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Kagaz Ki Kashthi-Luv tht Sacrifices life#9_(#10 pg 1) (Page 62)

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awesum update
confrontation part was mind blowing

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Part 106

The return to KM was not so short. The place was 1hr away and Meera went with Geet Maan n Maahika who was clutching geet so tightly. On the other hand Saanjh went with Shiv who suggested the arrangement in real. Geet wanted to make sure everything is fine between Maan n Saanjh but Shiv suggested they need little space to settle their mind so half heartedly she agreed. When Meera settle with Maahika at the back seat she demanded an explanation about how Saanjh got to know about the past, so Geet told her everything starting from confrontation with Sam to Saanjh hearing everything. In between Meera take out some not so good words for samaira.

Meera: I can't believe she was so nut case. I had seen her madness n bitchiness but she can be this mad it's a sweet shock, sorry Maan but ur 1st choice for a life partner sucks.

Maan glared at Meera through rearview mirror but meera only shrug her shoulder which made Geet smile, on top of that Maahika also laughed which made meera twitch her brow then she smiled.

Meera: see maahi is also with me.

Maan sighed: Look Sam is not my concern right now. I m worried about Saanjh.

Meera: uhh yeah I get that n all these days only taught us Saanjh is way more stubborn than Geet.

Geet's mouth fell open with an O  
But meera again shrug her shoulder saying it's the truth. Maan smiled at the duo fighting so silently but Meera became a good support. She was always supportive, in past only she helped him to win Geet's heart so she has a special place in maan's heart. 

On the other hand Saanjh sat there idle thinking of the way Geet had defend Maan. It can't be so easy for her to accept everything in one day but she is glad Shiv thought about giving her space that she needed. She was so lost in her thought that didn't acknowledged Maan's car was long vanished while Shiv was taking the car too slow. Her mind was too jumbled up to realize what Shiv was doing and it wasn't till he stop the car. Saanjh looked at him confusingly.

Shiv: I don't want to go to the party like this Saanjh.

Saanjh sighed: It's not easy for me Shiv.

Shiv: is it easy for Maan or Geet? Specially when they are starting a new phase of their life. It's clear that they want to forget it Saanjh. Whatever happened its in the past. Don't take out it from the grave. It will hurt our friends.

Saanjh: I too love them. I too want happiness for them Shiv. But I wanted to know the truth.

Shiv: at what cost? Can't u see the fear and pain on Maan's face. When I get to know all that I was furious. I wanted to kill him, my bestfrnd, my brother. I didn't saw anything but his sin but then I saw Geet n her undying love. Pata Nahi kiss mitti se bani hai wo, usse jaise pyar ki ek new definition di mujhe. Uske pyar ne mujhe apne pyar ka ehsaas dilaya. Maan ne jo v kiya galat tha but wo haivan Nahi tha. He wasn't a monster Saanjh. Maan chahta to Geet ko divorce de sakta tha. He could have saved Maahika instead of Geet.

Saanjh's head snapped on that information so Shiv carried on.

Shiv: last time when she went for hospital I met arjun there and with another doc who were discussing geet's previous case and then arjun told me how she went through more difficult situation and how Maan called the doctor to save his wife. It killed him but Maan did it. In this 1yr Maan had went through much. He didn't liked me not because what I did to u but he was afraid I will snatch Geet. He loves her a lot. I know its difficult for u but it difficult for him also. Try not to be harsh on him.

Saanjh closed her eyes and Shiv saw the pain. He brought her closer to him partially on his lap and Saanjh hugged him pouring her heart in her tears. She wanted her sister with Maan in past but not like this. Today hearing their story it made her realize Geet and Maan are made for each other. Destiny had written their fate. 

Later when her cry subsided realization drawn upon Saanjh that she was on Shiv's lap n he was holding her tight. She breath in his aroma closely, bending over his collar. She seems to forget her effect on him and only when Shiv dropped a soft yet sensual kiss on her neck she realized what she was doing. But it was too late. Shiv's hand started  roaming above her back. He place his mouth on the pulse of her neck which leapt immediately. Saanjh's grip on his shoulder tightened. Her breath was shallow, eyes closed feeling his muscular body tearing apart under her nails. Thousand tiny butterflies started tickling her stomach and lower part. His lips inched behind the earlobe sucking a little. Involuntary she placed her lips on his jaw. Light stubble tickle her lips then her pink tongue darted out to taste the skin. Shiv growled and sucked her neck feverishly. He took out her dupatta and kissed her collarbone. Her fingers threaded his hair and soft moans filled the car. Shiv pulled the sleeves down from her shoulder and placed wet kisses. Her moans filled his heart with needs that he had buried in his heart for so long. He wanted this, he wanted her everyday beside him, every night filling his room with sweet pleasurable sound. The thought itself makes him hard. 

Shiv was so lost in her warmth that when she tried to tug free it nearly made him panic and he tighten his hold, only then he realized she was saying something.

Saanjh: Shiv phn.

With a frustrating sound Shiv let her go and took the phn with irritating voice.

