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part 20 down in same page
frenz i just loved this analyse by my reader and my aziz frend lav...she wrote it to me i would like to share with you it about the part 19...
yaar kai sare sawaal puch dale sabhi ne ..thru PM and Post..i so wanted to answer everyone..but first i would like you all to read this...

frenz i just loved this analyse by my reader and my aziz frend lavalinaLOL...she wrote it to me i would like to share with you it about the part 19...
The first scene was a really magical one coz Zoya is really the baby here n asad i mean i could feel his happiness i could feel that smiling heart of him when he sees his zoya curled up in him in his warmth n sleeping just like a baby without any tension or pain or fear just peacefully like if she's sleeping peacefully when i say after years am talking since armaan days coz zoya feels peace i mean her inner feelings her inner mind n soul knows that the only person who can give her that warmth that protection that love its only Asad...I loved the whole description about how zoya slept like a baby it was really magical n for asad it was an eternal bliss coz the love oh his life i mean his life only is so much happy today that she slept exactly carefree like a baby ...Then another awesome part i mean the Asya part was all for a reader who understand the depth then man it was a whole eternal bliss coz the feeling there is unique n being in your love arms that also someone who loves u without any boundary is just wow n such a feelings cant be explained in words n ya right am speechless...I loved how Asad took the little to little care not to wake his angel not to even make her flinch with him moving i mean this was awesome the man who tortured her so much would turn so it was unbelievable n i somewhere feels the old Asad is reliving here...The way he thinks how her one touch could make him forget all his tension since the day he met her was superb this feeling can be there only when u love someone with all your heart ...N then when he lifts her hand i had tears coz i could feel the guilt in asad here i mean he was killing cursing himself inside for his acts he is really repenting such tat if zoya ask him his life to compensate he'll do it here happily without any hoon or haan...N then its heave its really heaven the way he knows how she would sleep back n sleep after turning...N one can actually see how lovingly he sees her her when she falls back to sleep again...

I loved how you said he knew he knew he had no right but then at that moment it was only his heart n the love for zoya which was speaking the way he moves her to him how he holds her with so much tenderness n care n so protective it was amazing girl...I loved how even though Asad know what doctor said but here he was testing his pure love his love n affection for her n he is breaking through fate also coz he knows his love has so much purity that even God can bend hence how can doc words not turn out worthless infront his love...Bu ti dont know y but i flinched here when u said he would be ready to die with her soon coz it has 2 meaning either he knows a big hurricane is coming or he is so happy tha even if now death embrace them he'll happily embrace it without any shikaayat...N then how she snuggle in his chest against was reallyyy awesome...

Well now comes the secret i mean man on one side u make us believe something n suddenly u give us such a big mystery in front i mean i was in awe that mannn wasnt nikhat the one wanting to kill zoya n now suddenly i was really gawking at that moment that even flies could venture in my open mouth but i loved the new suspense it brought a big change to the story..Well does it mean that Imran is not being faithful to nikhat here coz one ayaan n nikhat are not letting him know they are talking n on the other side it seems as if nikhat highly doubts him n she is constantly seeing that watch n she seems to be sure he has some connection with armaan either he killed him or he is with armaan on his side...Well so even nikhat life is in danger meaning that she lied she was aware that she placed the bomb on the wrong spot i mean she was freaking saving her near ones which i think is Asad n Ayaan all this while i mean lolll u fooled me n i've been cursing her so much lolll but i loved how ayaan asked her to meet asad before going in hideout...Loll these guys are playing big game out there man i mean they fooling Gaffur like hell hahaha poor Gaffur he thought nikhat will kill Zoya which i think she wont if she really cares for her bhaijaan...

Then comes to our Darling Asad i mean the man is in bliss yaar he is really enjoying every secondwith his zoya coz since days he has been deprived of even giving her a sight of him n now he was so close to her that he could give happiness to the whole world if they asked right now...I loved how he pecks her n even though she is sleeping he gives her flying kiss...

Oww loved humeira here how innocently she was telling Asad how come u in kitchen like let it be i'll do it n the way she says but ayaan doesnt eat eggs then i mean bechari was in real thoughts about wats happening here man n Asad is another naughty kid in himself like if he is hiding some military secret n he was not answering her though bechari was like breaking her head there hehehe...I just loved his antics to humeira here n also humz sweet questions n that circling or egg shell...N then suddenly Mr. Lazy wakes up n comes n says humz this is not for us a cute way...n poor humz was like crunch between these 2 coz she was the only one not understand a thing like lolll n then finally naughty mischief Asad finally tells her that her sis meaning his zoya will now eat normally as she wont ahave any more tasteless food n love how he guarantees her she'll eat it...then comes z funniest thing that is haldi wala i mean if i were ayaan i would have been on the floor too hehehe hahahaha n then the glare he gives humz with her bhaijaan n how Asad smiles at them like how kiddish they were here...

