many carve for 
go up like thsi 
heights are waitng for u

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samin6 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks Indi for the new thread

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52


1. We will be posting all the episodes of IPKKND in sequence. For previous episodes, please check the threads before this.

2. We will post You Tube links, and a few others.

3. Links of full episodes will be posted, not just ASR Khushi love scenes.

4. We will post episodes from You tube so if we find episodes with English subtitles there then we will post them but if we are unable to find them then, Sorry!

5. All international viewers to please note, episode will be posted at 8 P.M. (IST). You can come and watch it according to your time zone and discuss them accordingly, the videos are not running away :)

6. Please keep all discussions healthy and happy,
we are keen to go all the way to 398, and don't wish to see threads run unnecessarily into trouble.

7. And please don't send buddy requests and PMs for this thread, we will not accept them because we will NOT PM the updates to anybody.
Please understand that. You can stalk this thread at 8 every evening.

8. Please don't copy our idea of re-watching IPK, it takes a lot of time and energy to come up with an idea and implement it.

9. No bashing of any character or actor.

10. don't forget to dance... we hope your partner doesn't arrive.

Thank you!

Riddle No. 16:Big smile

What happened to Arnav when he saw Khushi in green? D'ohWink

Post your answers here on the thread and let's see if anyone can read the riddle makers mind.


Kyuon,'Dar Gayein !!!''.

Why?... You've got scared !!!''


New year's eve came upon ARSHI with  full of hopes, dreams, and desires.Desires to be one,to be together,to be unified.The magnetic pull has started since the day one yet La has provoked him before leaving "agar tumhari Zindagi mein pyar aa jaye tou hold on it ASR'" [If you find love then hold on to it ASR']'.

He is trying to hold on to it his way by using his brain not heart'. Though heart already has exchanged his heart beat with her 'the rhythm of which she found first but put a stop sign to it after his declaration of "koi matlab nahi" [it doesn't matter']. She does not want to draw upon the same extreme feelings again. Unconsciously they both jolted together to see each other at this auspicious night and they did by beating all the odds of egoism, engrossed each others completely by ignoring all the surrounding elements, under the stars which were witnessing their Unison moment, in front of Devi Maiyya who was sealing it for them for forever..[Hamesha]

The overwhelming desires made em come too close today that their souls were even yearning and longing to keep no distance and that feared Khushi today. He sensed that fear in her and provoked her with his old trick to get her, to bring a challenge'in her to beat him'He called her brainless 'without intellect'hmmm'Nice move Mr Brainiac..He tried his best to bring her on the surface to make her realize she needs him as much he does but her constant pushing and denial irked him and he left calling her a loser as she is afraid of hurting her heart again' with her belonging, a piece of her green shirt as GREEN is her color which is ready to mingle with him. She is so on for this challenge "Yeh saal humari jeet keh naam hoga"[I will win this year at any cost]. Her constant ignorance towards him and his aspired desires provoked him to put pause on her ongoing thoughts bringing her back to the core of this process of making her think only about'..Him'. but jerked  her with another challenging thought'"chodo rehne do tum seh nahin paoogi" [Leave it, you won't be able to handle it']'But Khushi Kumari Gupta'diverts the inner meaning of his words in fear of this close proximity.."haal chahe behal ho'hum jeet keh dikhaengey" [No matter what happened, I will win for sure] makes him bow down to her by her silence along with the entire universe around him'and in return challenged him.

Arnav's desires are challenging Khushi over and over yet Khushi is not ready to give in.She has accepted the challenge indeed and sealed it by putting her hands in him behind curtains under the fire as Fire is their witness and wind is inflating it.The need of water brought him to seal this deal by shaking dusty, earthy hands together with her. She wants to give in as her heart demands yet mind still is on halt."Humain manzoor hai"[ I accepy it..]'Her small confession mingles with his satisfaction.."mujhe bhi.." [ I accept too..] On the other hand he is burning in this aspired and consumed feelings for her as if "agar mujhe na mili tou meri sanse hi ruk jayengi"[If I didn't get her, I won't be able to breath"].

