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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #16, pg 128, epi 180 (Page 32)

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Originally posted by sohara

I love this scene ,has so much depth and meaning as both are sparring here with each other...That show how lovely "lover " he is and she is not far behind from him...Later he said she sleeps in "taekwando" pose...but he is the one who challenges her first to get amuse by her actions then...both of them are too much...Wink

oh yeah, they are too much, sexy Tom and Jerry!LOL

she is chivalrous. she doesn't fear to challenge him. 

 Shyam embitters to hear her threat, what else will you do? She resents him acrimoniously that how dare he. shyam grabs hold her upper arms vehemently and chides her that what she will do? Khushi tells him not to touch her. he infuriates more and strengthens his grip on her arms. Khushi winces in pain.Angry He basically rapped her again today more than before and that is not settling with me ..She should've tell Arnav or any one at this time.This is not the time to be matter what...I know she is quiet for Payal but still  she could've tell some one...Her Khamoshi is way too much and shows weakness in the story to me...

Absolutely. I guess they deliberately did it to move the story again towards the nafrat.

Pause: my heart ached for the poor girl. Arnav and Shyam both abused her. She is really chivalrous and a girl of strong will, so that she could surmount so much agony and grief so easily. Same matter how much I love Arnav but he did hurt her badly...though he erases every pain of her later and really emerges as a true Rajkumar for her...but till now he did the damage as much as Shyam...the only difference is HE is honest and caring which she can't ignore...

very well said. Khushi knew that in spite of so much hate and acrimony, there was some kind of divine attraction between them. That's why she ignored and bore his abuse. But she sure had to pay a heavy toll in return, which she really doesn't deserve.

credit goes to the maker

ClapGood one sohara...I didn't do mine yet Love each and every scene of this...This is the point where he can't stand her ignorance towards his feeling especially after NK's proximity as he admits later...NK and his attention towards her bothered him...
Shyam is also getting hyped as he can't stay away from her either..his dirty mind is plating games and he Khushi's quietness along with Guptas is making him more courageous...Filthy dude...

He can't see her in convulsion and tears no way...

Thnx for lovely gif and VM...Very unusual song ...Never heard it before...but scenes are nice.

My comments are green this time
thank you so much for reading. All of your comments are so precious and significant.
Yes Gupta's taciturnity did the damage. shyam became vehement in his malignancy..

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Originally posted by sohara



After Khushi's spectacular performance she got full marks what increased the score board of Guptas to 14. She is exulting her victory and showing Arnav thumps down. Arnav also is happy for her,once he saw her dance all his competetive thought went away...also he is sweet  Arnav and not the ruthless ASR now...her victory is his victory in a way but is not showing his delight. 

Yes, he can't see his babe to lose. The all sangeet competition drama was just an excuse to communicate her.

Pause: how dare Shyam touched Khushi and manhandled her! I wish if I could kill that devil! She did the biggest mistakes not to reveal his secret. She is still quiet now for the sake of her sister and Anjali. But what she got in return, myriad hate from the man she loves!Unhappy that man makes me want to throw my laptop against a wall and break things

don't damage your personal property for that atrocious guy.LOL

A sharp dart of pain runs through his heart. he always says something that he will regret...he always quick to judge her actions that when he assumes something about her it backfires 

very well said. he is a spitfire for sure and regret later for his action.

Bua brags that she is her niece after all. Nani tries to assuage bua that the competition is just an excuse to increase the attraction of the sangeet. i wish they found out about the cheating and i was surprised no one wondered about bua ji's weird act.

me too. so weird right?

 Khushi's dance partner didn't come. She literally slumped down in disappointment. She is cogitating, cowardice is shown in her visage. Arnav also is convulsing. Specially after seeing her woebegone by the poolside, he is still in compunctionClapClap Claploved your use of vocabulary

Thank you

credit goes to the maker

that gif was so hypnotizing!!!!
i really liked that VM you you know where that song is is really pretty
My comments are in blue!!!!! and the use of three emoticons are me too...and the bold are the vocabulary words i liked
i cannot wait for your take on 170!!!!
 Thank you so much for reading.
 Loved all of your comments.