Maan: woahh u seems to be irritated.

Shiv closed his eyes for few second then looked at Saanjh who was flushed red sitting beside him and correcting her dress and hair.

Shiv mutter: u better have good reason Maan. He was frustrated and seeing Saanjh smiling n biting her lips made him growl. Saanjh giggle but looking at the wounded lion who looks like his meal was snatched away she quickly looked away.

Maan: ok I got that. I have interrupted something. 

Shiv: yes u did. God I so want to strangle u... Maan only laughed at that...

Maan: loverboy come home fast or next time it will be dadima or mom.

Shiv hung up and looked at Saanjh. She was still struggling with her hair. He faced her and then helped her by threading his fingers through her curls. Saanjh looked at his admiring eyes but he was nervous. She wonders what was making him nervous.

Saanjh: what happen?

Shiv: Saanjh Maan had planned the trip day after tom and we didn't even discussed anything. I know u don't want to upset ur parents but think about it. It will help Maan n Geet as they only trust us with maahi and of course I won't deny it will help us to remove all bitterness from our life. 

Saanjh placed her hand on his: Geet already told me about it. Infact when she left the hall as everyone were teasing her, she went to my room instead of her so that she can talk to me and she made me understand this little time can help us for future so I m ready.

Shiv: ohh that's why she didn't react on our surprise.

Saanjh: what??

Shiv: leave it. U will get to know from Geet. And yeah I m looking forward to spent a month alone with u.

Saanjh slapped his shoulder playfully: not alone. With maahi.

Shiv cleared his thought: not every night. Saanjh's eyes widen but Shiv immediately change his word. I mean not every walking min.

Saanjh chuckled: lets go now.

Shiv: one more thing,,,  Saanjh raised her brow. Can we take one room?

Saanjh looked at him angrily: Shiv..

Shiv: ok I get that. Romance v pura Nahi hoga. 

Just then they heard a little thud on the tinted window mirror. Saanjh looked horrified to see 2 constable standing wearing frown. Shiv rolled down the window without an ounce of discomfort.

Shiv: yes.

Constable: romance karna hai to gar pe jaake karo na baba. Yeh highway hai. Piche se gari thokegi na to hawa nikal jayegi aur romance karne pe fullstop lag jayega. abb Jaldi niklo sahab ayenge to fine bhi varna padh sakta hain.

Shiv looked at him baffled while Saanjh giggled. Shiv muttered a thanks and took out the car from the side. And went KM straight. 


Geet was exhausted when she entered her room. She got to know that when she msged meera telling her to come with maahi, meera affectionately told everyone they want to go for lunch alone with Maahika and whole family teased them like hell. Though Maan told them they cancelled the plan to join their family but nothing stop them from joking and teasing. After lunch which was only when Shiv and Saanjh arrived she retired for her room to get some rest.

Geet was grateful to Saanjh who took Maahika after feeding her. She saw the glow on Saanjh's face and knew time with Shiv spreads it's color. Shiv went to his office for some meeting while Maan stayed home as Abhinash and Dev went office. Dadima told Geet to take rest before the party start. It was for all the close ppl, family, friends, office staffs. Maan told his desire for a reception which he failed to give last yr but this yr they gave a lavish private party for their 2nd marriage and 1st marriage anniversary.

As soon as Geet entered the room She saw the change in it. She can't believe Maan changed everything in only 3days. How is that possible. She was mesmerized to see the new bed which was covered in red instead of white and the white curtain enriching the feel. And then the rich red color on wall. Their picture frame was hung on that red color wall and in between there was a huge photo of Maahika..

A smile tugged her lips seeing the room while she felt him embracing her in a sweet hug from back. He buried his face in her neck.

Maan: I take it u liked it.

Geet: I loved it.

Maan: there is more.

He took her in a corner and her breath caught seeing the beautiful place surrounded with Maahika's cot, then her toys and lots of kitty pillow. she was sure maahika is going to love it so much. her eyes went to the small stack which have baby food and her change of cloth. though geet prefer breast feed than baby food but its for emergency. she still sometimes remember the time she suffered breast pain because of not feeding maahi. she tried every time not to make Maan realize it because he had regretted every waking second after that and it took a lot time for him to bring confidence back in her.

Maan: this place especially made by one person.

Geet: Shiv.

Maan frowns: how did u know?

Geet: he know Maahi's choice so well.

Maan: so do I.

Geet got the defending tone in his voice and faced him instantly. He tried to be subtle but all his face give away annoyance. Geet giggled seeing the anger but Maan glared her.

Geet: you are so jealous freak Maan. You should be thankful your best friend helped you with so much and maahi also loves him a lot.

Maan: Maahi loves me more.

Geet slapped her forehead: hai Babaji kya karu main inka.

Maan looked at her with amusement: pyar karogi aur kya. 

WARNING:18+ Content.. 

Geet: Maan..

Before she can say any word Maan took her in his arms and headed towards the bed. Her eyes locked with him and all she saw was passion. Geet traced her thumb on his face. First on his forehead to smooth the possessive crease. Then traced the path of his cheek through her soft lips. He shivered when her soft petals touched his strong jaw then his adamappale.