When he doesn't see her before NK, he throws the arrow of  challenge directly at her in front of every one." Shayed challenge se Dar gaye hai'" [may be she is scared with challenge..] 'She pops out determined than ever ,"hum nahin darte'"[I am not afraid ..] and shows him his reflection in his mirror of EGO' She comes out at the stage in skirt showing off her milky skin to him along with everyone else. She dared him with his challenge which he gave her while giving her mini skirt on that calendar shoot night and couldn't handle her bewitched beauty in  draped saree'. "Humain aapki har chanauti manzoor hai'"[I accept every challenge of yours..]and he is helpless in gulping his desires'. But she doesn't stop there'. She accepts his attractive desires by hitting him with Yellow flower[the color yellow evokes feelings of joy and lightheartedness] and conveying her love to him by adoring his habits which brings a killing smile on his face witnessed by everyone. She made him meeting his human side to his heart and the others'by opening her heart to him embracing all of Him the way he is' He couldn't stop adoring and devouring her the very same way as the night of calendar shoot.

He comes to her to take a confession from her or in other words make sure she is ready to handle his undeniable and pure love but in taunting way "Lekin Yahan bhi  tumhain Meri zaroorat pad gayi, Meri bina tou jaise koi baat banthi hi  nahi tumhari"[ But then You needed me  here in your performance too,as if your day is incomplete without thinking of me '] Arnav tries to evoke Khushi towards unknowing feelings that she needs him, wants him , wishes him in his life.Her instinctive thoughts revolve around him remembering him in fear, happiness, and in sadness. He knows how is she feeling as he was afraid and running away from his feelings for her and she is doing the same now.ASR BG score meaning he doesn't want to stop from his mission today, "Pehle hi ithna kuch kehchukki ho ...[ You already have said enough]' meaning I know what u expect from me He has understood her desire, and it wipes off her smile '..he slowly walks towards her, pinning her on the wall, he huskily reminds her by keeping his intense eyes burning into her soul "Laptop se " He doesn't finish and keep glaring at her to tell her that he got the message of Engagement ring that she needs him to inure  as she finishes"tum inki kar do sagaye"[ Make him engaged] Arnav continues,"Aathon pahar dil pe hai taale  [ You have locked your heart throughout all the time ] .. Khushi begins to feel the heat at this point and wants to move but he corners and repeats the same line again by gritting his teeth.. He is clearly conveying her that  his heart which was locked is open as she wished as her command and now it's her turn .. Khushi  completes ,"Kya Karen yeh hasna bhi na jaane," [What will we do he doesn't know how to smile] Arnav  accepts  that Khushi wishes seeing him smiling.He reminds her as she's been observing him closely which she denies I fear being as vulnerable.He is not satisfied and jerks her "Why didn't you become ASR'and enjoy being his partner in her act or that what she wants to be unconsciously' "and after failing to do so he called her again brainless 'without  intellect'as she is afraid her heart might get hurt again' a BRAIN talk with ego'which showed his frustration for her'.She steps forward this time with determination,"humain aap jaisa bane main koi dilchaspi nahin'humare paas dil hai phele bhi bata chuke hain..'."[I don't wanna become like you as I have heart..just told you before.] and she touches his  heart pointing at the fact he can't have true life with his closed heart as he fears to open it .[He gulps down her finger touching his closed  heart..]that infuriates him more than ever'as "Haan nahin hai dil ASR keh seene main'"[Yes ASR doesn't have a heart in his chest']Both are not ready to give in for each other at any cost to understand these are not their weaknesses'These are their  strengths which make both of them one'

The push and pull continues till her tears fell on his hard core and burned him by consuming all the ego in it and heart takes over his brain to be ready to mingle with hers at her level,at her need by fulfilling his own'.but just for that moment he fulfills her wish and opens his heart'.As the challenge was consuming and reducing both of them equally and then the moment comes to embrace both of them to give in by putting all the fears and egos aside and just mingling heart to heart'as one heart beat'"humari Dhadkane eik ho jaati hain'"[our heart beats become one']'. But saying each others' name with each beat still needs some time, some more challenges to go through as love without pain of TRUST is nothing'Not only Khushi is fearless but also he is yet the fear of Trust still resides in both'.as La's words "make sure you never let her go from your life.." still needs him to come out of fear a "Fear of Trust"'

The night The heart, which skipped a beat in front of red beauty'.made her aware of his intentions'.later broke red beauty's heart along with him ''.is surrendering today in front of her heart who wants him to mingle with his color'.Today Red is mingling with green'."Yeh rang tum peh utna bhi bura nahin lagta'."[This color doesn't look bad on you']


As this love story is strange and can't be explained in couple of words'..It's a silent feeling which can be felt and  heard only by souls without fear 'without having a name'..


Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon !!!'''..

salute you 

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IssPKaur


Can't compete with all of you but happy to present my first ever attempt at an "Edit"! 

Mere pyaare BLASTERS,

Tumse dil jo lagaya, do jahaan maine paya
Likha thoda thoda...aur ab edit bhi banayaLOL


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