This was a song from a private album of Roop Kumar Rathod. Later they used the song  in the movie, "shore in the city."

I almost finished writing 170 in my words. i'll do a little edit and hopefully will post tonight.

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 166

Shyam is panicking looking for his mithai box and he asks HP that where is the mithai box and he tells him he was taking the pictures so he doesn't know. Anjali (okay she has pretty hair why would she curl her hair like that and that too just the front portion of her hair. If her whole hair was curled it would be so pretty and a better effect to her overall look) comes and taps him on his shoulder and she asks him to come as they are going to host today's show. Shyam was thinking of excuses not to do the hosting because he needs to look for the mithai box. She is adamant for him come and she thinks he is nervous and said that he is like a kid who is about to perform. Anjali pulls Shyam along with her while Shyam is still anxious about the mithai box (seriously is he planning that the scorpion venom will go into the sweets or when RS puts her hand in the box it will bite her, or just give her a heart attack by seeing the scorpion. His plan is a little unclear. With all the scheming he does out loud you think he would have mentioned it.)

The Gupta family enters the party and Payal (okay out of everyone's look he looks the best...just comparing to Anjali at the moment, I could do without the rhinestones in the hair) seeks the blessings from Mama ji and Nani. Arnav is looking out for Khushi and NK comes looking for Khushi as well. Arnav sees NK and asks who he is looking for...NK not being shy about his feeling and interest in Khushi, says Khushi.  NK asks him same question and Arnav turns his head the other way ignoring that question (accept it you love to see khushi...him ignoring the question makes it obvious).

Payal eyes are looking for someone (Akash) but she cannot find him and then she sees Mami. She goes up to Mami ji and is about to say Namaste. Mami sees her and ignores and pretends to talk to someone showing that she does not want to talk to her (this lady is too much; her jealousy is clouding her judgment). Akash comes in front of her and by isharas tell her that she is looking awesome and Anjali sees them and isharas that Akash is looking okay but Payal is looking awesome. She leaves the love birds alone.

Bua ji enters and is dragging some box with a rope attached to it and Khushi is pushing it from behind. Mami feels embarrassed and turns around. then Khushi gets up from pushing the box and NK sees her and in excitement calls her name and then she immediately goes down to push the box again and Arnav shots up and is like Where...NK is like over there and points... Arnav is unable to see her and tells NK that to stop day dreaming. Arnav adds that it seems that Khushi is scared and will not come. Khushi with her bionic ear hears this and says that she doesn't get scared. Khushi tells Bua ji to go and she will handle the box. NK asks if she needs help and Khushi said no. Arnav comes and said he will call HP to do this and Khushi says that she doesn't want to take help from the enemy (if it was me I would be like YES...that box is heavy, just assuming). NK says that he will take it and Khushi tries to say no but eventurally relents. Arnav in the background is made that she took NK's help but not his. NK tries to pull the box but is not able to. He asks if he packed all the dancers in the box. Khushi says that she will show them on the stage. (Okay rant time on Khushi's hair...what is that hair style...she could have put more of her bangs to make that so called poof...she only pulled back a portion of her bangs...she has so much left on the side of her face. The maang tikka just looks off with that hair style...I don't know why but every time I think of that hairstyle I get mad, Khushi could have done better...a better hairstyle could have added to the glamour quotient to her simple lengha).

Khushi says she is only going to win and NK is over there drooling over her says of course Khushi ji and Arnav glares at him (like shut up what are you saying, can't give the opponent confidence or a hint that we suck). NK says the Lakrewale will win and ArShi corrects him and says that ladkewale. Arnav and Khushi look at each other awkwardly and NK was like yeah that. Khushi says that they will hold more weight and NK says that bua is also dancing and Arnav says that only after the dance performances they will know the truth (this boy is just oozing sexy). NK agrees and says that they have not seen her practicing. Arnav asks if she remembers the bet and she says yes she remembers and she asks he remember her shart and he says yes

Khushi and NK are pushing the box and they got tired and NK says that he will call HP. Khushi left the box unattended as well (why do people do that in dramas...keep your stuff safely with you so no one can take it or look at it).