Maan hissed: don't temp me jaan. You need rest.

Geet whispered close to his ear: I need you.

Maan placed her on the bed with soft thump and joined her on the bed. He came above her slow n steady much to raise her heartbeat. He started his slow sweet love with kissing her bare stomach which was peaking from the Saree she wore before lunch. It was teasing him for a long time. He tickle her tummy with his tongue. Then tasted her soft skin. Her moan mixed with his groan as her nails touched his nape pulling and scratching him. His teeth sunk down and she let out a small pleasurable scream. His mouth drew up and he nuzzle his face in her neck placing soft kisses. She gave him more room and he gave her what she want.

His one hand was holding her nape while other tug the button of her blouse. In seconds she was free from the filmsy material.. His breath hitched seeing the bare flesh. She wasn't wearing any bra. She heard his hard breath near her shoulder. Her gasp mixed his groaned as he teased the hard bud. 

In second she felt herself being free from any filthy material and with it he tore his dress away with their inner garments. Heat surged through her inner walls n she felt herself hot and wet. But he wasn't finished. He took the hard bud In his mouth and with other hand rubbing her other curve. She dug her heal on his back and arched her back to which Maan sucked harder. She cried in pleasure and pulled him closer to her. He took the other sensitive bud while his hand travelled down to rub her c***. Her tortuous moan felt sweet to his ear.

Geet: Maan please.

Her plea sound was so hoarse that made him lose for a moment. Her nails urged him to take her right then. He knew they won't stay long as passion so much powerful. He entered her with a gentle stroke and pushed her limits. She gasp feeling him so hard n deep. She held his shoulder hard and he nuzzled his face in her sweat mixed skin n hair. His lips keep placing sweet soft kisses while his strokes were deep and urgent. His each trust made her moan louder. They couldn't stay long and came together with groan and grunts. Her teeth sunk down his shoulder to stop the scream and he groaned in pleasure n sweet pain. His sweat wrenched body fell above her lifeless one, her arms came around to snuggled closely. After few moment Maan tried to lift himself but Geet held. 

Maan whispered in her neck: Jaan I must be heavy for you.

Geet: let me hold you please.

They stayed like that forever and found so much in each other's arms. Geet covered them both with a spread and both fell asleep really soon.

The glow on Geet's face when she entered the party with one hand draped with her husband who was holding there 3 month old baby was worthy every pain and hardship Maan had gone through to make every occasion so special for her. Geet's eyes went on Saanjh who was smiling but then suddenly looked at Shiv with big eyes. Geet chuckled seeing Shiv's mischievous eyes looking towards Saanjh. Geet looked at the hall there standing her whole family and among them there was her all friends with their partners. 

Suddenly she felt spot light on her. Looking at the surroundings she found only darkness. Just then another spot light joined her and her eyes went on Maan who was kneeling in front of her.

Geet: Maan?

Maan: Thank you for coming in my life Geet, thank you for making me a human, thank u for making this house a home and my life living like. I have given so much pain but you only made this life a living heaven. When I met you I did a lot of things, I had hurt you so many times but in that time, in that anger I never knew when I fall in love with you. Till day I can't say I fell in love with u in a particular day bcz I found my love with you every waking moment. My love grew with your unconditional devotion for my family, for my child, for me. I never believed in destiny but after meeting you I know you are my destiny. I have the faith now that you will be my destiny every birth I get. I could never tell you how much I love you Geet bcz for that I have to know that. But I love u like the Sun's existence. I love you like the breath I take. I love you like the ocean has it's life. And I will love till I have breath and beyond that. I wish if death has to come it come to me first so that I can wait for you eternal. 

Geet placed a shaking finger on his lips: I wish if death to come,, it comes to us together because Geet can't wait long to meet her Maan. In every path she only want Maan to be with her forever. I love you. 

The hall broke in applause while few tears fell in place. Few smile with blessing and few cry for happiness. Oblivious to everything Maaneet were lost in each other. They smiled through eyes, loves each other through soul and held each other with breath. This time Geet surprised him as she placed sweet kiss on his lips and linger more than he thought. Her tears touched his lips and he whisper in her mouth.

"I Love You Mishty"

A few feet away a giggle was heard. Maahika kissed Shiv on his cheek and she clapped her hand so hard. She was giggling and laughing. Though the little life doesn't understand language but they say na Love doesn't need Language to show the feeling. 


Precap: Honeymoon at?

All Copy Rights Reserved-Tich Mg. 2013 

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Amazing update maaneet hayeee 
saanjh-shiv passionate ..
loved it
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Thank you for posting! I missed u and k3:-). This was a great chapter. Meera is such a great friend. Im happy that saanjh is slowing starting to forgive maan. The shiv and saanjh scene was so funny. Loved the pic of maneets bedroom!! Also loved the beautiful words maan said to geet at the reception. Cannot wait for the reception!!
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awesome!! thank you for giving a wonderful n a long long update after a long long time :)
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