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egg jact lee...hehehe

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yay Milli nw update yarROFL

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"nai ...nai...please...please nai..." zoya screamed as she clutched her hand on bedsheet...
her one hand reached her sex on its own..she rub it lightly and pleaded again."nai dukh raha hai ...nai.

Asad got up from his sleep and turned to face her..zoya was sleeping next to him..she was screaming ..panting..and crying in her dreams..it was a bad dream may be...

asad darted his eyes over her hand which was rubbing right above her sex..

"no asad..please..its hurting..please...dont cut me..please..." he heard zoya begging...

hurting? who ? him! ..but he was sleeping...what did he do?
the very next minute he got his answer when zoya screamed his name again..
"asad please ..please dont...i m bleeding..please.."

she was dreaming about that 2 days..or to be specific she is replaying her memory in dream..sh*t!asad whispered..

he got up on bed nd shooked her hard to get her out of her dream... but the moment he touched her she hitted him on his face and hand in sleep...

he called her name again and again and holded her hand coz she was digging it in her palm ..she was still in her sleep when asad got over her and holded her hand to the side to stop herself hurting in dreams..
he called her again...this time  little loud.."ZOYA...ZOYAAA"

when still she dint calm down asad forced himself on her for a kiss..a long rough and deep kiss..

the pressure of him gave her some discomfort adn slowly the dizziness got over her and next thing he knows she had calm down...

after few minutes ...asad broke from his kissing and looked at her..her eys was open and her face was flushed..

a pinch of guilt asad felt on his chest.. he had became her nightmare ..what can be more worst now...!!!

asad looked at zoya as tears dropped on her face..coz he was facing parallel to her face...

he kissed her on her forehead , caressing her forehead a little...
he smiled back to her as she smiled sweetly to him...causing his heart beat skip...

"are you ok?" he asked concerned..but dint get anything in response just her smile...

he bent  little and kissed the ends of her lips...

he pulled up cover on her nd ws bout to get up when he felt  tug on his hand..he turned to see zoya holding them..
"kya hua?" he asked sitting back on bed..

zoya possesively holded his hand  to her chest and snuggled closure to him for comfort...

asad smiled at her antics and kissed her hand gently..
he took her head on his lap as he patted her forhead...

"Surmayee ankhiyo me nanha munna ek sapana de ja re
 Nindiya ke udate paakhee re, ankhiyo maon aaja saathee re
Ra ri ra ram o raree ram...

how can he do that to her his conscience swore to him...y did you do that to her...
the image of her screaming when he ws tearing her would arised making him flinch for the moment...
he saw zoya is still staring at him...she was smiling..nd asad smiled back to her sadly...

asad motioned his hands closed to his ear asking  zoya to sleep but she nodded her head in NO...asad bitted his lower lip to scold her, instead of getting scared she started laughing at him...

"Sachcha koyee sapana deja, mujhako ko apana deja
 Anajaana sa magar kuchh pahchaana sa
 Halka phulaka shabanamee, resham se bhee reshamee
Surmayee ankhiyo me nanha munna ek sapana de ja re
 Nindiya ke udate paakhee re, ankhiyo maon aaja saathee re
Ra ri ra ram o raree ram..."

she laughed while asad stared her ..mesmerized nd lost in the comfort of her voice...
all those memories of his past triggered bck to him as he turned his face to the other side ...zoya 's laugh died as she saw him turn around...

she holded his hand more firmly than before...asad felt helpless ...for the moment..she was in this condition coz of him...he so wanted to fix things right..he himself dint know when his eyes started watering...
he felt  cold hand below his eyes ...he looked down just to see zoya wiping his tears...she was still smiling at him...

asad looked at her lovingly with  scrunch eyebrow so as to stop the trail of guilt from his eye..but failed miserably..

the moment he looked at her ..his deeds burned his soul...

asad thoughts broke down as he found his angel yawning on bed..she refused to let go his hand..she snuggled more to it for comfort..

asad smiled and took his place next to her so as now her body has no distnce between his...her back touched his chest..
asad kissed  her hair as he wrapped his hand on her body..

he balanced on his elbow and leaned on her a bit as he found zoya playing with kadha on his wrist..

Raat ke rath par jaane vaale, nind kaa ras barsaane vaale
 Itana kar de ko meree aankhe bhar de
 Aankhon mai basata rahe, sapana yeh hansata rahe
 Sapana yu chalata rahe, ankhiyo me basata rahe

 he balanced on his elbow and leaned on her a bit as he found zoya playing with kadha on his wrist..
zoya looked above her shoulder just to find asad smiling at her..she smiled broadly as she continued playing with his kadha(bracelet)

asad looked at her...nothing for now helped him to stay away from her..at this moment his boddy was aching for her comfort..he wanted her ...he wanted to feel secure..more than her he was in vulnerable condition coz everything in him was breaking brick by brick..
asad looked at her deeply in her eyes..his lips curved in to a smile as she looked at him lovingly...and a drop of tear fell down from his eyes..and caught between the eyelids of zoya...
and now the tears slipped down from her cheeks too as there ws no space in her eyes as she  smilled brightly...the journey of the tear was now complete...