Mami is showing her jewelry off and she sees Bua ji there and walks up to her. She says that she is here and that to empty handed and Bua ji says yes but she is here with lots of love in her heart and that is like bringing a gift. Bua ji walks off and Mami walks away from there and collides with the box and Bua ji appears and tells her to be careful otherwise she will turn into khoon bhari taang (nice one) and mami replies her back that her talks are more hurtful coming from the  Aunt of khoon bhari taang. Mami is checking out the box and Bua ji tells her not to look in it because it is her secret weapon against her leaving a curious Mami behind. Bua ji goes from there and Mami comes back to see what's in the box and Bua ji comes back and closes the box and stops mami from opening it.  HP comes and tells Bua ji that they have emptied the room and they will keep the box there (I must admit HP is super strong if he can be the only one who can lift that box himself when the other's required two people).

Arnav is on phone (this is not time for a business call...this is a family function) and he sees Khushi standing alone and he drools at her. NK comes up to her with two glasses of juice (how sweet) and says break the leg khushi. Khushi is shocked and she asks why he wants to break her leg. NK says that he was just saying good luck to her because they say that where he is from. Khushi wishes his legs break too. They say cheers pretty much and Arnav is just buring with jealousy.

Anjali comes to Arnav asking if he has seen Shyam (ah ha his disappearing act already started). He says that he will find the Shyam but for now she needs to go on stage. Arnav find the Shyam in the kitchen who is looking for the mithai box. Arnav tells him to come to the stage because the program is starting and Shyam tells him that he is coming soon.

Anjali and Shyam are hosting the sangeet and they tells us that they thought they were the best couple ever but after seeing PayAsh they were proven wrong (yeah there is a difference between fake love one sided love and real love. Shyam is still looking for the mithai box. Anjali announces the dance competition. Arnav and Khushi pass the look to each other saying It's On. 

    credit to the maker

Shyam introduces the judges (that guy judge looks familiar...I forgot where else I saw him in the show).

Nani is dancing and NK are dancing to Bichoo Bichoo by Asha Bhosle from the move Chamatkar (apparently this is an SRK movie). 

   credit to the maker

Khushi is dancing and enjoying the perfmance, when bua ji reminds her that this is a competition. Khushi gets nervous to see this perfect dance and Arnav is smilling like I am so winning. Khushi notice him staring and hides her nervousness.

    credit to the maker

During this perfectly placed song Shyam is still finding the mithai box with his bichoo and Anjali finds her man and takes him back to the stage as the performance is almost done.

Bua ji is nervous to see Nani dance (yeah I would me too) and she says that she can't dance after seeing that performance and Khushi says that they can't run leaving the stage behind and tells her it's the question of their pride and they have to dance. Bua ji is like she can't do this and she is getting cold (more like cold feet) and Khushi says that she will not be cold once she is dancing and asks if she has any other problems?   Bua says of they will lose and Arnav with his bionic ear Smiles at their despair and looks at Khushi victoriously. 

 credit to the maker

Will Bua ji be able to dance?? Can the Guptas top the Raizadas performance???

Link to the original Bichoo Bichoo song

love the song with original 
gif wee all right timed 
and analysis as usaual 

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 167 

Khushi tells Bua ji to just dance. Bua ji is like what happens if they lose. Khushi is trying to form words figuring out what to say to her for encouragement. She looks at Arnav smirking and she finds him amuse; this gives her the confidence to convince Bua ji. 

 credit to the maker

She said that it is not the question of their izzaat but to show the world what the Gupta Family is all about. Arnav is still amused and calls out to Mr. Khanna having the confidence that Khushi will lose (how can someone want to miss out on her words of encouragement). Khushi goes full on filmy mode and tries convinces Bua ji. Then Anjali announces the Jangalbandi is coming up shortly.  Bua ji is still fearful but Khushi tells her to take a deep breathe and think of NandeKishore. Suddenly Bua ji gets the confidence and said "Jai Ho NandeKishore". Khushi looks at Arnav's back and is like oh yeah we got this. She calls bua ji Madhumati (if Bua ji was not so tense she would have gotten khushi on this) and tells her that NandeKishore will not let them lose. The Guptas do their chant  and they are ready to compete. The crowd claps for them (how can you not get moved by khushi's speech is beyond me). Khushi and Bua ji march hand in hand to the stage. On the Way Bua ji pushes to Mami and pretty much said it's on. Garima and Payal go up to her and said please forgive us. Mami is annoyed and is not planning on revenge. And excuses herself from her conversation (what is she going to do to get her so called izaat back)

In the Meantime Shyam is still on his search to find his bichoo wale mithai box.

