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Originally posted by MILII_BAKSHI

Originally posted by Aneezarp27

<font color="#0000ff" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">Awww Asad... i feel so bad for him...Yeah what he is doing to Zoe is nt good...But What zoe is facing right now is nthng in comparision to what he had faced...At least Asad loves her and won't let anythng happen to her</font>

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<font color="#0000ff" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">KISS ...hmnnn i Loved it</font>

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<font color="#0000ff"><font size="3" face="Comic Sans MS">NOw upDate SooN DaRliNg...Waitinggg</font>


karti hu update yaar...Embarrassed
and this is something called excellent point of view...yes he has bear much more than her...atleast he loves her and dint went to the worst sdie...
he was tortured to death...poor him... i so love you now for this observation...thanksLOL

yeah i know asad also suffer much pain. But i dont agree with one point that he bear more pain than zoya. In past zoya done everything for asad par badle me asad ne kya diya? Physical and mental abuse. Physical hurt. I know i am very optimistic for zoya. But till now u gave the reason for asad behaviour is not satisfy me. In my opinion this is a small reason if he truly love zoya

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MES now u dare not shift the update !teri sehat achha ni hoga yanna raskala mind it! LOL

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Originally posted by Aneezarp27

<font size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#0000ff">Awww Asad... i feel so bad for him...Yeah what he is doing to Zoe is nt good...But What zoe is facing right now is nthng in comparision to what he had faced...At least Asad loves her and won't let anythng happen to her</font>
<font color="#0000ff">0„2</font>
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<font size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#0000ff">KISS ...hmnnn i Loved it0„2</font>
<font color="#0000ff">0„2</font>
<font color="#0000ff">
<font color="#0000ff">0„2</font>
<font color="#0000ff">0„2</font>
<font color="#0000ff"><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="3">NOw upDate SooN DaRliNg...Waitinggg</font>

i agree with u that asad also bear much pain but not agre with this point that what is zoya facing nothing to compared with what asad facing. Just think u in zoya's position. I want to say that when u love a person very much, if this same person torture u physicaly and mentaly whats your feeling? Dont get me wrong friend this is just my opinion.

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Originally posted by MILII_BAKSHI

Originally posted by shank201

aweee..this one was amazing millu...

so romantic yaa...she loves him more than she hates him...

Missed one thing ..."i love u too damn it"ROFL

overall very nice update and rose is still fighting for tht code...even i tried to use my mind but u know na jaan .."mere pas kitna hai"

And what was the last part???...is it nikhat who is unconsciousConfused m again confusedLOL

And the msg in asad's moboConfused,,,,.but m sure he will never hurt her again.


you loved it...ow thanksBig smile
yes she does..nice observationClap
yes n u will keep on missing for a quite long timeLOL
yes poor roseOuch..tune try kiya...koi nai yaar achi baat haiLOL
its like there is a bomb which blew at some place and there is a telecast going but asad only smirks on the scene...like khnow it all oneLOL
somebody is concerned about the sms...goodEmbarrassed


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"zoya ..zoya" armaan called her as he barged in to her room..


zoya was in room with asad and so she took time to open..curious armaan moved to the other side and piped iside the room...he dint liked what he saw...

"Asad!!" he said as he left the place with anger destroying all the rose petals he got for zoya..by crushing them with fingers...

armaan is in his home he has broked more than 20 things in mere few seconds in anger...

" hello malik! lets make a deal ...i will give you the file ..i want u too order gaffur sir to kill asad.." he said in a breathe in a commanding tone..

"no.i wont do what you want...but its you who will do what i say...you are my slave dont u forget that.." malik barks as he hunged the phone...

armaan sits on the couch disturbed with the convo and zoya..he dint even realise that ayaan had already entered his roomm..

"boss yaha tufaan aya!! ...ya chori ho gai hai!!" he passed out a giggle wringling hi eyebrows everywhere..

armaan is in no mood to listen so he quietly gets up and walk away..."dinner is in fridge.." he says as he close the door..

ayaan looked at him blankly for two minutes and shrugging his head in no he moves towards couch when his eyes met a blue thing on the table near by...

ayaan quickly get his mobile out dial a number and says.." jackpot!!..we done it!" he had a big victory smile on his lips...


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z rose writes on notepad...

"added multiplied ..divided... what is it?" rose threw the notepad in air as her head begun to spin...
she looked at her image on mirror and she laughed on herself.." u look like joker now..." she comments..

as she is about to open few more pages of the diary a sweet voice distracted her...

who's on phone ..baccha..?" she asked as she get up to go to hall..

"its my frend...she had finally met someone special..m so happy for her.." she says as she jumped in enthusiasm..

"ok...dont make too much noice ..baccha..m getting disturb.." rose warn her softly to which the girl nodded her head in yes and then rose comes back to her room for more surgery of her brain..."torture" she cursed under her breathe..

ayaan looked at asad incredibly while asad smirks..

"what is it bhai?"ayaan tries to ask..

without saying a word asad turns his face and walked to his bedroom..

news flash

"the girl found unconcious is back to her senses for now.. she says she is a niece of famous business man gaffur sidique and was on the accidental place in mistake.."

ayaan jaw fall down on hearing nikhat ..nikhat??? how can she be there? ayaan thinks to himself. he actually gets panicked in a second onseeing hummy walking to him..