"Surmayee ankhiyo me nanha munna ek sapana de ja re
 Nindiya ke udate paakhee re, ankhiyo maon aaja saathee re
 Ra ri ra ram o raree ram..."


flash back for part 11

"ayaan ...subah hone wali hai...hum kab pohchenge.." humera asked concered standing a bit worry

"do min baby...tum gadi main baitho main bus abhi theek kar dunga.. fir chalte hai.."he said while giving her a sweet smile

"baby...its more than 3 hours now..we got stuck her in this dark place...y dont you use phone and call some one for help.." humera said knocking some brain in to his head

"haan..haan...ek minute.." he said flat...he took his phone out pressed few buttons and returned a pleasant look to her..

"hummy baby...network problem..bus do minute ..or sab theek ho jayega...tum baitho gadi me.." he gestured her to sit in the car where he again digged his head in to bonet!

humera sat inside tired lost and sad cause of delay ..she banged th dashboard in frustration when the file kept above slippen and fell down on her feet..

she picked it up...and with a cry baby face...she whispered..

"aapa...i wanna meet you...kitna kuch kehna hai!! dil bhi ghabra raha hai..allah sab theek ho kal!" she said as she sent a silent pryer to the sky..

humera dint notice about the chip which slipped down the file and was now in the car..when she saw zoya walking on street..she stamped on the chip unknowingly..causing it to stick on her sole...


humera opened her eyes just to see ayan standing right next to the bed...while nuzzat was caressing her forhead...

humera tried to got up but immediately fell back on bed again...worried , ayan ran towrds hummy to help her..but she clearly denied to accept anyhelp from him..

ayaan motioned nuzzaat to go out of the room for a minute..nuzzat nodded her hed in yes nd went out of room...

"hummy listen babu...babu look at me atleast..please babu..." he said in cutest tone ever..

hummy could not restrain herself from him and so she looked at him...

"i love you..u know that i will not lie to you ever..u know it right?"

"i wanna know the truth ayaan..." hummy daggered him with her look..she ws stubborn no doubt..

he looked in to her eyes as he started..

"its true our entry in your life was  preplanned by the malik..he wanted me to be with u people..but than ."


"we were supposed to get the file and walk out..but than bhaijaan fell in love with zoya and he ruined everyplan..."

"and you?"

i was still sticked to the plan..i thought to fool armaan and get the file coz he was the closest member to gaffur..i even got the file in my hand..but thn..."

than what??"

"than armaan ruined everything?"

bhaijaan?" came a voice across the door...

"nuzzat!" hummy whispered...looking shocked across the door..

"mmm...u love this dont you.." akram said as he fingered a hole in the chain which was tied up to nikhat...

nikhat struggled a bit as she whimped in pain...

"u can end evrything niks..just call him..." akram ordered her as he pulled one of the chin tight which ws pierced deep in flesh of nikhat.. a splash of blood got off as the chain teared her skin..

nikhat closed her eyes and screamed her lungs outco of unbereable pain...

"no i wont call bhaijaan...i wont.."she looked t him in pin yet determine...

"you will ..i know u will sweetheart.." he said as he pulled another chain mking her blood splash again coz of tear...

"niks you know what people saays about me...I DONT FAIL IN MY WORK..I M THE BEST..dont you think so..hmm" he asked as he teased her body and shoved a finger in her womanhood...
nikhat cringe in pin as he knuckled the finger inside her and forced the flesh to pull out...

she could see  fresh pool of blood beneath her...the chair she tied to was now dripping with blood...

"leave me...please..." she said as she found her self off of breathing..

akram gave her the phone nd sked her to dial the number...

"call karo!.." he said in stiff voice...

nikhat nodded her head in no...as she continued screaming and begging for release...

she very well knew this man was monster..the last time she seeked him for help was a biggest mistke...she wanted to take her uncle out of bars n after trying a lot legally when evn zoya failed to rescue him..this ws the last option akram offered her nd without thinking once she fell for his bait...
but wht he did was cruel..he slept with her nd tortured her to give proofs against gaffur...when she said no...he literlly destroyed her..cnt even explin in words...the thought of it itself gives goose bumps... 

the day when she was release from his grip..was the day when she got the news of gaffur's relese...she still think herself responsible for the file...
akram was curropt officer but still she ws sure he dint hd any hint of file...but now...

nikhat scremed again as he pulled two more chain off her naked body...

she looked at him in teased and laughed out loud despite of the pain in her...she simple nodded her head in NO in proud...
akram got his answer..she was a tough to be broken...he chuckled...and stared at her bck..thinking about the other ways to make her do as he say...






 thts its dosto as you cn see my keybord is malfunctioning..so please forgive me for more thn require errorss...

This update is for three people speacilly


maha...you rock baby..Star
tanu... you are darling


kisiko pm chahiye... to buddy karo yaar...
sare new readers welcome yaara...sare silent readers jo abhi bolne lage hai..keep it up ..i like this way better...baki sare...i love you alll yaar...



enjoy reading...

MILLIBig smile

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Originally posted by Diviya27

Big smile
ye kya sirf smile???? m kanphoosConfusedLOL

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Love this update. Love the part of asad's suffering. Hope zoya not only get nightmares in real sense also remember the torture. Want to see more suffering of asad. And also hope zoya lost the child because i want when zoya get pregnent they r deeply and madly in love. No guilt of past, no nightmares, no suffering just pure love. I always know that both brothers r actualy playing with the sisters but eventualy fell in loue.Update next part soon and thanks for pm.
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update was for me??ConfusedBig smile yippiee
hayee loved it as usualHeart
kya intense romance likhti hoWink
love yah :*

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Originally posted by maha2012

update was for me??ConfusedBig smile yippiee
hayee loved it as usualHeart
kya intense romance likhti hoWink
love yah :*

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