Khushi is doing some arrangements on the stage. Akash comes and asked if bua ji is getting ready and whether if she is okay. Khushi said she will be okay when she defeats the Laad Governor. Khushi realizes who she is talking too and said sorry. Akash being the sweety that he is said that it's okay anything goes during war/competition. Akash  asked  khushi "why she is so scared of Arnav?  he is just..." (I wanted to know how he was going to defend his bhai). Khushi is like hold up I am not scared, who said that I am scared. I am not scared of him. Who is scared of him. Akash said he is happy to know this. Akash is amused and walks off to attend to the guest. Khushi not knowing akash is gone is bad mouthing Arnav. She said that "I am not scared of that Laad Governor but ever since the competition was announced; I think he is scared." Aranv is listening from behind and said "hmm." Khushi keeps going and said "that is why he said no to the sangeet. He is scared that if there is a sangeet then there will be a competition. Then if there is a competition then he will lose". Arnav goes "hmmm." Khushi then adds "out of fear he is doing the competition and this will make him heavy (sounds better in hindi). I gave him answer that made him sweat in fear. You should have seen his face. she notices akash from a far and waves at him and Akash waves back happy that his saali is excited. Khushi's baat went off and said if Akash is there then who is here. She turns around she sees Arnav. 

 credit to the maker

She shivers in fear clutching her ghagra. Arnav said "it looks like someone else is scared. Your hand is doing the opposite of your words." Khushi gets mad and walks away and turns back to see him angrily (she always needs to get the last glimpse of him). Arnav looks at her and and shakes his head thinking she is UNBELIEVABLE. (how could Khushi not recognize his voice...I mean she can sense that he is near her from like miles always...she is losing her touch...and wow Arnav is not angry with her insulting him. He is rather amused. This girl is really changing him).

In the Kitchen, Mami is mixing alcohol in Bua ji's drink (it looks like a medicine bottle). She said that she cannot pour too much because the smell of alcohol will be present. Mami ji grabs the mithai box to get rid of that smell. She wonders why the box is so light and opens the ribbon and before she can open it Shyam comes and asks what you are doing here. Mami is like "you saw what I was doing. I was mixing the medicine I mean I was drinking the juice." Shyam was like "aacha."Mami was like I am telling the truth. Mami being the suspicious person that she is asks shyam why is he there. Shyam to divert her and to get rid of her said her friends are looking for her. She said before she goes she needs some sweet because the juice is bitter. Shyam gets HP to give her some sweets and she eats it. Shyam is like you had your sweet so are you done. Mami leaves the kitchen and Shyam opens the box to check if the scorpion is in the box. He is like for this small job there is so much work (uh killing someone is not a small job). Shyam hides the box and Anjali was like I was looking for you and he hits his head on the counter because he is scared (only suspicious people get frightened quickly).

Mami ji finds Bua ji chatting it up with her love NK and she grabs the trey full of juice and puts her juice on it ready to serve it to Bua ji.

Anjali rushes to Shyam and asked if he is okay and starts freaking out. She takes him away to give first aid and Shyam is left staring at the bichoo wale mithai box.NK is talking to Bua ji and Garima and Mami interrupts them. Mami said have some juice and NK said we do not want it. Nk try to say the story but Mami said you need juice. Nka is like perfect he can give a live example. Nk tells his story with the juice and switching the juices. Mami is freaking it out. Garima and Bua ji seemed confused by the story as NK was going so fast. (Even bua ji has such good tuning with NK she knows what he is saying). AnJam comes and announced the Jugal Bandi between the Bua of the bride and the Mom of the groom is coming up and the score of Nani. NK takes a drink and Drinks it...Mami is freaking it out and asked if he is okay. NK is like OK nahi but NK and goes to check on the CD. Then garima drinks the other one and Mami is worried and said two is gone. Bua ji gets a glass and hesitates to drink it because mami does not have one. She offers the other drink to Mami...Mami is like no but takes it reluctantly. They cheer to NandeKishore. Bua ji is drinking it and tries to make Mami drink it too. On the other hand, the judges announces the score of Nani and she gets a 7 (I think she deserved more...I mean not many old people have moves like her...I am jealous of her moves...I am young and can't dance like that). Bua ji notices that Mami is not drinking and Mami is wondering if she got the right drink. Mami notices that Bua ji is getting tipsy.