Lolll no really after killing 3 eggs Asad an advice during your free time watch some recipe videos hehehe n then the hug of the trio was really nice n then he moves to his princess room...There zoya still sleeping i loved the way he calls her s softly n i loved how i mean first time after the incident n all zoya said asad i mean asad was in heaven right then...The way he asked her how she's feeling was very nice i mean he is so caring here...N then i loved the reality u put in here coz in real any person in such state would have jerk especially when she remembers things wat happened with her so it was expected reaction from Zoya n Asad knew it too so even then i loved it coz in this process Asad holds hr tightly n she went on him...I loved how Asad was controlling the situation with love n care coz in the state zoya is only this can help her right now so loved how he asked u feeling better n how he kisses her like a baby n then how zoya became comfortable it was awesome really amazing... i loved how Asad curled his hand around her bringing the plate then making her drink water with great cae n how zoya responds n really drink the water after some time its was magical delightful like some unique feeling is there...I loved how he takes care at every second she does something like when he wipes her face giving her sweet smile which she really needs at time time...For a change i loved how even humz got teary in asya love i mean she also for once forgot her lost baby n finally ayaan smiled for real coz right now he knew his humz was really smiling with a happy heart i loved how ayaan embraced her...I loved how asad didnt bother at the footstep coz right now Zaya was his prayer his worshiping i mean finally he was the one there n she was now comfy around him I loved the improvement in zoya along with asad...i loved how he encircled her bring the first bite near her n the way she denied was so baby type but then Asad had made his mind though he would make sure she eats it all so here i loved the way he kisses her should he gives her feathery kiss coz it no lust here its simple pure love such that even zoya gave in n she was finally accepting his warmth n she finally ate n i loved how u said she could even taste his had so here even if zoya eats him he wont mind its was resally a light moment magical in itself n miraculous also...Then comes the next part where asad moves her hair i really he was going to comb her hair lolll hehehe but then i loved how he made her drink the water again tilting her head making her drink it all n then the magical moment where he drinks with wter from zoya mouth which was just i've no words for this moment its just some ethereal he so delicately cups her face n then how he kisses her all over her face finally he kisses her in a long passionate kiss though zoya didnt kiss back but it was clear she was just enjoying this moment...N though asad not wanting to make sex but here make love to he he didnt coz he knew that his love is about his desire here n then loved how he carefully places zoya on the bed how he patted her back how he gave her his warms making her sleep on his chest n then how she slept so peacefully but the asad is like electrocuted with guilt when he sees the marks on zoya back which he made he is really killing himself inside he is really regreting n somewhere he doing all this showering with so much love just so that zoya can enjoy light moment coz he knows how much she has been through more than anyone...I love how he says sorry to her all teary as he is in real pain coz he knows he did the biggest blunder or sin of his life n he would do anything to rePent for that n i loved how in sleep zoya felt how he was truly saying sorry such that she even feels something but then then asad makes her sleep all over again this was another amazing part i loved how he took her hand in his so tightly with so much love n affection n how she snuggled more in his arm...N finally Asad is now convinced that she is getting better atleast she is more comfy n feels more secure with him now n he say she is his i mean its true without Zoya he'll die like really he'll die without any doubt he loves her to such an extent that its an infinite love which he gives her n where there is true love there is test obstacles n pain to attain place...The last lines that kyunki tum hi ho he was really awesome of his love its was really...
Haina awesome!!!!
guys kya still after reading this ..you feel asad dont love ZOYA and dont deserve her..hmm!!!
part 20 down in same page

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updating anytime soon?? Big smileAur mere code wale pm ka reply nahi aaya abhi tak!!Angry

update milne wala hai??

Upar aur neeche res kya hai??LOLLOLLOL

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Part 20

"mr malik had called you sir.." a man in blue uniform spoke..

Gaffur sighned him to leave..
he took his phone from the posket and dialled a number...
after a minute of silence he heard a voice..

"password..." some one form other side asked..the voice was quite heavy and the toen donot seem what we say as indian...

gaffur nodded his head before answering." blue file"

the phone was hunged and after a while gaffur gets a call on his cell from the same number..

"Hello!" someone from dark speaks...