"sh*t...she should not see this!" he murmured as he reach for the remote and turned of the tv in right time..

"ayaan ..kaha the aap..main waha apka wait kar rahi thi..!" complaining him she disconects the phone on which she was talking a while back..

"baby...m sorry ..i just went to attend a phone call.."he says as he place a kiss on her forehead brushing her top hair lightly..

hummera tugs her arm unders his and drag him to their room...

"you know i m so hungry and there is nothing here to eat..god know how aapi and jiju managed to survive..." she said in a surprised tone..

"definately they must have ordered food from outside.." she added again...as always ayaan was listener and he kept on listning her calmly till she noticed herslef..

"oh sorry...ayaan get something to eat na...m starving ..n u know its not good for.." she blush as she touch her tummy..

ayaan looked at her hand and kneel down on floor giving a light kiss over her hand kept on tummy..
"i love you two...papa loves you..." he rubed her finger on her tummy caressing ever so lightly..

"ayaan..." humera calls him with tears in her eyes and eyes glistening with happiness..
"thank you" she ends as he make her seat on the bed and rolled down on her lap kissing her tummy quite a more time,...

asad gets in room and finds a pale zoya on bed..she is shivering with cold. he quickly opens the drawer and takes the medicine out..as he was about to feed her suddenly it strikes him that she has not eat well today...wait a minute she dint have anything from 2 days..a feel of guilt embraced him within a second making him hate himself a bit more..

"zoya " he whisper concerned but dint get anything in response..

he pulled the cover over her as he carressed her head..he quickly slipped the phone from his pocket and dialled a number..

30 minutes later..

ayaan and humera walks in asad and zoya's room ..
"i think we should have knocked first .." ayan scolded..
"no ...it was already open..so" before she could complete her eyes fell on pale zoya...
humera quickly ran towards her bed and sat beside zoya taking her hand in hers and checking on her temperature..
the locks opens and asad steps out of bathroom..he is taken back for a second onseeing hummy in his room..

"bhaijaan kya hua aapi ko.." asked a concerned hummera
"she is fine..its just a mild we-weakness...".." asad' voice cracks which dint go miss by thetwo couple either..

" goli khai aapa ne.." hummy inquires..
"haan bus abhi khane ke bad dene wala hu.." asad said not looking at the three..a knock on the door made ayaan distract from the convo and he went to check on the door who is it?

"khana kaha hai?" hummy ask as she gets up to help asad with the bag which contained paper plates a big size one..

"kitchen main.." asad directs as hummy run to get the food without even completing it...


"kaun hai?" ayaan asked on the door..

"delivery boy.." came a voice from other end..

hummy ne khana mangaya nai tha...to fir ye! shayad bhai jaan ne kiya hoga order.." he says and goes to open without knowing the fact that the food asad ordered is already in the room and its their bad luck on the door waiting for them..

"dilshad aap..." he says as he feels his jaw droped ..

"haan main...itna chota kaam to nai kar paye tum...koi baat nai..do mujhe..file kaha hai?" dilshad says as she walked inside the room...

"zoya and humera are there inside...sh*t!! now what will happen.." ayaan thinks as the door to asad room gets open and then the sharp sound echoed in the room before the immense silence...


hi frenz this is it for today..i hope m not making you all bore...if yes than please menu maaf kari...
somebody requested me to add dialogue someone asked me to show mangalpur..i m considering everything and will surely apply if the script permits...

and one more thing frenz m planning to right a wierd scary kindoff story ..something haunted kindoff..you know all freak out messy things..
so will you all like to read or is anyone interested in it..if yes then only i will pen down the parts,...
do let me know what you felt about this update and thinks about the new work..



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Res Angry
yahin sulaane ka plan hai kya?
Ab kar b de update MES!

Finally mata ji ne update kar h diya LOL
how do i feel?
I feel taking ur wrist... twist it Angry LOL

N take you into a bone crushing hug! Hug
itnaa achha kaise likhti hai MES?

Ale ale bechali nikhat LOL

haaye rose! My sympathy is wid u yar i know jab pori mathematics n alphabets rat ne k bad b ans ni milta to kaisa lagta hai!

Ohoo armaan josh m hosh kho diye!

Ayaan! Did he cheated armaan i mean he took the file?may be! Dn think so

oh no... yes she dint ate anythng from 2 whole days despite of the bleeding torture! Cry

bt did he himself ate anything?

Ayan humi scne was cute!

Oho ab ye dilshad kyun tapak pari!Angry

haaa!wat did she do? Wat was that sound?haan?
MES!!!tje cliffies dene m bohot maza aa raha hai na?Cry
u knw wat teri updates are acting like drug to me!im getting so addicted of it agar update ni milti na i really go crazy ,cant concentrate on neither of my work until n unless i read the update!
I so love you for writing this story especially these parts!Hug
obviously write it yar il wait 4 u to post it!
if im not wrong that sm1 is me?
Kya MES scenty kar diya aaja gale lag ja Hug

please please ye wala part jaldi update karna yar please atleast by 2 or 3 PM tomorw!please!

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Sorry for late comment .. Busy with college work
Congo for new thread. I read this frm start it
Is always pleasure to read your work
The last.two part was that desired ..
Asad in remorse trying to relive zoe.from
The pain. Hope zoe understand him

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