Bua ji enters the stage with ishtyle and Mami enters too. Khushi cheers on Bua ji telling her motivational words. The ladies get set to dance and they start off in step (if they were practicing separately how did they get a chance to practice together and dance same to same...I thought the jungal bandi was supposed to be with Nani and Bua ji. Khushi is happy with the amazing start and Arshi give each other looks saying it's on face. 

 credit to the maker

Bua ji starts forgetting her step and Khushi is getting nervous and helps her remember. Arnav is smiling. Arnav looks at Khushi like in your face and Khushi is getting mad at his confidence. Khushi is freaking out and is still helping Bua ji remember her moves.  Bua ji starts feeling the effects of the medicine wale juice now starts feeling dizzy and see 3 NK. She gets happy and tipsy. Arnav was like winning when he was looking at Khushi.

Anajli is tending to Shyam. Shyam said he needs rest and tries to send her off to stage. Anjali was like no I am not leaving you like this (she is such a good wife...a little clingy but a good wife). She said she will get Arnav to handle it (that would be a bad idea...he will leave no stones unturned to humiliate khushi on the sly with words only she will get). Shyam somehow convinces her to go and now he is off to find the bichoo wali box (this man needs to learn how to plan better).

Bua ji goes to her family, who are surprises and upset by her performance. Bua ji is like what happened? Khushi is like what happened you practice and all day you did was hold your head and sway. Bua ji is like you dance like a heroine. The Raizadas, on the other hand, are happy and congratulate Mami. Bua ji is just in nasha. NK goes to Bua ji and compliment her. Bua ji see NK and admires him and pinches his cheeks. NK is confused. Bua ji asks about when he is getting married and NK remember his midnight scare of him marrying Bua ji and freaks out screaming NAHI. Bua ji said it's okay there are 3 of you to say no. Khusi and NK are confused. The scores are announced:  Bua get 4 points and Mami gets 7 (okay how is she and Nani tied? Nani danced way better than her). Khushi is upset. Anjali said that the Raizadas have 14 points and the Guptas have 4 points. Khushi remembers the bet and Arnav looks hat her like remember the bet. Khushi is tense. 

 credit to the makers

Will the Guptas be able to catch up?

Ranting time: the competition set up is so unfair...the Raizadas had two performance while the Guptas had one...that gives the Raizadas the upper hand...the Raizadas have 3 people performing while the Guptas have only 2...that means Khushi has to catch up big time after NK dances...that is so not fair...this always bothered meClapStar

5 star wrote
i loved it 
and too episode
love my tom and jerry 
miss them both in last episode 
and now even more 

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

Ladies, Absolutely brilliant work!  As ad keeps some of us busy there is always a peace knowing that we can come here at anytime and relax even for just a few moments.

Now for 170

Teri Meri

May I Have This Dance?

She stands alone, a vision in green, her partner hasn't shown. 

What shall she do? 

She can't lose this competition to him. 

The spotlights are shining on her, as she stands alone in the darkness awaiting her partner.

She wrings her hands,

 Bites her lip,

 She is utterly alone up there on the dance floor. 

This is it; she is defeated.

But alas,

The vision in green,

The damsel in distress,

Is saved;

 Is saved by a man in black to her rescue.Clap

A man, whom only a few days back, said to her that he would not be there to support her.

But here he is.

Holding his hand out for her to take.

May I Have This Dance?

She is shocked but tentatively gives him his hand and the dance begins.