"malik sahab...apne yaad kiya!" gaffur said in a low tone , trying hard not to let his nervousness show. He knew he was in danger as a shadow of three - armed men engulfed him, hands on trigger aand aim on him..

gaffur swallowed hard and concentrated on voice over phone..

"malik ..ap..ap..apko f..f.fille miljayegi!" gaffur said as he approached his table and picked up the glass of water ..drinking in one go..

"ghabrao mat gaffur sahab...i know u r trying for the file...dont worry these mens are not there to kill you..may be they are.." the voice stopped in between making gaffur go shaky in legs...

"no they wont kill you untill malik orders them to..." the voice laughed and continued
"they are ther to help you with your enemies..Mr gaffur..."he said calmly while a round of cigar covered the air

"enemies...asad !" gaffur asked hesitadely...

"nope..." the voice from dark chuckled as he moved his chair round and round..

a man among three moved closure to asad..he picked up a envelop and handed over to him...

It was a pic...Nikhat's pic!"

y she was smiling when the bomb blew in wrong house..y???? such question rose in gaffur siddiques's bald head...

he put the reciever back on ear..

"now listen what you have to do..." the dark voice commanded and said a plan in his ears and hugged the phone on him...

gaffur was shocked to hear this thing from malik...but the order is order..there is no way he could go against malik..after all he was the one who rescued him from the saudi traitor case...
he was in debted!

he sighed as he torn the photo in two pieces and threw it away on floor...

"jeet or haar me sab jayaaz hai!" he spoke as consoling himself wiping tears off form his eyes and putting the classes on..he smile on saying thisthis fake meaning words..

Nikhat...fateh hamesha maksad ki honi chahiye...! gaffur words rang as she was in taxi..

i can do it...i have killed earlier and can do it now..so what its zoya this time...

the moment she was preparing herself to plant a bomb..she got a call from unknown number..

"i know y you are here!!." she felt her breathe chocked for a while after hearing him out..

"ap!" thats all she managed to say in a shock thing now..

"nikhat..you wanna kill her ..you can ..but just to tell u she is not all alone here...hummy and ayaan are here too..
you know about hummy dont you!" he said with a voice that could dig a whole in someone determination..

nikhat nodded his head in yes...

"look zoya was not responsible for thie damage that life caused you...she is not responsible for the lost of file..trust me ..i know it...!!..you know me i wont ever lie to you...right!"

she felt her cheeks getting wet on hearing the last line!

her breathing spoke that she was convinced..
"nikhat i am going to send you a vedio clip ...check this out and judge by yourself ..whether zoya is guilty or not..and then you may kill her too.."

nikhat got out of the taxi after paying the taxi..
she started walking towards the big door as a grin spread her lips..
she took a i pad and stucked it on the wall of the house outside ..then she reached the other side and planted a cell phone on the wall..and then she did to the other side too..

"alvida ..zoya..!" she smile as pressing the red button on her phone which made the gadget to blink in red and a timer appeared on each one...walking away from house she took another cell phone and pressed the green button..

"5 minutes to go.."she hunged as she let a small laugh..walking quickly out of the house..

she looked up in air " zoya..maine tumhe maaf kiya!" she said as she walked..

she took her cell phone out and typed a message..


asad took the phone opened the apps and found a msg
"zoya salamat hai . apna khyaal rakhna...!"

asad smiled as he barged from the room with a smile..

few minutes later...

there was a news talecast about explode...

nikhat was found close to that accident place ..unconcious..

ward boy were taking her to ambulance when her phone beeped..

as soon as she was kept inside the ambulance she took the phone and read the message..

"nice trick nikhat!"she smiled as she knew she was caught by bhaijaan...

"Mohabat or jang me sab jayaaz hai!"

nikhat smiled as she thought about that day...she saw imraan sleeping on chair next to her holding her hand..
she slipped her hand from his and walked off the room quitely taking the watch with her..

she dialled a number recieved by ayaan

"bhaijaan kaha hai?"


"hum...- he started saying the address..when he heard a beep sound as bg but he ignored it and continued saying the address..

"ji haan..main pohuch jaungi!" she smile as she kept phone..unbeknownst of the two pair of eyes watching her move closely...

it was 2 pm already..

"lunch time.." humera squeled in happiness..

"foody!" ayaan remarked as he sliped phone in his pocket..

one glare was enough for ayaan by hummy to apologize...
ayaan winked his eye making her a little blush...