Eyes gazing into eyes,

Fingers intermingling,

Their steps in sync,

Rhythmic movements,

 Sensuous swaying,

 Their breath and heartbeats as one.

He sings to her the words'

Aa ..Dead

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye?Ik ladka, ik ladki ki yeh kahani hai nayi?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye?Ik dooje se hue judaa, jab ik dooje ke liye bane?Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye?Aa ..

Tumse dil jo lagaya, toh jahaan maine paaya?Kabhi socha na tha yun, meelon door hoga saaya?Kyun khuda tune mujhe aisa khwaab dikhaya?Jab haqeeqat mein usse todna tha?Aa ..

Ik dooje se hue judaa, jab ik dooje ke liye bane?Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Teri meri baaton ka har lamha sab se rangjaana?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye?Har ehsaas mein tu hai, har ik yaad mein tera afsaana?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Aa ..

Saara din bit jaaye, saari raat jagaaye?Bas khayal tumhara, lamha lamha tadpaaye?Yeh tadap keh rahi hai mit jaaye faasle?Yeh tere mere darmeyaan hai jo saare

Ik dooje se hue judaa jab ik dooje ke liye bane?Teri meri baaton ka har lamha sab se anjaana?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye?Har ehsaas mein tu hai har ik yaad mein tera afsaana?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil?Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Yours and mine, mine and yours love story is difficult.  It cannot be described in two words.?This is a new story of a boy and a girl.?It cannot be described in two words.

When I gave my heart to you, I conquered a place?Which I never thought I would, because it was at a distance of many miles?Oh God why did you show me such dreams??When in fact it was to be broken?

In one second we both were together, though it was meant only for one second.?Yours and mine, mine and yours love story is difficult?It cannot be described in two words

Every second of our conversation was the most colorful of all.?It cannot be described in two words?In every feeling you are there, in every memory I desire for you.?It cannot be described in two words

Every day has gone by, every night spent awake.?Because of my care for you, every second I am suffering?I am suffering, let the distance?and all the other things standing between us vanish.

In one second we both were together, though it was meant only for one second?Every second of our conversation made me unaware of the surroundings?It cannot be described in two words?In every feeling you are there, in every memory I desire for you. It cannot be described in two words.



He lifts her in the air,


And she slowly glissades down his body.


Oh, the sensuousness of this dance


The heat that burns in their eyesClap


For everyone to see


Everything has changed when he asked


May I Have This Dance?


Credit: difficult.html#aR2Xha7A2w3klXli.99


What The?

Everyone is shocked.  What the?  What's going on?  How can he do that and compromise their position in this competition?  They all wonder.

Nani and Di notice something, and I think everyone else does too.  There is something between these rivals.  A spark, an attraction, an intimacy that can no longer be denied and everyone is noticing  although they are confused at the moment.

He takes advantage of this new found intimacy, letting down her hair, giving her a compliment and walking towards her as if she is his with his snide smirk.  Day Dreaming

Hearts flutter dhak, dhak.

Things are changing, oh yes they are.  

The man who said he would not stand by her, has just done that and the woman and the man chose to dance.  

What is in a Dance?

Trust and Forgiveness

She is alone, her partner hasn't shown and he has stepped up.  He deeply felt her pain and he was not going to let that happen so he stepped in.

The first step to an apology to her for all his terrible behaviors.  He holds out his hand, a peace offering.  She takes it and makes one of her own, she hands him hers.  She accepts his apology and they dance.  Every step,  a step towards healing a broken relationship; a relationship of challenges and competition.

They learn to trust each other with every step, every lift, every turn, and every sway. His strong hands hold tightly to her frail small ones.  His grasp never letting her go, reassuring her, she can trust him.  He lifts her and holds her with his strong arms, he will never let her fall. 

 And she trusts him.  

One strong hand holds hers, while the other caresses her neck as he dips her deeply. 

And she trusts him. 

By the end of the dance an unspoken bond has been forged.

She may be frustrated, she may be embarrassed but she also has seen a side of him that warms her heart.

This Laad Govenor is a man she loves to hate but will she hate to love?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

These songs are dedicated to Arnav and Kushi.



 John Lennon Stand by Me


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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 165 

Bua ji gives the gift to Shyam reluctantly and he is like thanks a lot for this gift. The Guptas Acknowledgement without letting their distaste of the man visible and they ignored him. Bua ji proceeded giving the gifts to rest of the Raizada (I know Arnav was not there at the scene but what did they give him and he did not leave the house with a gift either). Mami sees her gift, which is a jewelry set, and she said that the gift they gave is so light that it will fit in her handbag and everyone around there feels bad and gives each other awkward looks (seriously they should just duct tape her mouth when she is out, she says things that you shouldn't say, she has no manners despite being a high status bahu that she brags about). Nani makes the environment light by saying that she liked the sari that was gifted and she thanks the Guptas. A smile on the Guptas reappeared after Mami ji's comment (these poor (not talking about their status) people worked so hard to give those gifts and thought so much on what to give them but one comment by Hello Hi Bye Bye just spoiled everything). Anjali also says thank you for her gift and Mami ji  sees the Pooja thali in Anjali's hand and she makes the fun by saying they have a lot of plates at the RM. Bua ji replies her back and says it is a pooja thali with DM's blessings and Anjali tells Mami to stop kidding awkwardly (poor girl is in an awkward situation, she cannot be rude to her Mami because well she is her Mami. Also she feels bad that the Guptas are being insulted for a thoughtful gift...she does not know what to do or say without hurting their feelings) and she likes the thali. (I would like to say that I really like the expressions Shashi was making...I know he cannot talk or move but you can truly see the sadness on his face).

In the Kitchen, Khushi tells Arnav that money can't buy everything like dancing and for that you need talent (that is a good point but he could hire dancers and make them play their other cousins/ distant relatives but that is cheating...Arnav would never do that). He asks her if she loses then what she will do and she says she will do whatever he says. Arnav tells her that she will repent for this decision and Khushi being the stubborn girl she is says that she has given her words. Arnav says that he will talk only when she will lose the competition. He asks her again if she will do anything and she says that she will. Khushi asks if he loses then what will he do. He says that he never loses as he makes his own destiny. She says that Arnav has a big ego (well duh you are the one who experiences that the most...why is she surprised). Khushi taunts him about him seeing her at midnight when he said that he won't, about him saying that he will fire her and still he hired her, and uninviting her for his party when it became entertaining when she came. Khushi sarcastically compliments him on the good job he is doing by writing his destiny. Aranav says he will do whatever she says if he loses. Arnav puts his hand out and said it's a deal. Khushi seems hesitant to shake his hand but she does.

 credit to the maker

Then you hear Nani scream MANORAMA!!! (a little too late for that...she already said a lot of mean stuff). ArShi quickly leaves the kitchen to see what is going on.

Mami asks Anjali to show her the thaal. Mami said that it looks familiar and then she says that she gave the exact one to HP for some holiday. ArShi now come to the living room. The Gupta's feel very humiliated (I feel bad for them, Mami is just fretting because they got more importance and respect than she has ever gotten. Like I said before you have to earn respect and not demand it by belittling other people or reminding people of your status). Nani tells her to stop (Why bother, Mami never listens to her MIL unless she is threatened with something). Akash can't see Payal sad and takes the thaali from his mom. He tells mami ji that it's the best gift for Anjali since she does poojas and she will definitely do pooja with this thaal from now on and Shyam adds that Anjali will welcome Payal with this thaal only(Well at the moment Akash is keeping the promise he made to Payal, that he made in New Year's. As for Shyam, he is trying hard again to make it in the Guptas good book to get Khushi). Anjali says that she likes the thaali very much. Akash points out that the thaali has a sterling ceritfication and Arnav adds that the company is known to make superior quality silver. Snake is staring at Khushi (such a creeper). The Raizadas get up to leave and Payal takes their blessings. They leave and Payal waves bye to Akash shyly (these two are getting married in a few days and there are still stuck in school kid romance phase, learn from your siblings). Khushi tells Aranv that they will meet tomorrow. Game, Set, Match. (i noticed mama ji was not there...i might have not noticed him but i am pretty sure he was not there...he was suppose to leave with them but i guess he had some work to do)