"ayaan ...wo api or bhai-jiju..ko bula le.." she said eyeing towards the asya door..

ayaan walked towards the door..he pushed it a little and allowed hummy to see the insight of asya bedroom..

what she saw left a beautiful smile on her face...

zoya was in his arms sleeping and he was still patting her back with closed eyes...

humera cleared her throat , making asad open his eyes...

"wo bhaijaan ..ap ke liye khana bahar laga du..ya fir zoya ke sath yahi khayenge!" she asked as she smiled and waited for asad's answer

"wo..main..yahi khaunga..." asad said looking down and blushing a bit coz he was talking to hummy still with zoya in his arms...

"hummy nodded her head in yes and turned to leave the room when ayaan barged in with four plates..

"tantana!!! food ...food food food..khau pet bhr food" ayaan sang it in amul dudh wala tone making asad and hummy stare at him blankly for  couple of minutes..

their trance broke s sad felt zoya eye lids blushing aginst his chest...she got awake...

hummy quickly sat beside zoya and brushed her hair once than twice...zoya moved her head where her lips unintentionally brushed over his chest ...

asad saw ayaan smirking at them devilishly...

hummy helped zoya to get up while zoya rested her back against asad's chest..

asad holded zoya from behind by snking his one hand around her waist...

he looked at ayaan who was now grinning...

"zoya.." asad spoke softly..

zoya was too lost to hear she has just woke up from her sleep...

asad kissed her hair lightly as he brushed her hair with the other hand..

hummy punched ayaan on his chest playfully s now ayaan was showing all his teeth with flesh..

hummy served everyone..but asad insisted to serve zoya nd his food in one plate...
he signed hummy tht he will feed..while hummy just got up to get the medicine from other room...

zoya was aleady full..so she dint eat much..
asad gave her water which accidently dropped on her ...
"kuch nai baby..." he gve her assured smile nd kissed her lightly on hair..

ayaan too helped him cleaning the mess...
asad looked at Zoya who was wet now...he sighned ayaan to leave for some minutes while he would change her in to new pair of clothes..

ayaan walked out nd bumped in to hummy who was ready with the medicine to barge in...

"hummy...ruko.." ayaan said as he holded her hand

"hmm..." she check on the medicine again and di9d not bother to look at him once

"zoya or bhaijaan ko ab disturb mt kro.." he said as he pulled her to kiss her head

with out saying more..hummy quickly gve him kissing into most tender kisses..

they were started to work on..when hummy heard zoya screams...

"aapi..."hummy ran in to the room...followed by ayaan..

asad ws there trying to mke zoya calm down...where she ws screaming in the top of her voice...

he looked at hummy whose fce bears several traces of questions...

"i just tried to chnge her in to new pair of clothes...but she..." the rest ws understood by three...

hummy hugged her sister tight..while asaad tried not to break down at this moment nd tried to calm down zoya which he miserbly failed


zoya was given the medicine nd now she had slept...

hummy made sure asad ws no where close to zoya..

"bhaijaan ki koi galti nai..." ayaan said looking down to her

"i saw the bloody name ..ayaan...i saw the bloody name..." hummy said as tears roll down from her eyes...
"I WILL MAKE SURE THAT THIS ENDS HERE..." she said as she left the room...picking up the phone...

ayaan left behind worried with a word"ends"
"dont do anything stupid baby" he whispered softly


"per mohabbat me jang najayaaz hai!!"humera walked off the room...

"hello...abu!" hummy said in an intense voice

gaffur smiled with a twinkle in his eyes..

"hello beta..."

"per mohabbat me jang najayaaz hai!!"_______________________________________________________________________________________________

shukriya...every one...i love ur comments...nd likes...

its now my readers test ...recall memory and you will get nikhat scene

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i am new to your ff, omg i just read all chapters in 2 days, awesome , loveddd it loveddd asad taking care of zoya sooo sweet and overwhelming and heart touchingCry no words to describe how i feelSmileClap
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plz pm me 
cutiesanya Goldie

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very soothing part... nice how asad is curing her wounds up
happy that zoe is quite comforttable now
congo fr ur new "milli" hui khushiLOLLOL
congo being rockerzEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by MILII_BAKSHI

oye i will update thoda sabvar rakh...busy with something but aj ho jayega...waise pehle thanks giving karu ...kisiko updatew chahiye ya thanks...???Embarrassed
bolo bolo..tell tellLOL

Jhootiii! Kaha hai updt ha? Bachche paida karna kam kar n updt kar Angry ROFL

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maar daala...perfect...

iss se zyada mai bolne layak nhi hun di...
yaar ek baat btao aap itna accha kaise likh lete ho???!!!!

awesome blossom

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