Khushi and Payal are looking at the gifts the Raizadas brought and Payal is said that the gifts are very expensive and in return they gave cheap gifts (gifts given with love are not cheap gifts). Then Khushi tells her not to look at the bad things look but at the good things: Like how Akash supported her by not insulting his mom. Then Payal tells her not only Akash but Arnav also helped. Khushi tells her  not to compare him with Akash because Arnav just talked about the company as if he is planning to take Mami ji to the company (Khushi is thankful to him deep down for saying that the company is well known, but right now the competition is on her mind).
Khushi says that she has to call Sarita and Preeto for preparation. Khushi tells Payal to sleep early because the sangeet competition is tomorrow and Payal asks if she is okay and she tells her not to take this winning thing so seriously. Payal jokingly said that she is taking this so seriously that her losing is some sort of punishment. Khushi says to herself if she loses then it will be worst punishment for her.

Shyam enters the RM with a container in his hand. He asks HP where Anjali is and he tells him that she is there in the hall then he looks at the container with wrong intentions (what does Shyam have up his sleeve?? How is he planning to kill his RS).

There Raizada boys comes down the stairs looking hot, dashing, and cute (each words describes on of the Raizada boys).

  credit to the maker

Anjali (i will rant about her hair in the episode 166, it always bothered me) says that they are looking so smart (Koi Nazaar Na Lage). Mami says that soon her only son will be soon leaving her (well they will still live in the same house, it's not like she will not see him...but I get her feelings) and Nani says that she now knows her pain as she snatched her son from her. Mami ji was like what??? And said some other stuff too. ArAsh (that was the top choice for combining Arnav and Akash) and NK come down and nani showers her love on them. Anjali seess shayam coming and she asks him to join them and he makes some excuse of drinking water and she asks him what he is holding and he tells her it's some sweet that a client gave him and he goes to the kitchen to work on his evil plan. After he leaves Anjali does the aarti of Akash.

Shyam puts a scorpion (shouldn't there be some regulation of getting a poisonous creature) in the mithaai box. He said that he will take her upstairs (literally and figuratively). Mami is crying (it is not like her son is leaving her but she will lose the power she had on her son) and Anjali tells her that they will have so much fun during the sangeet and Shyam hears this from so far way and says that if someone dies there can't be a wedding and he keeps that box down the table (you know someone is going to tamper with that, he should have kept it in a safer place). NK comes and tells him that everyone is calling him for the photo session. The family is lined up for the picture and Shyam is looking at the direction of the kitchen to make sure that the box is till there. Anjali see this and tell him to smile for the picture. Arnav is not smilling and Anjali tells him at least smile for the picture. Anjali says Papud Ka Tukda, Jab Dekho Urkha Hai (I probably just butchered that spelling) and he smiles!!!!!!! Raizadas  have photo session  while the servant is organizing things and finds that box Shyam messed with and takes it from there (Shyam will freak out for sure).

After photo session, Arnav tells NK that they Have to, Have to win at any cost. NK is like okay, kind of confused by this sudden change in Arnav. ANjali comes there and teases him that he is saying this just because Khushi agreed to the sangeet and Anjali teases him more and he gets irritated and leave. Anjali jokingly tells Nk that they have to, have to, have to win. (Anjali likes this change in Arnav, even she knows he does whatever Khushi says but Arnav is too stubborn to realize this).

Shyam is trying to find the mithai box with the scorpion but cannot find it. He asks HP where it is. But HP said that he was taking the pictures so he does not know. Shyam is tense. Someone comes and taps him on the shoulder, obviously Anjali. Will Shyam's plan fail????

outstanding words
very exicted after the episode 

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Blasters just made a post for Bday Boy


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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

 Happy Birthday Barun Sobti..!  Wish you all the success and happiness in life always! Have a wonderful year ahead ... and hope all your wishes come true! Looking forward to your movies.Hope you enjoy your special day with  your friends and family.Wish you all the luck and success!  Always!!

Take care,


happy birthday treat is awesome 
and gif with so many together 
look awesome 
and message is simple ye catchy and lovely 
i liked it very much 

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